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Genre pick of the week Cover of Fog - Morgan Geist, Tiger & Woods, N.O.I.A.  &Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remixes by Riccardo Cioni.

Riccardo Cioni

Fog - Morgan Geist, Tiger & Woods, N.O.I.A. &Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remixes

‘Fog’ is one of most obscure and dark italo instrumental works done in 1984 late at night in Riccardo Cioni’s garage/studio by his trusty Stephen Head experimenting on PPG Wave 2.2, Linn 9000 and Phophet 5.

Mondo Groove release this 12″ 45rpm involving 4 key figures of analog electro: Morgan Geist (Metro Area), Tiger & Woods, N.O.I.A. and Daniele Baldelli.

Strictly limited edition.


Matt says: An all star cast of cosmic commandos guide Riccardo Cioni's "Fog" through the glitter-galaxy on the way to planet party.


1 Fog (Morgan Geist Edit)
2 Fog (Tiger & Woods Remix)
3 Fog (N.O.I.A. Remix)
4 Fog (Remix)

AC Soul Symphony

I Want To See You Dance

This special 12" features two tracks that will not be on the vinyl version of the forthcoming AC Soul Symphony, Disco opus "Metamorphosis" featuring a 20 piece orchestra alongside a whole host top live players. That makes it an even more vital pick up because both are pure disco fire. 'I Want To See You Dance' has the title's classic refrain repeated over big Salsoul style string licks, funky basslines and soloing piano. 'The Talented Mr Adams' is a tribute to the legendary disco producer Patrick Adams and is a super sweet swooner with golden live strings and brass backing up a loose-limbed rhythm and vamping pianos that get you in the mood for love. These two tracks act as a fine teaser for what's to come on the much-anticipated album from a contemporary version of acts like MFSB and Love Unlimited Orchestra.


Side A
I Want To See You Dance

Side B
The Talented Mr Adams

Coyote / Rolo McGinty


A case of things turning full circle if ever there was one, as Rolo McGinty of The Woodentops fame - the indie stars who discovered raving and then featured on the very first Balearic Beats collection - teams up with Coyote for a one sided 12" for Is It Balearic. Well, if this isn't, then nothing is! The title should be a clue to its sentiments, paying homage to the laughing herb that is 'Marijuana' and in particular, partaking in its delights in the shade on a hot day. McGinty delivers a deep, resonant vocal and some very cool acoustic strumming, while the Coyote boys do the slow motion beat shuffling. Anthemic glory.


Matt says: Coyote, Rolo McGinty and Is It Balearic? pay tribute to the world's greatest weed with hammock-rocking sensibilities. Infact, listening to this after a few bong tokes, I could see myself falling out of my hammock altogether and onto the sands in a giggling mess.



"Don't Stop" is the third album retrospectively released by Ghia. As the subtitle 'Early Works & Artefacts 1984-1987' implies, it features some of their earliest compositions as well as tracks that were recorded during the same period as their "Curaçao Blue" LP.

The album is a fusion of diverse music styles. Listeners will delight in a range of genres, including electro, funk, soul, jazz-funk, synth pop, and even rap/hip-hop, all woven together as a cohesive work that remains mostly instrumental. As a whole, "Don't Stop" represents Ghia's funkiest and most experimental release to date. Notably, the LP features a rap version of Hermann Hesse's controversial German poem "Armer Teufel am Morgen nach dem Maskenball" ("Poor Devil the Morning After the Costume Ball") from 1926, accompanied by a drum machine rhythm and funky guitar. This poem depicts a person who drank too much the night before, telling the story and describing his hangover. The title track "Don't Stop" and the thrilling minimal electro-funk tune "3 A.M. at Moëf Gaga" both evoke old-school electro influences. The latter references the Spanish discotheque Moëf Gaga, located on the Balearic coast, which the dynamic duo of Lutz Boberg and Frank Simon frequented during their 1980s holidays. While the exact music played at 3 A.M. is unknown, listening to Ghia's track will undoubtedly capture the mood of the place.

One of the key tracks of the album is "Message From The Other Side", which could easily be noted as one of the nicest European synth-funk instrumental pieces ever. The track is based on a sick synth bass line, sparkled with DX7 chord hits, funky guitar, and a delightful "marimba" solo in the last third. The solo was actually played on Boberg's keyboard, using a special sound cartridge. This particular track had to be edited and technically revised by Marian Tone and DJ Scientist as the existing demo version of the song could not be used as is. With its stunning groove, this track will surely be a DJ's favorite.

