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Genre pick of the week Cover of Could Heaven Ever Be Like This - Inc. Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix by Idris Muhammad.

Idris Muhammad

Could Heaven Ever Be Like This - Inc. Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix

They don't get much more anthemic than Idris Muhammad's 'Could Heaven Ever Be Like This' and who better to rework it than edit royalty, Late Nite Tuff Guy. Though subtle in his touches, the Australian producer incorporates a more DJ friendly, dancefloor orientated beat and tension building intro which teases elements of this classic, before that instantly recognisable bass riff and staccato guitar chords come into play. That subtlety is key when it comes to handling a record as epic as this, elements are accentuated and looped, delicate effects are woven in, but the soul and feeling of Idris' music is lovingly maintained by LNTG.
And for the purists out there, the flip houses the original mix so you've got two paths to heaven to choose from.

Special Printed deluxe sleeve / Limited to 500 copies / Featuring Villi Odilli from Lagos, Nigeria Tracklist A. To Fela's People feat. Villy B1. Afro Stomp B2. Baba Shortinfo: Giovanni Damico keeps amazing things coming and takes it with this release on the mighty label Kalakuta Soul Records to the next level. Joining forces with the mighty Gabriele Spagnuolo and Francesco Di Domenico on guitars and Saxophone, the italian boogie doctor brings to life three filthy stompers inspired by amazing artists from the african continent who have shaped what we now call (dance) music. To Fela's People is one of three stompers delivered for this joint teaming up with Mr. Villy Odili - Lead singer of the amazing nigerian band Villy and the extreme Volumes - who's precise lyrics and drifty voice joins forces with a charging afrobeat rhythm hailing from Giovanni Damico's bad ass laboratory. Afro Stomp and Baba on the other side come with the most furious drums and bassline one could ever imagine accompanied by a celestial instrumentation that hits the mind, the soul and the hips. Vital Sales Points: - Limited to 500 copies - Great feedback from Nomad, Lakuti and Antal

Eddie C

Atlantic Jam / Ponderings

Canada's king of the groove lets his engine idle and coasts the Red Motorbike back into Piccadilly, delivering another hand stamped 7" for all the yacht-rockers, head nodders and sundowners. On the A-side "Atlantic Jam" finds Eddie in frisky form, chopping and dropping an unknown slice of optimistic jazz funk into a shuffling groove that screams summer. Over on the flip, "Ponderings" flicks and finger pops into the funker end of the soul spectrum, delivering BBQ friendly grooves, nimble guitar licks and a tasteful amount of FX abuse. Tasty stuff.


Patrick says: As a wise woman once said, "I don't wanna go to work, I wanna see Eddie C"! The Canadian groove expert is back with another pair of precise edits, working his hypnotic magic on two sun kissed jazz funk jams.


Official 180g reissue of this hard to find and seriously under-the-radar Italian disco album. The only LP by Electric Machine and the only vinyl to be released on the obsucre Sparrow records.

Pre-order essential! 

Stupendously limited, but really quite good edits twelve here from the newly established Sosilly Edits camp. 

JB Edits the edit project of Sydney, Australia based house DJ & producer Jerk Boy. He’s now turned his focus to vinyl only, dancefloor edits of all his favourite boogie, Balearic, funk, soul & disco tunes cut, sampled, tried and tested for lower lights, bright nights and the ultimate dancefloor jiggathon.

This first installment contains a glitzy and bolshy set, "Alovera" strutting in with all the style and glammer of late 70s New York disco; with a rich, brass-led and authentic sound. "Boogie Stars" pairs an infectious B-line with rolling congas before swamping the stems in dazzling boogie instrumentation for a feel-good future classic just waiting for the Full Beam! crew to discover its joys. "Junior Mint" concludes proceedings, taking us back to raw disco with galvanized bass, funky clavs and epic piano chords; keeping us dancing till the very last groove on the record. Top stuff this; look out for more to come.  

Lay-Far & Phil Gerus

Solitary High Social Club

Two of Russian electronic music’s rising stars, Phil Gerus and Alexander Lay-Far, invite you to join them at the Solitary High Social Club. While table service is provided, they’d much rather you throw caution to the wind and head to the dancefloor.

