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Genre pick of the week Cover of Zodiac Bath Bomb by Cyrus Posatron And Digby Yakiddin.

Cyrus Posatron And Digby Yakiddin

Zodiac Bath Bomb

Who are those ridiculous names I hear you ask? A few clues in the label name and quick listen to the record and it can only be the eccentric crazed genius of Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell - aka The Idjut Boys - of course!!

After resurrecting their Droid imprint earlier in the year (to much acclaim), the north east boys are back with their infamous Noid label - the one dedicated to the art of the wigged-out n voodoo night club edit. Focusing largely on forgotten moments of sherm-disco, acid-rock and hallucinatory-boogie; the pair's unique label has become somewhat of a cult staple amongst old Electric Chair heads, readers of DJ History, members of World Of Echoes and yer standard dancefloor misfit that should know better.

Famed for spring-reverberated wobble, endless tape delays and seriously wonky source material, there really isn't any edits out there quite like the Noid edits. Eric Duncan's (highly coveted) COMBI are the closest things out there for comparison, but then that series didn't last anywhere near as long as this one! (Sorry Eric!).

Anyway, back on the 'floor and sounding more trippy than ever, "Zodiac Bath Bomb" finds our boys firing on all cylinders and losing none of their swagger as they mature into middle age (again, sorry lads!). Not only is their music great, inventive, playful and pretty much out there on its own - the lads are seriously two of the nicest and politest men I've ever had the pleasure of meeting in the 'biz (FACTOID - I once had to seek emergency medical assistance for Conrad's partner who was having a serious allergic reaction / food poisoning episode in Croatia; possibly my most heroic moment of my life so far!). 


Matt says: It's the return of Noid! - The Idjut Boys infamous edit series and responsible for more than its fair share of dancefloor wobbles. Much like Ron Hardy and Danny K, you instantly know when it's the Idjuts behind the dials on the re-edit tip. Five numbers here tackling varying degrees of inebriation, energy and fun.


A1. Zodiac Bath Bomb
A2. Spark Life
B1. But Why Jeff?
B2. Landfill
B3. I Just Called To Say I Love You

David Bowie

The Next Day EP (Black Friday 22 Edition)



    Contains album outtakes and remixes from David Bowie’s The Next Day album. In the summer of 2013, unreleased songs – “Atomica,” “The Informer,” “Like A Rocket Man,” and “Born In A UFO” – were finally completed after remaining unfinished during the main album sessions. Two remixes, “Love Is Lost” (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA), a ten-minute opus by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, and the Venetian Mix of “I’d Rather Be High” were added, plus the Japanese bonus track “The Informer.”

    Those Too Slow To Disco cats are back at what they do best - super smooth edits on limited edition 10". Greek producer DJ "S" is a bit of a veteran of the edits scene and with his own downbeat sound he quickly became one of the big names in the European disco scene too. He perfected his craft as a multi-talented music producer, experimenting with vintage black sounds and reviving old-classics in the form of remixes which made a serious impact among the internet and on his YouTube Channel which counts thousands (over 260k) of faithful followers!

    As usual they've got me scratching my head and Pasta Paul already feverishly ramming them in the front of his record bag ready for his next DJ set. Sub 110BPM throughout, with hefty lashings of beach-side soul - think big choruses, powerful vox, smatterings of horns and strings and of course, those ever important B-lines - rolling and warm like the best rare groove joints. 10 points for whoever emails in with a full house of track IDs! Highly recommended, limited copies! 


    Matt says: No one quite smooths out the edges like Too Slow To Disco. Theie limited edits series has uncovered 'nuff poolside cool and pure, timeless sun lounger classics time and time again for our discerning ears. DJ "S" keeps true to the remit and delivers four essential joints of slow swagger brilliance.