Listening to the complete album, there is more of Boberg's keyboard wizardry: could you believe that the trumpet solo on "Jump In The Water" as well as the short but stunning slap bass solo on "Talk Too Much" were both played by on the DX7? However, this new release, unlike the jazzy "Curaçao Blue", is not about solos or virtuous playing - it clearly shows the duo's direction towards more electronic composition and clear song structures. The versions of "September Garden", "When The Rain is Falling" as well as "Talk Too Much" are actually instrumental mixdowns of vocal songs. And again, we get a blissful take of "Close To You", here a version from 1986. This soulful jazz-funk ballad could already be heard on "Curaçao Blue" while the final vocal version with singer Lisa Ohm can be found on the recently released "This Is" LP. This shows that the Ghia composers, Boberg and Simon, were perfectionists - tracks were reworked again and again, making them better and better.

The album was mastered and restored with great care, and we are pleased to provide you with a perfect example of mid 1980s home-recording pleasures, tinged with a youthful spirit and providing a sound that cannot be recaptured anymore nowadays. Alongside "This Is" and "Curacao Blue" it should be another perfect addition to any 80s groove collection as well as a great pick for DJs that love and play disco, leftfield electro and funk. The LP is limited to 500 copies.

- Previously unissued on any format!
- Fully licenced, recorded 1984-1987
- Includes 4 vinyl only tracks
- Follow up release to the successful albums "This Is" and "Curacao Blue"
- 350g picture sleeve
- Includes 30x30 cm insert
- Mastered by Robert Wenzel
- Vinyl cut by SST


Side A
Don't Stop
Message From The Other Side
3 A.M. At Moëf Gaga
When The Rain Is Falling ('85 Interlude)
Talk Too Much (Instrumental)

Side B
Jump In The Water (24-Track Mix)
Armer Teufel Am Morgen Nach Dem Maskenball
Close To You ('86 Interlude)
September Garden (Instrumental)
Message From The Other Side (Alternative Instrumental Mix)

London party heads Good Block get snapped up for a new 12" on the ever more crucial Duca Bianco label here. They are well known for laying down tasteful party sounds at spots like Brilliant Corners and The Yard and count as finds the likes of Cosmic Slop, Habibi Funk and Jamie Tiller. That should give you an idea of what to expect here - a wonderfully bespoke and boutique mix of slow-motion dub, Balearic pop, New Age sounds, Japanese synth and proto-deep house with extra character. It's a bonkers collection that brings real charm to the club.


Matt says: Strong contender for sleeve art of the week. Duca Bianco follow up quickfire joints by Talking Drums and Miserymix with another crucial cult collection by rising London stars Good Block.


In The 90s
Mouse House
Sleep Bullet

The electronic, experimental group Gravité from San Fransisco is releasing their third album ”III” on Höga Nord Rekords. Their sound varies from motorik and beat driven, airy compositions to heavier denser numbers with swelling pads, glittering arpeggios and powerful Moog basses.

”III”’s balanced production gives the elements in the music room to breath and the tracks on the album often stands on a solid 80’s foundation; ”Into The I” sounds like an hommage to classic arcade game soundtracks but without modern Retrowave pastiches. ”Elation” on the other hand is three and a half minutes of cool and refreshing oceanspray. Gravité moves effortlessly over genres and moods, merging some of the finest moments of analog electronic music.

Like migrating birds, Matthew Riley and Aaron Diko seem have an inner pathfinder, leading them right no matter what musical airspace they’re flying in.


A1. Eclipse
A2. Chilled
A3. Red Horizon (feat. Al Lover)
A4. Elation
A5. Oxygen
B1. Reptile
B2. Into The I
B3. Glass
B4. Fin 

EP of low slung and tripped out Cologne style mind melters. Grischerr achieves a live and open sound in these grimy productions which adds to the immersive atmosphere conjured up across all tracks. It's inspiring stuff!
Lucas Croon doses up the psychedelic measures with a flipped version of 'The Man That Never Smiled' topping off the EP just nice.. As usual, Themes From Great Cities delivering what you need before you knew you needed it! Big T I P on this one folks... 


Grischerr Ft Keta - Symbiosis
The Man Who Never Smiles (Dub)
The Man Who Never Smiled (Lucas Croon)

Pacific Rhythm drops the debut, self-titled EP from Inner Flight, a duo comprised of Cooper Saver and Chris Macintyre. Inner Flight began as a long-distance collaboration during 2020 inspired by rural Canadian landscapes, natural beauty, and a myriad of musical fluencies spanning The Second Summer of Love, Andrew Weatherall, early Factory Records, and the deeper corners of the 4AD catalog.

