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Genre pick of the week Cover of Send The Rain by United Disco Organisation.
Conceived by producer/bassist Neil Innes and guitarist/singer Chris Dawkins, United Disco Organisation present two sprawling dancefloor fillers reminiscent of the early underground disco explorations of philly soul and Joe Bataans Salsoul label.

A-side "Send The Rain" features the sinuous flute of label-mate Tony Burkill before Chris Dawkins vocals takes centre stage, while the instrumental features an extended flute solo from Tony.

Dawkin's guitar drives B-Side "Funky Thing" with Vibraphone bringing to mind Roy Ayers ubiquity's mid to late 70s disco tracks on the instrumental.

Scheduled to be played on 27th November by Craig Charles on his flagship BBC6 Music show, these 2 tracks have already garnered a great deal of interest including from DJ/Producer Smoove of Smoove & Turrell.


Millie says: So so groovy and funky it’s off the scale! Quality disco record here, not one to be missed it’s going to fly out of here!


1. Send The Rain (Vocal Mix)
2. Send The Rain (Instrumental)
3. Funky Thing (Vocal Mix)
4. Funky Thing (Instrumental)

New Coyote LP on Is It Balearic? following the amazing, sell-out 12" - "Will We Ever Dance Again". Across two discs we get that polished, sun-kissed Coyote sound in all its unhurried glory.

Personal favourites include the Art Of Noise-esque "Simpson's Sky" - full of vintage sampling and those angelic pads that indicate peak Balearic mode. "Copacetic" drops more of those euphoric yet chilled piano chords that invite hefty comedowns lying by the shore. Add a sax line you'd only get away with on a Sunday and you'll riding the second wind in no time. "Woosh" opts for that proggy, free party chill which Suns Of Arqa nailed so well - tablas, reversed choir sounds and fire blankets of bass and pad pleasure - so good! Just time to mention the rasta-vox sampling, baggy end-of-nighter - "Don't Run It Extra Ordinary". A truly impressive journey, timeless in its execution and making you return the stylus to the beginning of the record time and time again. Recommended.


Side 1
1. Copacetic (4:57)
2. Don't Run It Extra Ordinary (5:38)
Side 2
1. Woosh (5:44)
2. Simpson's Sky (6:46)
Side 3
1. Friday's Child (5:18)
2. Mint Tea (5:27)
Side 4
1. Bougainvillea (4:34)
2. Cami De Sa Veleta (5:49)
3. The Outsider (3:14)

Form an orderly queue! Supreme edit overlord, Sound Stream returns with a brand new label - Disco To Go. Frank Timm has become a cult adored figure through his involvement with Hardwax, Panorama Bar and the various labels that he and his affiliates have been involved in - Soundhack, MMM, Smith & Hack etc. Basically, if you're new to this cat you've got some homework to do!

Here, it seems, he's carrying on where the original Sound Stream label left off. Looping us big room, orchestral disco, beefing up the bottom end, adding some tasty cuts that'll keep the ADHD inflected youth on their toes and rolling it out with a club ready patina.

First cut is dramatic and cinematic, an entrance them for the next DJ to take to the decks (that's you!). Certain to cause a stir of excitement with those already on the floor, and a call to arms for those still deciding on what drink they want at the bar!

Second cut is deliciously languid and smooth flowing, enticing the wallflowers into the middle of the floor for the ensuing mayhem ahead. It's a simple (but unknown) hook that never gets tiring on the ears. Classy, stylish, nuanced and well rounded - it's the Sound Stream sound and it never gets old!

Highly recommended - limited copies!


Matt says: F**k me he's back! Rightly regarded royalty round these parts, Soundstream returns with a new alias but thankfully sticks to what we know and love - melon twistingly good disco-house refixes with plenty of heft!


A1. Trick Or Track (excerpt 1)
A2. Trick Or Track (excerpt 2)

I Coccodrilli

Sabato Italiano

    Big time Italian funk / disco 7" here that I have to admit, I thought was a reissue - so authentic is the sound! Humongous bassline, sumptuous strings, contagious chorus and galvanized Strat chops, don't forget the high and low Q's too!

    Seriously, this takes us right back to the Riviera, circa '84-'85, when those big boogie bombs crossed over the Atlantic and began merging with the Italo disco sound of the time. Except it's brand new - and it's the band's FIRST single!

    Apparently being born on a Saturday is a good omen in Italy, and the song's subject, from what I can garner, is such. It's got that feel good, charged and optimistic spirit which would certainly get you gee'd up and ready for action on a Saturday night...

    Stupendously good, limited copies, don't sleep! 


    Matt says: Big time Italian funk / disco 7" here that I have to admit, I thought was a reissue - so authentic is the sound!


    Side 1
    1. Sabato Italiano (4:37)
    Side 2
    1. Sabato Italiano (instrumental) (4:37)

    French multi-instrumentalist Jype graces Balearic institution Claremont 56 with a double disc delight of a debut album, served up with a host of collaborators. Yes we know - it's hardly the time of year to be digesting poolside pleasure with all this snow, wind and rain - but don't blame us blame the pressing plants! Beside, you can get ahead of next year's jetsetters by familiarizing yourself with this assortment early...

