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Big Joanie

Back Home

    Black feminist punk band Big Joanie have announced their upcoming second album 'Back Home', set for release on Daydream Library Series in the UK and Kill Rock Stars in the US.

    The brand new album 'Back Home' follows on from last month's one-off single 'Happier Still', and the release of their 2020 single ‘Cranes in the Sky’, a cover of Solange Knowles released on Jack White’s Third Man Records. Recorded at Hermitage Works Studios in North London, 'Back Home' was produced and mixed by Margo Broom (Goat Girl, Fat White Family) and features violin courtesy of Charlotte Valentine of the experimental art rock project No Home, who recently collaborated with the LA-based artist SASAMI. 'Back Home' is a dramatic leap forward for the band; the band build on their tightly knit, lo-fi punk formula to bring forth a collage of blazing guitars, down tempo dance punk, and melancholic strings that evoke the full depth of the band’s expansive art punk vision. The album title references a search for a place to call home, whether real or metaphysical. “We were really ruminating on the idea of a home and what it means,” explains Stephanie. “It’s about the different ideas of home, whether that’s here in the UK, back in Africa or the Caribbean, or a place that doesn’t really exist; it’s neither here nor there."

    The band worked with multidisciplinary artist Angelica Ellis to design the striking embroidered cover art, which is a depiction of Chardine’s nephew at the barbers. The artwork is a reference to the embroidered wall hangings popular in Caribbean homes post-Windrush that were a callback to the homes they left behind. The album’s strength lies in the band’s bold and varied new sound. Album opener ‘Cactus Tree’ is an eerie, gothic folk tale that tells the story of a woman waiting for her lover while a wall of euphoric harmonies and screaming feedback roll in the background.


    Barry says: Big Joanie are back! This time forging on from their blistering debut, 2018's 'Sistahs' to an ever more ferocious and thematically diverse follow-up. Drawing influence from all over the musical spectrum, 'Back Home' is an accomplished and hugely enjoyable slice of art-rock tinged post-punk.


    1. Cactus Tree
    2. Taut
    3. Confident Man
    4. What Are You Waiting For?
    5. In My Arms
    6. Your Words
    7. Count To Ten
    8. Happier Still
    9. Insecure
    10. Today
    11. I Will
    12. In My Arms (Reprise)
    13. Sainted

    The Arcs

    Electrophonic Chronic

      In 2015, Dan Auerbach entered the studio with Leon Michels, Nick Movshon, Homer Steinweiss, and the late Richard Swift (who passed away in 2018) to record The Arcs' debut album Yours, Dreamily in a handful of freewheeling sessions over two weeks. Now, more than 7 years later, those same sessions became the bedrock on which the surviving members fleshed out the anticipated follow-up album, Electrophonic Chronic, a collection of psychedelic rock, gritty funk, and heady, soulful grooves.

      The Arcs was formed when Dan Auerbach enlisted Leon Michels, a multi-instrumentalist who was part of the studio crew on Auerbach’s GRAMMY-nominated production projects for Dr. John and Lana Del Rey – "I just wanted to do my thing and get extra weird." Auerbach headed into the studio with Michels, Movshon, Steinweiss, and Swift, and made their debut Yours, Dreamily, which was recorded in a handful of freewheeling sessions lasting less than two weeks and released in September 2015.

      Those same sessions produced a second unfinished album worth of tracks, the bedrock on which the surviving members fleshed out the highly anticipated follow-up album, Electrophonic Chronic.

      "Like a cigarette flicked on a stream of gasoline. The snarling melodies, warbling horn lines and in-the-pocket beats transport listeners into the album's pulpy world of '70s exploitation films and gritty biker-gang movies." - NPR

      Produced by Dan Auerbach and Leon Michels, and mixed by the legendary Tchad Blake. 


      1. Keep On Dreamin’
      2. Eyez
      3. Heaven Is A Place
      4. Califone Interlude
      5. River
      6. Sunshine
      7. A Man Will Do No Wrong
      8. Behind The Eyes
      9. Backstage Mess Interlude
      10. Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
      11. Only One For Me 

      Meg Baird


        Meg Baird’s songs are rarely made up of tidy stories. In fact, for Meg, mystery itself is often the medium. With ‘Furling’, Meg’s fourth album under her own name, she explores the breadth of her musical fascinations and the environments around them - the edges of memory, daydreams spanning years, loose ends, loss, divergent paths, and secret conversations under stars. ‘Furling’ moves through these varied spaces with the slippery, misty cohesiveness of a dream - guided by an ageless, stirring voice that remains singular and unmistakable.

        Since co-founding the beguiling and beautiful Espers in the mid-aughts amid Philadelphia’s fertile underground music community, Meg’s solo recordings have constituted just a fraction of her work.

        Her first solo LP, the disarmingly out-of-time ‘Dear Companion’ (2007), saw her carve a quiet, sunlit space away from the flickering swirl of Espers. Since her last solo releases, ‘Seasons on Earth’ (2011) and ‘Don’t Weigh Down the Light’ (2015), Meg has lent thunderous drumming, lead vocal, and poetry to Heron Oblivion (Sub Pop) on an album that garnered praise from the New York Times and made Mojo’s Top Ten Albums Of 2016 list. She collaborated with harpist Mary Lattimore on the mesmerizingly hazy ‘Ghost Forests’ (2018). She’s played drums with Philadelphia scuzz-punks Watery Love (In The Red, Richie Records) and explored her deep familial folk roots in the Baird Sisters (Grapefruit Records). She also contributed her vocal arrangements to albums from Sharon Van Etten, Kurt Vile, Will Oldham and Steve Gunn, and toured with Angel Olson, Dinosaur Jr., Bill Callahan, Thurston Moore and Bert Jansch, among others.

        Yet ‘Furling’ is the album that most irreverently explores the span of her work and musical touchstones. It showcases her natural tether to 1960s English folk traditions. But it also reveals her deep love for soul balladry, the solitary musings of Flying Saucer Attack and Neil Young shackled to his piano deep in the foggy pre-dawn, dubby Bristol atmospherics, the melancholy memory collage of DJ Shadow’s ‘Endtroducing’, and the delicious, Saturday night promise of St. Etienne.

        ‘Furling’ was primarily recorded at Louder Studios by Tim Green (Bikini Kill, Nation of Ulysses, Melvins, Wooden Shjips). Additional piano and vocal recording were captured at Panoramic Studios in Stinson Beach, CA with Jason Quever (Papercuts). It was mastered in Brooklyn by Heba Kadry, who mixed Bjork’s ‘Utopia’ and mastered albums for Slowdive, Cass McCombs and Beach House.

        For all its adornments, ‘Furling’ remains deeply intimate. The entire album was performed by Meg and her long-time collaborator, partner, and Heron Oblivion bandmate Charlie Saufley. While her prior solo work hinted at more expansive horizons, ‘Furling’ explores the idea of Meg Baird as a band much more freely. Venturing beyond the musical confines of fingerstyle guitar, she plays drums, mellotron, organs, synths, and vibraphone over her piano and guitar foundations. Her distinctive, simultaneously elegiac and uplifting vocals, meanwhile, connect surreal dream montages, graft sunshine sonics to swooning mediations on romantic solidarity in trying times, and weave odes to the simple gestures of friendship - and the loss of family and friends.

        This rich sound world makes the songs a varied bunch: ‘Twelve Saints’ mates Pacific sunset ambience and Pink Floyd pastoral to a meditation on mortality and escape. The infectious and kinetic ‘Will You Follow Me Home’ contemplates hope and longing through the looking glass of a Jimmy Miller-era-Stones strut. And in the closing piece, ‘Wreathing Days’, language disintegrates over tone clusters that feel somewhere between falling and flying.

        ‘Wreathing Days’ also reveals much about Meg’s mastery of contrast - situating the dear and delicate adjacent to chaos. And while it’s true that some songs on ‘Furling’ grapple with humanity’s existential unknowns in stark terms, they primarily revel in the mysteries that hide in nature and humanity at their most ordinary. ‘Furling’ lives in the notion that whole universes of experience, enlightenment, elation and ecstasy can bloom in these corners.


        Ashes, Ashes
        Star Hill Song
        Ship Captains
        Cross Bay
        Twelve Saints
        Unnamed Drives
        The Saddest Verses
        Will You Follow Me Home?
        Wreathing Days

        The Bevis Frond

        The Clocks - 2023 Reissue

          ‘The Clocks' was originally issued in 2007 as a CD-only limited edition of 110 for members of 'The Bevis Frond Online Community'. It comprised 19 previously unissued tracks. Most of these were home demos featuring just Frond frontman Nick Saloman on all instruments and vocals. Since then, it has never been re-issued in any format. It is therefore with great pleasure that Blue Matter are re-issuing it for the first time, and now as a vinyl double album and limited CD. Due to certain circumstances, three of the original tracks could not be used, so these have been replaced these with another three previously unheard tracks from Nick Saloman's extensive archives. These songs include the seven minute 'She's Taken It All', originally intended for 2004's 'Hit Squad' album but dropped at the last minute due to timing constraints. The beautiful 'You Better Make Do' and the edgy 'Devil Doll' have also been added. We are delighted to be able to make this 'long lost' album available once again and think it will be a welcome addition to the Bevis Frond canon.


          Side One.
          1 Worlde Is Older
          2 The Clocks
          3 Home Is Where The Head Is
          4 Cut To The Quick
          Side Two.
          5 Bless Him
          6 Anything You Say
          7 Devil Doll
          8 God
          9 When I’m Gone
          10 I Need The Rush.
          Side Three.
          11 Watch The Sun
          12 You Better Make Do
          13 Little Ray
          14 She’s Taken It All.
          Side Four.
          15 Things He Said
          16 I’ll Save Myself
          17 I Wasn’t There
          18 I’m Better Now
          19 Shades 

          Big Country

          The Crossing

            Formed by ex-Skids guitarist Stuart Adamson in 1981 with old friend Bruce Watson and, from 1982, rhythm section Tony Butler and Mark Brzezicki, Big Country proved a fascinating proposition, adding punk, new wave and even new romantic elements to heavy, meaning-laden pop/rock with a passionate Celtic slant and fierce integrity

            Using effects, Adamson and Watson's chiming guitars evoked traditional Scottish instruments. This was unique and proved highly influential. Within a year of their first release, many existing bands began to emulate the group's sound. Nobody achieved it quite like Big Country.Released in July 1983, The Crossing is, for many, the band's greatest album. At once of its time yet completely out of step with what was then happening, its traditional, well-made songs and sounds took it to No. 3 in the UK charts and into the US Top 20. Produced by Steve Lillywhite, it features four of the group's best- known songs, In A Big Country, Fields Of Fire (400 Miles), Harvest Home and Chance.