    A1 Dj "S" - Groovin'
    A2 Dj "S" - Sweet Love

    B1 Dj "S" - Back Again
    B2 Dj "S" - U

    Linkwood returns to AOTN in 2022 with Stereo, the follow up and part two, to his killer and hyper focused LP Mono, which turned heads in 2021. All recorded live at the AOTN studio, he's kept the essence of the first LP which worked so well, but moved it on in a much deeper direction. Fusing many of his influences, Boogie, Detroit and early 80's synth joints to name a few, stereo has its own identity and showcases Linkwoods ability to write and produce on the fly but maintain that warm, fuzzy and intricate sound we all love him for.


    Barry says: It's ALWAYS a good thing to get more Linkwood, and this latest for Athens Of The North is a perfect example of why. Beautifully produced without being overly fussy, there are grooves that are both machinated and unyielding (RunStop) but with swing and syncopation elsewhere, and more airy Balearic atmospheres and pads, it never feels any less than perfectly curated.


    1. I'm Ready
    2. RunStop
    3. Joystick
    4. Love
    5. S-Mode
    6. DipDab
    7. Clusters
    8. Ping
    9. Flightpath
    10. Glow
    11. Lookup

    One of the hottest and most hyped bands in contemporary disco history, the 2nd release by Mad Honey, "Setback" b/w "Time Is On Our Side"; performed and recorded live to tape. Much like the previous three before it - two cuts of deep disco soul music featuring a bustling and vibrant ensemble of instruments - from niggly organs, galvanized Strats, in the pocket drum and bass interchange, uplifting chorus parts - these babies got it all! Mad Honey are that good you'll easily convince those old school rare groove heads you've stumbled upon a lost classic; knowing full well these are brand new cuts from one of the slickest bands on the scene at the moment!

    Aside from being a studio project for some time, they have just started touring locally and are currently working on their first album for the label.

    Space Grapes is an independent and artist-run label by Bobby van Putten and Danilo Plessow (MCDE), focusing on the best in contemporary live music.


    Matt says: Buy-on-sight stuff from this MCDE-affiliated new disco supergroup. Their forth joint to date and still as essential as oxygen!


    A. Setback
    B. Time Is On Our Side

    Mauskovic Dance Band

    Bukaroo Bank

      Amsterdam based Mausovic Dance Band make madcap music intent on expanding musical universes. Powered by elastic rhythms and some potent dub wizardry, the five-piece are synonymous with flipping global music traditions and creating new, sound-system stylised, synth powered, dance-floor experiments.

      Whilst their 2019 debut album on Soundway Records offered a frenetic mix, imbued by the Colombian champeta, Ghanaian highlife and spaced out disco, their new forthcoming album Buckaroo Bank, set for release on Swiss label Bongo Joe Records, feeds off the industrial sounds of New York City, post punk and early electronic explorers. At the very centre of the project is the dub, the Mauskovic echo chamber, guided by their universal hero Lee Scratch Perry and made possible by their studio friend Kasper Frenkel who provided the tools this new Mauscovic riddim philosophy.

      A proper family band (4 of them are related), and fronted by Nico Mauscovic who is also part of Zamrock touring band W.I.T.C.H., the group have released various singles since their debut album including on Berlin label Dekmantel and most recently, on experimental Swiss label Bongo Joe, their perfect home for brand new album Buckaroo Bank.


      1. Buckaroo Bank
      2. Face
      3. Wie Niet Weg Is Is Gezien
      4. Parata Est
      5. Zwaar
      6. Bebi
      7. People In The Hall
      8. Dr Rhythm Space
      9. Telefoon Dub
      10. Samen
      11. Buckaroo Bank - Slow Version
      12. Slow Crack


      Rock VS Rap

      We know by know that when an idea enters the mind of French producer Moar and he sets off on a mission to the studio that we're in for a real treat. His 45 Loves series has been a staple of DJs who have the knack of turning the night around when the preceding track clears the floor. The DJ's secret weapon arsenal should include a DJ Loves bazooka like 'Rock vs Rap' trust us. Just imagine if Larry Mullen, The Edge and Adam Clayton ditched their mullet wearing frontman and headed across the pond to seek the services of the Def Jam crew to add some quick snap raps to the mix. With Moar behind the boards we have a great example of what that might sound like had that scenario played out. This one hits the spot! On the flip, the Young brothers instant classic riff meets Missy's brassy raps and it's the perfect blend of some hardcore rock with that Missy flow that you simply don't want to miss out on.


