Genre pick of the week Cover of All Hell by Los Campesinos!.

Los Campesinos!

All Hell

    The UK’s first and only emo band Los Campesinos! return with their highly-anticipated seventh album, ‘All Hell’. It is perhaps their most ambitious and assured album yet, whilst simultaneously recalling everything we’ve come to love about LC! over their faultless discography. Recorded between October 2023 and February 2024, it is the first album to be wholly self-produced by band member Tom Bromley (having co-produced previous albums ‘Sick Scenes’ and ‘NO BLUES’). The album is also self-released on the band’s own Heart Swells record label.

    In the band’s words ‘All Hell’ is an album about…
    Drinking for fun and drinking for misery // adult acne // adult friendship // football // death and dying // love and sex // late-stage capitalism // Orpheus // day dreaming // night terrors // the heart as an organ and as a burden // Tears of the Kingdom // the punks on the playlist // increments of time // climate apocalypse // the moon the moon the moon///

    Los Campesinos! have become one of the most important and influential cult acts in the UK since they formed in the mid-2000s. Starting out in the Cardiff indie scene and soundtracking Budweiser adverts, the seven-piece’s musical evolution since then has been slow, steady and remarkable. From the frenzied chaos of debut album ‘Hold On Now, Youngster…’ (2008) through 2010 breakthrough ‘Romance is Boring’ and the self-mythologising of latter day highlights ‘NO BLUES’ (2013) and ‘Sick Scenes’ (2017), their discography is an interconnected web of niche references, big swings and unflinching honesty.

    Making self-professed sleeper hits for weeping dipshits, they’re as influenced by The Beautiful South as they are US emo, with emotional intensity and connection always at the core. Their lyrics are a treasure trove of football references, tales of romantic woe and painfully frank exorcisms, which have been tattooed across hundreds of fans’ bodies and served as comfort and insight during that break-up you had (there’s a reason the band’s tagline is “your ex-girlfriend’s favourite band”).

    Now with the release of ‘All Hell’, Los Camp! approach their third decade as a band more brilliant, more potent and more vital than ever.


    Barry says: Another blast of Los Camps' unique brand of emo-adjacent indie pop, brimming with huge vocal harmonies and beautifully rendered orchestral flourishes. It's wonderfully produced too, with plenty of room for this seasoned collection of musicians to shine. It's a beautiful looking thing too, with the red LP being a particular favourite.


    Side A:
    A1 The Coin-Op Guillotine 04:19
    A2 Holy Smoke (2005) 02:56
    A3 A Psychic Wound 04:02
    A4 I. Spit; Or, A Bite Mark In The Shape Of The Sunflower State 01:24

    Side B:
    B1 Long Throes 04:19
    B2 Feast Of Tongues 05:02
    B3 The Order Of The Seasons 03:57
    B4 II. Music For Aerial Toll House 00:52

    Side C:
    C1 To Hell In A Handjob 04:11
    C2 Clown Blood/Orpheus’ Bobbing Head 03:57
    C3 Kms 02:35
    C4 III. Surfing A Contrail 00:39

    Side D:
    D1 Moonstruck 03:28
    D2 0898 HEARTACHE 05:16
    D3 Adult Acne Stigmata 02:54

    Beachwood Sparks

    Across The River Of Stars

      After a 12-year hibernation, Beachwood Sparks emerges with "Across The River Of Stars", a transcendent and succinct sonic odyssey - Under the guiding hand of Chris Robinson, the band's revival showcases their growth and musical maturity.

      From their indie roots to this celestial return, the album bridges the past and present, offering a journey through cosmic and earthy landscapes. Within it's nine songs Across The River Of Stars invites listeners to rediscover Beachwood Sparks.


      My Love My Love
      Torn In Two
      Falling Forever
      Gentle Samurai
      Faded Glory
      Dolphin Dance
      High Noon
      Wild Swans



        'Unbound' opens with a single, trembling chord that rises and descends before meeting a warm, beguiling voice, a voice singing in a tradition that’s been heard in this northern river country for millennia. The music that follows is a soulful dialogue between the ancient tradition of powwow singing and a contemporary musical palette. On 'Unbound', the powwow style of singing is entwined with synthesized voice modulation, and hand drumming is accented with electronic samples and beats - the harmonies and resonances are equal parts cultural and musical.