            TRACK LISTING

            In A Big Country
            1000 Stars
            The Storm
            Harvest Home
            Lost Patrol
            Close Action
            Fields Of Fire

            Black Lips

            200 Million Thousand - 2023 Reissue

              The follow up to the widely successful ‘Good Bad Not Evil’, the 2009 album is a perfect amalgam of their high-end live shows and subculture songwriting, meshed tightly to the Lips’ distinctive howl. Finally back on vinyl and part of a series of Fire re-issues celebrating 20 years of the legendary garage rock gurus from Atlanta, Georgia. Rolling Stone, Spin, Filter, Magnet, Stop Smiling, The Fader, Anthem, Paste, and The NY Times-approved garage rock veterans’ trashy psyche pop gem. Unapologetic southern-fried twang, crunching through the gears in a haze of psychedelia. 

              TRACK LISTING

              Side A
              A1 Take My Heart
              A2 Drugs
              A3 Starting Over
              A4 Let It Grow
              A5 Trapped In A Basement
              A6 Short Fuse
              A7 I'll Be With You
              Side B
              B1 Big Black Baby Jesus Of Today
              B2 Again & Again
              B3 Old Man
              B4 The Drop I Hold
              B5 Body Combat
              B6 Elijah
              B7 I Saw God 

              Black Lips

              Arabia Mountain - 2023 Reissue

                Sixth full-length album from the gurus of Atlanta’s “flower punk” movement, from the heady daze of 2011 – finally back on vinyl and part of a series of Fire re-issues celebrating 20 years of the legendary garage rock gurus from Atlanta, Georgia. Arabia Mountain was recorded between Brooklyn and Atlanta in 2010, and with the collaborative assistance of celebrated producer Mark Ronson, Lockett Pundt of Deerhunter, and a human skull with a microphone jammed into it. “I was already a fan of the Black Lips coming into it and I definitely didn’t want to f**k up anything,” Ronson told Rolling Stone…and f**k up he did not. The production tests the limits of modern amplification, harkening to the full, meaty sound of The Stooges’ Fun House or Lola Versus Powerman by the Kinks. Unapologetic southern-fried twang, crunching through the gears with flowers blossoming everywhere. 

                TRACK LISTING

                Side A
                A1 Family Tree
                A2 Modern Art
                A3 Spidey's Curse
                A4 Mad Dog
                A5 Mr. Driver
                A6 Bicentennial Man
                A7 Go Out And Get It
                A8 Raw Meat
                Side B
                B1 Bone Marrow
                B2 The Lie
                B3 Time
                B4 Dumpster Dive
                B5 New Direction
                B6 Noc-A-Homa
                B7 Don't Mess Up My Baby
                B8 You Keep On Running 

                Black Lips

                Let It Bloom - 2023 Reissue

                  The classic third album from the Black Lips, originally released in 2005 and now back on vinyl and part of a series of Fire re-issues celebrating 20 years of the legendary garage rock gurus from Atlanta, Georgia. 16 tracks of grimy and chaotic punk, scuzzy and raw, and catchy as hell.

                  “Their strongest effort to date.” All Music
                  "The band at their trashy best; more melodic but every bit as psychotic. If The Royal Trux had listened to the Troggs instead of the Rolling Stones, they might have recorded this album. This baby is a masterpiece. Unapologetic southern-fried twang, crunching through the gears in a blitz of grimy bravado. Their music twitches with an engaging, wired vigour." ★★★★ Uncut. 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Side A
                  A1 Sea Of Blasphemy
                  A2 Can't Dance
                  A3 Boomerang
                  A4 Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah
                  A5 Not A Problem
                  A6 Gung Ho
                  A7 Everybody's Doin' It
                  A8 Feeling Gay
                  Side B
                  B1 Take Me Home (Back To Boone)
                  B2 Gentle Violence
                  B3 She's Gone
                  B4 Fairy Stories
                  B5 Dirty Hands
                  B6 Workin'
                  B7 Punk Slime
                  B8 Empassant

                  Black Lips

                  Satan's Graffitti Or God's Art - 2023 Reissue

                    Part of a series of Fire re-issues celebrating 20 years of the legendary garage rock gurus from Atlanta, Georgia. This 2017 record features a musically evolved Black Lips, who still stay true to their original blistering take on fuzzy, dirty rock n' roll. God’s Art or Satan’s Graffiti features guest contributions from Yoko Ono was produced by Sean Lennon throughout 2016. During the recording, the band isolated themselves from the outside world, infusing the album with a focused liveliness similar to the spirit that brought them together in the first place. On Satan's graffiti or God's art? founding members Cole Alexander and Jared Swilley teamed with former guitarist Jack Hines (who played in the group from 2002-2004) and additions Oakley Munson on drums and Zumi Rosow on saxophone. A sonically captivating document that is as creatively unhinged as it is precisely executed, one of the rawest and most expansive albums in the band's storied history.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Side A
                    A1 Overture: Sunday Morning
                    A2 Occidental Front
                    A3 Can't Hold On
                    A4 The Last Cul De Sac
                    Side B
                    B1 Interlude: Got Me All Alone
                    B2 Crystal Night
                    B3 Squatting In Heaven
                    B4 Interlude: Bongo's Baby
                    B5 Rebel Intuition
                    Side C
                    C1 Wayne
                    C2 Interlude: E’lektric Spider Webz
                    C3 We Know
                    C4 In My Mind There's A Dream
                    Side D
                    D1 Lucid Nightmare
                    D2 Come Ride With Me
                    D3 It Won't Be Long
                    D4 Loser's Lament
                    D5 Finale: Sunday Morning

                    Black Lips

                    Underneath The Rainbow - 2023 Reissue

                      The seventh studio album from the mighty Black Lips is finally back on vinyl, part of a series of Fire re-issues celebrating 20 years of the legendary garage rock gurus from Atlanta, Georgia. Featuring fan favourites such as ‘Boys in the Wood’ and ‘Funny’, this is an essential slice of Black Lips history. The band convened at Dunham Studios in New York to record initial tracks with Dap Kings music director Tommy Brenneck (Cee Lo, Charles Bradley), then decamped to Nashville to record several songs with Patrick Carney of The Black Keys producing, finally rounding out the album with a couple of songs co-produced with lifetime Lips recording collaborator, Ed Rawls. 

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Side A
                      A1 Drive-By-Buddy
                      A2 Smiling
                      A3 Make You Mine
                      A4 Funny
                      A5 Dorner Party
                      A6 Justice After All
                      Side B
                      B1 Boys In The Wood
                      B2 Waiting
                      B3 Do The Vibrate
                      B4 I Don't Wanna Go Home
                      B5 Dandelion Dust
                      B6 Dog Years

                      The Bug Club

                      Green Dream In F#

                        Green Dream in F# is a culmination of The Bug Club universe that has been constructed over the course of two sold out EPs, a couple of standalone singles, and the kind of relentless touring the band has quickly become known for. ‘It’s Art’ is a typically short piece of garage pop perfection, beginning quietly and with singer and guitarist Sam Willmett listing the band’s musical heroes in the manner similar to one of those he namechecks: Jonathan Richman. The band’s ever-present sardonic wit is at the forefront, as they question the meaning and purpose of art - and in turn themselves - before throwing in a blistering guitar riff and the trademark duel-vocals between Sam and Tilly Harris (bass, vocals) before things get too serious.

                        The band say this first single sets the tone for the album, and musically it presents us with a refined version of what we have come to expect on the basis of previous releases: whip-smart pop songs performed flawlessly and with humour by one of the tightest musical units going. As indicated by the names of both first single and album, The Bug Club’s debut LP shows the band taking a long, hard look at the way the music industry - and by extension the art world - takes itself so seriously, and deciding to ignore that and carry on doing things on their own terms.

                        Riding atop drummer Dan Matthew’s relentlessly solid foundation, Green Dream in F# packs in 14 tracks covering favourite The Bug Club topics including space, small town life, love and swearing. Sam and Tilly’s playing could be virtuosic if they were in any way arrogant, but they’re not, and so well-crafted and at times complex guitar work sits neatly within the sharp song structures that never stick around too long, and backs engaging and, at times, laugh-out-loud funny lyrical storytelling.

                        Following the remarkable DIY success of early EPs Launching Moondream One and Pure Particles (also available via Bingo Records), Green Dream in F# shows a band not at all phased by the prospect of putting out their debut full length. Instead, they use the space to stretch their abilities and create something as cohesive, involved and engrossing as you’d expect the imaginary, dog-directed symphony their LP’s name pokes fun at to be.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Only In Love
                        2. Six O’Clock News
                        3. Little Coy Space Boy
                        4. Love Is A Painting
                        5. It’s Art
                        6. Love For Two
                        7. My Guy
                        8. Going Down
                        9. Yesterday’s Paper
                        10. Sitting On The Rings Of Saturn
                        11. Christmas Lullaby
                        12. Love Letters From Jupiter
                        13. Some Things Sound Better In Space
                        14. Green Dream In F#

                        Carlton Melton

                        Resemble Ensemble

                          Carlton Melton, from Northern California, are now a practising fourpiece in the arts of melted-minds psychedelia. With the added kraut-oomph and sike-flutter of fellow Californian Anthony Taibi (whom you may know as being a member of White Manna, and also DDT with Andy) Rich Millman, Andy Duvall, and Clint Golden have now embellished the Carlton Melton sound. Pushing forward as a fourpiece, the band recorded Resemble Ensemble in July 2021 (just before Andy moved back over East!) at Anthony’s home studio, 3D Light in Freshwater, CA. Anthony did all the recording and mixing. The Melton Magick Karpet settled, and our favourite contemporary sikedelic warlods plugged in, amped up and let it flow.. and flow it does. .from the krautrock fuelled pszych-raga of Prescribed Skies, the fluid dronescape of Elsewhere that welcomes you into its arms with a warming tone, almost a missing Spacemen 3 demo at the feast here… So The Story Grows has the drone scraping through a murk of dazzling feedback and pummel, with the fuller sounding Melton giving the genre a proper wobble, hold on to your brains people… High Alert.. whas this? Synth and guitar interplay jambusting, this is the Melton wigging out and almost interweaving 70s high table rock with some odd and downright perverse synthfunkpunk rhythms.. get weird.. or get wired..or both.. easily done here.. Closing out the album with Route Thirteen is the road trip home.. they’ve been, they’ve massaged and mangled your synapses, plug in the satnav and take the higher-route home.. if you get our drift.. Carlton Melton, starting 2023 in a better place than most, soaring high on their synaptic-dazzling magick karpet…

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Martin says: San Franciscan trio Carlton Melton have always, and will always be mind melters. Their unique brand of floating psychedelia has both moments of tension and grit as well as soaring, lysergic looseness. Soaring, beautifully rendered and perfectly measured as ever. Classic CM.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Prescribed Skies
                          2. Elsewhere (Need To Be)
                          3. So The Story Grows
                          4. High Alert
                          5. Route Thirteen

                          Complete Mountain Almanac

                          Complete Mountain Almanac

                            Many serendipitous moments have led to the creation of the musical project known as Complete Mountain Almanac. The first of these temporal alignments came at a chance meeting between two visionaries - Norwegianborn, Sweden-based singer and composer Rebekka Karijord and American-born, Italy-based poet, dancer, and multimedia artist Jessica Dessner.