Before joining forces in the studio, both Moscow-based musicians have delivered a string of memorable solo productions. Lay-Far has previously released a wealth of material on such labels as Local Talk, City Fly, Lazy Days and 4Lux Black, while synthesizer fetishist Gerus has showcased his electrofunk and disco-fired cuts on Futureboogie Recordings, Sonar Kollektiv, Public Release and Superior Elevation Records.

The five tracks that make up Solitary High Social Club deliver a perfect marriage of the two producers’ distinctive solo styles, combining the rich musicality of Lay-Far’s house productions with the spacey, intergalactic electronics of Gerus’s discoid adventures. In many ways, it’s a marriage made in heaven – or in Lay-Far’s celebrated In-Beat-Ween Studio, at least.

The duo’s spacey and melodious musical fusion is arguably best exemplified by lead cut “City 2 City, Star 2 Star”, a widescreen, mid-tempo disco epic rich in tactile Rhodes riffs, supernova synth solos, delay-laden drum beats, tumbling melody lines and heavy analogue bass. Fittingly, the track returns in “Reprise” form – think sweeping, weightless ambient bliss – to round off the EP.

Elsewhere, the duo provides further proof of their combined musical talents. Check, for example, the gentle drum machine electro beats, cascading new age melodies and sparkling, stretched-out synthesizer chords of the impeccably beautiful “Am I Tripping”, or the devilishly percussive, mind-altering brilliance of “Love Life”, where mutant electro bass, wide-eyed chords and alien melodies rise above a heavy, Afro-influenced groove.

As for “Snowflakes On Her Lips”, you’ll struggle to find a more confident and positive dancefloor workout all year. Blessed with killer piano parts, darting analogue synth-bass and a range of disco-tinged musical flourishes, it’s by far and away the most celebratory moment on an already happy-go-lucky EP. It confirms, too, our initial hunch: at the Solitary High Social Club, life is always good. 


Patrick says: On the eve of the World Cup, Leng line up two of Russia's hottest producers for a 5 tracker of smooth grooving dance music flavoured by funk, boogie and disco.

Main man Adam Dublock proves his killer cuts on Disco Deviance were no fluke or flash in the pan with another powerplay of edit heat, this time for GAMM. Slapping on his elbow patches and slipping into a freshly pair of farahs, Love Drop gets all kinds of frisky with a jazz / disco / boogie offering that's hard to resist. On the A-side Lesette Willson's jazzy boogie classic gets a proper deep rework, extended to perfection with well placed loops and topped off with a little spiritual spoken vox on top. Jumping to the B-side and Jupiter Beyond's jazz-disco monster "The Universe" gets a heavy club edit, complete with additional percussion punch and wild fx abuse, before Johnny Hammond's swashbuckling jazz-funk classic gets a vocal treatment that!

After making waves on the deep house circuit with the generally anthemic "Feel So Good" last year, Lovebirds got busy on Muff Wiggler and set about collecting as many analogue synths as he could reasonably afford. Adopting the Pasta Paul approved diet of 11p noodles and the occasional bacon butty, our main man filled his studio with such slick circuitry as the Arp 2600 and the Prophet 5 (somewhere on the other side of the shop Barry's pulse is quickening...). Surrounded by his new toys, the gear glutton set about making the finest emotional Italo jam this side of 1983. Doffing his cap in the direction of Club House, Rago & Farina and Roberto Gasparini, Lovebirds marries sturdy beat, simple bassline and atmospheric chord progression, finally peaking with stunning, sparkling keys. Since Adriano Celentano was not available he just skipped it in finding a replacement and recorded his own vox! Contemporary maestro ROTLA steps up on remix duties, stripping away some of those Italo flavours and transforming the track into a super boogie groover with loads of additional instrumentation. Finally the SIRS Cut sees the label head apply a little subtle pressure to the original by way of a tweaked arrangement and a little extra percussion pilfered from "Stop Bajon". 

