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Genre pick of the week Cover of Hello You Yeah / Just Be Yourself by Unknown.


Hello You Yeah / Just Be Yourself

There’s been a refurb at The Gallery, a fresh new look for the onlookers. This brand-new exhibition follows in the prestigious footsteps of its predecessors, two jaw-droppingly stunning works of art on display, re-touched, re-loved and ready to be snapped up by the highest bidder.

One side sees the mysterious mastermind take on some tropical boogie heat via ‘Hello You Yeah’ with the flip a cosmic disco warper in the form of ‘Just Be Yourself’. The sunkissed lilt, trilling synths and 'Hallelujah' chorus of the A-side is a summery sing-a-long which should make a lot of sense next to Neil Diablo's "High Emotion" while the rocking guitar, campish vocals and precision sleaze of the flip (originally a Nightlife Unlimited cut fact fans) has DJ Harvey written all over it. Two irresistible cuts that will be whipping crowds into a frenzy the world over.


A1 - Hello You Yeah
B1 - Just Be Yourself

Formed in 2012, Asa Moto purvey non-standard body music from their Ghent outpost, Studio Martino. Closely affiliated with famed Soulwax imprint, DEEWEE, the Belgian duo’s recorded offerings carefully juxtapose expert synth-work with aesthetic imperfection. Charming melodies and throbbing rhythms come courtesy of archaic tone generators and acoustic instrumentation alike, landing Asa Moto in a zone of confident sonic idiosyncrasy. Their studio prowess has hardly gone unnoticed and during their breakout year of 2018, Resident Advisor, Redbull and the BBC were quick to take note of the group’s steady ascent. Via their ever-changing live performances, Asa Moto have become regular fixtures on the European touring circuit, touching down for club nights and festival appearances across the continent. As astute selectors, they operate a bi-monthly radio show in Brussels, digging into their sprawling collection, ranging from obscure jazz records to contemporary electronic cuts. Asa Moto have re-adapted their unmistakable strain of body music into a live show, which premiered on the Mainstage of the Lokerse Feesten 2019 and at the 40th anniversary of Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. In 2020, they co-produced and mixed the Turkish band, Altin Gün album ‘Yol’ marking the first time that the band has collaborated with outsiders.


A1. Connexion À Liège
A2. Cacao
B1. Missing Teeth
B2. Veleda
B3. In My Body

Andy Compton is undisputedly one of the hardest working producers in dance music. With over 40 albums and 150 EPs released either solo or as part of deep house legends The Rurals, the Bristol-based producer just can't stop creating profoundly funky and vibey music that works on loose-limbed dancefloors, beach bars and shag carpets alike.
He has appeared regularly on quality labels as diverse as Lumberjacks In Hell, Hed Kandi, LARGE and naturally, his own vital imprint Peng.

Andy's latest long player for Tangential Music is a collaboration with LA artists Irantzu Pujadas and Brad Kent under the name Blue Dream.
Aptly titled: 'A Trip To LA' the album is a deliciously louche and laidback twelve tracker of pure LA heat. The project began as many great ones do, without a plan. Visiting Brad's studio to check out his huge vintage analogue synth collection in search of new sounds for The Rurals, they got to thinking...and jamming. With Brad on the dusty old drum machines, Irantzu on the microphone and Andy in synthesiser heaven, Blue Dream was born.

Their first and equally good album 'California Dreaming' was released on Peng in early 2019 and now we are here with a second round of perfectly realised dream-like grooves. Think of the sun-facing vibes of Shuggie Otis, Eddie Chacon, Bobby Caldwell or Roy Ayers at his most relaxed and add a passionate knowledge and experienced grasp of electronic forms. They make this seem easy goddammit.

'I Wanted To See You' sounds like Khruangbin with a 303, 'You Want Me Back' with its mid-tempo shuffling groove, saucy squidge bass line and seductive soul house vocal is pure daytime at Houghton Festival happiness, like Crazy P in the hot tub.

At no point are we required to sweat. Lie down if you must, stand up and sway if you're ready. This could be lovers music or just for you alone. Irantzu's vocals throughout are whispers and purrs, evocations of humid love drenched in reverb and easy living. Sunset music.

The singles 'I Wanna Go Home' and 'Sandwich Dub' don't deviate far from the endless feeling of hazy cinematic sunshine, one a sultry plea for intimacy, the other a heavily dubbed-out slice of musique française amour.
'Trip To LA' with a vocal more than suggestive of the Balearic classic 'Sueno Latino', spare guitar chords and a prodding repetitive bass line creates a feeling of slinky bliss.

Every track is full of sensual melodies and the space required to be truly funky. Press play and invite a bit of California magic in...