                            Jessica and Rebekka began collaborating, with Jessica providing poems and lyrics for Rebekka to compose music to. While Jessica is not a musician per se, as a dancer she naturally has a deep understanding of music as an artform. On top of that, she comes from a musical family: her twin younger brothers, Aaron and Bryce Dessner, are accomplished multi-instrumentalists, most known as part of indie rock stalwarts The National.

                            The album consists of twelve tracks, each named after a month of the year. Some have a meditative, almost hypnotic quality, using Jessica’s words as healing mantras. Sonically, the album cycles through folk, classical, chamber music and everything in between, creating a cocoon-like atmosphere that draws the listener into a stand-alone universe. It’s a marriage of the inner and outer worlds, illness and rejuvenation, grief and joy.

                            Therein lies the idea of the almanac: having a guide to see you through each day, some kind of idea of what the future holds in uncertain times. But even as the project came together over the course of years, Rebekka and Jessica were always able to return to the core of their friendship to keep them on course, and the result is what might be one of the most important works of their respective careers.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Martin says: An evocative, heartfelt collection of understated folky ballads and ethereal melodies, presented by Rebekka Karijord and Jessica Dessner. It's rich with atmosphere and aided in no small part by the inclusion of Rebecca's brothers Aaron and Bryce of The National. A perfectly balanced trade-off of melody and ambience.

                            TRACK LISTING



                            Get Real

                              CVC (or Church Village Collective in full) hail from this sleepy village 10 miles north of Cardiff, nestling atop a hill in the Welsh valleys. CVC is comprised of singer Francesco Orsi, bassist Ben Thorne, drummer Tom Fry, keyboardist Daniel ‘Naniel’ Jones and singing guitarists David Bassey and Elliott Bradfield. It’s worth noting that the latter two, despite never having met them, are related to Welsh royalty Dame Shirley Bassey and Manic Street Preachers’ James Dean Bradfield. Maybe owing to genetics, Bassey states “I don't think I’d be able to not do this, I don’t actively choose to, I’m just drawn to it”. Their lush three-part harmonies echo the music they grew up on - contemporary pop’s building blocks: the Beatles, Neil Young and the Beach Boys - rich, melodic and pristine music that’s steeped in rock’s history.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Barry says: It wouldn't be hard to listen to CVC's new LP and imagine that it came from the psychedelic rock movement of the 70's, until the softening influence of 00's synth-pop enters the fray. It's this dedication to melodicism mixed with a firm knowledge of the classics that make 'Get Real' such an alluring proposition. Funky, inventive and great fun throughout.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              SIDE A
                              1. Hail Mary
                              2. Winston
                              3. Knock Knock
                              4. Sophie
                              5. Anogo
                              SIDE B
                              1. Good Morning Vietnam
                              2. Woman Of Mine
                              3. Music Stuff
                              4. Mademoiselle
                              5. Docking The Pay
                              6. American Ultra


                              Faded Seaside Glamour - 2023 Reissue

                                A space of wonderment and exhilaration, the home of true heart and a timeless soul, Delays' Faded Seaside Glamour was an atmospheric and evocative debut album. Released in 2004, the fragile strength of frontman Greg Gilbert's vocals intoxicatedly intertwined with the forward looking synths of his brother Aaron, Colin Fox's bass and Rowly's drumming, to create a series of affecting songs that delivered an immediate pop hit that also left a deep and wistful impact worthy of the album's enticing title.

                                Its iconic singles Nearer Than Heaven and Long Time Coming, became immediate yet lasting focal points for Southampton's Delays, while tracks including the melancholic No Ending, the smooth beats of Stay Where You Are and chiming opener Wanderlust demonstrated the remarkable depth of this unique debut.

                                Nearly 20 years have passed since the release of Faded Seaside Glamour and much has changed – most notably the loss of Greg Gilbert who passed away in 2021 after a period of treatment for cancer – but like the idiosyncratic places the album's name celebrated, Delays' music has not only endured but their art has been loved and cherished as it has continually connected with audiences.

                                To celebrate this soaring and smouldering body of work, Rough Trade Records is pleased to announce that it will be releasing Delays' Faded Seaside Glamour on vinyl for the first time ever. 

                                TRACK LISTING


                                Nearer Than Heaven
                                Long Time Coming
                                Bedroom Scene
                                No Ending
                                You Wear The Sun


                                Hey Girl
                                Stay Where You Are
                                There's Water Here
                                Satellites Lost
                                One Night Away

                                Feeble Little Horse


                                  Pittsburgh’s feeble little horse is a 4-piece band that writes intricately catchy, digitized noise pop songs. Formed by Sebastian Kinsler (guitar, production, vocals, bass) and Ryan Walchonski (guitar, vocals) in Ryan’s student apartment in South Oakland, PA in February 2021, the duo soon added Ryan’s roommate Jake Kelley on drums, and, inspired by a wave of creativity, the trio released their first EP – modern tourism, in May 2021, with artwork contributed by future member Lydia Slocum (vocals, bass).

                                  After officially joining the band in June of that year as bassist and vocalist, Lydia added her own sweet vocals, rich melodies, and punchy lyrics to the band’s heady mix. From summer to fall of that year, the quartet played their first shows at DIY establishments across Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, gaining a word-of-mouth reputation as one of the most exciting new bands on the scene.

                                  In October 2021 feeble little horse released their first full-length album, Hayday, via Julia’s War Recordings. Full of dense textures and exhilarating tension, the album’s eleven songs bristle with pent-up energy, the mood flipping between sweet noise-pop elements and more visceral discharges, the whole thing balanced on a knife-edge between the light and dark, the earnest and unhinged.

                                  The band continues to expand and evolve in 2022, with new music on the horizon that looks set to redefine the band’s sound once again. Before that, however, comes a reissue of Hayday, in conjunction with Unstable – a record label started by the band. Available on vinyl for the first time, this reissue also features two bonus tracks: the previously unreleased "Dog Song 2" and a remix of "Termites" by Full Body 2. 

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. Worth It (Intro)
                                  2. Termites
                                  3. Chores
                                  4. Tricks
                                  5. Too Much
                                  6. Sherman's Last Ride
                                  7. Picture
                                  8. You Got It Babe
                                  9. Kennedy
                                  10. Drama Queen
                                  11. Grace (Outro)
                                  12. Dog Song 2*
                                  13. Termites*

                                  *Bonus Track 

                                  JW Francis

                                  Dream House

                                    New York’s very own JW Francis announces his brand new album ‘Dream House’ – his third with London based label Sunday Best Recordings. Coinciding with the announcement is the gloriously up-beat new single ‘Casino,’ which offers a glimpse into what to expect on his forthcoming feel-good LP. When JW isn’t writing songs about his own life or surreal imagery, he writes about other people – most notably around the month of February when he writes valentines songs on his fans’ behalf. ‘Dream House’ encapsulates all of this and forms a collection of glorious tracks written for other people: “Every year, about 6 weeks before Valentine’s Day, I make the following post on social media: “If you send me the name of your Valentine, and the reason you love them, I’ll write a song for them on your behalf.” That is how Dream House was born, 3 years ago. Over the past three years, I have received over 300 requests from fans to write songs for their loved ones. All of the songs on Dream House come from this project, some of them have been reworked to speak more to the artist’s life, others have remained exactly as they were first written.

                                    Ultimately, this is an album about caring for others, and the way we express it.” Written and recorded at the start of 2021 in NYC, ‘Dream House’ is slightly reminiscent of The Strokes and even has hints of Lou Reed, however the project is still quintessential JW Francis with its blissful melodies and dreamy instrumentation; perfectly fitting given the album’s title.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    1. Going Home To A Party
                                    2. Casino
                                    3. Dream House
                                    4. Our Story
                                    5. Swooning
                                    6. Keep It Cool, Steve
                                    7. All Night Long
                                    8. Dream Big
                                    9. I Wanna Be Your Basketball
                                    10. Take Me Away
                                    11. You're Changing
                                    12. Sweet As A Rose

                                    Fucked Up

                                    One Day

                                      With One Day, Fucked Up have delivered one of the most energizing and intricate albums of their career, a massive-sounding record that arrives in deceptively small confines. The Canadian hardcore legends have been known for their epic scale in the past, so it might be a surprise that Fucked Up’s sixth studio album is their shortest to date, written and recorded in the confines of one literal day (hence the title). Don’t mistake size for substance, though: The band’s sound has only gotten bigger, more hard-charging, with even denser thickets of melody.

                                      “I wanted to see what I could record in literally one day.” That singular idea came to mind for guitarist Mike Haliechuk in the closing months of 2019. Haliechuk got himself into a studio and proceeded to write and record the record’s ten tracks over three eight-hour sessions, reconnecting with the core the band’s songwriting essence in the process.

                                      Initially, Fucked Up vocalist Damian Abraham was also set to complete his vocals in similar fashion—that is, before the lockdowns of 2020 took place. As it turns out, the isolation yielded creative dividends, as Abraham returned to contributing lyrics as well for the first time since 2014’s Glass Boys. “It almost felt like it might be the last time I’d ever get to record vocals for anything,” Abraham says of the stakes he felt while putting his part to tape, before reflecting on how he approached the lyrical process: “What do I want to say to friends who aren’t here anymore? What do I want to say to myself?”

                                      Over swarms of tuneful noise that evoke Sonic Youth circa Daydream Nation, Abraham lets loose on gentrification in “Lords of Kensington,” which was inspired by an “incredible” Toronto neighborhood that was regularly subject to life-ruining police surveillance and structural violence. “The police chief during that era he just opened a cannabis store,” Abraham explains. “It’s so cynical and gross, what society has come to but by being in a band, we’re culpable in changing the neighborhood, too, since the punk spaces and cool happenings that pop up are part of gentrification. Are you building a culture? Or are you ruining something that’s already been there?”