    Moving through the moods effortlessly and with a stylistically cool approach; we get lounge, jazz, samba (of course) and fully fledged Balearic - all executed with the sun lounger and pina colada in mind.

    The recording is clean, the melodies are humble, the movement is light and breezy. Did we mention the cover is also delightful?!


    Side 1
    1. Jpye & E11e - Samba With You (4:04)
    2. Jpye & E11e - Downside Up World (5:01)
    3. Jpye, Leonidas & E11e - Oui Non (5:21)
    Side 2
    1. Jpye & Renato - Cosa Ti Va? (3:50)
    2. Jpye & Renato - Non Ci Pensare (4:14)
    3. Jpye & Renato - Don't Stop (Tididam Dub) (4:08)
    Side 3
    1. Jpye & Leonidas - Let The Record Spin (5:00)
    2. Jpye & E11e - Samba With You (instrumental) (4:04)
    3. Jpye & E11e - Downside Up World (instrumental) (5:00)
    Side 4
    1. Jpye & Renato - Cosa Ti Va? (dub) (3:50)
    2. Jpye & Renato - Non Ci Pensare (Mudd Dub) (4:44)
    3. Jpye & Renato - Don't Stop (instrumental) (4:07)

    Fauve lay out their mission statement - quite simply to link the musical worlds of west and east. The idea being that each artist invited to collaborate on each EP contributes a track each, and a remix of each other's track. 

    For their inaugural release, the duo of DJ soFa & Cheb Runner (appearing here as Mameen 3) - from Belgium & Morocco - are rostered in with Indonesian future legend Dea.

    "Dada Glitter", by Mameen 3 is a dark and slinky cosmic number; quick enough to grace the mid session but dark and weird enough to also receive spins well after the witching hour when the club's inhabitants are the more freakish leaning. Dea plays on the track's quirky idiosyncracis; drawing out those Arabic-informed scales and melodies whilst squelchy bass and skeletal drums give us that jerk and rattle we'd normally associate with some lost Andi Hanley edit.

    For Dea's side, "Mesopotamia" is as courageous as it is melliflous; long adventerous chord sequences and serpentine melodies its signature as it heads intrepidly and colourfully into the dance. Mameen 3 work their magic - imparting a definitive cosmic energy into proceedings. Strong, pungent sounds for the creative DJ and music lover - most recommended! 


    Side 1
    1. Mameen 3 - Dada Glitter (6:37)
    2. Mameen 3 - Dada Glitter (Dea Rework) (4:23)
    Side 2
    1. Dea - Mesopotamia (5:35)
    2. Dea - Mesopotamia (Mameen 3 Rai Not Raimix) (5:11)

    Moonoton is one of those producer's whose tracks have circulated around his locale for some time, treasured secret weapons amongst a small, close-knit crew of DJs around Moscow. Now released to us meagre peasanty through the Low Budget Family label, there's also a bonus track featuring label head Lipelis.

    "Bye By Buy" is a perfect tune to get the floor's attention while you're starting the night with its super catchy vocal cuts, hi-gloss production and anthemic piano riff. "Someone Else" tempts you into a late 80's NYC vibe with a garage-like groove and a hint of classic house stabs.

    "Hard To Stop" deploys those in-trend, low slung breatbeats (it's a baggy thing!) whilst delivering a polished house hybrid with lashings of street soul. 

    Strong stuff from the Russian firm! 


    Matt says: Nice stuff here from our Russian comrades who charge through the warehouse with strong proto / acid house & breakbeat stylings all executed with an earnest authenticity. Check!


    A1. Bye By Buy
    A2. Someone Else
    B1. Yeah Yeah (Ft. Lipelis)
    B2. Hard To Stop

    No Art No Name deliver their second, anonymous, sophomore record; continuing their policy of letting the music speak for itself.

    An unknown producer serves up three skilfully edited disco-house numbers which should appeal to lovers of Lumberjacks In Hell, Shir Khan and Eros.

    Alexander Robotnik's "Problèmes D'Amour" gets a new blouse and a trim, represented as "Love Issues" here. "Burning Hot" unpacks some classic NYC business (title escaping me here sorry) but comin on strong thru swung, shoulder dropped beats and THOSE church organs.. Answers on a postcard before a tear my hair out please!

    Finally, "Patron" sees James Brown's "Bad Mother" sped up, and looped to oblivion in a way that'll send lovers of Theo Parrish circa Plastic People & Roadhouse era into a spiraling madness. Remember when he used to loop up JB for an eternity?! Those were indeed the days... Killer stuff here from NANN. Highly prized edits for the connoisseur! 


    Matt says: NANN001 now goes for over £150! Would you believe it?! Not sure if its the Derrick Carter influence (he's been caning it) but I'd say the quality is just as high on this outing from this already cult label. And it's just as limited too.... just saying! ;)


    A1 - Love Issues
    B1 - Burning Hot
    B2 - Patron

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