      Matt says: It's officially Christmas party season. And what better way to satiate the office party peasants than a tasteful mashup of Missy Elliot vs. AC/DC & The Beasty Boys vs. U2.



      Various Artists

      Luke Una Presents É Soul Cultura - Special Piccadilly Edition

        With some of the best DJs and selectors there is a certain mysterious sound or underlying feeling which unites the music they play, regardless of genre, year or tempo. Luke Una is a master of telling a story through music and this compilation is a perfect example of his musical alchemy in action. Featuring tracks from Yusef Lateef, Airto Moreira, Crooked Man, Henri Texier and many more, it is a collection of new, old, rare and under-discovered music from around the world, all united by Luke under the banner of "E-Soul Cultura".

        It's best described by Luke himself, who writes: "As the 5AM city sleeps and the strobe lights are slowly turned off, we gather on the wrong side of town in a transcendental journey alone together. We are the late night disenfranchised holding on in various after parties, flats, lofts, random kitchens and basements into the outer cosmos with É Soul Cultura. Music from exotic tear jerkers, Afro-spiritual jazz, cosmic Brazilian celestial grooves, machine street soul, dark horses, lost B-sides, £1 bargain-bin bombs, hidden gems, late night Italo dubbing, deep velvet N.Y.C garage, bass buggin sonic futurism, wrong speed 33BPM pitched up +8 new beat, majestic sunset strings, sweet vocals from heaven, no half steppin jazz dancing in outer-space and odd numbers. Yes… magical moments, together, holding on in witness protection suburban cul-de-sacs and Castle Court flats. Cosmic É high, 3000ft above the city getting evangelical to murky, wonky timeless beautiful music. This thing of ours dreaming of better days. Fail we may, sail we must, the sun will come up again." For anyone who has enjoyed his epic 5 hour shows on Worldwide FM, you know what to expect from the man who is Luke Una. Variety and quality all the way. 


        1. Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti – Eva
        2. Chene Noir - Le Train
        3. Metropolis - Every Time I See Him
        4. The Brand New Heavies Featuring N'Dea Davenport – Stay This Way (The Lunar Dub)
        5. Typesun - The P.L. (Extended Edit)
        6. King Errisson - Space Queen
        7. Yusef Lateef - Robot Man
        8. Daniel Humair, Francois Jeanneau, Henri Texier - Le Cyclope
        9. Airto Moreira - O Galho Da Roseira (The Branches Of The Rose Tree)
        10. Francisco – Wache
        11. Nar'Chiveol - Apocalypse Now Ho
        12. On - Southern Freeez
        13. Soylent Green - After All

        Various Artists

        Polyphonic Cosmos: Sonic Innovations In Japan (1980-1986) (Compiled By JD Twitch)

          Ever since he made his first trip to Japan to DJ, Optimo Music founder JD Twitch has been bewitched by Japanese music, and particularly the vibrant, imaginative, and often far-sighted sounds which emerged from the island nation during the 1980s. Now he’s put years of digging in Japanese record shops to good use on Polyphonic Cosmos, the latest release on his compilation-focused Cease & Desist imprint.

          Subtitled ‘A Beginners Guide to Japan In The ‘80s’, the collection offers a personal selection of Japanese gems recorded and released between 1981 and ’86 – a period when advances in recording and musical technology offered the nation’s artists and producers a whole new tool kit to employ. When combined with the unique musical culture of Japan, where local traditions are frequently fused with Western styles to create timeless, off-kilter aural fusions, this embrace of locally pioneered music technology had spectacular, often unusual results.

          Eight years in the making, Polyphonic Cosmos provides an endlessly entertaining musical snapshot of Japanese music of the early-to-mid ‘80s with all of the open-minded eclecticism and sonic twists that you would expect from the Glasgow-based DJ.

