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It’s been exactly a year since the 6th Borough boys emerged from their hiatus to bring us the "Rhythm & Truth EP". This killer three tracker picked up where they left off and showed us that fans of deep, dusty, dubbed-out disco were as hungry as ever for new 6BP material and went on to garner praise from the likes of Jamie 3:26, Luke Solomun, Dam Swindle, Young Pulse and the Faith crew to name a few. Here on their follow up we’re treated to more of the good stuff and sees Craig Smith and Graeme ‘Revenge’ Clark whipping up four new cuts spanning speaker-wobbling sub-aquatic grooves and stripped back deep house.

"One Way" sets the tone with a subtle yet infectious percussive workout which is one of those mood setting tools which looks set to become a lot of DJ’s secret weapons this summer. Filtering strings and tweaked synths add that classic Chicago energy which won’t fail to get you locked into it’s groove. "Spare Change" treads a similar path but goes heavier on the echoing synth stabs and deep string pads proving that when the rhythm is rolling this nicely just let it roll.

Flip over for "Backlash" which takes us deeper still with lush chords and driving square wave bassline taking center stage supported by an unrelenting kick drum which helps to keep an intensity throughout the arrangement. Closing out the EP we have "The Other", which sees 6BP dropping the BPM’s to create a low-slung slice of deep, underground house perfection.


Matt says: Loopy, concentric house goodness from one of the best to do it! Since 2008, Edinburgh's Craig Smith & The Revenge have carved out their own unique blend of disco and funk-influenced house music. Not always rushing the tempos, offering up subtle but addictive grooves which are specifically of the duo's own hand. Just short of it's landmark 100th release, and also occupying a similar fifteen year tenure, Jimpster's Delusions Of Grandeur release the latest clutch of jams from this prominent pair.


A1. One Way 
A2. Spare Change 
B1. Backlash 
B2. The Other 

Franc Spangler & Hudson's Choice

Myatts Field EP

Jimpster dons his Franc Spangler cap and joins forces with up and coming London-based producer and DJ Hudson’s Choice for a four track EP entitled "Myatts Field". Touching on trippy slo-mo electronic grooves, tropical moods and percussive house jams it brings a more experimental and leftfield sound to Delusions Of Grandeur.

Opening track "AcidMan" sets the tone of the EP with a bubbling 303 line taking centre stage while pitched down vocals add a hint of menace, heightening the psychedelic mood. Dubby FX and analogue synth lines drift in and out of focus and give a live jam feel to the arrangement reminding us of something that might grace the decks of A Love From Outer Space.

"Heavily Percussed" continues offering up a crazy percussion tool loaded with wonky cross rhythms, glitchy found sounds and a hypnotic synth sequence for good measure.

Flip over for M"yatts Field", another slower tempo mutant discoid house groove which takes us on a deep trip into the jungle. Echoing sax and hazy vocals transport us to another world where Weather Report experimented with rolling four on the floor grooves and spacious dub.

Closing out the EP "Roots" picks up the pace with another percussion-heavy slice of tropical sounds which doffs a cap to masters such as Gregory and Osunlade. Steel pan melodic lines intersperse with chiming synth sequences making for an unusual yet hooky club track which will lock the dancers into its incessant groove.


Matt says: Fresh new tropical house flavours for the feathers n face paint massive. Up-all-nite energy with a star-lit, neon-coloured aesthetic. Well tasty.


A1. AcidMan 
A2. Heavily Percussed 
B1. Myatts Field 
B2. Roots 

Underground house and disco maestro Mark E makes a welcome return to Delusions Of Grandeur following hot on the heels of last year’s “Leaning Into The Light EP”. The revered producer has been steadily doing his thing for almost two decades now, racking up releases on Running Back, Golf Channel and Spectral Sound to name just a few. His sound is a unique, sublime vision of US deep house which transcends the dancefloor and he proves his salt once again on the four new tracks that make up this stunning EP.

Title track “Enchantment Under The Sea” sets the mood with a minimal, low slung drum machine groove laying the foundation for layers of Rhodes and synth chords conjuring up images of a sub-aquatic vision of depth and beauty. Up next we have “Zone Tonight”, the epitome of a late night city scape driving track utilizing heavily saturated drums, subtle acid line, distant piano melody and moody Detroit pads to draw you into its deep confines.

Flipping over we have “Vertigo” which treads a similar sonic path as Mark effortlessly fuses rich harmonies and entrancing melodies, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its depths. Closing out this blissful journey we have “Bodymap” which drops the BPM a little more with simple understated drums, melancholic string line and pulsating bassline.

The “Zone Tonight EP” is a testament to Mark E's unparalleled prowess in crafting immersive, uncompromising and emotive soundscapes for your aural pleasure. 


Martin says: Long serving UK vet deploys more of his trademark wavy house sounds with four new tracks for the equally epochal Delusions Of Grandeur - purveyors of some of the finest house music for the last 15 years.


A1. Enchantment Under The Sea 
A2. Zone Tonight 
B1. Vertigo 
B2. Bodymap 

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