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The boys from Hageby are back on RNT Reserve with an EP packed full of lush deepness and dancefloor magic. From the cheeky bounce of Found Love, the slow burn of Hageby In Your Eyes, and the boogie-inflected Ain’t The Way, this record is right for just about any mood.

And that’s saying nothing of the standout gem of the 12” - the official D2 remix of the Byron Stingily classic Get Up (Everybody), which juxtaposes the ubiquitous soaring vocal over a thunderous low end pulse, making for a monster latenite face-melter of a track!

Razor-N-Tape bring out the big guns for their remix package of Los Angeles Afro-Latino funk band, Jungle Fire.
Originally conceived as a one-off Afro Latin funk jam between friends, the band have quickly become an explosive Tropi-Funk juggernaut lighting up sold out dance floors and festivals across the globe. Comprising musicians who have played, recorded and toured with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Ozomatli, Del the Funky Homosapien, LCD Soundsystem and Kelis their sound is a direct reflection of the musical and cultural landscape of the city they call home.
First up, JKriv’s remix of 'Firewalker' channels the original live instrumentation into a bombastic, DJ-friendly workout, while Boston-born/Medellin-based producer Bosq steps up to tackle 'Village Hustle' bringing his unique blend of rhythmic flavours to this melting pot of zesty goodness.
Highlight of the 12” is the first remix by the newly-reunited Black Science Orchestra in 15 years. Original members Ashley Beedle and Rob Mello take on 'Culebro' and transform it into an pulsating Afrobeat groover that brings to mind, Master’s At Work, afro house explosion, ‘Tribute To Fela’. BSO turn out a serious heater of a remix and dub, worthy of their triumphant return.

Always had a soft spot fer Nebraska me. An understated and, dare-I-say-it?, SEXY house producer who always delivers but never expects, I bet you can probably still book him for less than a grand even though he's tons better than half the new players expecting double that fee....

Razor-N-Tape enlist this special agent into their Reserves, who quickly gets busy at addressing the vacuum of high quality, soulful house music through carefully deployment of "Usin' Me" - a shimmering, high energy affair with tantalizing breakdowns and proper drops. Nebraska's grip on mainroom sound leaves others crying into their VST pool wondering where all their headroom went...

Lovebirds are first to offer up an interpretation; channeling a more cerebral and emotive route into the final destination and utilizing the famous Roland drum boxes alongside undulating synth lines and warm strings.

DJ Nature adds a suitably rich layer of percussion and bass; transforming the track into one of his trademark basement / backroom burners.

Finally, Scotland's The Revenge turn up the side chained compressors and make all the stems super slinky and hi-def; pushing the emotion and feeling to the front of the mix while deep plumes of bass keep the stadium locked down. 

Magic In Threes

Work Tapes EP - Inc. Fouk / Patchworks / Lay-Far Remixes

Nashville's dusty funkateers Magic In Threes return to RNT Reserve with a triptych of low-strung grooves, each complimented by a superlative remix. "Chupa Cabra", a sweet soulful joint, is reimagined as a devilishly pulsating and funky burner by RNT mainstays FOUK on their remix. Parisian Patchworks takes the 70s-cop-show funk of "Work Tapes" straight to Nigeria with a beautifully crafted highlife remix. Finally there's "Come On Down", reminiscent of classic Donald Byrd in the Larry Mizell days, which is beefed up and readied for the dance floor by analog wizard Lay-Far. A lovely package for listening, or bumping!


12" Info: Blue vinyl.

Brooklyn's Son of Sound joins hometown label Razor-N-Tape with The Dusty Files EP, a 4-tracker that embodies the gritty and driving sound of the borough.

The A-side kicks off with Your Voodo's Broken, a track that builds to mid-tempo looped perfection even before the floor-shaking bass drops, followed by the beguiling synth patterns and efficient yet driving drums of No Bullets Left.

On the flip side, Nude Jerzee eschews the bridges and tunnels and takes us straight to NJ by way of outer space, and then What Do You Feel floats us gently back to earth on a cloud of strings, electric pianos and a chugging disco beat.

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