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Genre pick of the week Cover of Dimitri From Paris Presents Le Chic Remix by Chic & Dimitri From Paris.
Ahead of the 10-track album Dimitri From Paris presents Le CHIC Remix, this limited, hand-stamped white label features two of Dimitri’s meticulously reverent mixes alongside their respective instrumentals. In his mixes of Sister Sledge’s evergreen ‘Thinking Of You’ and the unmistakeable Chic staple ‘Le Freak’, Dimitri’s touch underlines the enduring and undeniable power of these timeless disco records. On the A-side, Dim delivers extra polyrhythmic power, kick drum punch and stereo space to deliver the definitive version of Sister Sledge killer "Thinking Of You". Meanwhile on the flip, the Frenchman mixes up the arrangement and ups the intensity to add a little extra dancefloor oomph to "Le Freak". C'est magnifique.


12" Info: Hand stamped 12"

After a short break in the African wilderness, Black Rox return for the fourth part of this acclaimed series. Opening cut "Date With The Rain" sees Soft Rocks turn in an 11 minute 'One For The Lion King' manipulation of a joyous and uplifting jam that fuses traditional rhythms (think a humm-ba-ba) and vocals that are underpinned with a strong 4/4 kick.On the flip side,Roots Unit perform some major surgery with a 'Pump Up The Jam' reconstruction on 'Le Beat Is Technotronic'. Crazy percussive jungle rhythms and wonky vocal hooks rule the roost until it merges into a future 'techno-techno' Amazonian world.


Patrick says: If you know, you know. Soft Rocks' riotous Black Rox series has delivered nothing but heat from the mother continent and this wax is no exception. On the A-side, Soft Rocks themselves take us into the Township for the ultra-extended, outrageously groovy and altogether delightful Mbanqanga stylee. Club kids and wave freaks flip the disc for Roots Unit's mega Afro-electronix excursion "Le Beat Is Technotronic" - a future Talking Drums tonker if ever I've heard one.

Weird-wave leg-end and dance floor oddball Hugo Capablanca hits us with the middle leg (oi oi!) of his "Lap Top Less Dance" trilogy, inviting Lipelis, Alessandro Adriani and YPY for an international four way. Russia's alt-disco genius Lipelis opens proceedings with his Paper Sound Dub of "Lap Dance", turning out a tapey trance dance decorated with twinkling chimes, burnt out percussion loops and a whole load of wiggy fx abuse. If you chucked an Italian library LP, a NES cartridge and an ounce of Lemon Kush into a Soda Stream, you'd probably end up feeling like this sounds. Next up, Capablanca's "Track 2" gives Shit & Shine a run for his "Texan cough syrup sippin' money", blasting through some Southern States psychobilly with a tape delay pedal, pitch shifter and spring reverb. The result is a total mind-fuck that's currently got me and Kickin' Pidge going wild. From there we segue swiftly into the menacing, metronomic world of Mannequin boss Alessandro Adriani, who smears the loose psychedelia, warbled vocals and warped soundscaping all over his industrial techno groove. If you're into wall shaking bass, touch perx and disembodied vocals you're gonna love this shit. Osaka's YPY closes the set in suitably batshit fashion, flipping "Top Less" into a disorienting episode of grinding, panning distortion, molten synth blips and grumpy bass pulses. 


Patrick says: I've been waiting for this for about three months and it's totally justified my excitement. Without a doubt the most fucked up record of the week, this is a bit like listening to normal music at the moment when the bathsalts begin to turn you into a zombie.

Terrestrial Funk comes through with their first release. A reissue of the ultra rare Miami funk LP, Lang Cook's "She's Hot With 2,000 Watt's". Featuring guitarist Teddy Studstill, Miami soul legend Willie Clarke, and Andrew 'Le Spam' Yeomanson. A deeply passionate musician, Lang poured his heart and soul out through his own vocals, the Fender Rhodes, Roland SH-2000, bass, and guitar. This is a truly scarce piece; the last time one came up at auction was in 2017 and went for over £600! - and don't even think about snapping one up discogs! Stylistically it skirts between the various DIY bedroom boogie flavours a la Jeff Phelps, Uku Kuut & the majority of the PPU back catalogue. Cook's vocals are impassioned and suave, with a snap-back reverb that gives them extra character. He's not afraid to get smoochy in the choruses either. Originally out in 1984, this was the sole release on Evolution Record (it also spawned a tiny 7" single - "Chocolate Stuff" - included here). A truly collectors piece, made available legit and correct and presented with love from Terrestrial Funk. You need.

