Genre pick of the week Cover of Cool It Down by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Cool It Down

    It could only be called alchemy, the transformative magic that happens during the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ most tuned-in moments in the studio, when their unique chemistry sparks opens a portal, and out comes a song like “Maps” or “Zero” or the latest addition to their canon, “Spitting off the Edge of the World featuring Perfume Genius” — an epic shot-to-the heart of pure YYYs beauty and power.

    A thunderstorm of a return is what the legendary trio has in store for us on Cool It Down, their fifth studio album and their first since 2013’s Mosquito. The eight-track collection, bound to be a landmark in their catalog, is an expert distillation of their best gifts that impels you to move, and cry, and listen closely.


    SIDE A:
    1) Spitting Off The Edge Of The World (feat. Perfume Genius)
    2) Lovebomb
    3) Wolf
    4) Fleez
    SIDE B:
    5) Burning
    6) Blacktop
    7) Different Today
    8) Mars

    Genre pick of the week Cover of Cool It Down by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    Cool It Down

      It could only be called alchemy, the transformative magic that happens during the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ most tuned-in moments in the studio, when their unique chemistry sparks opens a portal, and out comes a song like “Maps” or “Zero” or the latest addition to their canon, “Spitting off the Edge of the World featuring Perfume Genius” — an epic shot-to-the heart of pure YYYs beauty and power.

      A thunderstorm of a return is what the legendary trio has in store for us on Cool It Down, their fifth studio album and their first since 2013’s Mosquito. The eight-track collection, bound to be a landmark in their catalog, is an expert distillation of their best gifts that impels you to move, and cry, and listen closely.


      SIDE A:
      1) Spitting Off The Edge Of The World (feat. Perfume Genius)
      2) Lovebomb
      3) Wolf
      4) Fleez
      SIDE B:
      5) Burning
      6) Blacktop
      7) Different Today
      8) Mars

      Acid Tongue


        Acid Tongue is an American-bred garage band heavily influenced by AM-radio soul, folk and psychedelic rock. The band is composed of Guy Keltner & Ian Cunningham perverted in their youth by adolescent exposure to mind-altering substances and strange, spiritually-driven parenting techniques.


        1. Home
        2. Ordinary People
        3. Take Me To Your Leader
        4. Facts Of Life
        5. All Out Of Time
        6. Rock ‘N’ Roll Revelations
        7. Suffering For You
        8. Won’t Walk Back
        9. The World’s Gonna Fuck You

        Barry Adamson

        Back To The Cat - 2022 Reissue

          Originally released in 2008, Back To The Cat, was in keeping with the artist who developed the concept of the imaginary soundtrack, with every song building a compelling narrative around Barry’s lifelong investigation of identity, sexuality, race, spirituality and society. The record picked up the threads of his previous work and continued to showcase his musical ambidexterity covering noir jazz, sun-drenched pop ballads, fractious funk, heavenly blues and subversive soul.


          A1 The Beaten Side Of Town
          A2 Straight 'Til Sunrise
          A3 Spend A Little Time
          A4 Shadow Of Death Hotel
          A5 I Could Love You
          B1 Walk On Fire
          B2 Flight
          B3 Civilization
          B4 People
          B5 Psycho_Sexual

          Barry Adamson

          Stranger On The Sofa - 2022 Reissue

            Barry Adamson takes us Back to the Catalogue with a series of reissues on coloured vinyl and CD.

            Originally released in the mid-2000s, Stranger On The Sofa is an album tied together by its mysterious cinematic composure. Each track is used to demonstrate the breadth of musicianship and re-presentation of countless timeless genres, moving in between electronica and jazz with shadowy ambience scattered throughout. Nick Plytas and Adrian Owusu provided their expertise on the organ and slide guitar, with Barry playing almost every other instrument. Composing, performing, recording and producing Stranger On The Sofa undoubtedly makes it an album that represents Adamson fully embracing the DIY aesthetic from where he began.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1 Here In The Hole
            A2 The Long Way Back Again
            A3 Officer Bentley's Fairly Serious Dilemma
            B1 Who Killed Big Bird?
            B2 Theresa Green
            B3 The Sorrow And The Pity
            B4 My Friend The Fly
            C1 Inside Of Your Head
            C2 You Sold Your Dreams
            C3 Déjà Morte
            D1 Dissemble
            D2 Free Love

            In creating Freedom, McMahon brought in a powerful set of collaborators and old friends. Along with core band members, including Parker Kindred (Antony & The Johnsons, Jeff Buckley) on drums, came Chris Coady (Beach House) as producer, and Delicate Steve on guitars. This is the first Amen Dunes record that looks back to the electronic influences of McMahon’s youth with the aid of revered underground musician Panoram from Rome, who finds his place as a significant, if subtle, contributor to the record. The bulk of the songs were recorded at Electric Lady in New York, and finished at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, where McMahon, Nick Zinner, and session bass player Gus Seyffert (Beck, Bedouine) fleshed out the recordings.

            On the surface, Freedom is a reflection on growing up, childhood friends who ended up in prison or worse, male identity, McMahon’s father, and his mother, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the beginning of recording. The characters that populate the musical world of the album are a colourful mix of reality and fantasy. Each character portrait is a representation of McMahon, of masculinity, and of his past.

            Yet, if anything, these eleven songs are a relinquishing of all of them through exposition; a gradual reorientation of being away from the acquired definitions of self we all cling to and towards something closer to what's stated in the Agnes Martin quote that opens the record, “I don’t have any ideas myself; I have a vacant mind” and in the swirling, pitched down utterances of “That's all not me” that close it.

            “Miki Dora was arguably the most gifted and innovative surfer of his generation and the foremost opponent of surfing’s commercialization. He was also a lifelong criminal and retrograde: a true embodiment of the distorted male psyche. He was a living contradiction; both a symbol of free-living and inspiration, and of the false heroics American culture has always celebrated. With lyrics of regret and redemption at the end of one’s youth, the song is about Dora, and McMahon, but ultimately it is a reflection on all manifestations of mythical heroic maleness and its illusions.” – Damon McMahon.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Intro
            2. Blue Rose
            3. Time
            4. Skipping School
            5. Calling Paul The Suffering
            6. Miki Dora
            7. Satudarah
            8. Believe
            9. Dracula
            10. Freedom
            11. L.A.

            ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

            XI: Bleed Here Now

              Submitted for listener’s approval, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead present their eleventh album, BLEED HERE NOW…in historic quadraphonic surround sound, giving listeners an immersive listening experience that will take them through a listening journey from one track to the next. Forced into a pandemic-necessitated cancellation of their 2020/2021 tours, the band retreated to lengthy period of doing nothing. After a lengthy period of doing nothing, the band decided to make an album in a way that hasn’t really been done since the 70s - in quadrophonic sound. From the opening bombast of “Our Epic Attempts” to the alternative drive of “Penny Candle” to the thunderous 11-minute opus “Taken By The Hand” this album is unlike anything the band has produced before, equal parts experimental and ambitious, yet still sounding honest and true to what the band is. XI: BLEED HERE NOW was produced by engineer Charles Godfrey alongside Trail’s own Conrad Keely, who also created, directed, edited and produced all of the album’s artwork again.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Our Epic Attempts
              2. Long Distance Hell
              3. Field Songs
              4. Penny Candle
              5. No Confidence
              6. Sting Theme
              7. Kill Everyone
              8. Growing Divide
              9. Pigments
              10. Golden Sail
              11. A Life Less Melancholy
              12. Taken By The Hand
              13. Contra Mundum
              14. Darkness Into Light
              15. Water Tower
              16. Sounds Of Horror
              17. Protest Streets
              18. The Widening Gyre
              19. Millennium Actress
              20. Salt In Your Eyes
              21. English Magic
              22. Calm As The Valley



                each album always starts with a feeling
                that i try to shape into sound
                this time around
                the feeling was landing
                ( after my last album utopia which was all island in the clouds element air and no bass )
                on the earth and digging my feet into the ground
                it was also woven into how i experienced the "now"
                this time around 7 billion of us did it together
                nesting in our homes quarantining
                being long enough in one place that we shot down roots
                my new album "fossora" is about that
                it is a word i made up
                it is the feminine of fossore ( digger, delver, ditcher )
                so in short it means "she who digs" ( into the ground )
                so sonically it is about bass , heavy bottom-end,
                we have 6 bass clarinets and punchy sub
                i would like to especially thank bergur þórisson and heba kadry
                side project , el guincho , hamrahlíð choir , soraya nayyar , clarinet sextet murmuri , siggi string quartet ensemble , emilie nicolas , serpentwithfeet
                viibra and last but not least : sindri and dóa .
                visuals were made by viðar logi , james merry , m/m , nick knight , andy huang , edda , isshehungry , tomi , sayaka , sunna , sara and heimir
                and my ever so loyal and magnificent team : derek , rosamary , catherine , chiara , hilma and móa

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Liam says: Returning to Iceland during the pandemic, Bjork's tenth record 'Fossora' began as conceptual clarinet album that was in part inspired by the death of her mother. However 'Fossora' ultimately became, as Bjork describes it, an "Iceland album". Much like the volcanic landscape of Iceland, 'Fossora' is a vast, alluring and beautiful record that once again proves that Bjork will always be here to push the boundaries she once set - all whilst dressed as a mushroom.


                Private View

                  Esteemed British electronic outfit Blancmange return with ‘Private View’. Originally from the UK’s post punk DIY scene, Blancmange found success in 1982, long player ‘Happy Families’ selling Gold in the UK, and its 3 singles becoming international hits. They went on to have 7 Top 40 hits and 70 weeks in the UK album charts. Long-standing admirers include Moby, John Grant and Honey Dijon, who states that “British synth pop was hugely influential in the burgeoning house music scene and Blancmange was a big part of that.” 40 years and 16 albums later, Blancmange have re-signed to London Records with the captivating and inspired ‘Private View’, melding futuristic electronics, Neil Arthur’s unmistakable vocal hooks, and songs spanning buoyant and joyful to dark and brooding.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  What’s Your Name
                  Some Times These
                  Reduced Voltage
                  Here We Go Go
                  Who Am I
                  Everything Is Connected
                  I Tried To Be You
                  Private View
                  Take Me 

                  Stuart Braithwaite

                  Spaceships Over Glasgow

                    Born the son of Scotland’s last telescope-maker, Stuart Braithwaite was perhaps always destined for a life of psychedelic adventuring on the furthest frontiers of noise in MOGWAI, one of the best loved and most groundbreaking post-rock bands of the past three decades.