It has since grown into an introspective and sometimes ecstatic body of work that Pacific Rhythm are elated to share with the world. Elevate your state of being with this idyllic soundscape from two of North Americaʼs finest vibe practitioners.


Matt says: Expansive electronic soundscapes that should appeal to lovers of baggy beats and e-soaked moods.


A1. Intro
A2. Explorer 300
A3. Sonar Scanning
B1. Channel Zero
B2. Rainbow Falls

Bristol experimental jazz collective Ishmael Ensemble reveal their expansive new album “Visions of Light”. 

Helmed by producer and saxophonist Pete Cunningham, Ishmael Ensemble’s richly inventive 2019 debut “A State Of Flow” marked them out as an explosive new force in UK jazz, imbuing lush cinematic compositions with left-field dub and electronic sensibilities redolent of Bristol’s vital musical landscape. Named The Guardian’s ‘Contemporary Album Of The Month’ and Mojo’s ‘Jazz Album of The Month’, it saw the group perform Maida Vale sessions for both Gilles Peterson and Tom Ravenscroft, as well as feature on compilations for Brownswood Recordings and Soul Jazz Records.

Ishmael Ensemble has since become a platform for Cunningham to subvert the conventional notions of producer/artist relationships, unsettling genre tags, and transcending the familiar landscape of UK jazz itself. Across the album’s 10 tracks, Cunningham practices a holistic approach with a long list of collaborators. Together, they explore vast new sonic terrain with an honesty, intimacy and emotional heft impossible for a conventional band.

“Visions Of Light” tells the story of Ishmael Ensemble’s development across its two sides. The first draws from the energy Cunningham and his bandmates discovered whilst extensively touring “A State Of Flow”. The album opens with a cascade of harp glissandos and the gorgeous “Feather” – Holysseus Fly’s lush vocal lulling the listener into a false sense of security, before her voice is warped beyond recognition in the high-octane, cacophonous “Wax Werk”. The tracks that follow take a darker, heavier turn. The driving, uninhibited performances of Stephen Mullins (guitar) and Rory O’Gorman (drums), along with Jake Spurgeon’s agile synth work, lay the foundation for Cunningham to deliver his most confident and direct saxophone performances to date.

Side B sees Cunningham settle into his role as producer and collaborator, resetting the scene with the vivid and playful “Looking Glass”, inviting vocalist, harpist and strings arranger STANLAEY to take centre stage. The landscape shifts again for the movingly nostalgic “Morning Chorus”, whilst “The Gift” sees the angelic vocals of Tiny Chapter (Waldo’s Gift) initiate a dizzying crescendo of swirling synthesisers and string arrangements. When “Visions Of Light” resolves with the gorgeous slow-burner “January”, it is with an unmistakable hopefulness – something that, in these times of disquietude, is urgently felt.


Side A
1. Intro
2. Feather
3. Wax Werk
4. Soma Centre
5. Empty Hands

Side B
1. Looking Glass
2. Morning Chorus
3. Visions Of Light
4. The Gift
5. January

After launching Le Très Jazz Club, Fuzati (Klub des Loosers) and Modulor are now starting Le Très Groove Club, their new label dedicated to vinyl reissues of groove masterpieces.

This second release keeps on honouring Jacky Giordano's work, who is going disco on this "Boucles Rythmiques" album.


1. The Winner Man
2. Fast March
3. Cap Horn
4. Les Dauphins
5. Sport Dance
6. Pente Douce
7. The Witch Queen
8. Bass In Milky Way
9. San Antonio
10. Départ
11. Rouages

The early '80s were a turning point for Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto. As a solo artist, the smash hit soundtrack he had composed for 1983's "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" (a film in which he had also acted), had put him on the verge of becoming a global superstar. Meanwhile he had called a halt to his work with Yellow Magic Orchestra; the influential, globally successful pop trio calling it quits after the release of their 1983 album "Naughty Boys".

Against this backdrop, Sakamoto descended on Tokyo's Onkyo Haus Studio to record his fourth solo album, "Ongaku Zukan" ("Musical Encyclopedia") accompanied by a handful of musicians including his ex-YMO partners Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi, and the prolifically talented Yasuaki Shimizu, Tatsuro Yamashita and Toshinori Kondo. Sakamoto began with no particular plan in mind, recording 30 basic tracks over the best part of 1983. It was on his return to the studio the following year that the album truly began to take shape. Accompanied by a newly acquired Fairlight CMI sampler, the musician made extensive use of the revolutionary equipment to create a wide palette of sound textures which he added to the tracks, a creatively fertile process that was captured on film for the French documentary "Tokyo Melody, A Film about Ryuichi Sakamoto".)