          Compare and contrast, for example, the gently breezy, morning-fresh folk-plus-electronics bliss of ‘ばら二曲 Baranikyoku (Fellini&Rota)’ by World Standard – the most familiar alias of long-serving musician/producer Sohichiro Suzuki – and the hallucinatory, slow-motion tribal rhythms, post-punk rhythms and tape delay-laden electronics of Imitation’s ‘Exotic Dance’. Or, for that matter, the tipsy mid-‘80s electronic reggae of Pecker’s ‘Sha La La’, the grungy but melodic post-punk strut of ‘You Go On Natural’ by Earthling (a track Twitch accurately describes as “sheer unrelenting groove”), and the unearthly, swirling sonics, new age instrumentation and flotation tank vocals of prolific (and seemingly mysterious) act Geinoh Yamashirogumi’s ‘Rimme Kohkyogaku Meiki’.

          It’s a credit to JD Twitch’s curatorial skills that the quality never dips, and sonic surprises lurk around every corner. Consider for a moment the hard to describe, far-sighted audio immersion of D-Day’s ‘Ki-Ra’ – all languid post-pop guitar, enveloping chords, spoken word vocals, shuffling 808 beats and marimba melodies – and the two contributions from video games soundtrack specialist (and driving instrumental synth-pop specialist) Hiroyuki Namba.

          The collection naturally includes some selections that have long been favourites in Twitch’s DJ sets – see Masumi Hara’s ‘Your Dream’ – as well as a handful of tracks from artists who may be more recognisable to those with only rudimentary knowledge of Japanese musical culture. The great Yasuaki Shimizu, whose work as Mariah has become far better known in recent years thanks to reissues of some of his most magical albums, is represented via ‘The Crow’, a picturesque chunk of horizontal, hard-to-define jazz-not-jazz smokiness, while the collection fittingly concludes with a sublimely funky, oddball electronic workout from Yellow Magic Orchestra legend Ryuichi Sakamoto (the frankly incredible ‘Wongga Dance Song’).

          Matt Anniss


          A1. World Standard - Á

          Saigon Supersound Continues to present more interesting tunes of a musical era that has long been obscured. With the well-received Volume 1, they dig deeper and share with you the beautiful music of a short but significant period in Vietnam‘s history.

          Much like the country itself, the music of Vietnam has endured many twists. As the result of the Geneva Accords in 1954, Vietnam was divided into two. From the North, the Nationalist forces fought to reunite Vietnam as a Communist State, while the American troops backed the government of the South. This caused a mass migration of Northerners to the South, which includes many Tân Nhạc (Modern Music) singers and songwriters. Often characterized by its emotive, poetic and prolific personality, Tân Nhạc continued to freely develop in the South and progressively vacating from the influences of its main inspiration, French music. In the North, the Resistance music, or the so-called Nhạc Đỏ (Red Music), which promoted socialism, patriotism and anti-capitalism was the only genre allowed on national radio. Tân Nhạc was something new to the South Vietnamese repertoire. Between 1954–1960, the theme of hometown (quê hương) was a main inspiration for many songwriters such as Hoàng Thi Thơ, Lam Phương and Nguyễn Hữu Thiết. The 9th title of the compilation, “Thôn Trăng Mở Hội Trăng Tròn” showcases a variety of images that were often described in this genre: the harvest moon, playful children, old mother…

          Every recording made in this era is then an organic combination of human experiences, communications and uniqueness. In 1965, the first American troop landed in Vietnam, bringing with them the musical influences of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley… The Vietnamese people quickly integrated it into the repertoire with hope to further diversify the music of Vietnam. Constantly changing and learning from different cultures, the modern music of Vietnam cuts a window into the soul of a Vietnamese person and the country’s history as a whole. With that, we hope that Saigon Supersound Volume 2 would take you on a trip back to the unique atmosphere of Saigon through the many different palettes of music that this beautiful place offers.