                    Modestly delinquent at school, Stuart developed an early appetite for ‘alternative’ music in what might arguably be described as its halcyon days, the late 80s. Discovering bands like Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and Jesus and Mary Chain, and attending seminal gigs (often incongruously incognito as a young girl with long hair to compensate for his babyface features) by The Cure and Nirvana, Stuart compensated for his indifference to school work with a dedication to rock and roll … and of course the fledgling hedonism that comes with it.

                    After an initial outing in the unfortunately (and provocatively named), Pregnant Nun, Stuart – alongside teenage friends Dominic Aitchison and Martin Bulloch - upgrades the band name to MOGWAI. They release their first single ‘Tuner/Lower’ in 1996. Championed by the legendary John Peel, and making a name for themselves for tinnitus-inducing live shows, MOGWAI’S subsequent single ‘Summer’ is named Single of the Week in NME. Their first album, Mogwai Young Team, follows to significant critical acclaim.

                    Spaceships Over Glasgow is a lovesong to live rock and roll; to the passionate abandon we’ve all felt in the crowd (and some of us, if lucky enough, from the stage) at a truly incendiary rock and roll show. It is also the story of a life lived on the edge; of the high-times and hazardous pit-stops of international touring with a band of misfits and miscreants.

                    Lee Brackstone, Publisher at White Rabbit said: ‘MOGWAI have blown my head apart live on many occasions; Stuart’s book has the equivalent impact on the page. A chronicle of a life lived on the stage making truly contemporary psychedelic music, Spaceships Over Glasgow is the first book told from the source about a band who have truly lived the rock n roll lifestyle, survived, and thrived, to create some of the most powerful post-rock music of the past two decades plus.’

                    The Brian Jonestown Massacre


                      To coincide with the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s start of their 2022 European tour is the release of two new tracks by the band. Recorded in Berlin & remotely between 2020 & 2021, the opening track “Fudge” is from the forthcoming album “The Future is Your Past” the second track “The Future is Your Past” is exclusive to this release (Yes I know it’s not a typo the B side is the name of the forthcoming album but the track is not on the album).

                      With Anton Newcombe (Vocals/ Guitars) Hakon Adalsteinsson (guitar), Hallberg Daði Hallbergsson (bass), & Uri Rennert (drums) playing on this offering . The release comes in a heavy weight PVC bag with the artwork being a J card so you can see the vinyl 10”.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      SIDE A – Fudge
                      SIDE B – The Future Is Your Past 

                      The Claypool Lennon Delirium

                      Monolith Of Phobos - 2022 Reissue

                        Two worlds have collided, and what glorious and odd worlds they are. After a successful summer tour pairing Primus with Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, Les Claypool and Sean Lennon have decided to combine their abstract talents into a project called The Claypool Lennon Delirium. Their efforts thus far have spawned the full-length release called Monolith of Phobos. Over the course of six weeks or so, the two wrote and recorded a total of ten songs with both of them sharing various vocal and instrumental responsibilities, going beyond their core instruments of bass and guitar. Monolith of Phobos is just how the title implies - an old-school approach to a psychedelic space rock record.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Cricket &The Genie (Movement I The Delirium)
                        2. Cricket &The Genie (Movement II Oratorio De Cricket)
                        3. Mr Wright
                        4. Boomerang Baby
                        5. Breath Of A Salesman
                        6. Captain Lariat
                        7. Ohmerica
                        8. Oxycontin Girl
                        9. Bubbles Burst
                        10. There's No Underwater In Space

                        The Claypool Lennon Delirium

                        South Of Reality - 2022 Reissue

                          South Of Reality, The Claypool Lennon Delirium’s epic sophomore album might be just the antidote this sick world needs. Music so potent it could repel an asteroid impact from space, these seasoned warriors of psychedelia have crafted timeless songs that may as well be chiseled in stone. The monolithic dream team’s new record was produced by Les Claypool and Sean Lennon themselves, and engineered and mixed by Les Claypool at his own Rancho Relaxo studio in Sonoma County, California. The album feels like an organic extension of Monolith of Phobos, blending the wildly surreal and psychedelic with satirical social commentary.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Little Fishes
                          2. Blood And Rockets:
                          3. Movement I, Saga Of Jack
                          4. Parsons - Movement II,
                          5. Too The Moon
                          6. South Of Reality
                          7. Boriska
                          8. Easily Charmed By Fools
                          9. Amethyst Realm
                          10. Toady Man's Hour
                          11. Cricket Chronicles
                          12. Revisited - Part I, Ask Your
                          13. Doctor
                          14. Like Fleas

                          Alison Cotton

                          The Portrait You Painted Of Me

                            Alison Cotton presents The Portrait You Painted of Me, a new 6-track album – her first for Rocket Recordings (released on Feeding Tube in the USA). Like Alison’s previous solo albums, the touchstones of her immersive sound are viola, harmonium and voice, merged together to create a rich suite of songs. ‘Mumurations Over the Moor’ is a wordless piece of layered vocals, drifting like fog towards a sunset over the green undulations of North East England (from where she hails). ‘The Last Wooden Ship’ evokes the shipyards of Sunderland using droning harmonium and viola lines, laced with piano and percussion events, while her voice calls out like one of Tim Buckley’s Sirens urging listeners to a rocky demise. ‘I Buried the Candlesticks’ has a haunted, traditional feel with its dolorously folky viola melody laid across a thick carpet harmonium, and small bursts of percussion that sound like cannonade heard through the thick cold walls of a castle in winter. ‘That Tunnel Underground Seemed Neverending’ is a musical vision of Northumberland’s mining culture at the dawn of the 20th Century - labyrinthine, subterranean, dimmer than night. ‘Violet May’, the only traditional “song” on the album, was inspired by a trip to Vita Sackville-West’s Sissinghurst Castle.

                            Its plot deals with a reclusive artist who has forsaken all else for a life of solitary creation in her tower. The structure and sound reminiscent of a post-modern approach to lyrical concerns dealt with by folk singers of the British ‘60s, but the actual arrangement is closer to something John Cale might have done with Nico on The Marble Index. The closing track, ‘17th November 1962’, inspired by nearly-forgotten memories of disaster with a fishing boat, a storm and an ill-fated rescue attempt. The song (and album) ends with what sounds like a forlorn foghorn cutting across waves of night with Alison’s voice again evoking the Sirens.

                            As with its predecessors, The Portrait You Painted of Me was recorded at home in London, beautifully produced by Alison’s partner, Mark Nicholas, and it contains all the elements that result in the sombre, exquisite melancholy she creates. This is some serious and remarkable stuff.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            01. Murmurations Over The Moor
                            02. The Last Wooden Ship
                            03. I Buried The Candlesticks
                            04. That Tunnel Underground Seemed Neverending
                            05. Violet May
                            06. 17th November 1962

                            Fujiya & Miyagi

                            Slight Variations

                              We like the idea that if someone were new to us and they played this record it would convey everything that we are about

                              To convey the almost 20 year career of the band is to take a deep dive into all forms of electronic music - from pop to house to disco to acid - along with nods to 1970s Germany, psychedelia, funk and art pop. And that's exactly what this record does, while also capturing the duality of a band who can craft meticulously constructed studio music as seamlessly as they can lock into unpredictable yet infectious grooves on stage.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Slight Variations
                              Non- Essential Worker
                              New Body Language
                              Digital Hangover
                              Olympian Heights
                              Feeling The Effects (of Saturday Night)


                              Angels & Queens - Part I

                                The first time I heard Gabriels’ Love And Hate In A Different Time, back in Autumn 2020, in the depths of lockdown, I fell in love with it instantly. It felt like such a spark of light in the gloom and it still fills me with joy every time I hear it. The question was whether they could follow that up or was it just a one off? Well finally, some two years later, they give us the answer in the shape of their debut LP (well the first half of their debut – part 2 follows next year). Angels & Queens is simply wonderful. It has the same markers as the single: Lush soul, gospel, string swells and of course that voice, but the mood is very different. It’s an album about love and loss and as such is suitably dramatic, with each song seeming like a mini masterpiece. They give a fresh take on classic soul and gospel song structures, and infuse them with strings, keys and horns, all topped with Jacob’s sublimely angelic falsetto vocal. They’ve created an album of atmospheric and absolutely compelling modern gospel blues.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. Angels & Queens
                                2. Taboo
                                3. Remember Me
                                4. If You Only Knew
                                5. To The Moon And Back
                                6. The Blind
                                7. Mama


                                Holy Mountain

                                  Grandamme's debut album 'Holy Mountain' takes cues from filmic, dystopian retromania and a distorted yet romantic aesthetic of fading glamour. Effortlessly interconnected, the duo is formed of Claudia Kane's timeless songwriting and soulfully affecting voice, wholly complimented by Bastien Keb’s dream-like production of dolorous orchestrated instrumentation warmly rubbing up against 80s sci-fi synthesisers and lo-fi beats. Their combined vision of haunting dream-pop blends vintage and future aspects likea classic black & white movie being experienced anew in a virtual reality world. Reoccurring themes of escapism, love, sensuality, vulnerability, melancholy and introspection permeate the lyrics.

                                  Movie references commonly intertwine with song themes: Thelma and Louise in 'BigEscape' ("It’s about finding that one person who completely understands you"), Palm Springs in 'Poolside', while the lyrics of ‘Holy Mountain’ take inspiration from the avant-garde 70's movie of the same title as well as theories by psychotherapist Esther Perel. Claudia explains, “I like to write music with a strong visual scene ormoment playing out in my head like something from a film”. Soundtracking Claudia's lyrical musings on life both real and fantastical, Bastien Kebbrings production inspired by luminaries as far reaching as David Axlerod, Kate Bush, Roy Orbison, Madlib and The Delfonics.