                                      Then there’s the dusky burn of “Cicada,” a sonic cousin to Dose Your Dreams’ excellent standout “The One I Want Will Come for Me” that features Haliechuk taking lead-vocal duty. The song is dedicated to lost friends, and in his words, it’s about “what life is like after you lose people, and our responsibility to carry them forward into the future, using the things they taught us as a light. I like to imagine the sound of cicadas as a metaphor for our strange life in the subculture we all just live these weird little hidden lives under the dirt, and then once in a generation, one of us gets to bust out of the dirt and intone their song so loud that it can be heard allover.”

                                      One Day is an undeniable work of confidence from a band that continues to operate at the top of their game, making music that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime and beyond.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Barry says: Never a band to rest on their laurels, Fucked Up have been constantly moving and shifting their focus for a good couple decades now, and 'One Day' sees them turning back to the solid foundation of melodic hardcore and scathing percussive blasts. There are definitely echoes here of the post-hardcore luminaries of the early 00's (Hot Water Music, Icarus Line etc) but with Fucked Up's singular stylistic focus.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      SIDE A
                                      1. Found
                                      2. I Think I Might Be Weird
                                      3. Huge New Her
                                      4. Lords Of Kensington
                                      5. Broken Little Boys
                                      SIDE B
                                      6. Nothing’s Immortal
                                      7. Falling Right Under
                                      8. One Day
                                      9. Cicada
                                      10. Roar

                                      High Vis

                                      No Sense No Feeling

                                        John Lydon once said that anger is an energy. He was absolutely right. Anger can be inspiring - liberating, even. Saying ‘everything’s fucked and I hate it’ is a great way of leaving something behind and starting anew. You’re drawing a line. You’re saving yourself. You are ...cleansed. From that point, you can do whatever you want. London’s High-Vis play aggressive, frosty post-punk that’s as hard as any hardcore record. Like Black Flag, Sleaford Mods and of course Public Image Ltd before them, High-Vis’ anger is artful, gripping, and energising. It’ll trim the fat from your soul. Formed in 2016 from the ashes of some of the UK’s best hardcore bands (Dirty Money, Tremors, DiE, The Smear), the band maintain a hardcore energy in their live shows - it’s not uncommon for cheerfully miserable, gold toothed Scouse vocalist Graham Sayle to come away from a gig with a bleeding forehead - but they've taken their aural cues from old UK bands like Gang Of Four, Crisis, Joy Division and Stone Roses. Recently, they've played with all the other smart bands who have been fucking with the old blueprints - Angel Du$t, Turnstile, Negative Approach, Higher Power to name a few - and like all those bands, their sound is uniquely theirs. On December 4th 2019 High-Vis released their debut album ‘No Sense No Feeling’ via Venn Records (Gallows, Bob Vylan, Higher Power).

                                        “This record is a desperate search for meaning while living an uncertain nihilistic existence,” says drummer, Ski. “The melodies should inspire a touch of hope and the lyrics should be a reminder that hope is a mirage. The songs are stories of broken societies, failed relationships, good Vs evil and violence. Things we have lived, loved and hated in equal measure.”

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. Choose To Lose
                                        2. Walking Wires
                                        3. Stabbed
                                        4. The Bastard Inside
                                        5. Voices
                                        6. Altitude
                                        7. Blood Moon
                                        8. New Asbestos

                                        Kill Your Boyfriend


                                          Treviso, Italy-based two piece Kill Your Boyfriend are releasing their fourth album 'Voodoo' via Sister 9 Recordings (Europe), Little Cloud Records (North America) and Shyrec (Itay). A frantic and hypnothising bacchanalia of Psych & Industrial tinged soundwaves, the new album is a collection of reverb laden necromantic charms, summoning the souls and bones of the greats in the Rock & Roll pantheon of the 1950s. The duo delivers such glittery dark enchantment via 7 hoodoo hymns, travelling with a crumbling, ghostly and magically whizzing Rocket 88, in the company of Marie Laveau and madame Lalaurie. It's a relentless whirl of Voodoo-Psych, Industrial-Billy, Electro-GrisGris, which you can dance to.

                                          The new LP follows 'Killadelica', where Kill Your Boyfriend had refined their debut signature sound, bridging the gap between the semi-obscure but hauntingly fascinating tradition of Veneto's PostPunk (Death In Venice, Evabraun, Pyramids, etc.) and contemporary Psych-Nouveau. With 'Voodoo', Matteo Scarpa and Antonio Angeli, explore new genres and expand the sonic borders, without losing their original intent. They replace the synth bass with a bass-guitar, adding more fluidity and weight to a renewed and punchier rhythmic section. Electronic and acoustic percussion are fuller and heavier, and the band's new stomp-machine is a hyper-convulsive version of the saturated Rock & Roll and R&B drumming, from the cheap garage studios of 1950s indie labels.

                                          Sida A is the most Rock & Roll of the two, and it is inspired by Michael Ventura's essay "Hear that Long Snake Moan", which brought forward the idea that "the Voodoo rite of possession by the god became the standard of American performance in Rock’n’Roll" where the performers "let themselves be possessed not by any god they could name but by the spirit they felt in the music”. Each song invokes one or a set of the lost souls of the Rock & Roll era, with 'The Day The Music Died' referring to the infamous 3rd of February 1959. Side B descends deeper into the magic swamps of Creole magic, with music taking on a much more liturgical function, conjuring shamanic possessions via extra layers of tribal percussion. The band says of side B: "we see it as a one long ritualistic descent into a psychedelic underworld made of echoing voices, claustrophobic spaces populated by lost souls, enchanters and witchdoctors."

                                          For fans of: Throbbing Gristle, The Soft Moon, Suicide, Cult Of Dom Keller, Sonic Youth, The Cramps, Sisters Of Mercy, Wall Of Voodoo

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. The King
                                          2. The Man In Black
                                          3. Mr Mojo
                                          4. Buster
                                          5. The Day The Music Died
                                          6. Papa Legba
                                          7. Vodoo

                                          King Tuff

                                          Smalltown Stardust

                                            There are times in our life when we feel magic in the air. When new love arrives, or we find ourselves lost in a moment of creation with others who share our vision. A sense that: this is who I want to be. This is what I want to share. It’s a fleeting feeling and one that Kyle Thomas, the singer-songwriter who records and performs as King Tuff, found himself longing for in the spring of 2020.

                                            But knowing he couldn’t simply recreate this time in his life at will, Thomas—who hails from Brattleboro, Vermont—set out to write a love letter to those cherished moments of inspiration and to the small town that formed him. The one where he first nurtured his songwriting impulses, bouncing ideas off other like-minded artists. The kind of place where the changing of the seasons always delivered a sense of perspective and fresh artistic inspiration. Where he felt a deeper connection with nature and sense of community that had once been so close at hand. And so, Thomas seized upon his memories, creating what he calls “an album about love and nature and youth.”

                                            The result is Smalltown Stardust, a spiritual, tender and ultimately joyous record that might come as a shock to those with only a passing knowledge of the artist’s back catalog. On Smalltown Stardust, Thomas takes us on his journey to a place where past and present collide, where he can be a dreamer in love with all that he sees. References to his Brattleboro upbringing abound, but at the core of Smalltown Stardust is Thomas’s desire to commune with nature on a spiritual level. Images of the natural world, from blizzards to green mountains to cloudy days, fill the songs. “I consider nature to be my religion,” he explains, and Smalltown Stardust is nothing if not a spiritual exploration.

                                            While so much of Smalltown Stardust invokes idealized traces and places of Thomas’s past, the album’s recording process made his communal vision a reality. Thomas’s Los Angeles home in 2020 formed a micro-scene of sorts, with housemates Meg Duffy (Hand Habits) and Sasami Ashworth recording their own heralded albums (2021’s Fun House and 2022’s Squeeze, respectively) at the same time. A shared spirit dominated an era spent largely on the premises, with Thomas serving as engineer and contributor to both records, and Ashworth working as co-producer on Smalltown Stardust. Ashworth’s contributions are vital to the album: she co-wrote a majority of the record and contributed vocals, arrangements, and instrumentation to each song.

                                            In the end, Smalltown Stardust is not merely a nostalgia trip. Thomas not only conjured a special time in his life, he found new inspiration, surrounded by collaborators and a sense of love and wonder for nature. If the first King Tuff record was content to merely state Thomas was no longer dead, Smalltown Stardust is a paean to what that life means. A statement of belief and a hymnal to the magic still to behold all around us.

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Barry says: Smalltown Stardust is at it's heart an exploration of psychedelia but it's so joyously presented, effortlessly lurching from 60s psych to folky minimalism, via clashing garage rock. There are snippets of uplifting synths and pristine production but it never sounds less that thoroughly organic and wholly absorbing.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            Love Letters To Plants
                                            How I Love
                                            A Meditation
                                            Portrait Of God
                                            Smalltown Stardust
                                            Pebbles In A Stream
                                            Tell Me
                                            Rock River
                                            The Bandits Of Blue Sky
                                            Always Find Me
                                            The Wheel

                                            Tresa Leigh is the reflection of St. Simons Island, Georgia teenager Teresa Laxamanna (né Leggett).
                                            Wooed by a classifieds listing to audition for Philly funk and soul imprint Lyndell Records, the aspiring 15 year old dragged her father, guitar, fender amplifier and microphone to perform her convincingly mature folk tales of first time heartbreak. Winning the support of label owner Walter L Rayfield, the fresh recruit cut two originals in a makeshift motel studio on the neighbouring Jekyll Island, backed by a band of unhurried session players.
                                            The 1970 recording yielded her debut 45, pairing “I Remember”’s endearing juvenile jangle with the heartsick Ghost Riders cornerstone “Until Then”.
                                            After a car accident prevented Mr. Rayfield from fulfilling his release plans, an unswayed Tresa responded to Great World Of Sound’s newspaper advert, baiting the prospect of gold records, major label connections and sales of a million copies. With family and friends crowdfunding the $1,200 that the company required to produce a follow-up 7”, she jetted to Nashville, recording a slicker, emotionally elevated update on “Until Then”, and the symphonic slow dancer I Miss You. In another unfortunate career misfire, the dubious label failed to deliver on any of their promises, with the artist volunteering the only surviving copy for restoration.

                                            Collating all four recordings, this brief anthology immortalises the innocent small town dreams of a genuine original, inadvertently echoing the likes of Nora Guthrie, Bonnie Dobson and Patti Whipp.. 