Magic In Threes

Work Tapes EP - Inc. Fouk / Patchworks / Lay-Far Remixes

Nashville's dusty funkateers Magic In Threes return to RNT Reserve with a triptych of low-strung grooves, each complimented by a superlative remix. "Chupa Cabra", a sweet soulful joint, is reimagined as a devilishly pulsating and funky burner by RNT mainstays FOUK on their remix. Parisian Patchworks takes the 70s-cop-show funk of "Work Tapes" straight to Nigeria with a beautifully crafted highlife remix. Finally there's "Come On Down", reminiscent of classic Donald Byrd in the Larry Mizell days, which is beefed up and readied for the dance floor by analog wizard Lay-Far. A lovely package for listening, or bumping!


12" Info: Blue vinyl.

Brother and sister Eric and Arrontette MCclinton had been recording for many years. Around 1976 they did a 45 release together on Honey records called "where you are" under the their Christian names, although Eric was spelled Eryke! The single didn't have much success but both brother and sister still went on to be amazing backing singers working for legendary producers Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey. Whilst they were under the watchful eye of the production team they recorded some material again and a duo for theo/coff in a bid to get them another record deal and show their capabilities. These songs never got releases. Eric became and prolific song writer and also joined the group High Fashion. We are super pleased to finally release the shelved songs from 1978. This in one of two releases by the duo.

Johannesburg's best known vinyl spot continues its evolution into essential label here with a mega six-track anthology of South African singer Ntombi Ndaba, featuring 2 songs from 3 of her solo albums, "Mina Ngiljaji" (1988), "Mama Nature" (1989) and "Why Me" (1991).
Ntombi Ndaba first rose to fame in 1985 with Ntombi & Survival, becoming one of the most popular singers of the bubblegum era. After setting up the independent label Anneko with her producer A.T. ‘Rubber’ Khoza in 1988, she went solo. Following Khoza’s death in the early 1990s, Ndaba never recorded again.
Kicking off with the in-demand banger "Tomorrow", the six tracker serves up humid synthlines, infectious rhythms and smooth bass, all topped by Ntombi's mega vocals. Incorporating elements of early house, late disco and bubbling electro funk, this piece of SA dancefloor history is every bit as essential as it ever was.

The conjectural wedding band OTTO is expanding its organ soundtrack madness. With its third record, it delivers sonic solutions for all sorts of moods, ranging from dark and stormy to smooth and suave. “Rhythmus” stands out with abstract, repetitive vocals in German, ready to land in a club somewhere near you. This project is supported by Orgaton, the society for the promotion of organ music.


12" Info: Insanely limited tackle from cult cosmic heroes OTTO. Don't sleep!

Pharaohs is a live band from Los Angeles including blossoming producers Suzanne Kraft, Ale Cohen (from the legendary Dublab) and surfer / synth-geek, Sam Cooper. One might assume these lot are in search of their sound, dabbling in various sub-genres, loosely citing a mixed bag of references… but any listener with a refined palette will acknowledge these three as Renaissance Men of the highest order. They simply know what sounds nice and strive to execute their vision with taste, regardless of what inspiration fuels them at any given moment. Side A leads with "Ahumbo" (named after Sam's dream beach in Zanzibar), blending a dry and simplistic rhythm section with swelling synth chords, a cheeky vocal and a vibrant surf guitar. Following "Ahumbo" is the title track "Island Time," a bouncy jungle vibe with chant about tropical fruits, a reminder that its always Summer somewhere! Last, but not least, Side B doles out "If It Ever Feels Right," a percussive House jam that is literally a JAM… Its on this track, with its live percussion, saxophone and drum programming, that the band capacaity of Pharoahs shines.

Piccadilly Records

Slipmat - Cityscape

    Piccadilly Records logo and white 'Cityscape' print on black felt slipmat. Designed by Mark Brown (, the design is a features a graphic representation of the Manchester cityscape, which also looks like an electronic waveform created by music.


    Schatzi Vol. 4

    Faster than my yahtzee quick maths, Schatzi returns with its fourth chapter!
    As with those that preceded it, this one's a vinyl-only 12" of... indeterminate provenance. Behind every Schatzi ditty is a dash of homespun crate-digging mischief, a dollop of crunchy, swinging drum loops, and a determination to inject into the tropes of today the carefree heart and funky soul that made the dance music of decades past feel so alive. Though names have been omitted to protect reputations, these five ultra funky disco cuts include a stunner from Margaret Reynolds, a Ron Hardy classic from Made In The USA, some classic NY tackle and a obscure bit of Latin magic. All in all it's a royal flush of raw, untamed disco that desperately wants off this slab of wax and onto fogged-out dance floors and into strobe-lit basements.