                                  In his music you can hear snippets of wistful do-wop ballads, eerie psychedelic folk and Western soundtracks; all while playing guitar, trumpet, bass, drums, piano, flute and more. On his formative musical influences Keb says "I generally got lost in movies and music as a teenager, which is where all my influences come from". When asked how he wants people to feel when listening to Grandamme, Keb replies “Ideally, I want them to cry. Whilst dancing.”A self-soothing recall of intensely personal thoughts, dreams and stories; 'HolyMountain' is the sound of two creative souls finding inspiration and support in ashared cinematic fantasy world.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. Poolside
                                  2. Big Escape
                                  3. Nirvana
                                  4. Deep Dark Sky
                                  5. 8 AM
                                  6. Honeymoon
                                  7. Holy Mountain
                                  8. Wild Time
                                  9. Forever
                                  10. Love Hurts
                                  11. I Won't Fail You


                                  Sich Übergeben / Money Talks

                                    The track is a study in perpetual motion – caught between an exhilarating swagger and a drunken lurch. Built around a spiralling, infectious synth lead-line, rolling bass and drums, and skittish guitars, this all provides the backbone for Conor Clements’ visceral vocal spitting.

                                    It tells a tawdry tale, examining the propensity for unhinged views born of banal insularity. As the band explain:

                                    “A father hiding behind a screen, a family watching the Queen’s jubilee and a wife leaving her unloving husband for a new life in Spain. We’ve seen all of these people and we know them too.

                                    Ben Harper

                                    Bloodline Maintenance

                                      Ben Harper releases his eagerly anticipated, fiercely personal soulful album, Bloodline Maintenance. The album is preceded by the single “We Need To Talk About It” which, propelled by Harper’s blisteringly funky guitar, defiantly addresses the wounds of slavery through a sharp-edged call-and-response with gospel backing vocals and pounding rhythms augmented by the distinctive sound of the African talking drum.

                                      “This whole album is really soul music reinterpreted with a lap steel,” Harper says. “I believe strongly that music has this great capacity for communication like a sonic newsprint. And I’ve always believed that the music I write has a place in the choir.”

                                      The new album is a work largely inspired by the loss of a long-time friend and the lingering influence of a mercurial and charismatic father, Bloodline MaintenanceE sees Harper performing the majority of the instruments on his own, spanning guitar, bass, drums and an eclectic assortment of percussions including a plastic toy snare. His 17th studio LP – and first since 2020’s instrumental Winter Is For Lovers –and the first non-instrumental solo album of new songs since 2016. The new album is further fuelled by Harper’s signature lap steel, supercharged through a powerful Dumble amplifier creating a truly unruly tone that Harper describes as “a sort of a merging of Robert Johnson and Jimi Hendrix.”

                                      “It was like I was moving forward and venturing into places I had never been before,” he says. “Taking everything I’ve learned from every other record and kind of setting fire to it all and starting over. And I knew the sounds I was hearing in my head were so unorthodox that I had to do most of it myself.”

                                      Applying the inventiveness of hip-hop to longstanding paradigms of soul, blues and jazz, spinning it all forward into a reconfiguration of a new black Americana, Bloodline Maintenance continues Harper’s long history as one of his generation’s most potent protest singers. Persecuted by local authorities for being a communist, his grandfather moved his family west where their music store, the Folk Music Centre and Museum in Claremont, CA, proved a vital hub in a thriving Southern California folk scene. There Harper learned guitar as a child, playing his first official gig at the age of 12. By the time he was 21, he was touring with blues legend Taj Mahal. The years that followed have seen Harper amass international critical applause and a worldwide fan following, winning three Grammy® Awards (out of seven total nominations) for his own genre-traversing body of work while also producing acclaimed albums by Mavis Staples, Rickie Lee Jones, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Natalie Maines, Ziggy Marley, and others. An inveterate collaborator, Harper has also recorded with a diverse span of artists ranging from John Lee Hooker, Charlie Musselwhite, and Jack Johnson to Ringo Starr, Keith Richards and, most recently, Harry Styles, contributing his signature guitar work to the latter superstar’s chart-topping new album, Harry's House.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      1. Below Sea Level
                                      2. We Need To Talk About It
                                      3. Where Did We Go Wrong
                                      4. Problem Child
                                      5. Need To Know Basis
                                      6. It Ain’t No Use
                                      7. More Than Love
                                      8. Smile At The Mention
                                      9. Honey, Honey
                                      10. Knew The Day Was Comin’
                                      11. Maybe I Can’t

                                      In the words of Jenny Hval: “Blood Bitch is an investigation of blood. Blood that is shed naturally. The purest and most powerful, yet most trivial, and most terrifying blood: Menstruation. The white and red toilet roll chain which ties together the virgins, the whores, the mothers, the witches, the dreamers, and the lovers. Blood Bitch is also a fictitious story, fed by characters and images from horror and exploitation films of the '70s. With that language, rather than smart, modern social commentary, I found I could tell a different story about myself and my own time: a poetic diary of modern transience and transcendence. There is a character in this story that is a vampire Orlando, traveling through time and space. But there is also a story here of a 35-year old artist stuck in a touring loop, and wearing a black wig. She is always up at night, jet lagged, playing late night shows - and by day she is quietly resting over an Arp Odyssey synthesizer while a black van drives her around Europe and America. So this is my most fictional and most personal album. It’s also the first album where I’ve started reconnecting with the goth and metal scene I started out playing in many years ago, by remembering the drony qualities of Norwegian Black Metal. It’s an album of vampires, lunar cycles, sticky choruses, and the smell of warm leaves and winter.”

                                      Jenny Hval has developed her distinct take on intimate sound since the release of her debut album in 2006. For her last two solo albums, 2013's Innocence Is Kinky and 2015’s Apocalypse, girl, Hval has received thoughtful and widespread international acclaim for her fascinating voice, singular delivery and markedly non-traditional arrangements which incorporate elements of poetry, prose writing,
                                      performance art, and film. She eloquently brings to light issues of both male and female gaze.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      1. Ritual Awakening
                                      2. Female Vampire
                                      3. In The Red
                                      4. Conceptual Romance
                                      5. Untamed Region
                                      6. The Great Undressing
                                      7. Period Piece
                                      8. The Plague
                                      9. Secret Touch
                                      10. Lorna

                                      Kathryn Joseph releases her new album From When I Wake The Want Is, via Glasgow’s Rock Action Records. The follow up to 2015’s acclaimed debut Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I’ve Spilled, which was named the Scottish Album of the Year, this album is a captivating set that documents both life’s traumas and their resolutions. Produced by Marcus Mackay, who also worked on her debut album, 'From When I Wake The Want Is' mixes new songs with material gathered over the past ten years to create an intimate and often devastating portrait of Joseph’s world.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Barry says: Echoing piano and dusty atmospheric washes with touches of jazzy percussion make for a beautifully mournful but immersive backdrop for Joseph's evocative vocal touches. A stunningly fragile but brilliantly immersive listen.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      1. IIII
                                      2. From When I Wake The Want Is
                                      3. And You Survives
                                      4. Tell My Lover
                                      5. And It Will Lick You Clean
                                      6. There Is No God But You
                                      7. Safe
                                      8. We Have Been Loved By Our Lovers
                                      9. Mouths Full Of Blood
                                      10. Mountain
                                      11. Weight
                                      12. ^^

                                      Julia, Julia


                                        Debut Solo Album From Julia Kugel (The Coathangers).

                                        If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?

                                        This is the crucial question at the core of Julia, Julia, the moniker for Julia Kugel, founding member of garage punk icons The Coathangers and the dream pop duo Soft Palms. On her first solo full-length album Derealization, Kugel shifts her focus from collaboration and band dynamics towards a singular artistic vision and private self-discovery. Steeped in the beguiling pop elements of her past work, Derealization is a meditative deep dive into the mind of a person struggling to understand a crumbling internal and external world. The album traverses a landscape of ethereal folk, atmospheric deconstructed pop, and dubbed-out country ballads, all centered around straight forward and direct lyrics. This juxtaposition of nebulousness and lucidity gives the album a sense of clarity emerging from the haze, an apt refection of Kugel's personal growth and journey toward self-acceptance.

                                        Derealization is based on weaving the unreal, unsaid, and unknown into an undulating sonic fabric. Vocal layering and abstract instrumentation convey a blurred desperation to connect to an emotional and psychological focal point. Moody, dark, and sumptuous, the record is a flow chart of Julia Kugel coming into herself as an artist and songwriter. The album finds Julia playing almost all the instruments and taking her first stab at engineering at COMA, her and her husband's home recording studio in Long Beach, CA.

                                        “You know how touring musicians often speak of whether home is real or tour is real? Well, it can lead you to lose grasp on ‘reality,’ especially when touring is taken away and you are left to wonder if anything was ever real, including yourself. Like you we're just playing a character,” Kugel says of her headspace leading up to the creation of Derealization. “Honestly, I kinda lost it, and through making this record I made peace with it and reconciled myself as a real person. I forgave myself and in turn forgave those around me. The song ‘Forgive Me’ is the apology I wanted to say and to hear. I wrote every song from that place and gained the confidence I was pretending to possess.”

                                        This raw and personal approach to the lyrics is present throughout Derealization. On the opening track "I Want You," Kugel creates a woozy sense of space with reverb-soaked drums and spaghetti western guitars while she lists off her desires for a mysterious “you.” Is she actually listing off her desires for herself? For the people around her? As she repeats "do you feel it?" in the song’s chorus, it feels as if she’s conjuring a magical thread by which we are all connected, showing us how our desires are all the same. On "Fever In My Heart" the listener is treated to a lush, acoustic techno track detailing the exhilarating madness of an emotional breakdown. Simple truths percolate to the surface on "Words Don't Mean Much,” as if clearing away the murk of platitudes and empty gestures. The journey continues on the detached and conflicted "Do It Or Don't,” an alluring walk through the winding road of lonely choices.