        Geographically, Bizhiki is almost wholly a made-in-Wisconsin project, a collaboration between Dylan Bizhikiins Jennings, Joe Rainey and the multi-instrumentalist Sean Carey (S. Carey), who for years has been a secret weapon within the Bon Iver family. Bezhikiins Jennings grew up singing within the powwow tradition, around the Lac Du Flambeau and Lac Courte Oreilles reservations in Central Wisconsin. He now makes his home in Northern Wisconsin, on the Bad River reservation on the shores of Lake Superior. He’s joined on the album by his adopted brother, Rainey, a Red Lake Ojibwe powwow singer from Minneapolis who now makes his home within his wife’s Oneida Nation on the shores of Lake Michigan.

        The collaboration between these three musicians first began at the Eaux Claires festival in 2015. The festival was being organized on Ojibwe’s ancestral homelands, and the organizers didn’t feel right without the inclusion of the native communities who lived nearby. Bizhikiins Jennings remembers getting an invitation to play the festival and thinking “I wish more people would say this - that instead of reading from some land acknowledgement, that they would say ‘we're gonna give your people space and just invite you to do what you wanna do'". The open-endedness of the initial invitation and the “let’s just do something together” spirit continues to inform Bizhiki’s process.

        Recording steadily over the course of years - and between several projects from Bizhiki’s members, including two solo albums (Joe Rainey's Niineta and S. Carey's Break Me Open) - the trio chipped away at an expansive, ambitious and unique record that sounds like no other music being made today. 'Unbound' is a collaboration between a group of singers and musicians at a particular time and place, exchanging ideas in an open-ended dialogue deeply considering the resources that we’re trying to share, generations into the future.


        Barry says: A fascinating melting pot of traditional powwow singing, crackling electronics and stark percussion, beautifully celebratory synths and piano and heartfelt vocal melodies. This is one of the best examples of two disparate elements coming together to form something wholly new and entirely unexpected.


        1. Franklin Warrior
        2. Unbound
        3. SGC
        4. She’s All We Have
        5. Rez News
        6. Nashke!
        7. Float Back By
        8. Trying To Live
        9. Gigawaabamin (Come Through) (feat. Mike Sullivan)
        10. Call Me Home
        11. Medicine River

        Bloc Party

        Intimacy - 2024 Reissue

          Experience the nocturnal allure of Bloc Party's third studio album, 'Intimacy,' now reissued on pink vinyl. With tracks delving into personal relationships and hinting at Greek mythology, this album is a lyrical journey through intimacy.

          Drawing inspiration from drum and bass and old-school hip-hop, Bloc Party ventures into explorative electronic territory, departing from traditional indie rock. 'Intimacy' is a thrilling blend of genres, perfect for the dance floor, offering a fun and experimental experience. Dive into the vibrant soundscape of 'Intimacy', where each track unfolds as a late-night adventure filled with intrigue and excitement.


          A1. Ares
          A2. Mercury
          A3. Halo
          A4. Biko
          A5. Trojan Horse
          A6. Signs
          B1. One Month Off
          B2. Zephyrus
          B3. Talons
          B4. Better Than Heaven
          B5. Ion Square 

          Cocteau Twins

          Four Calendar Cafe - 2024 Reissue

            Cocteau Twins vocalist Elizabeth Fraser, guitarist Robin Guthrie, and bassist Simon Raymonde formed in Grangemouth, Scotland in the late 70s

            The brainchild of Guthrie and original bassist Will Heggie, by 1981 they had added Fraser and the following year signed to 4AD, one of the most illustrious of the indie labels. With Raymonde replacing Heggie in 1983, the trio went on to create some of the most unique and otherworldly music of the 80s, built around Guthrie's chiming guitar and Fraser's unmistakable soprano. By the early 90s, the group had just released their most successful album, the commercial Heaven or Las Vegas, but the relationship with 4AD was coming to an end. Mercury imprint Fontana was going through something of a purple patch, signing former underground bands, and by 1992, Cocteau Twins had joined The Fall and the House Of Love.

            The group's debut album for Fontana, Four- Calendar Cafe, was released in October 1993. Its gossamer melodies and largely upbeat pop bely the turmoil the group were going through. Barney Hoskyns, writing in Mojo, said that Four- Calendar Caf was "the most poignant, heartrending Cocteaus record of all, an album of naked confession and raw beauty . . . Sadness never sounded so luscious." Simon Raymonde agreed: "I think in time people will realise what a great album Four-Calendar Cafe is. Because I think it's beautiful." Led by the single Evangeline, the reached No 13 in the UK album chart and is much-loved by fans.