1. Theme Song
2. I Wanna Go Home
3. The Kiss
4. You Want Me Back
5. Lonnie's Street
6. Sandwich Dub
7. Taking It To The Top
8. Blue Moon
9. Feel
10. I Wanted To See You
11. X Express
12. Trip To La

Quintin Copper & Nas Mellow

Paradise (Erobique Remix)

    Back in spring, Quintin Copper & Nas Mellow dropped their debut album throught Sonar Kollektiv, winning plenty of fans amongst friends of soul, jazz and hip hop.

    Now the sound from the university town of Tübingen can begin its triumphal procession around the entire globe. Therefore Sonar Kollektiv enlisted no other than the International Pony member and furious solo entertainer Erobique to contribute a remix of "Paradise".

    As is his want, Erobique managed to turn the album track into a world-class banger. "Paradise" is now a summer hit, warm-up classic and radio ear-worm at the same time. He put so much soul into his version that some might think this version comes straight from a lost modern soul 45.

    What more could you ask for?


    A1. Paradise (Erobique Remix)
    B1. Paradise (Erobique Remix Instrumental)

    Disco Bits emerge from lockdown with two fat slabs of Hip House featuring two of the finest MCs ever to grace the mic riding over brand new disque-o rhythms...
    A sure fire party starter! BDK sets it off with killer rhymes over an up tempo prime time disco groove. DBS provides the perfect disco rhythm for an all time great to rock any disco tech.
    On a slower tip in that 80's Afro Cosmic Italian vibe. RKM let's the rhythm hit 'em over a chugging beat.


    A. Rok The Disco Tech
    B. Ritmo Italo

    In 1987 Tor Dietrichson released new age masterpiece Global Village. Carnival Rhumba, an uptempo latin jazz number featured on the b-side. With snapping congas, wild guitars, and an over all groovy melody, it stood out as the most dancy tune on the album. Here you get the song remastered, on a loudly pressed 12 inch. On the whole A-side Prins Thomas delivers an extended edit, with all it’s best parts spread out for an extraordinary dancefloor experience. On the b-side you get the original, and a dub-version of the long edit. Buckle up, you are in for a treat.


    A1. Carnival Rhumba (Prins Thomas Edit & Overdub)
    B1. Carnival Rhumba (Prins Thomas Edit & Overdub Dub)
    B2. Carnival Rhumba (original 1987 Version - Vinyl Remaster)

    On The Corner's 'Double Drop' series contniues, pairing together twp EP's from two different members of the OTC family. Citing environmental and production constraints as the main motive from moving away from 12"s and into full length albums or journeys as the label states, listeners are treated to a 40+ minutes musical landscape, cosmically alligned via the two artists involved. 

    On the A-Side, and hot on the heels of the "Dub Protection & The Sportswear Mystics" cassette, The Diabolical Liberties present their "Birds Of Paradise" EP. This EP all but sold-out and follows the dynamite success of the duo’s debut long player “High Protection & The Sportswear Mystics” and it’s follow-up hype cassette of dubbed out versions (as well as a series of self-released and long sold-out white labels that included collaborations with Nyasha (a moniker of Nubya Garcia) and a super limited On The Corner 10” dubplate.)

    On the flip, having debuted on last year’s sold out "Door To The Cosmos" LP, Edrix Puzzle are back with a stonking new EP "Rise To Eris". A modern spiritual jazz number with traditional set up, enhanced slightly with some up-to-date electronix, production and tinkering. There's nods to Adrian Sherwood's merger of reggae and industrial whilst remaining bouyant and light hearted enough for mainstream appeal. Exploring themes and energies in the territory of noir instrumental jazz the cinematic energy is unpinned with driving breaks and psyche fusion meanderings into the extra terrestrial landscapes akin to "Mwandishi" era Herbie Hancock.


    A1. The Diabolical Liberties - Everything’S Possible Until It’S Not
    A2. The Diabolical Liberties - Birds Of Paradise
    A3. The Diabolical Liberties - Getting Off The World
    A4. The Diabolical Liberties - Mostly Indoors
    A5. The Diabolical Liberties - Herman Chugs On
    A6. The Diabolical Liberties - Pacify My Night Bus
    B1. Edrix Puzzle - Rise To Eris
    B2. Edrix Puzzle - Lapetus
    B3. Edrix Puzzle - Eris Fall


    Alright / Stars

    Kon steps back up to the plate with a sumptuous 12" offering, digging into his stash of disco, funk and boogie to bring us more heat!
    'Alright' kicks things off, a huge anthemic soulful piano led disco stomper that will undoubtedly be a real highlight in your DJ set. This is some peak time feel good music for the dancefloor, London even gets a shout-out! 'Stars' is our B-side, and it's beamed right in from the cosmos into our eardrums, it has it all from cosmic synth melodies to ultra heavy drums and beyond! Get lost in space to this one, you won't regret it.
    Both cuts here definitely bring it, and as always - they sound amazing. File under 'must cop'.

    In true Kon fashion, these tracks have been respectfully remixed by Kon from source, and they won't stick around for long. Don't sleep!