                                        The name for the project Julia, Julia is a look in the mirror, a refection of what is hidden and unanswered, of what is real and what is transient. The experience of living life not as you planned it but as it unfolded, and the mysterious, magical pain that creates meaning.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. I Want You
                                        2. Forgive Me
                                        3. Impromptu
                                        4. Fever In My Heart
                                        5. Words Don’t Mean Much
                                        6. Do It Or Don't
                                        7. No Hard Feelings
                                        8. Big Talkin'
                                        9. Paper Cutout
                                        10. Where Did You Go
                                        11. Corner Town

                                        Sharron Kraus


                                          Sharron Kraus' newest collection of songs was written during and partly in response to the pandemic and the relative isolation it plunged us into. She dives into deep explorations of themes of kinship with other humans as well as the natural world, and of what happens when those kinship bonds are severed or abused. Sonically the album is on a continuum with her previous solo album, Joy's Reflection is Sorrow, with its layered synths, guitars and recorders.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. Tell Me, Death
                                          2. The Ways We Hurt
                                          3. The World Within The World
                                          4. Do It Yourself
                                          5. The Trees Keep On Growing
                                          6. The Locked Garden
                                          7. Weft And Warp
                                          8. More Of Your Thoughts
                                          9. Shot Through With You
                                          10. A Kind Kind (Of Human)


                                          The Bible

                                            Kurt Wagner found himself in Minneapolis in the sweltering summer of 2021, in a decommissioned paint factory turned practice space, when everybody was still kind of looking at everybody else as a potential source of disease. He entrusted himself to this piano player, Andrew Broder, and his mad genius of a production partner, Ryan Olson. “Ryan and Andrew, they’re like two sides of my personality,” Wagner says. “And if you put them together as a team, they represent me.” This would be the first time Wagner let somebody else -not to mention somebody else without any sort of a connection to holy, old Nashville - produce a Lambchop record.

                                            It was in that decommissioned paint factory in Minneapolis, watching a bunch of burnout freaks play their instruments, that Wagner found his way to writing The Bible. The sessions reminded him of those long-ago days at the Springwater Supper Club in Nashville, when he first brought the afterparty back to his house. But maybe because he wasn’t the one making the afterparty rules this time, the music on The Bible is more unpredictable than it’s ever been on a Lambchop record. Jazz careening into country, into disco, into funk, and back to country. This is Lambchop’s new album - born in a new place, but out of a process that he first discovered back home in Nashville, the one that helped him find his own voice in the first place. Amen. This is The Bible.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            A1. His Song Is Sung
                                            A2. Little Black Boxes
                                            A3. Daisy
                                            B1. Whatever, Mortal
                                            B2. A Major Minor Drag
                                            B3. Police Dog Blues
                                            C1. Dylan At The Mousetrap
                                            C2. Every Child Begins The World Again
                                            C3. So There
                                            C4. That's Music

                                            Side D. Etching (No Music) 

                                            Douglas MacIntyre And Grant McPhee

                                            Hungry Beat The Scottish Independent Pop Underground Movement (1977-1984) - SIGNED EDITION WITH FREE 7"

                                              Signed with a 7 inch vinyl single featuring the first Josef K release on Postcard (Radio Drill Time) on one side, and a track (Everything’s Roses) from the debut release by Fire Engines on their Codex Communication label on the other side.

                                              The definitive oral history of Scottish postpunk, from Glasgow to Edinburgh, the Postcard label and Fast Product Description.

                                              The immense cultural contribution made by two maverick Scottish independent music labels, Fast Product and Postcard, cannot be underestimated. Bob Last and Hilary Morrison in Edinburgh, followed by Alan Horne and Edwyn Collins in Glasgow helped to create a confidence in being Scottish that hitherto had not existed in pop music (or the arts in general in Scotland). Their fierce independent spirit stamped a mark of quality and intelligence on everything they achieved, as did their role in the emergence of regional independent labels and cultural agitators, such as Rough Trade, Factory and Zoo.

                                              Hungry Beat is a definitive oral history of these labels and the Scottish post-punk period. Covering the period 1977-1984, the book begins with the Subway Sect and the Slits performance on the White Riot tour in Edinburgh and takes us through to Bob Last shepherding the Human League from experimental electronic artists on Fast Product to their triumphant number one single in the UK and USA, Don't You Want Me. Built on interviews with Last, Hilary Morrison, Paul Morley and members of The Human League, Scars, The Mekons, Fire Engines, Josef K, Aztec Camera, The Go-Betweens and The Bluebells, Hungry Beat offers a comprehensive overview of one of the most important periods of Scottish cultural output and the two labels that changed the landscape of British music.

                                              Melody's Echo Chamber

                                              Melody's Echo Chamber - 10th Anniversary Edition

                                                The 10th anniversary edition of Melody’s Echo Chamber’s self-titled debut is released alongside Unfold, the lost follow-up album from which seven rare and unreleased tracks have been made available. In their unexpurgated and unvarnished states, sometimes almost finished and sometimes in fragments, Unfold’s seven tracks demonstrate a splurge of righteous creation cut off at an inopportune moment and preserved like the ruins of Pompeii.

                                                Moon Duo

                                                Live At Levitation

                                                  The first Austin Psych Fest was held in March 2008, and expanded to a 3 day event the following year. From there the festival quickly developed into an international destination for psychedelic rock fans, with lineups spanning the fringes of indie rock, from up-and-comers to vintage legends, and capped off with headlining performances from The Black Angels each year. The Black Angels and Levitation helped spark a movement, inspiring the creation of similar events across the globe and a burgeoning psych scene that would soon ignite. The series captures key moments in psychedelic rock history, and live music in Austin, Texas. The artists and sets showcased on Live at Levitation have been chosen from over a decade of recordings at the world-renowned event, and document key artists in the scene performing for a crowd of their peers and fans who gather at Levitation annually from all over the world.

                                                  These recordings capture Moon Duo as they rose to prominence as one of the defining creative forces of the psychedelic rock scene, with Sanae at the helm of their signature cosmic synth boogie + mind melting guitar work from Ripley Johnson. Side A showcases the band in its original incarnation, at Austin Psych Fest 2012, the band rose as a powerful two piece filling a sonic space with a pulsating and driving wall of sound. Side B shows the bands 2014 return and growth, now as a trio joined by John Jeffrey, live drums mix’d perfectly with their distorted synth sound creating a propulsion unlike any other and very distinctly Moon Duo. Working closely with the band to ensure an authentic listening experience, this show has been mixed and mastered for vinyl.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  SIDE A
                                                  1. Run Around
                                                  2. Dead West
                                                  3. Motorcycle, I Love You
                                                  4. Set It On Fire
                                                  SIDE B
                                                  1. Sleepwalker
                                                  2. I Been Gone
                                                  3. In The Sun
                                                  4. Goners

                                                  Night Works

                                                  Tongue And Groove

                                                    Margate-based Night Works (solo moniker of Metronomy & Christine and the Queens collaborator Gabriel Stebbing) is thrilled to unveil his sophomore LP ‘Tongue & Groove’ via new label 21CC.

                                                    The album is journey through a kaleidoscope of musical influences ranging from sunshine 70s California singer-songwriter pop to Steely Dan, D’Angelo, Soul II Soul & the far-out deep cuts from Paul McCartney’s solo discography. Opening with the powerful voice of writer Ursula K le Guin, intoning on the power of words to affect societal change, this is no ordinary listen

                                                    Its creation was an epic, pandemic-interrupted peregrination taking in sessions in Paris (where the cigarette-stained keys of Serge Gainsbourg’s Steinway graced the tape), London and of course Margate

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    A1 The Divine Right Of Kings
                                                    A2 3 Kisses
                                                    A3 Lachrymose
                                                    A4 Diskoball
                                                    A5 Warm Feeling
                                                    A6 Brunch 4 U
                                                    B1 Good Love
                                                    B2 What Makes You Think You Can Do It?
                                                    B3 Sweep It Out Your Hair
                                                    B4 The Water
                                                    B5 A Friend Indeed

                                                    Noah And The Whale

                                                    Heart Of Nowhere - Reissue

                                                      Noah & The Whale were one of the leading protagonists of the small but perfectly formed indie-folk scene of the early days of the 21st Century. Formed in Twickenham, the five-piece, led by vocalist and guitarist Charlie Fink, originally boasted Laura Marling in their line-up, before she left to begin her successful solo career.

                                                      Inspired by sojourns at islands off the Essex coastline and in the South Of France, Heart Of Nowhere was the group's final album, released in May 2013. The Observer stated it was \"a satisfying blend of youth and experience, at its best when raw feelings and twenty20-something anxieties chafe against its smooth, midtempo rock.\" Its ruminations of the passage of time suggested that the giddy optimism of Peaceful,The World Lays Me Down was long in the past.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      Heart Of Nowhere
                                                      All Through The Night
                                                      Silver And Gold
                                                      One More Night
                                                      Still After All These Years
                                                      There Will Come A Time
                                                      Now Is Exactly The Time
                                                      Not Too Late

                                                      Noah And The Whale

                                                      Last Night On Earth - Reissue

                                                        Noah & The Whale were one of the leading protagonists of the small but perfectly formed indie-folk scene of the early days of the 21st Century. Formed in Twickenham, the five-piece, led by vocalist and guitarist Charlie Fink, originally boasted Laura Marling in their line-up, before she left to begin her successful solo career.

                                                        Containing the Top 10 single L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N., Last Night On Earth was partially recorded in LA with producer Jason Lader. On its release in 2011, Fink spoke of capturing "that excitement of being young and being in the night," and being influenced by Bruce Springsteen. That can be heard on Wild Thing, which blends Springsteen and Lou Reed into something that is unmistakeably the group's own. The Telegraph called it "Heartfelt, spirited, lyrical, moody and mostly magnificent pop rock."

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        Life Is Life
                                                        Tonight's The Kind Of Night
                                                        Wild Thing
                                                        Give It All Back
                                                        Just Me Before We Met
                                                        Paradise Stars
                                                        Waiting For My Chance To Come
                                                        The Line
                                                        Old Joy
                                                        Tonight's The Kind Of Night (Demo)
                                                        Wild Thing (Demo)

                                                        Noah And The Whale

                                                        The First Days Of Spring - Reissue

                                                          Noah & The Whale were one of the leading protagonists of the small but perfectly formed indie-folk scene of the early days of the 21st Century. Formed in Twickenham, the five-piece, led by vocalist and guitarist Charlie Fink, originally boasted Laura Marling in their line-up, before she left to begin her successful solo career

                                                          Supported by a full-length film, The First Days Of Spring, which appeared a year after the group's debut, is frequently cited as their crowning achievement. Exploring the break-up between Fink and Marling, the album has none of the first album's female voices, and is presented as a narrative of a split. NME said, "They have done a hell of a lot of growing up. An immense album."

