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Unauthorized Chez Damier edits by some cheeky chappies admitting to their wrong doings but making no apologies for making us dance! "Classic Piano" kicks things off in pure tribal mode, hypnotic conga rhythms weaving through the track beautifully as rich piano stabs and rumbling subs fill the sonic canvass. Sheer power for your deep house dancefloor and one that should unite house heads the world over. DEEEP! The B2 comes untitled and has more uptempo bounce but is equally as deep with its dub-echo stabs and gliding b-line. Halfway through we're treated to one of Damier classic female vocal parts, full of soul and energy. Flip and we get the epic afro-house jam of "Jabalou", mixing horns, live drums and the occasional spoken word into a melee of house goodness that'd you'd catch all the greats working into an extended trip of house pleasure anytime from 1992 right up to the present day. Mega! Finally, "Mix Masters" see a big number from Chez's vaults represented in all its dilated glory. Reach for the lasers! 


Matt says: Yowzers! It's naughty but its oh so good! Self-proclaimed 'rebellions' actually apologize for their Chez Damier-mining antics but state that it's all in good will - and who are we to argue!


A1. Jabalou
A2. Mix Masters
B1. Classic Piano

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