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‘Keepsake’ introduces listeners to the record with an energetic blend of grungy, ethereal elements, showcasing Henry’s artistic flair. The track seamlessly intertwines dreamlike atmospheres with raw textures, contrasting these layers with intense drum-driven drama, tying it all together to offer a preview of the musical landscape set to define the entirety of the record.

The enigmatic soundscape of ‘Cafe Boogaloo’ carefully warps an unmistakable garage arrangement into an eclectic and hypnotic journey. As the track progresses it embraces the unconventional, introducing a disjointed groove that gradually sinks you further and further into it, defying categorisation and serving as a testament to the creative possibilities within electronic music.

‘Get The Hell Out’ is a formidable force of relentless rhythms that disregard all agreements. The integration of intense drum work with melancholic undertones opposes listeners as it bulldozes along, emerging not only as a force that invites exploration, but also as one that commands your attention - capturing the essence of its title.

In its final notes, ‘Cafe Stalker’ prioritises sound design over club functionality in order to instill a feeling of unease and suspense, crafting an atmosphere of palpable tension and lurking dread. The deliberate pace of the track trudges along, deftly building tension until it inevitably brings the record to a grinding halt, leaving an unsettling resonance in its wake.

Written & Produced by Henry Greenleaf
Mastered by Precise
Pressed by Well-Tempered
Graphic Design by Milkias Gunsa


Matt says: Henry Greenleaf's back with more of his highly noxious sound design and indescribable club technics. Advance bass movements, pneumatic rhythms and a highly textured patina; thick beats for the future heads.


A1. Keepsake
A2. Cafe Boogaloo
B1. Get The Hell Out
B2. Cafe Stalker

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