            TRACK LISTING

            Know Who You Are At Every Age
            Theft, And Wandering Around Lost
            Oil Of Angels
            Squeeze- Wax
            My Truth

            Chris Cohen

            Paint A Room

              Chris Cohen was always a quiet kid. In fact, this introversion was one reason he began playing music as a toddler—to communicate without speaking, to identify with others without the direct representation of words. It has worked, too, with Cohen’s terrific stint in the mighty Deerhoof and his own captivating art-rock act The Curtains, preceding production and session work for the likes of Weyes Blood, Kurt Vile, Le Ren, and Marina Allen. Somewhere along that long way, Cohen started writing lyrics. He found that, though it didn’t come naturally, the process offered a new sense of self-discovery and reckoning, a way to see himself and the world from unexpected angles. His three twilit albums of casually complicated pop during the last decade radiated these epiphanies: handling family strife, navigating advancing age, and understanding social woes.

              But Cohen has never had as much to sing so directly as he does on Paint a Room, his first album in five years and his debut for Hardly Art. If Cohen’s meanings have previously lurked inside the tessellated musical layers he built alone, they are newly clear and resonant here, animated and underscored for the first time by a band playing in real time. There is the endless miasma of state violence on the subversively melodious opener “Damage,” the existential exhaustion of modernity on the horn-traced jangle “Laughing”: this is Cohen communicating with friends not only through his deep understanding of groove, harmony, and hook but also with his listeners through songs that croon of our uneasy little era.

              On Paint a Room, Cohen’s music feels like a warm spring breeze, easy to love and gentle to feel. But it’s often carrying something heavy, as if blowing in from some unseen storm cloud. Paint a Room both reckons with reality and conjures an alternate one, where nighttime walks and a neighbor’s wind chimes offer endless escapes for the imagination, space for the mind to roam. Sublime and sun-lit, these 10 songs consider dreamy new ways out of old predicaments, clearly stating the problem and dancing and singing their way somewhere new.

              Paint a Room features Jeff Parker contributing the fluttering horn arrangement on “Damage,” and Parker collaborator Josh Johnson (who produced Meshell Ndegeocello’s Grammy-Award-winning album The Omnichord Real Book) supplying flute, sax, and clarinet arrangements throughout the record.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Barry says: Brisk, summery melodies and syncopated grooves that weave together and fade away as effortlessly as they enter. There are hints here of 60's psychedelia and easy listening, folk and rock and roll, but while there are moments of recognisable influence, it never strays into any one genre and results in something that's wonderfully fresh and incomparably inventive.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Damage
              2. Paint A Room
              3. Sunever
              4. Cobb Estate
              5. Laughing
              6. Wishing Well
              7. Dog’s Face
              8. Night Or Day
              9. Physical Address
              10. Randy’s Chimes

              Comet Gain

              Only Happy When I'm Sad

                Comet Gain are a British Indie Pop band, who have been making beautiful noise since 1992. Formed by singer-songwriter and guitarist David Christian (aka David Feck/Charlie Damage) and Phil Sutton, with musical influences including Post-Punk and Northern Soul, Pitchfork called them "one of the most underrated contemporary indie bands in the UK"..

                The two recordings on this 7" record were recorded in the Spring / Summer of 1996. Shortly after, Comet Gain disbanded as it was, with the majority forming the band Velocette, leaving David Christian to continue Comet Gain with new members.

                Dr. Dog

                Dr. Dog

                  For more than two decades, Dr. Dog have maintained a shared devotion to the unruly alchemy of making music. When it came time to create their eleventh studio album, the Philadelphia-bred band adopted an entirely new way of working together, embracing a multilayered process designed to foster a deeper synergy among its five members (bassist Toby Leaman, lead guitarist Scott McMicken, rhythm guitarist Frank McElroy, keyboardist Zach Miller, and drummer Eric Slick). After beginning that journey with a close-knit session at Leaman’s uncle’s cabin in the Pennsylvania woods, Dr. Dog steadily made their way toward the joyfully unfettered psych-rock of their new self-titled LP.

                  Mixed by multi-Grammy-winner Matt Ross-Spang (Jason Isbell, Drive-By Truckers), Dr. Dog finds McMicken taking the helm as producer for the first time in the history of the decidedly egalitarian band. True to the eclectic spirit that’s always animated the band, Dr. Dog’s 11 tracks shift from soul to surf-rock to symphonic pop with an exuberance made all the more powerful by their revitalized creative energy. “There isn’t really a concept or cohesive idea that unifies this collection of tunes,” says McMicken. “In the end it’s about us being together, doing the work, and showing up as our truest selves.” Their first fulllength since 2018’s Critical Equation, Dr. Dog reveals a band – over twenty years into their storied career – growing together and evolving, fully committed to the singular work of dreaming up songs that brighten the mind and expand the soul.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  SIDE A
                  Lost Ones
                  Fat Dog
                  Talk Is Cheap
                  What A Night’ll Do
                  SIDE B
                  Tell Your Friends
                  Still Can’t Believe
                  Fine White Lies
                  White Dove
                  Love Struck