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            A1 I Remember
                                            A2 Until Then (1970 Version)
                                            B1 I Miss You
                                            B2 Until Then (1971 Version)

                                            McAlmont & Butler

                                            The Sound Of... - 2023 Reissue

                                              While the whole of the UK seemed to be mining the sound of The Beatles, Stones and The Who as Britpop slavishly paid homage to the 60s, The Sound Of McAlmont And Butler took its influences more from music of Dusty Springfield, Scott Walker, Andy Williams and Burt Bacharach while creating something unique and timeless

                                              Rock, indie, soul, jazz and folk all meld in an album full of beguiling momentsBernard Butler had risen to fame as guitarist with Suede, who he'd left in 1994. After six months of solo writing, he approached ex- Thieves singer David McAlmont at London's Jazz Café, with the bare bones of a song, Yes. McAlmont added lyrics, and the track soared to No 8 in the UK charts, becoming the sound of summer 1995. It is impossible to listen to Yes without breaking into a beaming smile. With this headstart, the duo recorded more sides together – the Top 20 hit You Do and attendant tracks. However, it ended as quickly as it had began. Never intended as a long- term arrangement, McAlmont & Butler were over by autumn 1995. Considering The Sound Of McAlmont & Butler is effectively a compilation of the duo's sessions as opposed to a planned work, it has a tremendous consistency. A lot of the tracks were recorded as bonus tracks for CD singles (the 90s equivalent of a B- side), and retain a spontaneous air alongside the huge production numbers of Yes, You Do and Disappointment.

                                              This re-issue faithfully replicates the original 1995 Virgin Records UK release with printed inner sleeve and is pressed onto high quality 180g vinyl.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              Yes (Full Version)
                                              What's The Excuse This Time?
                                              The Right Thing 
                                              Don't Call It Soul
                                              The Debitor 
                                              How About You?
                                              You'll Lose A Good Thing
                                              You Do (Full Length)

                                              H.C. McEntire

                                              Every Acre

                                                If naming is a form of claiming, of being claimed, how is one tethered to both the physical landscape that surrounds us, as well as our own internal emotional landscape at times calm, at times turbulent, and ever changing? H.C. McEntire’s new album Every Acre grapples with those themes that encompass grief, loss, and links to land and loved ones. And naming claiming land, claiming self, being claimed by ancestry and heritage permeates the hauntingly beautiful landscape that is this poignant collection of songs.

                                                The songs straddle the line between music and poetry. In “New View,” McEntire cites poets “Day, Ada, and Laux, Berry, and Olds” fixtures in the world of writing, whose works are beacons of light over bleak horizons. The beginning of the song is backed by soft guitar plucks that fall on the downbeat and spangle like stars, and, throughout, guitar, bass, and drums swell together gently, mimicking ebbing and flowing tides under the moon. McEntire’s voice (at once tender and fierce) intones the truth of both giving and taking, releasing and claiming: “Bend me, break me, split me right in two. Mend me, make me I’ll take more of you.”

                                                Permeated by heartbeat-like drums, “Shadows” develops quiet ruminations on surrender and loss reminiscing, moving on. This ponderous, dreamlike song asks the question of how “to make room.” How does one make room, for self and for renewal and surrender, when it is so difficult to leave what you know behind? Playing with slivers of descending chromatics, along with the occasional downward-stepping bass, here McEntire yearns for home, and for nesting.

                                                Perhaps one of the more grief-stricken songs, “Rows of Clover” is a lamentation, one that touches on the loss of a “steadfast hound.” The lone piano in the beginning of the song is rhythmically hymn-like. The stark verse arrangement gradually leads to a chorus that reads like a moody exhale, swollen with lush guitar strums and a Bill Withers–esque understated soul groove. But what stands out the most is an image of being “down on your knees, clawing at the garden” the only explicit mention of a person in the song. “It ain’t the easy kind of healing,” sings McEntire, seemingly from further and further away as her voice echoes; and healing ta;kes time, time takes time truths that linger painfully.

                                                “Dovetail” is a song that tells of various women. The song moves back and forth between solo piano and the addition of bass and drums under vocals. McEntire’s gentle, trembling vibrato harmonized in thirds in a celebratory manner calls to mind a rejoicing psalm and shines through these images, leaving the listener cuttingly fraught with emotions such as wonder, sadness, nostalgia that can only arise with these juxtapositions.

                                                Gracious (and graceful) with its lilting melodies and lush harmonies, Every Acre explores the acres of our physical and emotional homes. These songs are reaching for the kind of home that we all seek: one where we can rest and lay down (or tuck away) our burdens of loss. And maybe, moving through every acre of a world that often tries to tear our sense of identity and heritage down, McEntire sheds light on what it is to be human in this life both stingy and gracious, both hurtful and kind.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                SIDE A
                                                1. New View
                                                2. Shadows (feat. S.G. Goodman)
                                                3. Turpentine (feat. Amy Ray)
                                                4. Dovetail
                                                SIDE B
                                                5. Rows Of Clover
                                                6. Big Love
                                                7. Soft Crook
                                                8. Wild For The King
                                                9. Gospel Of A Certain Kind


                                                82-84: We Hate You South African Bastards!

                                                  Comes in a sleeve that is recreated to be as close as possible to the original 1984 release on Rough Trade. Housed in an outer plastic jacket We Hate You South African Bastards! was the second album by the Irish band Microdisney (Cathal Coughlan and Sean O'Hagan), originally released by Rough Trade in 1984. The album consists of their early recordings before they moved from Cork to London, including songs that became favorites of Radio 1 DJ John Peel. The cover art was designed by the Welsh musician and artist Jon Langford, a founding member of The Mekons and The Three Johns.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1. Helicopter Of The Holy Ghost
                                                  2. Michael Murphy
                                                  3. Love Your Enemies
                                                  4. Fiction Land
                                                  5. Pink Skinned Man
                                                  6. Patrick Moore Says You Can’t Sleep Here
                                                  7. Hello Rascals
                                                  8. Pretoria Quickstep

                                                  Mogwai return with their 9th studio album which was recorded with renowned producer Dave Fridmann (Mercury Rev, The Flaming Lip’s, Mogwai’s Come On Die Young and ROCK ACTION) at his Tarbox Road Studios in New York State.

                                                  'Every Country's Sun' named after a friends lack of knowledge in how the universe works, takes two decades of Mogwai's signature, contrasting sounds and distills it, beautifully, into 56 concise minutes of gracious elegance, hymnal trance-rock, and transcendental euphoria. It will definitely appeal to fans of the band and will gain many new ones along the way.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1 Coolverine
                                                  2 Party In The Dark
                                                  3 Brain Sweeties
                                                  4 Crossing The Road Material
                                                  5 Aka 47
                                                  6 20 Size
                                                  7 1000 Foot Face
                                                  8 Don't Believe The Fife
                                                  9 Battered At A Scramble
                                                  10 Old Poisons
                                                  11 Every Country's Sun


                                                  English Leather

                                                    After surfacing online with an unknown identity Nancy has been described as a musical auteur, a provocateur, a surrealist, both male and female, a mysterious necromancer, in the same sentence both classy and trashy, weird and wonderful, Sgt Peppers for degenerates.

                                                    Raised in conservative North East England, Nancy acted in ways that seemed out-of the-ordinary - combined with abnormal physical features, “Nancy” was both a punchline & label throughout the songwriter’s formative years.

                                                    Beginning as a DIY form of escapism, a pop music obsession began. It’s these past lives & vivid influences that are reimagined and regurgitated to create a cocktail of lo-fo cabaret sass contorted with art-dream-pop deformities - an invitation to a fantasy world to get lost in.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    1.English Leather
                                                    2. Can't Get Ride Of You
                                                    3. Would You Be My Judy
                                                    4. Ruby
                                                    5. Moonlight
                                                    6. Driftwood
                                                    7. I Caught Feeling
                                                    8. I Hate Rock N Roll
                                                    9. Black Choral Bells
                                                    10. Sweet Like Sugarcane 

                                                    New Order

                                                    Low Life - Definitive Edition

                                                      New Order are delighted to announce the release of the definitive edition of their 1985 studio album Low-Life. The collection includes an LP (180g), x2CDs, x2DVDs, a book and features unreleased rare material across the different formats and new sleeve designs.

                                                      CD 2 contains previously unreleased mixes and alternative versions, including Love Vigilantes and Sub-Culture instrumentals, Sooner Than You Think Full Length Unedited. The two DVDs include an unreleased performance from The Manhattan Club, Belgium and rarely seen footage from Rotterdam Arena (Netherlands), International Centre (Toronto, Canada) and a BBC filmed Whistle Test at The Hacienda, 1985.

                                                      The 180g vinyl LP will be wrapped in its original ‘heavyweight tracing paper’, designed by Peter Saville. In addition the CD will also be wrapped in the same way for the first time ever. Also included in the set is a beautifully presented hardback book featuring rare photos and a new interview with all band members. 

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      LP 180g Vinyl
                                                      Side One
                                                      1. Love Vigilantes
                                                      2. The Perfect Kiss
                                                      3. This Time Of Night
                                                      4. Sunrise
                                                      Side Two
                                                      1. Elegia
                                                      2. Sooner Than You Think
                                                      3. Sub-Culture
                                                      4. Face Up CD1
                                                      1. Love Vigilantes
                                                      2. The Perfect Kiss
                                                      3. This Time Of Night
                                                      4. Sunrise
                                                      5. Elegia
                                                      6. Sooner Than You Think
                                                      7. Sub-Culture
                                                      8. Face Up


                                                      1. Love Vigilantes
                                                      2. The Perfect Kiss
                                                      3. This Time Of Night
                                                      4. Sunrise
                                                      5. Elegia
                                                      6. Sooner Than You Think
                                                      7. Sub-Culture
                                                      8. Face Up

                                                      CD2: Extras
                                                      1. Love Vigilantes - TV Pitch Instrumental Edit (mono)
                                                      2. The Perfect Kiss - Writing Session Recording
                                                      3. Untitled No. 1 - Writing Session Recording
                                                      4. Sunrise - Instrumental Rough Mix **
                                                      5. Elegia - Full Length Version *
                                                      6. Sooner Than You Think – Album Session Unedited Version
                                                      7. Sub-Culture - Album Session Early Instrumental Version
                                                      8. Face Up - Writing Session Recording
                                                      9. Let's Go – Album Session Instrumental
                                                      10. Untitled No. 2 - Writing Session Recording
                                                      11. Sunrise - Writing Session Recording
                                                      12. Love Vigilantes - Writing Session Recording
                                                      13. Sooner Than You Think - Writing Session Recording
                                                      14. Skullcrusher – Demo

                                                      All Tracks Previously Unreleased Except * And ** (previously Unreleased On CD And Digital)

                                                      Live In Tokyo
                                                      The Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan 1985
                                                      1. Confusion
                                                      2. Love Vigilantes
                                                      3. We All Stand
                                                      4. As It Is When It Was
                                                      5. Sub-Culture
                                                      6. Face Up
                                                      7. Sunrise
                                                      8. This Time Of Night
                                                      9. Blue Monday

                                                      Live In Rotterdam
                                                      The Rotterdam Arena, Netherlands 1985
                                                      10. As It Is When It Was
                                                      11. Everything's Gone Green*
                                                      12. Sub-Culture*
                                                      13. Ceremony*
                                                      14. Let's Go*
                                                      15. This Time Of Night*
                                                      16. The Village
                                                      17. The Perfect Kiss*
                                                      18. Age Of Consent*
                                                      19. Sunrise
                                                      20. Temptation*
                                                      21. Face Up*

                                                      Live In Manchester
                                                      Whistle Test, The Hacienda 1985
                                                      22. As It Is When It Was
                                                      23. Sunrise
                                                      24. Face Up - Restored Version Using Available Footage From The Hacienda Dec ‘85 And July ‘85.

