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For BiD006 they've pulled off quite the coup, enlisting renowned artist Matt Sewell to release his fledgling audio project, Sewell & The Gong on the label.

4 guitar led mystical meanderings and deep meditations of cosmic transcendental psychedelic folk. Like his art, his music is very much inspired by nature, earth magic and cosmic wanderings. His 'A Crushing Glow' compilations are pretty much a defining list of inspirations. Never heard by anybody outside of the family home that all changed after Matt started working with Newcastle based multi-instrumentalist, fellow pathfinder and astral traveler Chris Tate. Combining forces Chris helped build a beautiful world for Matt's melodies to wander in, deep and lush and always, always positive.

It only feels right that this music now gets to stretch its legs in the outside world...


Matt says: Renowned illustrator and nature advocate Matt Sewell unleashes his musical endeavour through local label of love - Before I Die. We couldn't think of a juicier pairing! Get those orders in!


A1. Tonight We Fly
A2. Passing Oort Clouds
B1. The Stars In The Sky And The Stones In The Earth
B2. Better Words

Konformer are a band from Nuremberg in Germany.

Their members are;
Andreas Berg (Drums)
Kristian Krauß (Synthesizer)
Rainer Ruder (Bass)

Initially Konformer was not a project for the public, far away from expectations their sound was developed, with focus on only the essential, but that takes time. The creation of their minimalist, rhythmic and repetitive groove patterns commence with bass loops and develop into modified strophic form.

Comparison with the likes of early Kraftwerk and the output of cult German labels such as Brain and Sky are inevitable but Konformer sound a little bit like none of the above. The record was produced and mastered by the 'Franconian Conny Plank' Frank Mollena at his Lonestar Studios in Nuremberg, Bavaria.


Matt says: Been excited about this since JB previewed tracks during his RSD DJ set. Where's he finding this stuff?! An enveloping and transportive listen meandering through voltage-enhanced psychedelia, mantra-like sonic repetition and ever-expanding Kraut-rock supernovas. Don't sleep on this one music heads!


A1. Noris Noire
A2. Konformer
B1. Jazzy
B2. Reunion
B3. Noris Blance

"U.F.O" was one of the many highlights of the "Swedish Library Grooves Vol 2" LP which was released in 2022.

These explorations of the mid-70's sounds of rare grooves and library music, were all reimagined, recorded and produced by a Swedish duo consisting of multi-instrumentalists Carl Johan Fogelklou and Fredrik Segerfalk aka Falk & Klou.

"U.F.O" was Jason Boardman's (Before I Die) go to psychedelic jazz-funk party starter so he approached the FK Library about a release on vinyl, with an expanded version.

BiD knew there was only one person for the role and were delighted when Andi Hanley (Misadventures / Nu Northern Soul / Ruf Kutz) accepted and consequently turned out a superb 7-and-a-half-minute psychedelic funk workout, expanding on the original arrangement and taking it to another cosmos.

Falk & Klou: Bass, Fender Rhodes, synthesizers, guitar, flute, percussion, vocals.
Daniel Hanson Cederskär: Saxophones.
Jakob Gudmundsson: Trumpet and flugelhorn
Andreas Paylsson, Drums
Rework by: Andi Hanley


Matt says: A swampy and lysergic slo-mo cosmic number with searing guitar lines taken deep into the plasma pool by local legend, The Bat aka Andi Hanley. Before I Die goes from strength to strength, keenly eying up that label of the year award at this rate!


A. U.F.O (Andi Hanley Rework)
B. U.F.O (Original Version)

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