                  The brilliant Dark Entries celebrates its 15th anniversary by going back to its roots and offering up a reissue of its inaugural release: New York collective Eleven Pond's 1986 classic, 'Bas Relief'. This mega-rare record has become a stone-cold cult classic album revered by dark pop devotees. It features James Tabbi, Jeff Gallea, Jack Schaeffer, and Dan Brumley on a mix of guitars, synths, vocoders and drum machines and is a sound inspired by seminal labels like 4AD and Factory Records, and moody acts like Joy Division and Fad Gadget. For this reissue, it has been remastered to correct previous reissue flaws and comes in a screen-printed jacket with a lyric sheet, postcards, and a bookmark. Only 500 copies have been pressed so don't sleep on this one.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Side 1
                  Tear & Cinnamon
                  Watching Trees
                  Days Hence

                  Side 2
                  Moving Nowhere
                  Changing Face
                  Ignorant Father

                  English Teacher

                  Polyawkward - Repress

                    Leeds indie heavyweights English Teacher announce details of debut EP ‘Polyawkward’, via Nice Swan Records (Sports Team, Pip Blom, FUR).

                    The follow-up to mammoth lead track ‘Good Grief’, ‘A55’ captures the group’s trademark enigmatic wordplay and vivid musicianship in full flow, adding further credence to their status as key players amongst the emerging indie elite, having already been spotlighted in the NME 100, DIY’s Class of 2022 and Dork’s 2022 Hype List.

                    Detailing their second EP reveal, bandleader Lily Fontaine explained: “”Writing the lyrics for ‘A55’ was a cathartic exercise after waking up with ‘The Fear’ the morning after the night before – reflecting on the rise and fall of the ego as it became affected by what I put in my body, I hoped that putting it down in verse would make the embarrassment all worth it.”

                    Robb Johnson

                    Pennypot Lane

                      January 2024 looked endless; I needed to do some recording to cheer myself up. The studio I usually use was booked all month, but before the disasters of Brexit & Covid I’d met pianist Yves Meerschaut in Gent, and he’d shown me his recording studio, Room 13, and that did have a couple of days free in January…

                      I decided to make a record of old songs that other people have liked, and / or that I play differently now, and / or that haven’t appeared on vinyl before. So, here, there’s:

                      “Pennypot Lane”, a fox song that people like, “Winter Turns to Spring” that was Tony Benn’s favourite song, “The Blue Sea Says Yes”, a song about how the sea welcomes us all, heroic or fragile, equally in our mortality (something like that anyway) , that I had forgotten about till people started saying how much they liked it, “More Than Enough”, that Roy Bailey and Martin Simpson have kindly rescued from the obscurity of its previous appearance on a CD in 1992, “Babbecombe at the Closing of the Day”, a song about going to Babbecombe model village, “At the Siege of Madrid” which quite a few people like, but is one of those songs that always somehow eludes a definitive performance, “A True History of Couscous”, a song I like that is more or a less fictionalized autobiography, and lastly..

                      “You Don’t Have to Say Goodbye”. This is a song from my first CD; Thames Valley folk-stalwart Terry Silver used to enjoy performing it so that afterwards he could shock audiences who’d been happily singing along to it by revealing it had been written by that dreadful lefty Robb Johnson, It’s also, more recently, a song our son Arvin likes very much too, and he graces this version with his characteristically modest tasteful Spanish guitar playing. He also nagged me into doing the artwork for the cover.

                      Three of these songs are lucky enough to have Yves’s breathtaking, exquisite piano playing embellishing them, and Sian Allen gifts “Madrid” some beautiful trumpet accompaniment too. But primarily, for good or ill, it’s mainly me with an acoustic guitar. Robb Johnson, May 24.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Side A
                      Pennypot Lane
                      Winter Turns To Spring
                      The Blue Sea Says Yes
                      More Than Enough

                      Side B
                      Babbecombe At The Closing Of The Day
                      At The Siege Of Madrid
                      A True History Of Couscous
                      You Don't Have To Say Goodbye

                      The Joy Hotel


                        Newly signed to SO Recordings and with a debut album proper in hand, The Joy Hotel have become a word-of-mouth success story in the Scottish DIY scene, and have since taken their live show across the UK and Europe, playing festivals including Hidden Door, Doune the Rabbit Hole, Connect, TRNSMT, Twisterella, Latitude, Sound City and The Great Escape.