Released in August 1984 the album "Ongaku Zukan" proved a huge success, providing Sakamoto with his first top 5 hit in Japan. Filled with inspired melodies that showcase his unique gift as a composer, it offers up a fascinating mix of styles. Asiatic electro pop nuggets ("Tibetan Dance") share space with futuristic ambient pieces ("Hane no Hayashi de"), and brilliantly creative fusions of jazz, funk, techno and reggae ("Etude" and "Tabi no Kyokuhoki.")

Two simultaneous editions of the album were released in Japan: the regular one featuring a bonus 7" EP with two extra tracks: "Replica" and "Ma Mère l'Oye" while a limited edition added a 12" EP (in lieu of the 7") which included a third track, "Tibetan Dance (Version)." An international version was released two years later in 1986 by 10 Records/Virgin under the title "Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia," but with a very different track list. Five tracks from "Ongaku Zukan" were dropped, namely "Self Portrait," "Tabi no kyokuhoku," "Mori no Hito," "A Tribute to N.J.P" and "Tibetan Dance (Version)", to be replaced by two non-album singles from 1985, "Stepping Into Asia" and "Field Work."

This is the very first time that the two 1984 Japanese editions of Ryuichi Sakamoto's classic album have been released internationally in collaboration with the artist's management and Midi Inc., with remastered audio and the original artwork faithfully reproduced, paying tribute to one of contemporary music's undisputed geniuses.


1. Tibetan Dance
2. Etude
3. Paradise Lost
4. Self Portrait
5. Ɨ

Say She She


    For Fans Of... Clairo, Khruangbin, Lady Wray, Thee Sacred Souls, Chicano Batman, El Michels Affair, Lee Fields and the Expressions.

    The female-led discodelic soul band Say She She, named as a silent nod to Nile Rodgers (C’est chi-chi!: It's Chic!”), release their sophomore album ‘Silver’ on the heels of an epic break-out year that grows brighter by the day.

    The three strong voices of Piya Malik (El Michels Affair staple feature, and former backing singer for Chicano Batman), Sabrina Mileo Cunningham and Nya Gazelle Brown front the band. This harmonizing trio was formed in a classic New York tale of friends that met by following the music: the downtown dancefloors, through the Lower East Side floorboards and up to the rooftops of Harlem.

    ‘Silver’ was entirely written and recorded live to tape at Killion Sound studio in North Hollywood earlier this year and produced by Sergio Rios (of Orgone). While these analog recording techniques help root Say She She’s sound in a bedrock of tonal warmth that only tape can achieve, it is also their process of cutting the track in the moment and capturing the magic of communal creativity that has seen their sound described as “a glorious overload of joyful elation and spiritual elevation” (MOJO) and “infused with the wonky post-disco spirit of early '80s NYC” (The Guardian).

    Silver, the element, is known as the metal of self-confidence and the mirror of the soul. With that, the 16-song double-LP projects not only their growth in writing with confidence, but also reflects a deeper exploration into their punk-chic, femmeforward sensibility.

    Ultimately, ‘Silver’ oozes with quirk and adventure and embraces the multifaceted nature of what it means to be a modern femme. The She She's fully embrace their role as beauticians, actively reminding people of the inherent beauty in the world. They skillfully employ double entendres and humor to encourage open dialogue and fearlessly address important matters that demand attention.


    Barry says: A stunning mx of funky NY soul, snappy disco and woozy Balearic here from the cleverly named Say She She, channelling the spirit of Chic with a wealth of influence drawn from all over the musical spectrum. Brilliantly paced and endlessly funky.