    Travel agents for inner journeys, Seahawks take us on a voyage ever deeper into the new age vortex. Their last album "Escape Hatch", described by Vice as a ‘modern masterpiece’ only hinted at the transcendent power of Seahawks' music. "Eternal Beams" goes further to create a whole new harmonial experience.

    Side one sees the listener immersed in a soft storm of tape saturated raindrops and distant thunder, numinous waves of sound cascading to create whirlpools of womb-like warmth with gentle pulsations. Side two sees new age maestro Laraaji contribute flocculent flows of golden zither, rich vocal vibrations & dolphin tones in phantasy phase, all coalescing generously, bringing feelings of rebirth and light.

    To conclude: a wondrous journey of resonant oscillations, inner exploration, a portal to other dimensions. It's Seahawks as we know and love them - entheogenic experts with sound and groove. 


    Matt says: Our favourite psychedelic sea-farers return, in-toe with new age stalwart Laraaji, for another exercise in deep oceanic meditation.


    LP Info: Initial copies come with exclusive 12x12 art print.

    "It Rains Here" is the debut album from Manchester's Yadava - the So Flute co-founder and darling of the local scene. Anyone that's been to the esteemed clubnight, or caught this cat in action behind the 1s-n-2s should be more than satisfied with the smorgasbord of sounds and influences contained with.

    A melting pot of global styles, the self-confessed Mr. Scruff obsessee has taken the baton of eclecticism and held onto it tightly, as he expresses his own personality over Latin, Tropicalia, house, downbeat and lounge blueprints. Live percussion features heavily throughout the course of the LP, a facet that can also be applied to his outlandish, meandering DJ sets.

    There is however, a natural warmth, rich musicality and organic glow that holds the album together in cohesive form; a natural reaction to growing up in the industrialized, often grey, rainy city and our unrelenting pursuit of colour and hedonism through music. It's a languid and laid back affair, but one that should soak the listener in a balmy, sedative patina; perfect for late afternoon beach sessions, back garden BBQ-raves and early evening meadow parties. 


    Matt says: So Flute's most attractive member (sorry Dan!) and general all star human being Yad finally drops a full artist statement. Released on taste making label Church, it's been a long time coming, but hammers home the gifted DJ / producer's message of warmth, soul and unity - through house music, broken beat and updates to the funk and soul blueprint. Full marks dude.

    Compiled by soFa, the second instalment in his recent series ties together eighteen artists, each venturing down their own musical path, to produce an audio atlas that transverses not only styles but also cultures and continents.
    Disparate musicians come from far and wide have been brought together across two slabs of beautifully mastered vinyl and, somehow, someway, found a jittering, skittering and juddering balance.
    Tracks from Puma & Dolphin and Khidja conjure up images of thick jungle scenes as tribal rhythm patterns hypnotise and mesmerise alongside shamanic samples. The heady exotic aromas and tactile textures of the East are on display with Zatua traipsing through baked dunes and deserts before arriving to the shamanic organized chaos that is Bear Bones, Lay Low.
    Darker moods loom and lurk, skulking in the alleys of Konsistent or in t-woc’s lurid tones. These duskier elements are countered by the brightness of Velvet C’s future disco sounds or the laser synthwork of Rony & Suzy. The buzzing Chicago inspired sounds of Weird Dust, the dawning pulses of Twoonky and the triumphal charges of Föhn blur the lines between mystical places and the cruel reality of the modern world. A double vinyl ticket to eleven engaging and evocative destinations.A trip into the fantastical. An Oyster from Elsewhere…

    Just in time for the summer holidays Bordello A Parigi team up with the antipoddean branch of the Italophile society, delivering the final repress of the cult "Hot Girls Of Italo Disco". For the first volume, the labels picked out two well known Italian diamonds and handed the stems to their in house craftsmen Flemming Dalum and Hysteric, presenting a platter which backs the originals with dope DJ friendly edits. On the A-side Patrizia Pellegrino's "Musica Spaziale" is all passion and pain, sequenced stomp and cinematic synthwork sat between some tear-jerking vocals while Daniela Poggi's "Break-Up" is a perfect piece of Mediterranean pop, effortlessly extended by the mighty Hysteric.