          Carol Kim - Sài Gòn
          Sơn Ca - Khi Tình Yêu Đến
          Vân Sơn - Cô Tây Đen
          Elvis Phương - Loan Mắt Nhung
          Thanh Tuyền - Con Gái Của Mẹ
          Thanh Thúy - Trăng Mờ Bên Suối
          Phương Dung - Khúc Hát Ân Tình
          Thanh Lan - Sáng Rừng
          Sơn Ca - Thôn Trăng Mở Hội Trăng Tròn
          Túy Phượng - Xin Lễ Cưới Em
          Champagne - Funky Do
          Hùng Cường - Tại Anh Hay Tại Em
          Connie Kim - Túp Lều Lý Tưởng
          Trường Hải - Đường Lên Non
          Mai Lệ Huyền - Nhớ Mình Anh Thôi
          Lệ Thu - Mừng Nắng Xuân Về
          Phương Dung - Những Đồi Hoa Sim
          Kích Động Nhạc AVT - Lơ Thơ Tơ Liễu

          Saigon Supersound present the 3rd and final volume of its pre-1975 Southern Vietnamese music collection. A curated collection of music from Saigon during the 1960s and early 1970s. The music has been restored and remastered in order to present listeners with audio quality on par with its original quality upon release more than half a century ago.

          The first few songs in this Volume are songs Vietnamese people used to call “Stimulus Music” or “Action Music”. These are songs that borrow vibrant melodies, inspired by the west, performed by the best representatives of this genre. In addition, this volume includes songs, famous in clubs both past and present like “Nếu Anh Về Bên Em” by Mai Hương and “Hình Ảnh Người Em Không Đợi” by Thanh Lan.

          Many believe that "Southern Golden Music" is just popular music, simply because it "pleases the listener". Volume 3 include melodies most Vietnamese might have considered “unpopular”, but popular with “golden music” lovers. Today, people often call “gold music” bolero music, because this is the most popular style found in this golden era of music. In this volume, Saigon Supersound have selected typical bolero songs like,“Hàn Mặc Tử” sang by Trúc Mai, as well as, “Nắng Chiều” by Lê Trọng Nguyễn.

          In addition to the variety of melodies, Volume 3 also shows the diversity of genres found in old Southern music by introducing songs that praise the homeland such as “Tình Reo Trên Sóng Lúa Vàng” by Thanh Lan, praising peace in “Xin Cho Tôi Giấc Mộng Bình Yên” by Thanh Tuyền, witty music in “Cậu Cả Lên Thành” by Connie Kim.

          Volume 3 closes with the song “Xuân Muộn” (Late Spring), performed by Hoàng Oanh. The song talks about the end of a lunar year - a cycle of heaven and earth, the end of sad stories and opens up new hopes for more positive things to come.

          Finally, the face of the movie star Kiều Chinh is chosen to grace the cover image of Saigon Supersound 3rd Volume. Although she may not have had any direct relations related to music, more than 50 years ago, Kiều Chinh's image appeared many times on the covers of various music sheets. The image of Kiều Chinh was chosen for the mix of Eastern and Western cultures present in her life and career that mirrored the music of that era. These songs, with melodies originating from Europe, the Americas and Africa have been an integral part of Vietnamese music since the 1960s.


          Thư Tình Cho Em - Mai Lệ Huyền
          Tuỳ Anh Tuỳ Em - Hùng Cườn
          Anh Đâu Em Đó - Connie Kim
          Điệu Ru Nước Mắt - Carol Kim
          Người Hành Hương Trên Ðỉnh Núi - Khánh Ly
          Bức Thư Tình Trên Lô Cốt - Ban Sao Băng
          Cậu Cả Lên Thành - Connie Kim
          Tình Reo Trên Sóng Lúa Vàng - Thanh Lan
          Xin Cho Tôi Giấc Mộng Bình Yên - Thanh Tuyền
          Nắng Chiều - Sơn Ca
          Đừng Quên Anh Là Lính - Trường Hải
          Bản Nhạc Không Tên - Ban Nhạc Lê Văn Thiện
          Mưa Bay Trong Đời - Duy Khánh
          Hàn Mặc Tử - Trúc Mai
          Nếu Anh Về Bên Em - Mai Hương
          Gửi Người Em Nhỏ - Duy Quang
          Hình Ảnh Người Em Không Đợi - Thanh Lan
          Trách Yêu - Hùng Cường & Mai Lệ Huyền
          Tình Anh Tình Em - Túy Phượng
          Xuân Muộn (Chiều 30 Tết) - Hoàng Oanh

          Various Artists

          Soviet Disco!