Emotional Rescue and Jamwax return to Capo Disco with the first ever-official release of a holy grail of the Caribbean disco sound. Fully licensed and remastered especially for this release, there is no now requirement for badly pressed rip offs. While little is known about the Crashers, all leads point to an incarnation of the revolving “house” band of Glen Adams. As often the case, the floating nature of Jamaican born labels, rhythm sections naming and renaming to fit occasions was endless.  Running out of his Brooklyn studio, the otherwise known Outerlimits, Capo And The Crew or even possibly Crashers, the swinging reggae meets funk grooves are apparent. Led from the desk by label owner, producer and writer, Glenroy Adams and co created a 12” that covers bases in one release.
While funk bass, chopped guitar, harmonica and vocal harmonies created the Caribbean flavours of Flight To Jamaica, they cloud Capo’s closest assent to the disco sound he was tapping in to. As NYC shifted towards the fresh block party sounds of hip-hop it should be remembered those early parties were in essence disco and funk records cut up, looped and rapped over.
With the over-used grail tag worthy of the A side alone, the flip itself has become a funk-bomb that pushes dealer prices to the heavens. Featuring the unknown Lamour on vocals, it’s as much the female harmonies, slap bass and guitar solo mixed with stabbing piano and drum breaks that make this short, but sweet ‘skank’ a worthy collectors item in it’s own right.
While Capo Disco was just a yearlong sub label, the breath of style, optimism and intent is obvious. As an archive mission, Flight to Jamaica being removed from the bootleggers hands is justified, but sitting in the middle of 3 killer 12”s rewinds of Glen Adams vision, it should be seen in a broader spotlight. 

Nuovo Italo duo Cristalli Liquidi make their long awaited return to Bordello A Parigi with a four track wax offering which boasts remixes from Black Spuma, Alexander Robotnick and Bottin as well as the sought after 12″ version of the evergreen LCD cover "Volevi Una Hit". Black Spuma start the party with the rampant electro-disco bassline, delayed vocal ping and galloping bell rhythm of "Restare Andare". Tuned to purring perfection, this HiNRG mauler finds that peculiar pocket where the coked up excess of Rimini rolls into the dark room fist of Berlin. Italo hero and acid O.G. Alexander Robotnick rocks the spot next, teaming up with Bottin for the driving 303 funk of "Q.I.L.D.E.", a rampant space disco slammer with just enough keyboard wonk to spring it from the straight and narrow. Flip it to the B1, and Alexander goes solo with his super groovy, bass heavy vocal mix, turning out a future Red Laser classic. Last but not least, Bordello take pity on those who missed their moment in 2012 with a much needed repress of Cristalli Liquidi's, sensual and smooth italo cover of LCD Soundsystem smash "You Wanted A Hit". Top stuff.

Organic Analogue broadens its remit on this killer boogie inflected diversion from Italian producer Croza. Where the label has been often associated with deeper techno and electro, it sounds right at home exploring the Moog bass licks and snappy drum programming that pours like a fine wine out of every track. "Night Heat" is the perfect lead track, all steamy synth throb and funky guitar licks, while "Feel" turns up the pressure with a proto house burner that would have set the Paradise Garage alight. Also look out for a rare appearance from Pic fave AD Bourke, who cruises on to the record to deliver a blissed out version of "Night Heat" for the smokiest of sundown situations.

DJ Monchan from NYC drops three edits for Stilove4music and it’s the bomb! Ted Taylor is first to go under the knife as his TK Disco released, 1977 soul hit "Ghetto Disco" gets a subtle tweak. "Good Night Tonight" is led by an excellent Tropicalia guitar lick which sees a funky, perc-led number really come into its own during some stripped back instrumental sections. OG unknown! Finally, we get the accelerated disco fusion of "Listen To Me Baby". Again, the source material is escaping me but that's of little importance - just sit back and watch this succinct edit do all the danceflor damage you require. As ever sterling stuff from Derradji's firm.