                                                      Live In Leuven
                                                      The Manhattan Club, Leuven, Belgium 1985
                                                      1. Let's Go*
                                                      2. The Perfect Kiss*
                                                      3. Age Of Consent*
                                                      4. State Of The Nation*
                                                      5. As It Is When It Was*
                                                      6. The Village*
                                                      7. Sub-Culture*
                                                      8. Atmosphere*
                                                      9. Blue Monday*
                                                      Bonus Tracks
                                                      10. Thieves Like Us*
                                                      11. Temptation*
                                                      12. Confusion - Restored Version From Damaged Tape With Mixing Desk Audio.*

                                                      Live In Toronto
                                                      Filmed By Paul Boyd
                                                      The International Centre, Toronto, Canada 1985
                                                      13. Elegia*
                                                      14. Sub-Culture*
                                                      15. The Village*
                                                      16. Sunrise*
                                                      17. We All Stand
                                                      18. As It Is When It Was*
                                                      19. Love Vigilantes*
                                                      20. 586*
                                                      21. Age Of Consent
                                                      22. Temptation
                                                      23. Ceremony*
                                                      24. The Perfect Kiss*

                                                      The Perfect Film
                                                      Rehearsal Room, Cheetham Hill, Manchester 1985
                                                      25. The Perfect Kiss

                                                      New Order


                                                        Shellshock was a stand alone single released in March 1986. It was more electronic than 1985's previous LP, Low Life and was actually quite a bit poppier too. Asi it turned out the song was written to be included in that summer's blockbuster teen, coming of age movie Pretty In Pink and as a result was an international hit .

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        A. Shellshock 9’41
                                                        B. Shellcock 7’35

                                                        New Order

                                                        Sub-Culture - 2023 Reissue

                                                          Sub- Culture followed Perfect Kiss as the second single to be taken from the Low Life LP. Coming out in October of 1985 it featured a hugely reworked and quite possibly superior remix by engineer John Robie. Everything here is bigger, bolder and basically more dancefloor friendly, WITHOUT compromising the beautiful song as featured on the original. 

                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                          Andy says: A more aggressive take on one of the standout cuts from 1985's Low Life LP, this mix features souped up electronics and soulful backing vocals. This was massive in Manchester back in the day!

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          A. Sub-culture 7’26
                                                          B. Dub-vulture 7’57

                                                          New Order

                                                          The Perfect Kiss - 2023 Reissue

                                                            Released in May of 1985, this astonishing track really upped the ante for New Order. Supremely melodic and with a brilliant synth refrain , this 12inch extended verion took the one off the LP and squared it! Coming in at nearly 9 minutes long this is one of New Order's greatest ever songs, and as with nearly all their remixes, this 12 inch extended verion is the  absolute one that you need!

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Andy says: The best ever version of one of New Order's greatest all time tracks.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A. The Perfect Kiss – Full Version 8’46
                                                            B1. Kiss Of Death 7’02
                                                            B2. Perfect Pit 1’24

                                                            Arlo Parks

                                                            Cola / George

                                                              Mercury Prize and Brit Award winner Arlo Parks first came to the attention of music press with her debut single ‘Cola’. It’s a breath-taking, tender, poetic and confessional introduction to an artist just eighteen at the time of its release.

                                                              The then London based singer demonstrated soul beyond her years and with 'Cola' the submissive tones of her powerful voice are laid atop slow guitar melodies that beckon you to stop what you're doing and just listen. The track is written about bad love - in Arlo’s words, "Cola is a reminder that betrayal is inevitable when it comes to pretty people that think flowers fix everything".

                                                              ‘George’, an ode to poet Byron was released in 2019 just weeks before signing to Transgressive Records and set Arlo on the path to being one of the most critically acclaimed artists of the year.

                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                              Millie says: New material from this shining star we backed from the very beginning. I'm so excited to hear what she's got in store for us next.

                                                              TRACK LISTING


                                                              Arlo Parks

                                                              Super Sad Generation / Paperbacks

                                                                Hailed by The Guardian as “the hopeful new voice of her super-sad generation” Arlo Parks released her second track in January 2019. At the time of release Arlo told Clash Magazine: "When I look at my generation I see a kaleidoscope of dejection, passion and anxiety – there’s this strange mix of sadness and intimacy that saturates Generation Z. 'Super Sad Generation' was inspired by the time my friends and I sat on the green at sunset, half wine drunk and ugly crying for no reason in particular."

                                                                Lifted from the Super Sad Generation EP ‘Paperbacks’ took its inspiration from Space Song by Beach House and Changeling by DJ Shadow.

                                                                "The British songwriter captures the specifics of being young and messed up like no-one else" - Noisey

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                Super Sad Generation

                                                                Will & James Ragar

                                                                Forever / Bayou Paradise

                                                                BBE Music announces the first-ever re-issue of this sun baked folk/jazz hybrid 45 by Louisiana brothers Will & James Ragar. First released in 1981, this private press 7" showcases Will & James' songwriting skills, refined performance and sophisticated compositions. Remastered by Frank Merritt the re-issue has an analogue warmth that the brothers say sounds even more pleasing than the original. Will & James Ragar began as the Will James Band performing on the popular 'Crawfish Circuit' of Southern Louisiana - this circuit included New Orleans, Thibodaux and Baton Rouge. They played blues, rock and jazz combos, covering everything from James Taylor to Jimi Hendrix. Eventually evolving into an acoustic folk-rock duo by the time they entered the studio in 1980. Both tracks on the 45 were recorded at River City studios in Baton Rouge in 1980. The engineer had the Allman Brothers on his list of recording credits, so they felt they were in excellent company. "Bayou Paradise" was an ode to the beauty of Southern Louisiana. The famous Sunshine bridge over wetlands as the sounds of migrating geese echo overhead on their journey down the Mississippi River flyway. The Atchafalaya river basin flows into the Gulf of Mexico near Lafayette creating a large wetland area and lush lakes connected by endless bayous. Miles and miles of lush swamps with many uninhabited areas just waiting to be explored.

                                                                "Forever" captures the exhilaration of new love, focusing on its intoxication and ecstasy without looking ahead to the reality of a life on the road. The soulful chorus inspires motion and enthusiasm. The shadow of Woodstock had a defining role against tradition. Things were changing socially. Loving someone forever was always part of the dream but seemingly broken in an age of break-ups and divorce. The optimistic hope that "love will survive" was half dream and half pessimistic glance forward at the social trends of relationships that were to follow. The studio band included Will & James. John Smart on keyboards, he's solo on "Forever" was achieved with the Legendary Analog Prophet synth and saturated the studio with rich layers of its distinctive sound, driving the up-tempo chorus. Dave D'Aubin, a versatile bass player whose resonant tone is very present on both songs. Tommy Jefferson is on drums, an alumnus of the Southern University jazz program, the same place Randy Jackson and Billy Cobham studied. Tommy used a tight higher pitch snare drum on the recording, a sound that would soon become very popular, but at that time was a little ahead of the curve. The session was recorded on analogue tape using the 24-track MCI recorder and mixed down to analogue tape for the single. Will & James added vocal harmonies and soaked up the fidelity during mix-down. The release coincides with the long-awaited re-issue of the brothers' album 'Will & James Ragar One'. This much sort after private press long-player was originally released in 1980 and sold locally in a limited run has now been fully remastered by Frank Merritt. BBE Music presents the album in a glorious gatefold with extensive sleeve notes. This time the vinyl will be pressed over 2 discs to produce the best sound possible.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                1. Forever
                                                                2. Bayou Paradise


                                                                Subterranean Jungle - 2023 Reissue

                                                                  40th Anniversary of the seventh Ramones album. Subterranean Jungle marked a return to the roots of the band. Includes "Time Has Come Today."

                                                                  Gemma Ray

                                                                  Gemma Ray & The Death Bell Gang

                                                                    Gemma Ray takes an unexpected detour from her acclaimed psych-soul and torch song oeuvre with a hard-edged experiment in cinematic electronica.

                                                                    Epic despite its underlying simplicity and groove, ‘Gemma Ray & The Death Bell Gang’ blends the funereal and the sinister with tenderness and yearning, with a dash of automaton-pop and a Dada-esque playfulness for good measure. Front and centre are Gemma’s trademark stirring voice and harmonies.

                                                                    Released on eco-mix and splatter coloured vinyl formats, with download card and exclusive pull-out poster by British painter Deryk Thomas (Swans, Angels of Light).

                                                                    The record was recorded at Tempelhof Flughafen in Berlin and features collaborations from sound designer Ralf Goldkind (Fantastichen Vier, Mona Mur), lap steel player Kristof Hahn (Swans), and syncussion by Andy Zammit (Jon Spencer).

                                                                    Accompanying videos for the singles ‘Come Oblivion’, ‘Howling’ and ‘Procession’ by animator Lucy Dyson (Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Courtney Barnett).