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          The First Days Of Spring
                                                          Our Window
                                                          I Have Nothing
                                                          My Broken Heart
                                                          Instrumental I
                                                          Love Of An Orchestra
                                                          Instrumental II
                                                          Blue Skies
                                                          Slow Glass
                                                          My Door Is Always Open


                                                          Free LSD

                                                            OFF!, the punk braintrust formed in 2010 by Keith Morris (ex-Black Flag, Circle Jerks) and Dimitri Coats (ex-Burning Brides), will release their first new album in eight years, Free LSD on Fat Possum Records.

                                                            The band’s powerful new rhythm section: bassist Autry Fulbright II (...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead) and drummer Justin Brown (Thundercat, Herbie Hancock) accompany the release. The injection of new energy into the band’s signature high-anxiety hardcore is palpable and volatile, adding a new swing to the music’s incendiary thrust.

                                                            The iconic Pixies forged an influential path for alt-rock during their first era, while their post 2004 reunion has seen them alchemize more sophisticated dark arts - a return which has them add another three UK Top 10 albums to the three they achieved on their first run. Now as fired up as ever before, Pixies will release their eighth studio album ‘Doggerel’ on September 30th via BMG, including lead single ‘There’s a Moon On’.

                                                            ‘Doggerel’ is a mature yet visceral record of gruesome folk, ballroom pop and brutal rock, haunted by the ghosts of affairs and indulgences, driven wild by cosmic forces and envisioning digital afterlives where no God has provided one. And all the while, right there on the news, another distant storm approaches.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1. Nomatterday
                                                            2. Vault Of Heaven
                                                            3. Dregs Of The Wine
                                                            4. Haunted House
                                                            5. Get Simulated
                                                            6. The Lord Has Come Back Today
                                                            7. Thunder And Lightning
                                                            8. There’s A Moon On
                                                            9. Pagan Man
                                                            10. Who’s More Sorry Now?
                                                            11. You’re Such A Sadducee
                                                            12. Doggerel

                                                            Plastic Mermaids

                                                            It's Not Comfortable To Grow

                                                              The Independent - 5 star Glastonbury set review “Making their Glastonbury review, IOW collective Plastic Mermaids are a joy to behold at the Croissant-Neuf stage.” New single 'Girl Boy Girl' Girl Boy Girl is an uncomfortable place, an unspoken awkwardness and tension. Always convoluting, never resolving. Just like this perpetual frustration when a relationship isn’t right but none has the language or understanding to fix it. And then thinking that adding a 3rd party to the mix is going to solve the problems…oh dear. We took some inspiration from the song ‘Night Call’ on the Drive soundtrack and also some of the slower Daft Punk tunes. Kinda wanted it to feel like something you’d stick on cruising in your car after dark in the 80’s. It has been two years since Plastic Mermaids released their critically acclaimed debut ‘Suddenly Everyone Explodes’, and now they return to spread some eagerly awaited blissed out joy with new single Disco Wings & b side Environmental with their second album due next year. The band have been working hard in the studio teaming up with producer Ant Whiting, who has worked with the likes of MIA, John Newman and Lana De Ray, in what proved to be an exciting mix of creative ideas.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              1. It's Not Comfortable To Grow
                                                              2. Girl Boy Girl
                                                              3. Disposable Love
                                                              4. It's Pretty Bad
                                                              5. Environmental
                                                              6. Life's A Colourful Thing When You Look At It Right
                                                              7. Disco Wings
                                                              8. Marbles
                                                              9. Something Better
                                                              10. Elastic Time

                                                              Psychic Ills

                                                              Live At Levitation

                                                                The first Austin Psych Fest was held in March 2008, and expanded to a 3 day event the following year. From there the festival quickly developed into an international destination for psychedelic rock fans, with lineups spanning the fringes of indie rock, from up-and-comers to vintage legends, and capped off with headlining performances from The Black Angels each year. The Black Angels and Levitation helped spark a movement, inspiring the creation of similar events across the globe and a burgeoning psych scene that would soon ignite. The series captures key moments in psychedelic rock history, and live music in Austin, Texas. The artists and sets showcased on Live at Levitation have been chosen from over a decade of recordings at the world-renowned event, and document key artists in the scene performing for a crowd of their peers and fans who gather at Levitation annually from all over the world.

                                                                When it comes to following the beat of their own drum, New York’s Psychic Ills have exemplified the phrase since their beginnings in 2003. Initially spawned from electroniccentered home recording experiments, they progressed into all-night full-band exploration in a neighborhood where noise wasn’t a problem. They soon after evolved into a live band seemingly at home within the extended jam, exploring a variety of musical terrain. The early years saw several releases for Social Registry, tons of time on the road, and collaborations with artists as diverse as Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers) and Sonic Boom (Spacemen Three/Spectrum).

                                                                We are proud to welcome Psychic Ills to the Live at Levitation series. The release showcases the band's appearance at Austin Psych Fest 2012. Mixed and Mastered for Vinyl.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                SIDE A
                                                                1. Midnight Moon
                                                                2. Mind Daze
                                                                3. Incense Head
                                                                4. Ring Finger
                                                                5. Electriclife
                                                                SIDE B
                                                                1. Meta
                                                                2. Diamond City
                                                                3. January Rain
                                                                4. I'll Follow You Through The Floor

                                                                Real Lies

                                                                Lad Ash

                                                                  London electronic act Real Lies combine classic English pop-poetic story-telling with the uncanny rainswept atmospheres of auteurs like Claude Young, Drexciya and Richard D James. On their second album, lyricist Kevin Lee Kharas romanticises ecstasy-fuelled teenage joyrides that set the coordinates for two decades of thrill-seeking hedonism. A wild period that resulted in both the group’s euphoric 2015 debut Real Life and the prolonged six-year wait for its follow up.

                                                                  In places, that euphoria remains – they’ve never sounded higher than on ‘Dream On’ – but generally the mood here is darker, more late-night, club-ready and ruminative. There are songs about losing childhood friends in mysterious circumstances (‘Dolphin Junction’), bandmates (‘Boss Trick’ is a wake for former member Tom Watson), childhood innocence (‘An Oral History Of My First Kiss’) and huge swathes of memory (‘The Carousel’). As the title implies, Lad Ash is a coming-of-age album that draws out the beauty and longing of the young British male experience by reframing it through an elegiac, at times almost gothic, lens.

                                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                  Liam says: Without a doubt one of my releases of the year, Real Lies' sophomore 'Lad Ash' is finally available on vinyl after its digital release earlier this year. Capturing the magic and the melancholia of being in your 20s in 2022, 'Lad Ash's mixture of The Streets and Pet Shop Boys will have you craving and reminiscing those long-lost nights out you never had.

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  A1 Ethos
                                                                  A2 Boss Trick
                                                                  A3 An Oral History Of My First Kiss
                                                                  A4 Dream On

                                                                  B1 Late Arcades
                                                                  B2 Thameslink Tryst
                                                                  B3 Dolphin Junction
                                                                  B4 All Good Dogs

                                                                  C1 Since I
                                                                  C2 The Carousel
                                                                  C3 Your Guiding Hand
                                                                  C4 DiCaprio

                                                                  D1 You Were In Love
                                                                  D2 I Wander
                                                                  D3 Oh Me, Oh My (Nicotine Patch)
                                                                  D4 Birds

                                                                  The Real Tuesday Weld


                                                                    "The Young Ones' Flaming Lips meet Jacques Brel in a pean to lost youth, 'Comme dans un Reve' Dream bossa chanson a la Gainsbourg/ Birkin. ‘Dreams’ is the second of the final trilogy of albums by critical darlings The Real Tuesday Weld following last year's acclaimed noir-themed ‘Blood'. This collection references late sixties songwriting a la Lee Hazlewood, Jimmy Webb and Burt Bacharach with nods to Flaming Lips and Tin Pan Alley, all mixed up with hazy lo-fi electronica, ghostly atmospherics and cinematic instrumentals. Guest vocalists A Girl Called Eddy, Sephine Llo and Oriana Curls provide a counterpoint to main man Stephen Coates' Gainsbourg-like crooning. Continuing the band's long preoccupation with dreams, the songs were written in the early morning or late evening on 'either side' of sleep: ‘I’d rise super early and go straight to it with the emotion of the night’s imaginings still heavy on me or work in that strange space-time just before sleep claims us”. The album is sequenced in an approximation of a life, from youth to age, with the band’s perennial focus on London, love, the English landscape and time passing. ‘Bone Dreams Blood’ in particular is a sonic memorial to friends loved and lost in the life of London.

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    1. The Young Ones
                                                                    2. Kinky Love
                                                                    3. Bone Dreams Blood
                                                                    4. I Awoke To Find I Was Dreaming
                                                                    5. Ever After
                                                                    6. Lost Endeavour
                                                                    7. Curtain Call
                                                                    8. Comme Dans Un Reve
                                                                    9. Bodhisattva Of The Gulag
                                                                    10. Everything
                                                                    11. Last Light 

                                                                    Shakespear's Sister

                                                                    Hormonally Yours - 30 Year Anniversary Edition

                                                                      To celebrate the 30-year Anniversary of Shakespear's Sister’s seminal album. ‘Hormonally Yours’, London Records announce a special edition release across multiple formats.

                                                                      A double Platinum and Top 3 UK album, ‘Hormonally Yours’ secured Siobhan Fahey and Marcella Detroit a place in British pop history - spawning the single ‘Stay’, which spent a staggering eight consecutive weeks at the top of the UK charts - and won the duo an Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contemporary Song Collection.

                                                                      ‘Hormonally Yours’ also features singles ‘Goodbye Cruel World’ and ‘I Don’t Care’, tackles friendships gone wrong on ‘My Sixteenth Apology’, powerful, dangerous attraction on ‘Emotional Thing’ and documents a friend’s coming out on ‘Are We In Love Yet?’ Fan favourite ‘The Trouble With Andre’, the fullthrottle glam-blues of ‘Cat Woman’ and glorious finale ‘Hello (Turn Your Radio On)’ is the album’s glorious finale: an exhalation; a glorious, earthshuddering moment that recalls the epic melancholy of David Bowie’s ‘Five Years’ and The Beatles’ ‘A Day In The Life’.