The story goes that Marcel Vogel and Oye boss Delfonic met in Berlin around 12 years ago and started a weekly bar DJ night together with Tinko & Noema at a gay bar in Mitte. After bonding over disco and orange juice, the two have become total BFFs. It makes perfect sense then that the Lumberjacks In Hell boss joins the ranks of the OYE edit crew with this fierce four tracker touching on funk, disco, Afro and dub. The set opens with the funked up bass rumble of "Movin'", a percussive thud of scat style vocals, tribal percussion and warm organ keys which keeps the tension sky high throughout. Next up we funk it up with a sweet number that the Balearic crowd might just recognise. Jump onto the B-side and cop some feels via the shuffling congas, limber bass and female vox of "Lovin'", a hefty helping of mirrorball magic in vintage COMBi style. Finally, the slow and skanking "Talkin'" takes us into the sunkissed realm of deepest dub, with some African-American empowerment vocal samples thrown in for good measure. Right on.


Sil says: Groovy, funky and cheeky edits by no other than Em Vee. These four cuts will keep you moving and jumping from funk to disco and a touch of balearic.A bit for everyone but all of them of an outstanding quality. And that folks, is not something to oversee when it comes to the murky world of edits. Buy on sight I say.

Silvana Noris, Italian-German singer, is an artist who has embraced theater, sport (she has been awarded on various occasions in various martial arts disciplines), writing and singing. The cult song "Din Don" published under the pseudonym of Evo in 1983 for the Italian label "Cultura & Musica" is regarded by many as one of the sweetest anthems in the Italo music cannon. With Silvana's voice in a very deep and dark intonation, accompanied by technicoloured synthesizer chords, it's at once yearning, melancholic and cosmic AF. Recently rediscovered by DJ Harvey & Il Bosco and played into the 'Sarcastic-disco' sessions and "Red Laser Vol.1" compilations respectively. Now's another chance to own this absolute beauty on highly quality fresh 12" vinyl.

Fake Love

Fake Love Vol.2

More illicit edits from the elusive Fake Love crew. The A side is a stonkingly huge Japanese boogie thing from 1982. Cosmos and "Midnight Shuffle", taken from the album, "Bourbonsuite" and previously titled in Japanese! A copy of the full LP'll set you back between 50 or 75 sheets, but here we get this killer lead track presented on a full clean side of wax and sounded super hot and heavy! - yes cru! Featuring sugary sweet female vox, galvanized bass and big powerful piano chords, this shows the Japanese band equally as apt and conjuring big bolshy disco-boogie crossover hits. Next up a fast paced, Moog-led, disco-funk blaster with fiery synth work, big slap bass and vamping piano licks; jubilant and rambunctious from start to finish, answers on a postcard if you know this one folks! Concludes with a smooth-rolling erection-section groover, with sunshine brass, detailed guitar licks and sloppy boogie drums, this EP is all the working DJ needs to keep the majority of nighttime establishments more than happy as they dance away the evening sipping cocktails. Big smiles all around - 10 / 10.


Matt says: Bloody hell don't sleep on this pop pickers. Rare-ass Japanese album track boogie and two even harder to identify disco jams from the Fake Love cru.

Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra

Black Sun

    Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra returns with Black Sun, its second full-length album of 100% original, unadulterated disco sophistication, featuring all three original members of pioneering Brazilian jazz-funk trio Azymuth, a full orchestra with arrangements split between Arthur Verocai and Azymuth’s late maestro Jose Roberto Bertrami; plus members of the legendary Rio funk group Banda Black Rio.

    Since its critically acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2014, the FOMDO imprint has released a string of remixes by some all-time greats of dance music, including John Morales, Theo Parrish, Mark Pritchard, Marcellus Pittman, Andres, Dego, Volcov, Kirk Degiorgio and Al Kent. To huge effect in clubs and festivals around the globe, some of the more recent remixes teased the new album material, which for the first time, is presented in its original, soul-heavy incarnation, alongside instrumental versions highlighting the album’s stunning arrangements and compositional brilliance.