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    No Love
                                                                    Be Still
                                                                    Come Oblivion
                                                                    Tempelhof Desert Inn
                                                                    I Am Not Who I Am
                                                                    The Point That Tears
                                                                    All These Things
                                                                    Blowing Up Rocks



                                                                      There’s a line on Honey, the latest album from Nashville-via-NYC songwriter Samia, about Aspen Grove, a collection of 40,000 trees in the plains of North America, all connected by a single expansive root system. There’s no stronger metaphor for the audience the 25-year-old empathy engine has been generating since she began releasing music seven years ago. Her songs, her fans, her friends: one enormous, interconnected ecosystem. Honey, comprised of eleven new moments of catharsis, is by and for that organism. The album was recorded at North Carolina studio Betty’s – owned and operated by Sylvan Esso’s Nick Sandborn and Amelia Meath, frequent touring partners of Samia’s. It was produced by Caleb Wright, part of the team that helmed Samia’s breakthrough 2020 debut The Baby, and a founding member of one of Samia’s favorite bands, The Happy Children. It features some of her nearest and dearest friends: Christian Lee Hutson, Briston Maroney, Jake Luppen, Raffaella. Its songs were surreptitiously road tested for her devotees while opening for Lucy Dacus, Courtney Barnett, and more. The end result is what Samia calls simply “a real community record.”

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      1. Kill Her Freak Out
                                                                      2. Charm You
                                                                      3. Pink Balloon
                                                                      4. Mad At Me
                                                                      5. Sea Lions
                                                                      6. To Me It Was
                                                                      7. Breathing Song
                                                                      8. Honey
                                                                      9. Nanana
                                                                      10. Amelia
                                                                      11. Dream Song

                                                                      Silver Biplanes

                                                                      A Moment In The Sun

                                                                        Silver biplanes are Tim Vass (one half of Razorcuts - the Creation-signed indie pop darlings) and Vanessa Vass (singer of Radcliffe jangle pop favourites the Melons). "A Moment In The Sun” is the debut long player by silver biplanes, a melodic indie band based in Bedfordshire, England. The band features wife-and-husband team Vanessa Vass and Tim Vass alongside drummer Rob Scott and the album is the pinnacle of a musical career which has previously seen Vanessa and Tim release songs on no fewer than 30 different labels between them! The band are lifelong fans of the highways and bi-ways of music and the album draws upon a wide range of influences. It’s a heady mix of choruses, hooks and catchy tunes in which you’ll hear traces of psychedelia, post-punk, krautrock and more. Tim was bassist and lyricist in cult indie band Razorcuts, co-writing all of their songs. Razorcuts releases regularly featured in the higher reaches of the independent charts throughout the late 80s and included two top five albums recorded for the famous Creation label. Both albums were reissued in sellout deluxe vinyl editions in 2020. Razorcuts continue to appear on numerous compilations and their influence is often cited in books and internet articles. Tim has also played in Red Chair Fadeaway, Dandelion Wine and the Forever People. Vanessa was the singer in 90’s indie band The Melons who are probably best remembered for their two legendary live sessions on Mark Radcliffe’s Radio 1 show. The Melons released 6 singles and were regularly featured in the British music press.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        01. Parallel World
                                                                        02. Breaking The Grey
                                                                        03. Searching For Your Name
                                                                        04. Songs That Don't Exist
                                                                        05. The Stars Align
                                                                        06. UAS 29396
                                                                        07. No Better And No Worse
                                                                        08. All Fools' Day
                                                                        09. Fairground Rocket Ride
                                                                        10. Deliver The Dawn
                                                                        11. Think Again
                                                                        12. There's A Party

                                                                        Sister Wives

                                                                        Y Gawres

                                                                          Y Gawres, the album’s title, is inspired by the ancient burial site on Anglesey, Barclodiad y Gawres, which translates to “The Giantess’ Apronful”. While giants are central to the nation’s folklore, it’s rare to hear of female giants. The idea led the Sheffield-based band — consisting of Donna Lee (vocals/keys/synths), Rose Love (vocals/bass), Liv Willars (vocals/guitar), Lisa O’Hara (vocals/drums) — to picture a devastating, nurturing, awe-inspiring, and most importantly feminine force of their own. The lyrics are divided between English and Lee’s native Welsh, and the country is deeply present across the album. It’s important to Lee to represent the Welsh language outside of Wales, with the band often making connections with Welsh audience members and showing others that singing in the language is viable and meaningful. All four members of Sister Wives began their respective journeys in music in the punk and DIY music scenes. However, the band is a vehicle for experimentation, with its members adopting a deeply collaborative and open-minded approach. Industrial, grating synth and guitar sounds form their foundation, while vocals are haunting and harmonic. “We try and make our music sound as powerful and primal as possible,” the band explain. ‘Writing music as women in our thirties means we have more life experience to bring to our songwriting, and we’re very supportive of each other’s ideas. Nothing is ever off the table.”

                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                          1. O Dŷ I Dŷ
                                                                          2. Ticking Time Bomb
                                                                          3. Streets At Night
                                                                          4. Another Day
                                                                          5. Hares On The Mountain
                                                                          6. Greater Place
                                                                          7. Y Gawres
                                                                          8. Y Merch Werdd
                                                                          9. Baron Hill
                                                                          10. Hwiangerdd
                                                                          11. O Dŷ I Dŷ - Ail Rhan

                                                                          Smith & Burrows

                                                                          Funny Looking Angels

                                                                            The band, made up of Tom Smith (Editors) and Andy Burrows (Solo, I Am Arrows, Razorlight, We Are Scientists), released their Smith & Burrows debut in November 2011, a Christmas album combining original recordings and four covers - ‘Only You’ by Yazoo, Black’s ‘Wonderful Life’, ‘Funny Looking Angels’ by Delta and ‘On and On’ by Longpigs.

                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                            In The Bleak Midwinter
                                                                            When The Thames Froze
                                                                            As The Snowflakes Fall
                                                                            Funny Looking Angels
                                                                            Wonderful Life
                                                                            Only You
                                                                            On And On
                                                                            This Ain’t New Jersey
                                                                            The Christmas Song

                                                                            London-based ‘indie-supergroup’ SUEP announce their long-awaited debut mini-album Shop, a collection of six oddball, car-boot-sale pop songs with a sprinkling of theatrical storytelling. Led by Georgie Stott (of Porridge Radio, Garden Centre) and Josh Harvey, SUEP was born out of a near-decade of playing in sheds and barns with like minded personnel, holding a mutual love for Paul McCartney, Jona Lewie, the B-52s, Devo and other performative freaks enjoying themselves.

                                                                            Following a move to London from Brighton, the pair added George Nicholls (The GN Band, Joanna Gruesome, The Tubs), Will William Deacon (PC World, Garden Centre), and Ollie Chapman (Boil King) to the line-up. The five-piece take turns writing songs and taking the lead vocal duties in a wonderfully playful but coherent collaboration, with their debut mini-album Shop being a kaleidoscopic off kilter pop ride, taking the listener through haunted castles, deprived encounters, days lost to the imagination in bed, and through the integral friendships that give SUEP the energy to keep dancing to their own beat.

                                                                            The album was arranged and recorded in the Red Lion Boys Club, an ex-youth centre in which Georgie and Josh both lived. Using equipment collected by Josh in his travels as a bootsale and market trader, the sports hall was transformed into a makeshift studio for a few days, with sessions conducted by producer Matthew Green (Sniffany & The Nits, The Tubs, etc.)

                                                                            Mark Riley (BBC 6 Music) described SUEP’s debut single and album opener, ‘Domesticated Dream’ (2021) as “perfect pop music.” The joyfully kitsch track brims with a 70s Yamaha disco beat, deep bass, nostalgic drum machines, and hooky melodies. Possibly the most psychedelic and infectious track born out of lockdown, it tackles homelife, drinking too much, and making big plans that never come to fruition, but with a big technicoloured positivity for the future of the human-race, with the chorus’ refrain, “the psychedelic 4000s,” predicting the return of the psychedelic Age of Aquarius in a couple of millennia time.

                                                                            The following single ‘Misery’ (2021) is pure cosmic swing-pop wizardry in part inspired by spy music and The Supremes. Ollie, The track’s baritone vocalist, describes it as “A love song disguised as a song about loss. It's about cherishing the things that matter but it’s also about having the courage to say goodbye,” with each line of the song a small story about a different character.

                                                                            Whilst latest Shop taster ‘In Good Health’ is darkly euphoric like a pleasantly strange meeting of Siouxsie Sioux and Jona Lewie. It’s a playfully discombobulating mix of 80s jangly guitar, chirpy keyboard and moody post-punk tackling mental health, drug addiction, and the power of friendship, written after the song’s vocalist Georgie came out of hospital following a mental health crisis. “I wanted to write a song that encapsulated how important my relationships with my friends and boyfriend were at that time” she explains “…and one that also felt dark like I did at the time. I couldn’t go outside due to anxiety surrounding my health so I stayed inside for weeks. People would visit and watch films with me or let me tattoo them or make music with me. My community helped me recover.”

                                                                            Elsewhere on Shop is ‘Just The Job’ fronted by Harvey and described by him as “About the relief of accepting a menial existence, and allowing life to be boring - but (within that) how the small things are the important ones, how pulling a sicky or extra long lunch break are important things to do for yourself, and how easy it is to miss the joy of every day once you get comfortable in a routine.” It’s an anthem for working people who’ve had enough - and a crowd favourite at SUEP gigs.

                                                                            The darker undertones and post-punk angles of the Georgie-fronted ‘Onions’ is inspired by the crapness of cliques, with the band calling the song “A cry of welcome to all;” and finally the hooky ‘Friend of Mine,’ described as “A love letter to all the people that come and go throughout your life no matter how long you know them” - another number recalling Jona Lewie, mixed with a little sprinkling of Jonathan Richman in Harvey’s vocal delivery.

                                                                            SUEP have received coverage in Independent & Clash, (among many others), with big support from Mark Riley and Steve Lamacq (BBC 6 Music) for early singles. They have played countless gigs over the last couple of years, with their first ever headline show at London’s Stag Head selling out immediately, toured with contemporaries such as Garden Centre and Ex-Void, and performed at 2022’s The Great Escape.

                                                                            SUEP’s mini-album Shop was recorded in February 2020 within two days with producer Matthew Green (Sniffany & The Nits, The Tubs, etc.) at Georgie and Josh’s old home, the Red Lion Boys Club youth centre in Surrey Quays, with the old sports hall being made into a makeshift studio. It was later mixed by Mike O’Malley (caroline, Girl Ray).

                                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                            Andy says: 'Shop' is an endlessly joyous and fiendishly hummable selection of upbeat pop anthems skilfully spanning disco, lounge jazz and art rock and pulling them all together into a surprisingly cohesive whole. At points quaint and minimalistic, while wonderfully widescreen in others. It's a perfect example of a fun release, without ever being too twee to enjoy.