                                                                      Shakespears Sister’s second album, ‘Hormonally Yours’ provided the perfect encapsulation of the duo’s musical ying and yang; a deftly delivered balance of pop melody with a spikey alternative darkness.

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      CD (LMS5521725)
                                                                      ‘Hormonally Yours’
                                                                      Goodbye Cruel World
                                                                      I Don’t Care
                                                                      My 16th Apology
                                                                      Are We In Love Yet
                                                                      Emotional Thing
                                                                      Black Sky
                                                                      The Trouble With Andre
                                                                      Let Me Entertain You
                                                                      Hello (Turn Your Radio On)
                                                                      Bonus Tracks
                                                                      Cat Worship
                                                                      Out To Groove [Demo]
                                                                      The End [Demo]

                                                                      DVD (LMS5521725)
                                                                      ‘Hormonally Yours’ Brighton Live Footage
                                                                      Goodbye Cruel World
                                                                      My 16th Apology
                                                                      The Trouble With Andre
                                                                      Emotional Thing
                                                                      Black Sky
                                                                      Are We In Love Yet
                                                                      I Don’t Care
                                                                      Hello (Turn Your Radio On)
                                                                      Restored And Remastered Videos
                                                                      Goodbye Cruel World
                                                                      I Don’t Care
                                                                      Hello (Turn Your Radio On)
                                                                      My 16th Apology
                                                                      Catwoman [Live]
                                                                      Goodbye Cruel World (2022 Version)
                                                                      Making Of / Behind The Scenes (Unseen Archive

                                                                      LP (LMS5521728 / LMS5521727)
                                                                      Goodbye Cruel World
                                                                      I Don’t Care
                                                                      My 16th Apology
                                                                      Are We In Love Yet
                                                                      Emotional Thing
                                                                      Black Sky
                                                                      The Trouble With Andre
                                                                      Let Me Entertain You
                                                                      Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

                                                                      Ben Shemie


                                                                        Recommended If You Like: Floating Points, Stars of the Lid, SUUNS, FACS, Peaking Lights, Jerusalem In My Heart. Channeling his background in classical music, SUUNS’ Ben Shemie combines string fractals, manipulated vocals, and synth-powered chaos to bridge the universes of past, present, and future. Over the course of ten tracks, Shemie chronicles a wandering soul tangled in its own dark orbit, searching for meaning in a world of stardust and astral mirages.­ Breathing life into Shemie’s orchestral maneuvers was the Molinari String Quartet, one of Canada's most celebrated contemporary ensembles. Recording the album’s ten tracks in two single-takes, the urgency and dynamism of these compositions can be heard as much felt. The listener can sense the stuttering pulse of Shemie, flanked by five amplifiers and wading in electronic bedlam, as the Molinari Quartet switchbacks measures of strings and chimes.­ Sometimes, the only way to make sense of the world is to travel to its absolute end. While Shemie’s image of a faraway universe is equal parts inspiring and chaotic, he assures the listener everything and everyone is exactly as it should be.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        1 The Departure
                                                                        2 The Eye
                                                                        3 The Mirror
                                                                        4 The Future Indefinite
                                                                        5 The Tower (Part 1)
                                                                        6 The Tower (Part 2)
                                                                        7 The Passage
                                                                        8 The Other Being
                                                                        9 The Past Continuous
                                                                        10 The Return


                                                                        The End, So Far

                                                                          Legendary Iowan icons Slipknot have announced details of their widely anticipated new album, The End, So Far, which will be released on Roadrunner Records.

                                                                          The band has also shared the album’s lead single “The Dying Song (Time To Sing)” with an official music video directed by the band’s own M. Shawn ‘clown’ Crahan. The “The Dying Song (Time To Sing)” video, and the track itself, sees one of the world’s most popular and deeply enigmatic bands relentlessly charting new ground as they continue to redefine, revitalize, and reimagine the scope of rock music.

                                                                          Produced By Slipknot and Joe Barresi, The End For Now…. includes the band’s 2021 surprise single “The Chapeltown Rag” and follows their widely celebrated 2019 album We Are Not Your Kind, which marked Slipknot’s third consecutive #1 on the Billboard 200 and debuted at #1 on the UK Album Chart..

                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                          01 Adderall
                                                                          02 The Dying Song (Time To Sing)
                                                                          03 The Chapeltown Rag
                                                                          04 Yen
                                                                          05 Hivemind
                                                                          06 Warranty
                                                                          07 Medicine For The Dead
                                                                          08 Acidic
                                                                          09 Heirloom
                                                                          10 H377
                                                                          11 De Sade
                                                                          12 Finale

                                                                          The Snuts

                                                                          Burn The Empire

                                                                            Ahead of a coveted slot at this year’s Glastonbury, The Snuts have announced their highly-anticipated new album Burn The Empire, out on Parlophone Records. The album follows their acclaimed, number 1-selling debut album, W.L and today sees the fourth taste of the record with new single ‘The Rodeo’.

                                                                            One of the most exciting acts in the UK right now, The Snuts deliver 11 slices of sonic brilliance on Burn The Empire. Produced by longtime collaborators Detonate and Clarence Coffee Jr the album continues the band’s evolution both sonically and lyrically. A voice for the next generation lead singer Jack Cochrane attacks subjects affecting the youth of today. Opening with the album’s title track, a no holds barred protest against the corrupt corporations and politicians, the album delves into the negative effects of social media on ‘Zuckerpunch’ and ‘13’ tackles the lack of mental health services and the lethal effects of poverty across Britain and its impact on society.

                                                                            “The universe delivered us time to create a record where we finally felt we could address some of the topics, be it societal or spiritual, that we have been dying to scream out,” lead singer Jack Cochrane said of the album. “There are songs about the highs & lows, stuff we really want to talk about and things we cannot help but feel, but have just never made the space to.”

                                                                            Infectious, euphoric, heartfelt and packed to the brim with hooks, Burn The Empire is the work of a band living in the moment, with an eye to the future. Armed with a chart-topping album and an arsenal of adoring fans up and down the country, these four lads from Whitburn, West Lothian, are well on their way to being one of the most vital bands of recent years.

                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                            1. Burn The Empire
                                                                            2. Zuckerpunch
                                                                            3. The Rodeo
                                                                            4. 13
                                                                            5. Knuckles
                                                                            6. End Of The Road (feat. Rachel Chinouriri)
                                                                            7. Pigeons In New York
                                                                            8. Hallelujah Moment
                                                                            9. Cosmic Electronica
                                                                            10. Yesterday
                                                                            11. Blah Blah Blah

                                                                            The Soft Moon

                                                                            Criminal - Sacred Bones 15 Year Anniversary Edition

                                                                              Criminal, The Soft Moon’s fourth studio album, is a confessional work. Through the stark lens of shame and guilt that has followed Luis Vasquez since a violent childhood growing up within the humming ambient sprawl of ’80s Mojave Desert, here he documents the gut-wrenching sound of going to war with himself.

                                                                              Criminal marks a striking and important chapter in his self-exploration, both artistically and emotionally. As a young musician living in Oakland, Vasquez began to try and process the narrative of his difficult upbringing veiled through musical exploration.

                                                                              Working with producer Maurizio Baggio at La Distilleria in Bassano Del Grappa, Italy, Criminal sees Vasquez further explore putting his lyrics at the forefront and letting his raw emotions flow.

                                                                              Sacred Bones is now repressing this favourably received record in a bunch of new colors in celebration of the label’s 15th year anniversary.

                                                                              “His bleakest - and most cohesive - music yet” - All Music

                                                                              “On his fourth album as The Soft Moon, post-punk auteur Luis Vasquez finally breaks from a whisper into a scream.” - Pitchfork

                                                                              “There are plenty of deliciously bitter pleasures here for anyone who similarly loves brooding in that blacked-out, candlelit bedroom of the mind.” - A.V Club

                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                              01. Burn
                                                                              02. Choke
                                                                              03. Give Something
                                                                              04. Like A Father
                                                                              05. The Pain
                                                                              06. It Kills
                                                                              07. ILL
                                                                              08. Young
                                                                              09. Born Into This
                                                                              10. Criminal

                                                                              Sound Of Ceres

                                                                              Emerald Sea

                                                                                Recommended If You Like: Beach House, Les Baxter, Candy Claws, Marina Abramovic, Fine Art, Vintage Disney.

                                                                                Emerald Sea, the third album from New York-based audiovisual project Sound of Ceres, tells the story of how the universe comes to know itself. Rendered in dynamic, ambitious orchestral passages, it forms the basis of future stage performances intended to draw its half-submerged narrative into the visual sphere. In its dreamlike impressions, it could also be the soundtrack to a long-forgotten early musical film - an experience that delighted and transported audiences and then vanished from record, surviving only in the imprint of memory.

                                                                                Written in three acts, Emerald Sea follows two deities who trail each other through the furthest reaches of experience. There is the Universe, all that exists, voiced by performance artist Marina Abramovic. And there is Venus, transformer of matter and avatar of love, sung by the group's lead vocalist Karen Hover (who goes by k).

                                                                                Through a dazzling suite of songs inspired by Les Baxter's mid-century exotica, Maurice Ravel's ballet Daphnis et Chloé, and Gustav Holst's The Planets, Emerald Sea studies intimacy on both an interpersonal scale and a cosmological one. Connection and severance, joy and grief, wonder and bewilderment all tumble through its scope. In the widest frame, the universe begins, meets itself, and ends. In the closest frame, two people encounter each other, grow close, and then separate. These stories are two views of the same fractal. In every intimacy human beings cultivate, every rush of connection, no matter how fleeting, we reenact the universe for ourselves.

                                                                                "I envisioned myself journeying through these different realms -- space, the land, the sea, the heavens -- and following Marina's character," says k. "I always saw her as a shadow figure that I couldn’t quite figure out." In its current cycle, Sound of Ceres is Derrick Bozich, songwriter, harpist, and flautist; Jacob Graham, synthesist, costumer, and light designer; K Hover, vocalist, lyricist, costumer, and choreographer; and Ryan Hover, songwriter and producer. They recorded Emerald Sea in collaboration with Jon Sonneberg at Ka-Boom studio in Ohio. It was mixed by Nicholas Principe and mastered by Kramer.

                                                                                Ryan says, "The album’s story is an allegory for the emergence of mind and meaning from the matter of the universe, and its eventual fading, with a glimmer of hope at the end."