    Far from a throw-back - with disco music firmly entrenched in the modern club vernacular - Black Sun is ecstatic dance music at its finest.

    Patrick Gibin Aka TwICE

    Patrick Gibin Aka TwICE Edits

    TwICE aka Patrick Gibin established himself as a selector to be reckoned with through his Black Aroma re-edit series, and now he brings his penchant for deep cuts and dusty reworks to the RNT catalog. Stretching over the A-side is "Sunrise", a bouncy sunny synthy affair, seemingly made for summer rooftops and pool parties. On the flip, "Searching" updates a woke soulful 70s anthem, and "Take Flights" loops a boogie instrumental with hypnotic simplicity. Re-edits done proper.

    DJ legend, edit addict and all round gee Andi Hanley follows up his smash sell out double pack on Ruf Kutz and his Bat-action on Red Laser with the inaugural release on the ultra fresh Misadventures label. Staying true to my man's uncrimpable style, this three tracker's slick, smooth and well cheeky, working its magic at the very heart of the Balearic/Disco/House Venn diagram.
    Strolling out the blocks in a shimmer of sunscreen, "Heaven" plonks us on a pool bar stool and takes control of the dance floor, throwing all manner of sultry shapes to the warming sounds of woody synths, 80s funk bass and rolling percussion. From there "Girl" drops the tempo and sparks the spliff, locking into a lolling cod reggae riddim that reeks of THC, tastes like Tropicana and looks like Ruf Dug making a perfect run on Donkey Kong. Last but by no means least, "You" lets loose with backcombed bass, lush FM pads and circular mallets, totally rocking that tropical synth-funk sound. 
    The hardest-working, most lovable, least egotistical man in music strikes again. Full marks!


    Patrick says: Much loved member of our extended audio family, the mighty Andi Hanley launches the Misadventures imprint with a top trio of tropical, synth funk edits. Balearic boogie, digi-dub-pop and 80's fusion are on the menu, and you're certain to come back for seconds. Yes mate!

    After at least one week away from the release sheets, Australia's prolific king of Italo foth makes a welcome return to Violette Szabo with four more sensual DJ cuts! If you like your synth-pop and Italo sweet, sleazy and appropriately cheesy, this is the deep digger you turn to - and once again Hysteric comes through with the goods. "Moonlight" opens the set in dramatic fashion, merging swooning sequences, hypnotic percussion and distorted guitar into the kind of thing you'd expect to hear in straight to TV teen drama from 1986. Throw in some totally ridiculous vocals (sample lyric..."What's the worth of my bohemian charm, when all the girls lay in someone else's arms") and you're away, mopping your brow with a sweatband and dancing into the distance. The cinematic feel continues with "Voix", a emotional pop peach with precise woodblocks, bubbling synth bass and slick guitar licks. After a slow and steady build, the tension breaks and the track segues into some spoken French vocals dripping with Gallic charm. Skip to the flip and "F.F." brings the drama for the Bboys out there, delivering heavy bass sounds, metallic synth percussion and Miami Vice style guitar. If you've planning on taking your sports car for a sunset spin anytime soon, I'd suggest this as the soundtrack. Last but not least, "Vocoder Lady" is a dreamy, nearly Balearic disco cut, complete with snapping snare, bouncy bass and you guessed it, vocoder. Here for a good time, not a long time, so snap a copy up sharpish.

    Slovenia's Ichisan always comes correct, not least on his 2017 LP "Aperitiv", which was so stupendously good that Bordello A Parigi have opted for a revisit. Four choice cuts have been selected and reworked with a specific instrument focus. The harpsicord version of “Hotel” keeps the intoxicating melody of the original but allows beats to relax as notes shine with an incandescent brilliance. Drums put their feet up for the Rhodes version of “Modri Tunel.” Deep stings and lounging lines mingle in this work of smoke swirling seduction. “Kozmetika (Trumpet Version)” dances to a different tune. Rich bass is again central but this time brash and bold brass intertwine with funk filled bars. The last waltz arrives with the piano version of “Terminal E.” Alluring notes ascend, rising and falling against heartwrenching guitar strings for a finale to end this ballroom inspired beauty. 