                        The band spent eleven days at Rockfield, the legendary studio in Monmouth, Wales, recording live-to-tape. When they left, they had a sound. It is often contradictory, in that it combines the songwriting sensibilities of pop and country with arrangements reminiscent of the psychedelic scene of the 60s, six-part vocal harmonies with elements of noise rock, beautiful balladry with a sense of humour, and a cinematic quality. The result of those eleven days is debut album 'Ceremony', a record that searches for the profound in the seemingly routine, and reaches out with arms wide open to wring celebration out of each moment.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. I Decline
                        2. Forever Tender Blue
                        3. First Joy
                        4. Jeremiah
                        5. Black Balloon
                        6. Rapid Eye Movement
                        7. Old Man's Eyes
                        8. While You're Young
                        9. No Use
                        10. Twenty Three (A Comedy) - Part 1
                        11. Twenty Three (A Comedy) - Part 2
                        12. Killing Time
                        13. Small Mercy

                        Land Of Talk

                        The EPs

                          Land Of Talk emerged from the ethereal landscapes of mid-aughts Canadian indie rock with their 2006 debut Applause Cheer Boo Hiss. Led by Elizabeth Powell, they have spent the last 18 years carving their own path through the music scene, captivating audiences with their emotive soundscapes and raw vulnerability.

                          The EPs brings 2009's Fun And Laughter and 2021's Calming Night Partner together on vinyl for the first time, combining two distinct chapters in Land of Talk's sonic journey while offering fans a unique perspective on the evolution of their sound.

                          Fun And Laughter showcases the band's early experimentation with texture and tone. From the shimmering guitars of "May You Never," to the haunting melodies of "A Series Of Small Flames," each track exudes a sense of youthful energy and introspection.

                          Calming Night Partner is an equally mesmerizing collection of songs that delves into themes of longing and redemption. With tracks like "Leave Life Alone," and "Something Will Be Said," the EP showcases Powell's continuing evolution as a songwriter and lyricist.

                          This release represents more than just a collection of songs; they are a testament to the band's unwavering commitment to their craft and their unyielding passion for storytelling through music. As they continue to push the boundaries of their sound and forge new paths in the indie rock landscape, one thing remains certain: the echoes of Land of Talk will linger on, resonating in the hearts and minds of listeners for years to come.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Fun And Laughter (Side A)
                          1. Sixteen Asterisk
                          2. May You Never
                          3. As Me
                          4. A Series Of Small Flames

                          Calming Night Partner (Side B)
                          5. Leave Life Alone
                          6. Moment Feed
                          7. Calming Night Partner
                          8. Something Will Be Said

                          The Last Dinner Party


                            This limited-edition white 7” release features the studio version of 'Sinner' on the A-side and an energetic live take from Melkweg, Amsterdam of 'Sinner' on the B-side.


                            Expensive Air

                              A song is a song until it isn’t, until it’s pushed to its limits and beyond to become harder, faster and more dissonant. The music on Oneida’s 17th full-length album, Expensive Air, all started as tightly structured, melodic rock songs very much in line with the non-stop bangers of Success from 2022 but along the way, they changed.

                              Bobby Matador sketched the structures of these songs from his home base in Boston, then sent the demos to Oneida’s New York contingent: Kid Millions, Hanoi Jane, Shahin Motia and Barry London. “We were working out the songs in New York without Bobby. We would start out riding the riffs, and then Shahin and Jane would add wild, out-of-tune licks,” said Kid Millions. “It seemed so perfect.”

                              Oneida has long straddled gray-area boundaries between the NYC punk/psych/rock world and the art / experimental world, playing at gritty rock clubs and elevated cultural institutions. Oneida’s previous album, Success, came after a four-year hiatus, unleashing the band’s pent up creative energy in a set of catchy, accessible, nearly poppy songs. Song structure remained important in the run up towards Expensive Air, but so was the instinctual, improvisatory interplay that has always been a part of Oneida’s process. The band had been playing live together for two years, sharpening its attack and pushing its songs to go harder, faster and wilder.

                              The new album expands on what Oneida achieved with Success, but also pushes past it, laying down irresistible song structures then blowing them to psychedelic bits. “I found myself thinking about this record as a darker, looser, louder, counterpart to Success,” he explains. “Both records charge forward from the jump and mix the elliptical with the blunt, and longing with self-mockery. But Success is like laughing in a car gunning carelessly through an ice storm, and Expensive Air is how you laugh at yourself as the car spins into the ditch, or a tree. Same trip, but a little closer to the bone.”

                              RIYL: The Fall, Dead Kennedys, Dinosaur Jr., The Damned, The Cure, Wire, Peaking Lights, The Clean, ZZ Top, Gene Clark, The Ramones, Sun Ra, Martin Rev, Allen Ravenstine, Horse Lords, Liars, CAN, NEU!, Pram, Minami Deutsch, ESG, Acid Mothers Temple, Erase Errata. 