    Side 1
    1. Reeling
    2. Don't You Dare Stop
    3. Astral Plane
    4. C'est Si Bon
    Side 2
    1. Entry Level
    2. Passing Time
    3. Think About It
    4. Questions
    Side 3
    1. Forget Me Not
    2. Never Say Never
    3. The Water
    4. Echo In The Chamber
    Side 4
    1. Bleeding Heart
    2. Find A Way
    3. NORMA
    4. Silver

    The record was written and produced by Jim Duncombe and Chris Palmer - owner of London's legendary Groove Records and also the man behind UK funk/disco label Groove Production (Surface Noise, Linda Taylor, Caché etc). Chris & Jim had met earlier in the year at the Midem music conference in Cannes, and started writing together shortly after. The initial recording sessions were completed at Duncombe's Powerplay Recording Studios in Switzerland, with American vocalist Gloria Weems (then on a club tour of Switzerland) brought in on vocal duties. Palmer then added additional recordings and mixed the record down at Groove Production's London base. Criminally it was only ever picked up for release in super limited numbers through the South African label CCP Records - though Chris, through an ongoing licensing relationship via his Groove Production label, managed to license "Wanna Dance With You" and it's dubbed-out b-side "Wanna Version" to the legendary NYC label Prelude. Nevertheless the Lovelight LP represents a lost classic and a rare example of a transatlantic disco-boogie project in the era's golden period, in it's linking up of UK, European and American elements.


    1. Wanna Dance With You
    2. Never Give It Up
    3. Push It Up
    4. Wanna Version
    5. Don't Let Me Drop
    6. Lovelight

    Wewantsounds is delighted to release 'Sharayet el Disco' a selection of Egyptian 80s Disco and Boogie tracks curated by Egyptian DJ Disco Arabesquo from his vast collection of cassettes. Most tracks have never been released on any other format and are making their vinyl debut with this set. A journey through the funky sound of 80s Egypt, Sharayet El Disco (which can be translated by "Disco Cassettes") features Simone, Ammar El Sherei and more obscure names from Cairo's cassette culture. The audio has been remastered for vinyl by David Hachour/Colorsound Studio in Paris and the LP features artwork by young Egyptian graphic designer Heba Tarek and a 2-page insert featuring artwork of the original cassettes plus insightful liner notes by Moataz Rageb.


    1. Afaf Rady - Tany Tany
    2. Dr. Ezat Abou Ouf & El Four M - Genoun El Disco
    3. Simone - Merci
    4. FIrkIt El Ensan - Donia El Arkam
    5. Firkit El Asdekaa - Eklib El Sheriet
    6. Al Massrieen - Hezeny
    7. Eman El Bahr Darwish - Mahsobko Endes (El Arwam)
    8. Firkit Americana Show - Youm Wi Lilah
    9. Lebleba - Ana Alby Har Nar

    Various Artists

    Crossed Wires III

    The final part in a trilogy of releases from Crossed Wires on Light Sounds Dark

    Crossed Wires dig deep into their archived cassette recordings of early experiments in electronics and sound design.

    The final part pulls together 14 tracks spanning the gamut of Crossed Wires' influences, giving us emotionally charged ambient all the way to angsty almost-garage-rock, with a plethora of minimal-wave grooves and catchy hooks for us to vibe to, as we cry into our bran flakes knowing there will be no more Crossed Wires. Take note cult collectors of weirdo electronics! 



    Various Artists

    Soul Jazz Records Present - Space Funk 2: Afro Futurist Electro Funk In Space 1976-84

      You are about to embark on a new intergalactic journey into black space, fuelled by funk, powered by computers.

      Soul Jazz Records’ new second collection of twisted hyperspace electro / funk ‘Space Funk 2: Afro Futurist Electro Funk in Space 1976-84’, continues its intergalactic journey. Featuring rare and off-the-wall space funk and electro rarities and obscurities, all released on small independent USA record labels in the late 1970s and 1980s.

      Artists on this release include Alien Starr, Bobby Demo, Maggatron, Mid-City Crew, Tribe, Junie, Rich Cason and the Galactic Orchestra, and many more intergalactic space warriors.

      The CD / 2LP comes in striking deluxe artwork featuring the radical African American model Pat Evans, who graced numerous album covers for The Ohio Players in the 1970s.

      The space shuttle program has been altered, there are no star wars - only electro jam joyriders in space! Reactors are reacting, boosters are boosting, the countdown has started. This is space age bionic funk, programmed to make you dance.


      Alien Starr - Music-A-Lizer
      Chance - Master Groove (Instrumental)
      The Bobby Deemo Band - More Ounce Rap
      Mack Simmons - Skin Tight
      Maggotron - Computer Pop
      Tribe - Vulcan Voyage
      Command Performance - Breakdance
      Junei - Let's Ride
      The Graingers - Shine Your Light
      Mid City Crew - Get Right
      Chapter Three - Smurf Trek
      X-Ray Vision - Video Control
      Rich Cason And The Galactic Orchestra - Year 2001 Boogie
      Frank James And Shadow - Summer Time

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