Tom Carruthers

Cold World

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Risk Management

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LIES kick off a new sublabel entitled Risk Management and get no other than Tom Carruthers - Rush Hour's poster boy of future-vintage house music - to open their account.

The producer's fast become synonymous with banging the box in a similar vein to those classic Chicago producers - Poindextor, Lil Louis, Adonis etc; but without being pastiche or fetishizing the past - somehow using the same machines and work ethic to create exciting, dynamic new house music which nods to its past but keeps things fresh - a difficult task when competing with the brick wall compressed, sample pack driven also-rans but one that Tom executes with sincerity and determination.

Here we get new tracks from the producer's studio - smothered in a moody red lights and over active smoke machines, rattling drum machines, nagging acid and primitive vocal sampling all mixed naturally, with proper dynamics and separation between the stems. One of those records that truly does sound better on vinyl - with the format's natural warmth combining with Tom's sympathetic ear to create four rich and deep pieces of classic jack music. 


Cold World
Pump It Up
Only Desire
Lost In A Groove

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