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Barry says: Oneida (especially here) encapsulate the live aesthetic on the recorded medium. There's a clear energy and an excitement that comes through the speakers when you play them loud, and it places you right at the front of one of their gigs. Bracing, punky blasts and excitable bursts of atonal guitar screech abound, you can't help but nod along to all of it.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1 Reason To Hide
                              2 Spill
                              3 La Plage
                              4 Stranger
                              5 Here It Comes
                              6 Expensive Air
                              7 Salt
                              8 Gunboats

                              Precocious Neophyte

                              Home In The Desert

                                Precocious Neophyte is the shoegaze/dreampop project of South Korean singer songwriter Jeehye Ham.

                                After gaining recognition both in the Korean indie scene and abroad as vocalist/guitarist of Vidulgi OoyoO (shoegaze/post rock) and guitarist of JuckJuck Grunzie(noise/psychedelic), Ham relocated to Chicago where she began experimenting with home recording. In 2019, she released an EP comprised of intimate acoustic compositions under the name Sophysoon.

                                With Home in the Desert, Ham embraces the solitary action and lo-fi aesthetics of home recording to create a fuzzier, more expansive sound, inspired by the organized noise of bands she grew up with in Korea's indie scene. Home in the Desert, written and recorded in her apartment between 2021-2022, developed out of Ham's attempts to envision how skeletal guitar lines might sound when performed live at ear-splitting volumes by a full band. “I never expected that I would make loud music again, but one day I took my guitar out and started jamming on my own.“

                                As its title suggests, Precocious Neophyte's debut release negotiates the impossible longings for perpetual spaces and times of home. In doing so, Ham fills unstable distances with what KEXP calls "ethereal vocals and soaring melodies," and cradles the insecurities of isolation in overdrive warmth and many layers of distorted guitars.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. From My Tiny Room
                                2. My Electronic Idol
                                3. Traveler
                                4. AIWA
                                5. Yasik (Midnight Meal)
                                6. Girls On The Bed
                                7. Korean Lesson 7 At Home (Where Is Michael?)
                                8. Golden Eyes
                                9. Dreaming Alone Or Together (Bonus Track)
                                10. My Electronic Idol (Alternative Mix)

                                Olivia Rodrigo

                                GUTS - 2024 Reissue

                                  3-time GRAMMY® award winning recording artist Olivia Rodrigo reissues GUTS on extremely limited-edition deluxe vinyl housed in a gatefold jacket, featuring brand new artwork and 5 extra tracks (So American being a BRAND NEW track) this special edition purple and red splatter vinyl is the only pressing featuring the full collection of GUTS songs.

                                  GUTS was recorded with producer Daniel Nigro, who also collaborated with Olivia on SOUR, her chart-topping, 4x platinum debut album. “for me, this album is about growing pains and about trying to figure out who I am at this point in my life and exactly what I want to say in my songs."

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. All-American Bitch
                                  2. Bad Idea Right?
                                  3. Vampire
                                  4. Lacy
                                  5. Ballad Of A Homeschooled Girl
                                  6. Making The Bed
                                  7. Logical
                                  8. Get Him Back!
                                  9. Love Is Embarrassing
                                  10. The Grudge
                                  11. Pretty Isn’t Pretty
                                  12. Teenage Dream
                                  13. Obsessed
                                  14. Girl I’ve Always Been
                                  15. Scared Of My Guitar
                                  16. Stranger
                                  17. So American

                                  Frank Sidebottom

                                  Little Box Of Bobbins - Frank's Fantastic Anthology 1985-1993

                                    • Featuring well over 100 songs.

                                    • The most detailed and definitive look at the career of cult hero Frank Sidebottom.

                                    • With an introduction by former bandmate Mark Radcliffe and an exclusive interview with Chris (Frank) Sievey's son Stirling.

                                    • As well as the interview, Stirling has also opened up the Sievey audio archive to provide 20 previously unreleased tracks of Frank performing at various gigs in Manchester from 1985-1988.

                                    • The compilation also includes, for the first time on CD, 16 tracks from Frank's EPs for Regal Zonophone from 1985-1986.

                                    Disc 1 contains 'Frank Sidebottom's ABC & D... The Best Of...', Cherry Red's first Frank collection, initially released in 1999.

                                    Disc 2 contains 'E, F, G & H. The Best Of... Volume Two', Cherry Red's 2009 follow-up.