    Finnish band Jesse makes unsentimental and innovative music. What you hear on “Fluids”, released as a picture disc album on Höga Nord Rekords, is the sounds of four creative brains’ journey into the music universe of the future. Their music is influenced by earth and space: Jesse’s astral and cosmic disco is prospective, totally boundless, and vibrant of life and blood. The production sounds luxurious and helps the psychedelic qualities to shine through the sound. Jesse, who with their first releases some ten years ago played fast and arrogant synth based music, now picks up influences from afro beat, funk and ambient but they’ve kept the electronic core of their sound - simple chord structures rest upon cool synthesized waves of sound, like a glider carried upwards on the thermals between the summits of the Andes. Soft, pliable and mighty! Jesse's music is dreamy but not unworldly and one thing that makes them special is their ability to place the listener on the edge of their safety zone. There, in the frontier, they explore the possibilities of cross over music. 


    The Mirage - Inc. Soft Rocks Remix

    Tim Rivers aka Kalidada drops some fresh heat on Kinfolk following well received numbers on World Unknown Magic Feet and Tusk. "The Mirage" and "Sun Aki" are both tracks for those who like to chug-along to the more gentle and refined rhythms. Both undulating with an otherworldly swell, multi-textured and multidimensional disco music that's rich in emotion and splendor. Cosmic troubadours Soft Rock throw around some magic dust on the flip, mixing "The Mirage" into a 9 minute time lapse venturing from an early morning canter through to a pulsating electronic drive through into the heavens. Ace!

    Home Taping dropped this killer, Medlar-penned track back in 2011. Now the imprint's shining new light on it by drafting in some top drawer remixers to work their magic. Tuff City Kids' 'Acid' mix sizes up the stems before unleashing demolition ball kicks and explosive 303s onto the mix; causing a whole manner of destruction onto the original theme. TCK stay on the attack through track two, their 'Garage' mix equally as destructive but characterized by deep techy stabs, intricate SFX and searing strings rather than the lashing 303s of previous take. The beautifully poised and well constructed original version gets a second outing, reminding us just how clever this Medlar alter-ego is as it effortlessly skirts between house, disco and electro-funk like a pixie at a free party. All that's left is for Dicky Trisco to drop a house flavoured rubdown, with rolling congas and squelchy B-line...what a package!

    Marcel Vogel's mighty Lumberjacks In Hell imprint takes a break from their trademark edit offerings with this original Afrobeat banger from Philou Louzolo and Villy. The release is dedicated to the Amsterdam based Alkebulan Project, an organization aiming to bring artists from Africa & the African Diaspora together to change the perception of the continent and its citizens. A-side cut "Africa Rising" finds Philou expressing his Congolese, Nigerian and Sierra Leonean heritage in collaboration with Nigeria's political funk outfit Villy & The Xtreme Volumes. Recalling Fela Kuti at his most hypnotic, The Xtreme Volumes drive through warm organ riffs, hot horns, restless percussion and groovesome bass, while Villy calls out for revolution across the continent. With Philou working spiritual magic behind the desk, the cut sounds warm, full and big enough to bring it to any soundsystem. There's a shorter instrumental version for anyone who doesn't dig on the lyrical fire, but unless you intend to get creative with two copies, I reckon you're missing the point. The deep, dancefloor vibes continue on the flip with the horn heavy assault of "Kinshasa Anthem", a floor filler if ever I've heard one. The rhythmic guitar riffing weaves a hypnotic spell through the midrange, the booming drums and beefy bass pack a serious body moving punch at the bottom end and mysterious, melodic flute poses the perfect reposte to Villy's half-spoken, half sung vocals. Melody comes to the fore on the EP closing "Queens Of Zomba", a guitar led journey through the afro-disco cosmos alive with spectral synth fx and drifting melodies - proper Body & Soul tackle.