            An amazing showcase of Disco, Electro, Funk and more from the USSR 1979-1990.

            A mindblowing introduction to the obscure world of soviet dance music.

            12 tracks of pure soviet disco fever.

            Alright, put on your dancing shoes and get ready for a weird trip to the dance floor, to a time when the Soviet Union -still alive and under the flag of the hammer and sickle- managed to produce some wonderfully odd and hypnotic disco hits, mutant funk smashers and electro hip breakers. Coming from all over the huge landscape that the USSR was, the artists on this killer compilation showcase a variety of visions on the subject of shaking the ass that will surprise even the most cynical connoisseur of the genre.

            TRACK LISTING

            SIDE A
            A1. Mirdza Zivere - Vienmer But (Latvia, 1979)
            A2. Оригинал - Сен Қайдан Биласан (Uzbekistan, 1981)
            A3. Anzhelina Petrosova / Анжелина Петросова - Танцующий Остров (Uzbekistan, 1987)
            A4. Pervouralsk / Первоуральск - Наташка (Russia, 1990)
            A5. Güljan Hümmedowa / Гүльджан Хүммедова - Ак Пагта / Белый Хлопок (Turkmenistan, 1984)
            A6. Roza Rymbaeva / Роза Рымбаева - Жездеке (Ka¬zakhstan, 1988) Lika - Noktirne (Latvia, 1981)

            SIDE B
            B1. Махфират Ҳамрақулова & Гульшан - Резаборон (Tajikistan, 1989)
            B2. Janina Miščiukaitė - Amžinas šokis (Lithuania, 1980)
            B3. Verasy - Polet (Belarus, 1985)
            B4. Formula Dreyka / Формула Дрейка - Репка (Russia, 1990)
            B5. Eolika - Noktirne (Latvia, 1981)
            B6. Raduga / Радуга - Рассветает (Bashkortos¬tan, 1979)

            Various Artists

            Tele Music, 23 Classics French Music Library, Vol. 2

              TELE MUSIC is a label of Éditions Musicales Sforzando now owned by BMG Production Music. It is entirely devoted to the music library, that is to say, music for sound illustration used in audiovisual productions. Created in 1966 by Roger Tokarz, just before advertising was allowed on French television, Editions Sforzando specialised from the outset in sound illustration for radio and television.

              This collection, soberly entitled “Volume 2”, is the sequel to “Volume 1”, produced with equal care, passion and fervour by Lord Funk & DJ L.C. In the mid-90s, Tele Music vinyl was sold at ridiculously low prices. Often disparaged by collectors and record shops, considered by some as lift music or vulgarly called “music by the meter”, the music store was only of interest to fans of instrumental music! But in the 2000's, it had a second life and saw its prices soar on Discogs, thanks to sampling and digging in Hip-Hop mainly. This advent of the library is an era that Lord Funk, curator of this compilation, experienced when he brought several music library collections to New York City (NYC) to his A1 Records stronghold in 1997.

              A1 was a world-famous downtown record shop where Lord Funk served as a custom sample salesman to hip-hop stars. His reputation as a Frenchman of note quickly grew to the point where all the hip-hop and electro producers in the Big Apple swore by his loops and drum breaks. For them, not a day went by without buying A1 to feed their productions. That's how tracks like Michel Gonet's “Flower Dance” (sampled by Mighty Mi for Promoe's classic “Off The Records”) or Mat Camison & Pierre-Alain DAHAN's “Blue Leopard” (sampled by Jake One for G Unit's “Bette Ask Somebody”) became highly sought-after tracks, first on the East Coast of the United States, then all over the country, and then all over the world, as far as Japan. From then on, music books became a world treasure!