                                    Disc 3 is made up of 36 tracks that have never been on CD before with 20 of those never having been released at all.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    DISC ONE
                                    'Frank Sidebottom's ABC & D... The Best Of...'
                                    1. Anarchy In Timperley
                                    2. Timperley Blues
                                    3. Timperley Sunset
                                    4. Born In Timperley
                                    5. Surfin' Timperleya
                                    6. Next Train To Timperley
                                    7. Oh Timperley
                                    8. Wild Thing In Timperley
                                    9. The Robbins Aren't Bobbins
                                    10. Guess Who's Been On Match Of The Day
                                    11. Mexico '90
                                    12. Estudiantes (Striped Shirts/ Black Panties)
                                    13. Puff 'n' Blow
                                    14. Hit The North
                                    15. I Should Be So Lucky
                                    16. Bohemian Rhapsody
                                    17. Frank Gordon
                                    18. Everybody Sings Queen
                                    19. We Will Rock You
                                    20. Radio Ga
                                    21. I Am The Champion
                                    22. Indie Medley
                                    23. The Monopoly Song
                                    24. Zoo Scrapbook
                                    25. Xmas Is Really Fantastic
                                    26. I Wish It Could Be Xmas Every Day
                                    27. Oh Come All Ye Faithful
                                    28. Xmas Medley
                                    29. What For From Me Mum
                                    30. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
                                    31. Flying
                                    32. Mull Of Timperley
                                    33. It Was Nearly 20 Years Ago Today
                                    34. Twist 'n' Shout
                                    35. Blackpool Fool
                                    36. Mr. Custard
                                    37. Hey You Street Artist
                                    38. The Wonder Of Me
                                    39. Firm Favourite Ads
                                    40. Mirror Man, Mirror Puppet / Gimmie That Harp Little Frank
                                    41. Another Fantastic Banjo Song
                                    42. Electricity

                                    DISC TWO
                                    'E, F, G & H. The Best Of... Volume Two'
                                    1. Panic
                                    2. Guess Who's Been On Match Of The Day
                                    3. I Said Hey You Riot Policewoman
                                    4. I Should Be So Lucky
                                    5. Love Poem For Kylie
                                    6. Franks World (Theme)
                                    7. Mirrorman/Gimme That Harp Boy
                                    8. Airplay
                                    9. TVR17
                                    10. Barber's Shop Quartet
                                    11. Electricity
                                    12. Fantastic Sea Shanty
                                    13. Firm Favourite Ads
                                    14. Of Puppets And Space And Decimal Currency
                                    15. I've Got Something To Shout About
                                    16. Mr Custard
                                    17. Tex Sidebottom
                                    18. I Said Hey You Street Artist
                                    19. Radio Timperley Phone-In
                                    20. Bohemian Rhapsody (The Bit I Missed Off My First EP)
                                    21. Bros Medley
                                    22. S.O.S.
                                    23. Timperley Travelogue
                                    24. Save Me
                                    25. Tummy
                                    26. Can't Help Falling In Love
                                    27. Monopoly Song
                                    28. Football Is Really Fantastic
                                    29. Guess Who's Been On Match Of The Day [Live]
                                    30. 1812 Overture
                                    31. God Save The Queen

                                    DISC THREE
                                    Bonus Tracks
                                    PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ON CD
                                    1. Anarchy In The U.K.
                                    2. Material Boy
                                    3. Every Breath You Take
                                    4. Popular Medley
                                    5. Oh Blimey It’s Christmas
                                    6. Christmas In Australia
                                    7. Old Lang Zine
                                    8. In The Summertime
                                    9. Oh Supermum
                                    10. I’m The Urban Spaceman
                                    11. Sci-Fi Medley
                                    12. Space Is Ace
                                    13. Roger Robot
                                    14. Fireball XL5
                                    15. Life On Mars
                                    16. The Theme Tune From Close Encounters Of The Third Kind PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
                                    17. Magic Trick (Manchester 22/03/1985)
                                    18. Séance And Little Frank (22/03/1985)
                                    19. Love Missile (22/03/1985)
                                    20. We Love You (22/03/1985)
                                    21. No Train To Brooklands (Manchester 27/02/1988)
                                    22. Fireball XL5 (27/02/1988)
                                    23. Space Is Ace (27/02/1988)
                                    24. Hey Jude (27/02/1988)
                                    25. Timperley 969 1909 (27/02/1988)
                                    26. Little Frank (28/05/1988)
                                    27. Caravan Of Love (28/05/1988)
                                    28. Spider Puppet (28/05/1988)
                                    29. Talking Parrot (28/05/1988)
                                    30. The Ginger Baker Book Of Jokes (28/05/1988)
                                    31. Spanish Harlem (28/05/1988)
                                    32. Jailhouse Rock(28/05/1988)
                                    33. Elvis Is Really Fantastic (28/05/1988)
                                    34. Barbara Ann (28/05/1988)
                                    35. Hound Dog (28/05/1988)
                                    36. We’re Gonna To Write Some Invitations (29/09/1988)

                                    Soft Play

                                    Heavy Jelly

                                      Following their return with tracks ‘Punk’s Dead’ and ‘Mirror Muscles’, Soft Play (AKA Slaves) have announced their fourth studio album ‘HEAVY JELLY’, a career-high that holds a sense of love and appreciation for the bond at the front and centre of the band.

