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Los Hermanos / Underground Resistance afiliates Mano De Fuego land on Yaxteq with the mighty "Fuerza EP". Although hailing from Mexico, their debut for the label showcases their deep resonance with Detroit techno, making it perfect for Nomidco's LA-based imprint.

"Sagrada" gets right to it, with rising chords, incessant stabs, magical strings and urgent energy - pure Detroit techno! Kinda track you'd expect vintage Derrick May to rinse...

"Aztec Obelisk" imparts a Latin flavor to the classic Detroit electro-bass blueprint. With a fizzy three note synth hook that'll have you tingling.

"Fuerza" dives deep into hi-tech jazz and includes an interstellar saxophone improvisation courtesy of Tijuana’s own Manuel Paez Armendariz; while a rippling, rainbow coloured arpeggio straightens out our chakra's more effeciently than any yoga session.

Label head DJ Dex / Nomadico offers up a remix of "Fuerza", utilizing a galloping b-line, wild sax stabs and a more housey flavour. Fresh shit from the Yaxteq studio in Los Angeles. Recommended! 


A1. Sagrada
A2. Aztek Obelisk
B1. Fuerza
B2. Fuerza (DJ Dex Remix)

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