    Love's High

    Love Generator / Moon Bounce

    More modern funk classics from the Star Creature camp. Sole single to date by new group, Love's High from Europe. Featuring Isreal's Soul Supreme and special guests Marlon Penn on vocals and even a trombone player! Soulful bedroom boogie stylings take over A-side cut, complete with top drawer vocal. "Love Generator", a star-aligned disco-funk stomper characterizes the B-side's "Moon Bounce".  

    Percussion - Dea Plevnes
    Trombone - Valentin Guenther
    Written, Produced, Synthesizer, Drums - Noam Ofir
    Written, Produced, Vocals, Lyrics - Marlon Penn

    Made In Thailand


    Audio contraband from a mysterious Southeast Asiatic connection. Info is light but vibe is heavy! A-side touches on that eastern-cosmic style that seems very in vogue at the moment, as producers look even further afield for inspiration and sounds. Side B takes it back to Europe though with an Italian sounding shuffle and shoulder roll with sparse arrangement decorated beautifully with space vocoder. Exotic and enjoyable flavours beamed directly to your lughole! Do not miss!


    Sil says: Electro with heavy Asian influence on A side and a more chilled discoid version with a bit of vocoder included on B side that will smoothly oil up your dancefloor. I am lovin' it.

    For Clandestino's fifth offering Berlin's Italiano in residence José Manuel drops his unique strain of exotic club music; once again exploring deep, ritualistic and tribal influences to great dramatic effect. Opening cut "Human Behaviour" is a woozy nine minute opus, rich in shamanic atmosphere, ritualistic chants and ethnic flutes. Clandestino's remix refines the track for the dance-floor, retaining the atmosphere and injecting a driving 303 line and jamming Afro keys. Upping the tempo on 'Bangalore', a great ethnic guitar hook drives the groove into a dervish whirl while disorienting chants and tribal percussion flutter underneath. Finally, Mushrooms Project turn out an essential blissful sundown version by extending out the pads and adding gentle warm keys.

    Now we're talking! After an endless winter of doom, gloom and cold war revivalism, Noche Espanola is here to herald the return of warmer days, white sands and primo pingers (our current batch are windmills - reassuringly expensive). The man behind the music, Balearic legend, production whizz and melodic maestro Phil Mison, forgets the stress of current affairs and takes us back to the glory days of Balearic house. The Outdoor Mix of "Domino" locks into a precise 4/4, flirts with some gorgeous conga rolls then lets Phil take it away with breesy acoustic guitar licks. From there we feel the force of a girthy synth sequence, delivering the neccessary bassweight to balance out the pitched down vocal sample - the crowd will go wild! On the flip, the Indoor Mix ditches the acoustic guitar, pushes the synths to the forefront and slots into heads down groove mode, additional cowbell and crystalline keys an added bonus. Phil drops a beatless synth outro as the umbrella in our cocktail then takes his lilo elsewhere - job done.


    Patrick says: It's always a good day when a Highwood box arrives, and Senor Mison's latest EP offers a much needed dose of dopamine in these uncertain times. This is Balearic house at its best, effortless, melodic and totally evocative of carefree days on the dance floor.


    12" Info: Limited Hand Stamped 12" + Sticker

    Feel good soulful house music here from Preslav and Natalie Rogers. "Watch Your Step" is house precision mixed with an almost pop like sensibility. Riding in on a wave of jubulation and sunshine, the track's destined for massive crossover plays across the board over the next few months. Comes with a tasty instrumental version then it's onto Ladymonix for an incredibly tasty, Hacienda-flavoured house re-rub, big and bouncy and super super smiley - avee iiichh! The 'Sport' remix concludes, a shoulder swinging number you might catch Karizma making use of in the mix. It retains elements of the vocal, looping it up for maximum impact and pairs it with a squelchy bass and techy stabs before fading in some lush and dreamy keys. Awesome!