                                      The album is the band’s first back as a duo since releasing side projects Baby Dave and LARRY PINK THE HUMAN. Recorded over a year between The Tunbridge Wells Forum, Laurie’s garden studio, on tour, and finished at The Libertine’s Studio, the songs on ‘HEAVY JELLY’ paint specific snapshots of the world around the band and amps up their sound and presence to something bolder and brighter than ever.


                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      All Things
                                      Punk’s Dead
                                      Act Violently
                                      Isaac Is Typing…
                                      Bin Juice Disaster
                                      Worms On Tarmac
                                      John Wick
                                      Mirror Muscles
                                      Working Title
                                      The Mushroom And The Swan
                                      Everything And Nothing

                                      Brie Stoner

                                      Me Veo

                                        Brie Stoner is an artist who pulls from her multi-lingual and multi-cultural background to great effect in her Indie-Dream-Rock music, writing, and art. As a musician, Stoner has worked with producers Jay Bennett (Wilco), and most recently with David Vandervelde (Father John, Secretly Canadian) on her new album 'Me Veo'.

                                        'Me Veo' is Spanish for “I see myself,” and this revelatory self-discovery and homecoming is evident in her indie-dream rock songs, that travel the arc of the her own feminine tense… harmonizing between the seductive siren, vulnerable tenderness, and moments of sovereignty in their unapologetic truth telling.

                                        Her sound is freshly her own but lends inspirations from Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, and Mazzy Star.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. Honey
                                        2. Hungry
                                        3. Loved Me Like A Weapon
                                        4. Unfinished Business
                                        5. Bloom
                                        6. Me Veo
                                        7. Simmer
                                        8. Soledad
                                        9. San Cristóbal
                                        10. Run
                                        11. No One’s To Blame
                                        12. Magdelene

                                        The Telescopes

                                        Live. Aftertaste

                                          A livid document. Recorded in pastpresentfuture tense. In 2010, highly influential/ inspirational noise/psych revolutionaries The Telescopes gave a rare and memorable glimpse of their classic debut ‘Taste’. Which stormed the independent charts over twenty years ago, sending waves beyond the realm of natural vision that resonate still. Within moments of them walking onstage, I forget where I am and what year it is.. Immediately I'm hit by a tidal wave of noise, which sets the tone for the rest of the show... the relentless energy that Stephen injects into his performance. He is in no way a conventional front man, and his onstage demeanor is just as I imagine it would have been 20 years ago. Stephen is free to leave the stage and stumble around, dragging the mike stand behind him and colliding with anyone foolish enough to stand too close. He curls up in a fetal ball or rolls around the floor, frequently getting tangled up in his microphone cable. The anger, fear and frustration that he exudes can be uncomfortable. Stephen looks genuinely tormented and I believe this is his way of dealing with traumatic events in his life. I have not seen a performance this cathartic since Michael Gira fronting Swans.

                                          As the final song, "Suicide", heads towards its ear-splitting climax, I begin to wonder what Stephen has in mind to finish the set. He picks up a bottle and I'm worried that he is going to do himself some serious harm, but instead he calmly leaves the room, while the noise inside gradually diminishes to a single piece of feedback. Much of the excitement here comes not from actions themselves but the tension of not knowing. It reminds me that there was a time when gigs were often confrontational, and dangerous for both audience and performer. Today's live shows are often very safe in comparison. Rebellious Jukebox Crashing in with 'There Is No Floor' the band perfectly captured the noise assault of the early material and it was great to see that Stephen Lawrie had lost none of his venom in the preceding years. Clearly these songs still meant everything to him as he screamed them out whilst rolling around the floor. Fucking great. I look forward to new Telescopes material. Gig Junkies

                                          A new album is underway, featuring material recorded at the Brian Jonestown Massacre studio in Berlin. The latest EP sold out immediately. And “Taste”, first aired on a 1989 BBC1 session for John Peel, is due for an April reissue on the Bomp! label, along with the crucial EP “The Perfect Needle”.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          There Is No Floor
                                          Sadness Pale
                                          Violence (live)
                                          Please, Before You Go
                                          Suicide (live)

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