                                                                                When you receive it, when its sounds in motion light up your mind's eye, it is created in collaboration with you.

                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                1 The Tower
                                                                                2 2nd Star Shroud
                                                                                3 Sunray Venus
                                                                                4 The Glare
                                                                                5 Arm Of Golden Flame
                                                                                6 Deeper Surround
                                                                                7 Enchanter
                                                                                8 Handlion’s Palace
                                                                                9 The Fawn
                                                                                10 Silent Singer

                                                                                Titus Andronicus

                                                                                The Will To Live

                                                                                  The Will to Live was produced by Titus Andronicus singer-songwriter Patrick Stickles and Canadian icon Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen, The Whole Nine Yards) at the latter’s Hotel 2 Tango recording studio in Montreal. Drawing on maximalist rock epics from Who’s Next to Hysteria, Bilerman and Stickles have crafted the richest, densest, and hardest hitting sound for Titus Andronicus yet. All at once, the record matches the sprawl and scope of the band’s most celebrated work, while also honing their ambitious attack to greater effect than ever before.

                                                                                  “It may strike some as ironic we had to go to Canada to record our equivalent to Born in the USA,” quips Stickles, “but the pursuit of Ultimate Rock knows no borders.”For his recent stretch of personal stability, he credits a newfound domestic bliss and steadfast mental health regimen (“Lamictal is a hell of a drug”) as well as the endurance of what has become the longest-running consistent lineup of Titus Andronicus—Liam Betson on guitar, R.J. Gordon on bass, and Chris Wilson on drums. On the crueler side of the coin, however, The Will to Live was created in large part as an attempt to process the untimely 2021 death of Matt “Money” Miller, the founding keyboardist of the band and Stickles’ closest cousin. Stickles explains: “The passing of my dearest friend forced me to recognize not only the precious and fragile nature of life, but also the interconnectivity of all life. Loved ones we have lost are really not lost at all, as they, and we still living, are all component pieces of a far larger continuous organism, which both precedes and succeeds our illusory individual selves, united through time by (you guessed it) the will to live.”

                                                                                  “Naturally, though, our long-suffering narrator can only arrive at this conclusion through a painful and arduous odyssey through Hell itself,” he qualifies. “This is a Titus Andronicus record, after all.”

                                                                                  When Titus Andronicus made their long-awaited return to the stage in 2021, it was to celebrate the anniversary of their landmark breakthrough The Monitor, and the act of playing that material before an ecstatic audience left the band determined to deliver an album that would reach for those same lofty heights, relying this time less on the reckless fire of youth and more on the experience and perspective at which a band only arrives with a thousand shows under their belt. Through this golden ratio, Titus Andronicus have arrived at the peak of their creative powers. From its adrenalizing opening instrumental “My Mother Is Going to Kill Me” to its wistful

                                                                                  closing benediction “69 Stones,” The Will to Live conjures a vast landscape and sends the listener on a rocket ride from peak to vertiginous peak. Rock fans will find themselves a feast, whether they crave barn-burning rock anthems such as “(I’m) Screwed” and “All Through the Night,” rapid-fire lyrical gymnastics (“Baby Crazy”), symphonic punk throwdowns (“Dead Meat”), or an adventurous excursion into the darkness that delivers thrills as it breezes boldly past the seven-minute mark, “An Anomaly.”

                                                                                  As if that wasn’t enough gas for the tank, The Will to Live features sterling contributions from members of the Hold Steady, Arcade Fire, and the E Street Band, as well as duets with the aforementioned Betson, former Titus Andronicus drummer Eric Harm, and Josée Caron of the Canadian rock band Partner. The album comes packaged with gorgeous triple-gatefold artwork by illustrious illustrator Nicole Rifkin, a Hieronymus Bosch–inspired triptych which mirrors the three-part structure of the narrator’s perilous voyage across the corresponding three sides of vinyl. All together, this esteemed ensemble, with Stickles and Bilerman determined and defiant at the helm, have found The Will to Live—now, the question is… will you?

                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                  SIDE A
                                                                                  1. My Mother Is Going To Kill Me
                                                                                  2. (I’m) Screwed
                                                                                  3. I Can Not Be Satisfied
                                                                                  4. Bridge And Tunnel
                                                                                  SIDE B
                                                                                  5. Grey Goo
                                                                                  6. Dead Meat
                                                                                  7. An Anomaly
                                                                                  SIDE C
                                                                                  8. Give Me Grief
                                                                                  9. Baby Crazy
                                                                                  10. All Through The Night
                                                                                  11. We’re Coming Back
                                                                                  12. 69 Stones
                                                                                  SIDE D


                                                                                  Rage In Eden: 40th Anniversary 4LP Box Set Edition

                                                                                    Following on from the success of 2020’s deluxe reissue of ‘Vienna’, Chrysalis Records are proud to release a 40th Anniversary of the bands second album with Midge Ure, ‘Rage In Eden’.

                                                                                    Originally released in October 1981 and like the band’s previous two albums, ‘Rage In Eden’ was produced by Conny Plank (Kraftwerk, Can, Neu!), this time recorded at Conny’s studio in Cologne over a 3 month period during the summer of ‘81. The album features hit singles The Thin Wall and The Voice. The album reached number 4 in the UK charts.

                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                    4LP TRACKLISTING
                                                                                    Disc 1
                                                                                    1. The Voice
                                                                                    2. We Stand Alone
                                                                                    3. Rage In Eden
                                                                                    4. I Remember (Death In The Afternoon)
                                                                                    1. The Thin Wall
                                                                                    2. Stranger Within
                                                                                    3. Accent On Youth
                                                                                    4. The Ascent
                                                                                    5. Your Name (Has Slipped My Mind)
                                                                                    Disc 2
                                                                                    1. The Thin Wall (Single Version)
                                                                                    2. I Never Wanted To Begin
                                                                                    3. I Never Wanted To Begin (Extended Version)
                                                                                    1. The Voice (Single Version)
                                                                                    2. Paths And Angles
                                                                                    3. Private Lives (Crystal Palace 13/6/81)
                                                                                    4. All Stood Still (Crystal Palace 13/6/81)
                                                                                    Disc 3
                                                                                    1. The Thin Wall (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 16/10/1981)
                                                                                    2. New Europeans (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 16/10/1981)
                                                                                    3. Sleepwalk (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 16/10/1981)
                                                                                    4. I Remember (Death In The Afternoon)
                                                                                    1. Stranger Within (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 16/10/1981)
                                                                                    2. Mr. X (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 16/10/1981)
                                                                                    3. Rage In Eden (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 16/10/1981)
                                                                                    Disc 4
                                                                                    1. Accent On Youth (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 16/10/1981)
                                                                                    2. The Ascent (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 16/10/1981)
                                                                                    3. Your Name (Has Slipped My Mind Again) (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 16/10/1981)
                                                                                    4. Vienna (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 16/10/1981)
                                                                                    1. Passionate Reply (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 16/10/1981)
                                                                                    2. Passing Strangers (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 16/10/1981)
                                                                                    3. We Stand Alone (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 16/10/1981)
                                                                                    4. All Stood Still (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 16/10/1981)
                                                                                    5. The Voice (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 16/10/1981)


                                                                                    Rage In Eden: 40th Anniversary Half-Speed Master

                                                                                      Following on from the success of 2020’s deluxe reissue of ‘Vienna’, Chrysalis Records are proud to release a 40th Anniversary of the bands second album with Midge Ure, ‘Rage In Eden’.

                                                                                      Originally released in October 1981 and like the band’s previous two albums, ‘Rage In Eden’ was produced by Conny Plank (Kraftwerk, Can, Neu!), this time recorded at Conny’s studio in Cologne over a 3 month period during the summer of ‘81. The album features hit singles The Thin Wall and The Voice. The album reached number 4 in the UK charts.

                                                                                      This new vinyl edition has been mastered and cut at half-speed by Alchemy at AIR from the original 1981 production tapes. The second bonus vinyl includes single versions and B-sides from the two singles released from the album.

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      Disc 1
                                                                                      1. The Voice
                                                                                      2. We Stand Alone
                                                                                      3. Rage In Eden
                                                                                      4. I Remember (Death In The Afternoon)
                                                                                      1. The Thin Wall
                                                                                      2. Stranger Within
                                                                                      3. Accent On Youth
                                                                                      4. The Ascent
                                                                                      5. Your Name (Has Slipped My Mind)
                                                                                      Disc 2
                                                                                      1. The Thin Wall (Single Version)
                                                                                      2. I Never Wanted To Begin
                                                                                      3. I Never Wanted To Begin (Extended Version)
                                                                                      1. The Voice (Single Version)
                                                                                      2. Paths And Angles
                                                                                      3. Private Lives (Crystal Palace 13/6/81)
                                                                                      4. All Stood Still (Crystal Palace 13/6/81)

                                                                                      The Vacant Lots


                                                                                        Created under isolation, ‘Closure’ is the fourth album from Brooklyn duo The Vacant Lots and is Jared Artaud and Brian MacFadyen’s most fully realised work to date. Out September 30th on Fuzz Club Records, the record packs 8 minimal is maximal salvos into 23 minutes that coalesce into a stun-blast soundtrack for today’s shattered society. New York City’s artistic skyline may have changed immeasurably since the last century, yet the minimalist post-punk/synth-pop duo vividly gouge into the city’s immortal outsider spirit and underground cultural tropes, set against a pulsating backdrop of modern apocalypse.

                                                                                        Laced with evocatively concise and lacerating lyrics delivered detached and deadpan, ‘Closure’s spine-chilling onslaught of towering guitar shrapnel, ethereal metallic synth melodies and cold electronic turbulence comes infused with shades of New Order and Jesus And Mary Chain; the kind of modern disco and post-punk grooves that pillaged New York clubs in the 80s. Inevitably, the penetrating spirit of New York electronic trailblazers Suicide haunts the new record with its subterranean gravitational pull, having previously manifested physically when the two-piece befriended the late Alan Vega – leading to collaborations, support spots and Artaud now co-curating the ‘Vega Vault’ of unreleased material and co-producing and mixing the 2021 lost ‘Mutator’ LP.