                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                            1) Domesticated Dream
                                                                            2) Friend Of Mine
                                                                            3) Onions
                                                                            4) Misery
                                                                            5) In Good Health
                                                                            6) Just A Job

                                                                            Swimming Tapes


                                                                              "Swimming Tapes really are something special, equal parts nostalgic and fresh. They’ve made it a perfect four in a row..." The Line Of Best Fit, 2017.

                                                                              To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the release of their debut EP, dreamy indie-pop quintet Swimming Tapes have announced a limited-run pressing of it on vinyl for the very first time. The EP features the band's first four singles, originally released between 2016-17.

                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                              1. Tides
                                                                              2. Souvenirs
                                                                              3. Set The Fire
                                                                              4. Cameos

                                                                              The Tubs

                                                                              Dead Meat

                                                                                London group The Tubs return to Trouble In Mind with their hotly anticipated full-length album entitled “Dead Meat”. The band were formed in 2018 from the ashes of beloved UK post-punk band Joanna Gruesome by former members Owen 'O' Williams and George 'GN' Nicholls. By incorporating elements of post-punk, traditional British folk, and guitar jangle seasoned by nonchalant Cleaners From Venus-influenced pop hooks and contemporary antipodean indie bands (Twerps/Goon Sax, et al).

                                                                                “Dead Meat” is resplendent in hi-fidelity strum & thrum, incorporating fleeting elements of post-punk and indie jangle, but the group’s penchant for trad British folk & Canterbury folk-rock takes a noticeable, caffeinated step forward. Echoes of Fairport Convention’s decidedly English chime cross swords with singer Owen Williams’ lyrics directing Bryan Ferry’s “thinking man’s libertine” persona into a more dolorous outlook. Many songs (like “Round The Bend” and “Duped”) soar with an urgent strum under Williams’ acerbic lyrics, recalling a younger fiery Richard Thompson. They languish in an aching, bitter resignation (of both the situations described & the protagonist’s place in it), particularly near the album’s second half. Others like the previously released “I Don’t Know How It Works”, “Two Person Love” and “Illusion” (re-presented here as “Illusion Pt. II” and all rerecorded from their original 7-inch versions) up the urgency, implying that the journey for the person described in each tune is not over & may be even more desperate than before. The band has never been tighter & more dynamic, often imperceptibly ratcheting up the tension, an extra guitar strum overdubbed, a barely audible organ/synth cranking under a chorus or bridge, or unexpected backups from current Ex-Vöid (and ex-Joanna Gruesome) vocalist Lan McArdle. The Tubs are poised to take over your stereo - there’s no point in resisting.

                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                1. Illusion Pt. II
                                                                                2. Two-Person Love
                                                                                3. I Don’t Know How It Works
                                                                                4. Dead Meat
                                                                                5. Sniveller
                                                                                6. Duped
                                                                                7. That’s Fine
                                                                                8. Round The Bend
                                                                                9. Wretched Lie

                                                                                The Wave Pictures

                                                                                French Cricket

                                                                                  In 1998 The Wave Pictures started carving out their own path in search of the lost essence of British Indie, since their acclaimed “Instant Coffee Baby” -nominated for The Guardian New Album Award and present in many lists of the best albums of the last 15 years– , until the most recent “When The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings”, always giving their best in countless electrifying performances. Now The Wave Pictures are once again allied with Acuarela to release an exclusive double 7” with five songs (one, “French Cricket” included on their new album and the other four totally exclusive) and show that they are still an indie rock band without indie rock influences, a trio with its own style that doesn't want to be a blues group, but with blues –and soul, and country, and folk-, as the invisible core of everything they do.

                                                                                  The Wave Pictures began their career in 1998. Since then the British trio hasn't stopped: at the frenetic pace of their concert schedule, they add a stakhanovist record production, which advances at the rate of almost one album per year. Example: “Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon”, which came out in February 2015, was already their thirteenth official LP (without forgetting that they have also released a large number of singles, EPs, rarities and unofficial material). But it is that in February 2016 the fourteenth album, “A Season In Hull” was released -which they recorded with a single microphone and only released on vinyl-, and in November of that same year its successor, “Bamboo Diner In The Rain” came out. In June 2018 they returned to the fray with another LP, “Brushes With Happiness”, and that November also dropped “Look Inside Your Heart”. The pandemic has made them slow down a little bit until May 2022 when they finally returned with "When The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings". “When The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings” is a double album dedicated to the cycle of life and in which each of its four sides (in the old fashioned way) is focused on one of the seasons of the year. The title refers to spring and its splendor. The result is pop in the style of The Wave Pictures, with all the essence of the band: those intense guitar solos by Dave, his acoustic plucking, the solid writing… in addition to the mandolin, the bluesy name it! All the band members, David Tattersall (vocals, guitar), Franic Rozycki (bass) and Jonny “Huddersfield” Helm (drums), are avid fans of rock'n'roll, classic country, 70s rock, soul and folk, and this album celebrates with joy all those musical loves of them, some rediscovered in recent times. Moreover, they have pointed out that Guided By Voices have also been a great source of inspiration on this recording, as well as re-listening to Sun Records’ rockabilly, African guitar records, the more country side of Neil Young, the crazy fun of The Who and some moments from The Yardbirds. The Wave Pictures are still playing what Modern Lovers did back in the day -and then Herman Dune or Hefner-, only they play it as if Rory Gallagher was their lead guitar. With the lo-fi pop-rock label as an amicable stigma, they never deny the maxim that places attitude before technique and they are always vaccinated against fashion. Years go by and they are still the same sly alley-cats, only sounding more and more classic.

                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                  1. French Cricket
                                                                                  2. From A Buick 6
                                                                                  3. Porcupines
                                                                                  4. Rufus Thomas
                                                                                  5. Cincinatti Flow Rag

                                                                                  We Are Scientists


                                                                                    Hot on the heels of 2021’s Huffy (which reached #1 on the UK indie chart), New York indie rock legends We Are Scientists return with their 8th studio album, Lobes. Largely written at the same time as Huffy and once again self-produced, Lobes stays glued to the indie dance floor but showcases a darker, more electronic pop sound than its rock indebted predecessor. Always present though are the catchy melodies and soaring choruses which have become the band’s calling card over their near 2-decade career. 

                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                    1: Operator Error
                                                                                    2: Dispense With Sentiment
                                                                                    3: Human Resources
                                                                                    4: Lucky Just To Be Here
                                                                                    5: Turn It Up
                                                                                    6: Settled Accounts
                                                                                    7: Here Goes
                                                                                    8: Parachute
                                                                                    9: Less From You
                                                                                    10: Miracle Of '22


                                                                                    What Kind Of Blue Are You?

                                                                                      Winter’s glittery, holographic image takes on a darker shade in the grooves of their 4th album, What Kind of Blue Are You? The record sees Samira Winter return to the kind of hooky shoegaze of her early recordings. A darker, more world-weary perspective informs the honest and emotionally unguarded lyrics.

                                                                                      Sonically, What Kind of Blue... is Winter’s greatest achievement yet. Texturally,, bellowing fuzz and wirey guitars evoke a new sonic territory. Tracks like “Atonement” (ft. Hatchie), “Good” (ft. Sasami) and “Fool” claw, scrape and wriggle their way into your ear.

                                                                                      Produced by Joo Joo Ashworth (Sasami, Automatic, Dummy). Recently completed a US and Europe tour as part of Hatchie’s band. 4 pre-release singles and a video for “Atonement”. Featured guest peformances from Sasami Ashworth and Hatchie. Recent collaborations with Pachyman, Mile High Club, and Jorge Elbrecht.

                                                                                      “Utterly charming kaleidoscopic dreampop... her perfect palette of sounds draws you in but she’s got the tunes to keep you around” Brooklyn Vegan

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      Side A
                                                                                      01. Wish I Knew
                                                                                      02. Atonement
                                                                                      03. Good
                                                                                      04. Sunday
                                                                                      05. Crimson Enclosure
                                                                                      Side B
                                                                                      06. Write It Out
                                                                                      07. Lose You
                                                                                      08. Fool
                                                                                      09. Mr. On-My-Mind
                                                                                      10. Kind Of Blue

                                                                                      Wolf Eyes

                                                                                      Difficult Messages

                                                                                        A selection of private press 45s featuring Nate Young, John Olson, Alex Moskos, Gretchen Gonzales, Aaron Dilloway & Raven Chacon. These collaborations between the core Wolf Eyes crew and friends was originally self-released as a series of super-limited 7” hand painted box sets, but now the core ‘hits’ have been compiled by Disciples for wider consumption.

                                                                                        The results are surprisingly diverse, from Short Hands’ avant-garde rock’n’roll through to the delay-drunk drum machine of Time Designers, and the classic Michigan underground audio sprawl of Universal Eyes.

                                                                                        A current snapshot of the vast amount of music and art that Wolf Eyes and friends continue to transmit into the world. Limited edition clear vinyl with 16 page booklet.

                                                                                        In similar fashion to the recent Maxine Funke compilation on Disciples, this collection also trails a brand new studio album from Wolf Eyes which will be landing early next year.

                                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                                        Winspear Volume 01

                                                                                          A label sampler showcasing the best of Winspear’s releases from its early days to the present day.

                                                                                          The sampler features cuts from Barrie, Divino Niño, Slow Pulp, Video Age, and more.

                                                                                          Digital download included with the LP includes never before heard b-sides and rarities from across the label roster.

                                                                                          Winspear Volume 01 is a label sampler from Winspear. It’s a collection of standout songs from the label’s catalog, spanning from their early years to the present day. Featuring tracks by Barrie, Divino Niño, Slow Pulp, Video Age, and more. The digital version of the label sampler (including the digital download that comes with each physical album purchase), will include never before heard demos, b-sides, and rarities from across the label roster. The release of the sampler will be celebrated at a label showcase at Thalia Hall in Chicago.

                                                                                          The event, Winspear Review, is happening for the 4th time in the label’s history.

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                          1A. Barrie “Frankie”
                                                                                          2A. The Convenience “Kiss Me In Heaven”
                                                                                          3A. Slow Pulp “Falling Apart”
                                                                                          4A. Video Age “Aerostar”
                                                                                          5A. Divino Niño “Quiero”
                                                                                          6A. Major Murphy “One Day”
                                                                                          1B. Amy O “Sunday Meal”
                                                                                          2B. Majetic “Moonlight”
                                                                                          3B. PARTS “Flowers”
                                                                                          4B. Brenda’s Friend “House Down”
                                                                                          5B. Kevin Krauter “Lazy River”
                                                                                          6B. Thunder Dreamer “Now We Know”

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