    Koenig Saatgut

    The Spirit EP

    Koenig Saatgut appears for the first time in 15 years with this high spirited double header which screams of vintage nostalgia and 90s hedonism. "The Spirit" is an unabashedly big track, matching a catchy dry piano lick and sticking an almost retroist big beat boom bap beat underneath it. "Your Houze" flips the mood into summat tighter and dare-I-say-it more sophisticated, bringing a modernist approach to vintage, sample heavy house music. There's a whiff of French touch and KDJ about this one, mixed with an incendiary and couldn't-care attitude that'll ensure it sets plenty of dancefloors alight this year. Big tune.

    Originally from Japan, this Boston-based singer, song-writer, and DJ is known to her peers as the Beantown Disco Queen & is bringing back the eclectic, outrageous fashion and cultural diversity that composed the nightclub scenes in the 70s and 80s . With a touch of humor added to the equation, her popularity has been gaining steady momentum in the U.S. and overseas underground disco scene.

    "Magic Dust" comes in two flavours. U-Key traverses house and boogie, with a 4/4 projectory and 80s synth inflections, paired with some skilled guitar fretting. E Live pumps up the strings for a more smooth gliding, soulful operation, crossing into warm Balearic moods. Really strong release! 

    Alan Shelly

    Party Freaks / Dance Together

    Those good folks at Best Records in Italy drop a reissue of the terrific disco-funk groover "Party Freak" by Alan Shelly, b/w the organ grinding funk n hustle of "Dance Together" on the flip. Previously only released as a 7" in Italy, Best Records have managed to get access to the original tapes and now present this as a fully extended 12"maxi single with no fades! Yipppeee!!

    Simbad returns with his third seasonal EP on Gamm. Bringing us out of the long dark Winter, three gospel-flavoured church jams to keep us smiling and jiving until the temperature soars. All taken from his own arsenal, the esteemed Londoner tweaks and twists numbers by Dorothy Norwood, William Brothers & Mighty Clouds Of Joy. "He's A Friend" is a classy soul stomper, released on Jewel in 1977. "Never Could Have Made It" is taken from the album, "Hand In Hand" in 1986. Finally, you'd be hard pressed to find a copy of "Glow Love", so SMBD does the do and touches it up again ready for re-sale! Excellent stuff here, full of uplifting, soulful moments.

    Here we have a trio of Cult Edits from Manfredas, Simple Symmetry, and Siabus guaranteed to burn the house / club / teepee down. These top-secret jams have been extensively tested, ended countless epic parties, soundtracked highlight-reel Boiler Room moments, and prompted innumerable feverish attempts at track IDs. Heard in the sets of illuminati DJs, the cult exclusivity now extends with this limited edition vinyl only release. The set kicks off with some psych funk insanity from dance floor renegade Manfredas via "Mani From The Block". Funk backbeats and a niggling bassline lay the foundations for hot horns, a soulful organ drone and some entirely unhinged vocals. Tasty! Turn it over for some post punk / freak funk attitude from Siaubus and his angular, aggro "Hare Hare", a prefect combo of rough drums, spiky guitars, low slung bass and skronking sax. Finally, Simple Symmetry play us out with "Yalla", a tribal and tirppy bit of exotic action with chanted vocals and an insistent bass throb. Drink the Kool-aid...

    'Needs (not-for-profit) is a nonprofit record label & collective lovingly curated by Bobby Pleasure. We believe in people. The concept of the label is to use music as a medium to spread love, unity and the idea of giving back. Promoting harmony and togetherness rather than isolation and estrangement, each release and accompanying event will act as a support stream to various issues within society such as mental health, homelessness and equality. For the third release we have tracks from Lord Of The Isles, Mehmet Aslan, Petwo Evans, Bartellow & Nick Gynn. Five artists from different countries of the world who all have the needs factor, and have very kindly donated their music to the dancefloor. All profits from this release will be donated to Help Refugees charity. EVERYBODY HAS NEEDS. xxx'

    Lovely idea here which thankfully delivers musically as well as in sentiment. The team selection displays a keen ear for A&R with all five artists enjoying a relatively successful period in the meta-underground. Falling on the weirdo fringes of the modern dancehalls, these are tracks for the afterhours and red lit basements, for the lovers and movers. A beautiful record which gives back more than it takes. Get those orders in!

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