    Various Artists

    Re-Edited Volume 1 - Inc. Dimitri From Paris Kon, LNTG, Norman Jay & Todd Terje Edits

    TK Disco - THE Miami disco and boogie label, dominated throughout the 1970's and 1980's with back to back classics revered by dancers and disc jocks alike.

    It's no wonder the labels catalogue still gets played today and still makes people dance, inspiring new fans and the old school alike to hunt down the ubiquitous yellow labelled 12 inch singles with fervour. It's in this spirit that TK present some of the finest contemporary reworkings from their legendary catalogue, classics reimagined with todays dancefloor in mind, nipped and tucked in just the right way by some of the finest names to flirt with the discotheque. Across 2 lovingly mastered and selected slabs of wax we have versions from Dimitri From Paris, Norman Jay, Todd Terje, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Kon and Danny Krivit - A truly allstar cast right there - all showing their love for this sunshine state disco powerhouse. Resplendent in original TK Disco label art and with the classic 'palm tree' sleeve this 100% legit and official selection of re-edits is now available for your disco dancin' pleasure. Dig in, and enjoy!

    Various Artists

    Unlimited Love #12

      Another bout of Unlimited Love floods our receptors as the label continue to plunge the pools of disco, soul and boogie for our listening and dancing enjoyment. Volume 12 in the collectors set (..just don't try snagging a copy of discogs! - ed) sees Aura's "Phreex" alongside Bobby Sanders & Magic's "Strung Out" on side A. The former, a 1978 7"-only release that'll set you back a cool two ton while the later is THE ONLY TRACK ever recorded by Bobby Sanders with Magic and again, is only previously available in 7" format. Side B sees Gloster Williams And Master Control's 1979 album track "No Cross, No Crown" lifted from gospel disco crossover LP "Praying Spirit" while Infinity close off the EP with "Queen Of My Universe", a record-breaking, £700-demanding 7" (yes, seven f****in inch!) single that's pure feel good soul vibes and is rarer than a filling in a hen's tooth! More e-e-e-essential selections for the non-purists and lazy / skint vinyl DJs out there! Big ups!


      Matt says: A no brainer. Just gerrit! You won't be sorry... Slowly chipping away at people's discogs estate net worth; the Unlimited Love camp seem intent on delivering ridiculously hard to aquire soul dance hits to everyman and his dog, and we're not complaining!

      Various Artists

      Unlimited Love #13

        Second installment this week, and thirteenth volume in the grand scheme of things... those cheeky buggers at Unlimited Love are intent on supplying us meagre peasantry with some truly royal disco, soul and boogie offerings from the last 20 years of dancefloor regalia.

        On the banqueting table this time round: Jeancy's "Reservation" regularly breaks the hundred pound barrier ont second hand market, a tasty 12" boogie record from 1982, originally released on Lotus. Karizma's (no not the Baltimore house DJ... - ed) 1984 boogie (or should that be electrofunk...) hit "Will You Dance With Me", written by Marie Williams, is somewhat of a holy grail for those in the know, with copies often reaching the £500 mark. Also up for grabs is Makonde's "Manzara", a B-side track from 1977 that, although not fetching to heady sums of previous tracks on the series, is an absolutely killer Afro-disco stomper, often overlooked but rarely matched in energy and vibe - breathtaking! Another mid-table 7" is given fresh legs: Marion Javius' "Waiting In The Winds", whilst Neo Experience's "Human" closes off the EP with another pricey (and rare) 7" soul release from 1975. 


        Matt says: A no brainer. Just gerrit! You won't be sorry... Slowly chipping away at people's discogs estate net worth; the Unlimited Love camp seem intent on delivering ridiculously hard to aquire soul dance hits to everyman and his dog, and we're not complaining!

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