    A. Alright
    B. Stars

    Piccadilly Records

    Logo T-Shirt - Autumn 21: Spearmint / Guava

      This shirt features a guava pink print on a spearmint green Gildan Softstyle Rinspun t-shirt.

      Will O' The Wisp Ft. Rick Astley


      No, your eyes don't deceive you! Rick Astley, yes THE Rick Astley in a one-drop, limited run, blink-and-you'll-miss-it, BALEARIC DISCO romper!

      Three new tracks which are destined to become certified future wedding classics whilst perfectly capable of holding their own across the Adriatic festival network next Summer.

      Lines like 'I've killed the groove now there's blood on my tie' could only really be sung by someone as large as Rick Astley. But there's a contemporary feel to the tracks which isn't a million miles away from what Jungle are doing at the moment. Big, resplendent guitar lines; powerful falsetto vox and warm, electronic disco production give these three songs huge mainstream appeal.

      This is a bit of a coup we have to say. God knows if there's more material due from this pair - might just be a sneaky one-off project - whatever it is, we highly recommended bagging yourself a piece of this oddball slice of Balearic gold! 


      Martin says: It's not "Never Gonna Give You Up", but this blink-and-you'll-miss it from the late 80s pop icon should keep Balearic aficionados nodding approvingly as they sip their pina coladas from the poolside.


      A1. Burning
      A2. Blood On My Tie
      B1. The Waves

      Budabeats Records' contribution to the long-awaited re-opening of the dancefloors is this EP including four sparkling tunes by four remarkable Hungarian producers.

      Although musically completely different, they have one thing in common: they provide the perfect vibes for any late summer party from sunset till sunrise.
      After starting off with up-and-coming producer, WaTa's timeless house burner, things get a bit more laid back with 'Historico' an honest and entertaining tribute to the early days of Italo disco, delivered by producer duo Pleasure Voyage.

      Budabeats staple M.W.D. continues with a mid-tempo deep groover that builds elegantly and does not let go; the title says it all: 'Jazz808'.
      Oneeyedman is another exciting and versatile figure of today's Budapest scene, his closing track is a satisfying slice of deep house with acidic bass, spaced out synths and just the right portion of cowbells.

      Limited to 300 copies worldwide.


      A1. WaTa - Feel Ya
      A2. Pleasure Voyage - Historico (Italo Disco)
      B1. W.M.D - Jazz808
      B2. Oneeyedman - Windblind

      Various Artists

      Under The Influence Vol. 9 Compiled By Alena Arpels

      Z Under The Influence series continues. Following on from Red Greg, Paul Phillips, James Glass, Nick The Record, Sean P, Faze Action, Winston and Woody Bianchi (all of which are highly collectable), it’s now the turn of one of the scene’s most impressive collectors; the London-based DJ and dancer: Alena Arpels.

      Originally pressed on vinyl in very small quantities, these 19 records were issued between 1970 - 1983. Many of the tracks included in this compilation were never commercially released but given away by the artists to family and friends instead. There are no genre boundaries so expect to hear funk, soul, disco, boogie and jazz funk. What is common, however, is talent, groove, drive and passion.

      Collecting rare records and DJing for over 15 years, she’s also been a regular DJ and dancer at soul, boogie, house and UK jazz dance parties. Alena is a frequent guest at European soul weekenders. She was lucky to grow up listening to her parents’ ever-expanding record collection (lots of classical music, 70s prog rock, and jazz). King Crimson, Genesis, Black Sabbath, Chic, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, George Gershwin, as well as Sergei Rachmaninoff, all had strong influences on her.

      As always with ZR compilations a lot of time and effort has been spent on creating these masters from the original vinyl, cleaning them up, removing all the clicks and pops resulting in the cleanest sounding copy possible.


      Matt says: An imperative series for collectors of rare groove, boogie and disco music, volume 9 adds a nice twist from Alena Arpels who may we have contributed the rarest tracks yet to the series.


      Side 1
      1. Spellboun' - Dance Your Blues (part II)
      2. EKG - Give Me Love
      3. Eugene Blacknell - Holding On
      4. MVP Cloudburst - Specialty Item
      5. Pleze - Disco 2000
      6. Jeff Burns - Flashback
      7. La Voyage - All Nite Affair
      8. Executive Jam - I'm Into Your Love
      9. Fire Water - Twilight
      10. Frederick - Move On
      Side 2
      1. McNasty - Say, Raise Your Hand & Say McNasty
      2. Basic Sounds Of Pittsburgh - Down Beat (Gimme Some Chitt'lins)
      3. Chash Money - Seeking
      4. Body Heat - Forget Yourself
      5. Horizon - Give It Up
      6. Rideout - Spend Some Time With Me
      7. Jackson-Lee - Space Ghost (part I & II)
      8. Sharon Revoal - Reaching For Our Star
      9. Reflections - Reflex

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