              In this 2nd volume, Lord Funk & DJ L.C. have chosen a range of music from 1969 to 1983, from psychedelic jazz to electro funk via rnb, soul and jazz-funk. We find Raymond Guiot, flutist, winner of the Geneva International Music Performance Competition in 1954. Raymond is a pianist, composer (notably for Serge Gainsbourg, François de Roubaix, Alain Goraguer) with Guy Pedersen, his lifelong friend, guitarist at the beginning, then bassist of the jazz quintet set up on Raymond's initiative. What a good idea! Raymond and Guy went on to accompany Quincy Jones, Michel Legrand and Lionel Hampton, to name but a few; they are both to be found on albums such as “Indian Pop Bass”, “Contre- basses” and “Musique en Vrac”.

              Then comes one of the best French drummers Pierre-Alain Dahan of the group Voyage (Sirocco, a label founded by Roger Tokarz), who began his career at the Blue Note in Paris with Sonny Stitt, Dexter Gordon and Daniel Humair and who participated in the recording of Serge Gainsbourg's cult album 'La Ballade de Melody Nelson'. Pierre-Alain's playing can be heard improving through the albums “Continental Pop Sound”, “TV Themes”, “Rythmiques”, "Discothèques“ and ”Neo Rythmiques". His guitar colleague Slim Pezin (Manu Dibango, Nino Ferrer, Ray Charles, Tina Turner) is not far behind, as are Michel Gonet, Hervé Roy, Pierre Bachelet, Mat Camison, Pierre Dutour, André Arpino and Sauveur Mallia.

              Most of the titles in this collection were recorded in the magic place that was the famous CBE recording studio set up by Georges Chatelain, Janine Bisson and Bernard Estardy. Bernard, nicknamed the giant, was a sound genius and a mixing perfectionist. Georges Chatelain was an electronic engineer. Together, they brought a sound, a colour, a trademark.

              Bernard Estardy was also considered as one of the greatest French sound engineers and an energetic organist for Nino Ferrer or Nancy Holloway. We warmly thank Julie Estardy for her total and unreserved involvement in these reissue and compilation projects.

              TRACK LISTING

              Raymond Guiot - Quintett Flash
              Hervé Roy - Repetition Echo
              Raymond Guiot - Primitive Spirit
              Jean-Pierre Martin - Jelly Roll Dance
              Pierre Dutour - Savage Trumpet
              Pierre-Alain Dahan & Slim Pezin - Slim Bertha
              Jean-Pierre Martin - Sesame
              Sauveur Mallia - All The Bass
              Michel Gonet - Cuica-racas
              Pierre-Alain Dahan & Mat Camison - Baby Rider
              Pierre Bachelet & Mat Camison - Miami Blues
              Guy Pedersen - Bass Session
              Andre Arpino & Maurice Plessac - Pop Drums
              Guy Pedersen - Indian Pop Bass
              Michel Gonet - Nuclear Tension
              Michel Gonet - Red Sunset
              Pierre-Alain Dahan & Mat Camison - Rythmiques N°10
              Pierre-Alan Dahan & Slim Pezin - Soul Car
              Pierre-Alain Dahan - Slowrama
              Sauveur Mallia - Double Polygone
              Pierre-Alain Dahan & Mat Camison - Long Time Playing
              Michel Gonet - Devil Dance (version B)
              Bernard Estardy - Super Angoisse

              RT @markbrownstudio: Interesting behind the scenes info from the @PiccadillyRecs review - No.1 album winner @michaelheadtreb sent in handwr…
              Fri 2nd - 1:04
              We all love it Mark. Sterling work as ever 😍 @markbrownstudio Get a copy here from the website… https://t.co/XkoE64IbDF
              Fri 2nd - 12:57
              Some more launch party tickets available in 5 mins. ⏰ https://t.co/KL1FeMVnG5 https://t.co/qBr6CKy4u9
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