                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                        1 Thank You
                                                                                        2 Consolation Prize
                                                                                        3 Eyes Closed
                                                                                        4 Disintegration
                                                                                        5 Obsession
                                                                                        6 Chase
                                                                                        7 Red Desert
                                                                                        8 Burning Bridges


                                                                                        Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - 2022 Reissue

                                                                                          Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was widely acclaimed as one of 2002’s best albums, appearing in year-end lists of Mojo, NME, Q, Rolling Stone, and Uncut, among many others. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot also was featured in multiple decade-end lists, with Rolling Stone naming it #3 Album of the 2000s, as well as many Greatest Albums of All Time lists, including in the NME.

                                                                                          Among Yankee’s inspirations was a recording Tweedy bought at Tower Records in the late 1990s, The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations. As Bob Mehr points out in his new album note, the record got “deep under Tweedy’s skin.” Tweedy said in his 2017 memoir, Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back), “It was as fascinating to me as anything being made by actual musicians using actual instruments… I wanted to know why it was so hypnotic to me. Why could I listen to hours of this stuff, even though I had no clue what any of them were saying. That question became the foundation for Yankee Hotel Foxtrot… the way people communicated or ultimately failed to communicate.” The album takes its title from a haunting recording of a woman repeating those words that is included in The Conet Project; that recording is sampled in the penultimate song on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, ‘Poor Places’.

                                                                                          “Conceptually, Tweedy had decided to focus on a big idea for the next album: the state of America. His lyrics – often distilled from scribbled pages of free verse or poetry – became a form of inquiry,” Mehr continues. Tweedy said, in 2004, “I wanted to write about the stuff right in front of my eyes, microscopically looking at America and asking questions about each little thing… How can there be all these good things and things that I love about America, alongside all of these things that I’m ashamed of? And that was an internal question, too; I think I felt that way about myself.”

                                                                                          Mehr says, “Exploring those questions, while weaving in strands of Eastern philosophy and bits of autobiography – Yankee lyrics would be loaded with the pained imagery of someone suffering from migraines and mental health issues – Tweedy would conjure a deep examination of both country and self.”

                                                                                          Describing the uncanny, strangely prescient feeling of the album, which Wilco began offering as a free stream on its website in 2001, Mehr notes: “In the wake of 9/11, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot would be burdened with unintended meaning. The disc had originally been scheduled for a September 11 release. Its cover – a Sam Jones-shot image of Chicago’s twin Marina Towers angled in looming fashion – bore an eerie resemblance to the felled World Trade Center towers. And the songs – with titles like ‘Ashes of American Flags’ and ‘War on War,’ and lyrics about how ‘tall buildings shake, sad voices escape’ – took on a terrible new resonance.”

                                                                                          Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was the first Wilco release on Nonesuch Records following the band’s infamous split with Reprise (both labels are part of Warner Music Group). It was also the first release featuring the line-up of drummer Glenn Kotche and multi-instrumentalist Leroy Bach joining founding members Jeff Tweedy and John Stirratt. The 2002 Sam Jones film I Am Trying to Break Your Heart documented the fraught recording and mixing process, personnel changes, and label issues.

                                                                                          The relationship with Nonesuch would last nearly a decade and include three more studio albums – the Grammy Award-winning A ghost is born, Sky Blue Sky, and Wilco (the album) – along with a live album and a live DVD, plus reissues of earlier records, before Wilco began its own label, dBpm. The band’s current lineup of Jeff Tweedy, John Stirratt, Glenn Kotche, Mikael Jorgensen, Patrick Sansone, and Nels Cline has been together for nearly twenty years.

                                                                                          Amy Winehouse

                                                                                          At The BBC

                                                                                            ‘At The BBC’ is the anticipated reissue from Amy Winehouse, originally released as a box set in 2012 this is the first time that the two discs ‘A Tribute To Amy Winehouse by Jools Holland’ and ‘BBC One Sessions Live at Porchester Hall’ are combined together to create this incredible masterpiece. The first time the tracks are available on vinyl, the set features tracks from Later with Jools across the year from 2003-2007 feature the most renowned tracks such as ‘Tears Dry On Their Own’, ‘Rehab’ and ‘Love Is A Losing Game’. And notably Amy’s first performance on the show in 2003 with ‘Stronger Than Me’. This is an essential listening and a celebration of the icon which is Amy Winehouse.

                                                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                            Barry says: There's very little that needs saying for this. Amy Winehouse has left more of an impression on the landscape of singer-songwritery than pretty much any artist I can think of, and this soulful collection of her various BBC and Jools Holland appearances sees her in absolute peak form. As mindblowing as it is heartbreaking, the stripped-back perfection displayed here couldn't be any more of a testament to the enduring appeal of Winehouse, and to have it all in one place is perfect.

                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                            A Tribute To Amy Winehouse By Jools Holland

                                                                                            Stronger Than Me (Later With Jools Holland/Nov 2003)
                                                                                            Take The Box (Mercury Prize/Sept 2004)
                                                                                            Teach Me Tonight Feat. Jools Holland (Hootenanny/Dec 2004)
                                                                                            Rehab (Later With Jools Holland/Oct 2006)
                                                                                            Tenderly Feat. Jools Holland (Later With Jools Holland/Oct 2006)
                                                                                            Tears Dry On Their Own (Later With Jools Holland/Oct 2006)
                                                                                            Monkey Man Feat. Jools Holland (Hootenanny/Dec 2006)
                                                                                            I Heard It Through The Grapevine Feat. Paul Weller And Jools Holland (Hootenanny/Dec 2006)
                                                                                            Don't Go To Strangers Feat. Paul Weller And Jools Holland (Hootenanny/Dec 2006)
                                                                                            Love Is A Losing Game (Mercury Prize/Sept 2007)

                                                                                            The BBC Sessions

                                                                                            Know You Now (Leicester Summer Sundae 2004)
                                                                                            Fuck Me Pumps (T In The Park 2004)
                                                                                            In My Bed (T In The Park 2004)
                                                                                            October Song (T In The Park 2004)
                                                                                            Rehab (Pete Mitchell 2006)
                                                                                            You Know I'm No Good (Jo Whiley Live Lounge 2007)
                                                                                            Just Friends (Big Band Special 2009)
                                                                                            Love Is A Losing Game (Jools Holland 2009)
                                                                                            Tears Dry On Their Own (Jo Whiley Live Lounge 2007)
                                                                                            Best Friends, Right? (Leicester Summer Sundae 2004)
                                                                                            I Should Care (The Stables 2004)
                                                                                            Lullaby Of Birdland (The Stables 2004)
                                                                                            Valerie (Jo Whiley Live Lounge 2007)
                                                                                            To Know Him Is To Love Him (Pete Mitchell 2006)

                                                                                            BBC One Sessions Live At Porchester Hall

                                                                                            Know You Now (Live At Porchester Hall/2007)
                                                                                            Tears Dry On Their Own (Live At Porchester Hall/2007)
                                                                                            You Know I'm No Good (Live At Porchester Hall/2007)
                                                                                            Just Friends (Live At Porchester Hall/2007)
                                                                                            He Can Only Hold Her (Live At Porchester Hall/2007)
                                                                                            I Heard Love Is Blind (Live At Porchester Hall/2007)
                                                                                            Rehab (Live At Porchester Hall/2007)
                                                                                            Take The Box (Live At Porchester Hall/2007)
                                                                                            Some Unholy War (Live At Porchester Hall/2007)
                                                                                            Back To Black (Live At Porchester Hall/2007)
                                                                                            Valerie (Live At Porchester Hall/2007)
                                                                                            Addicted (Live At Porchester Hall/2007)
                                                                                            Me & Mr Jones (Live At Porchester Hall/2007)
                                                                                            Monkey Man (Live At Porchester Hall/2007)


                                                                                            Feed The Flowers Nightmares

                                                                                              The stunning third album from Wyldest - aka London singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zoe Mead. Taking cues from the vulnerable and honest songwriting of Elliott Smith to the melodic indie-pop of Soccer Mommy and Hovvdy, Feed The Flowers Nightmares is something of a coming of age moment and with co-production from Luciano Rossi (Idlewild, Dama Scout) the LP is set to further establish Wyldest as a quietly prolific, multi-faceted and increasingly assured talent.

                                                                                              Various Artists

                                                                                              Elsewhere VXIII

                                                                                                From its genesis on the sun-drenched streets of Tirana, Albania to the wider sonic spheres inhabited by adventurous heads everywhere, Brussels-based deep digger soFa has assembled a fresh outing in his eclectic compilation series. Whilst the Elsewhere banner has previously focused on unorthodox spaces of the dancefloor via a series of different labels, including experimental imprints like Emotional Response, Music For Dreams and Kalahari Oyster Cult.

                                                                                                The latest instalment is something else entirely. Elsewhere VXII is a beguiling collection of songs and soundscapes that form a bridge between the traditional and the otherworldly.This gathering of outernational rhythms, drones and folk tales takes in a dizzying array of cultures and folkloric traditions, mapping out their common ground with style and finesse. Here we witness a Romanian Christian carol (from Colinde Netemperate) side by side with glacial abstraction from a Mexican artist based in Belgium (Vica Pachecho) The ritualistic mantras of Ladr’ache share headspace with the beatific acid folk of Odessey And Oracle. Meanwhile, ululatory drone-based rapture (courtesy of NÅR) marries with electronic reinterpretations of Greek rural serenades from Anna vs June.Unified by deep roots in yet branching out fearlessly into the unknown, all these stylings and more cohere and coalesce into an intoxicating patchwork. Yet as much as it may be driven by a DJ’s internal logic, this is primarily a work of border-free serendipity. The same forces that introduced soFa to the violin of Aida Al Hani while walking in Tirana, forging the impetus for this collection, are those that sent both soFa and Rocket Recordings in the direction of NÅR for the album entirely independently of each other. Navigating currents and vibrations that unite the globe, Elsewhere VXIII is a psychic transmission from a singular place where the stars align.

                                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                Aida Al Hani – Kafeja Gati
                                                                                                Colinde Netemperate – Din Patru Cornuri De Lume
                                                                                                Tempo Venus & Ox – Y
                                                                                                Pedro Castanheira & Caroline Oulman – A Saia Da Carolina
                                                                                                Nâr Feat. June As – Baba Mimoun
                                                                                                Ugne&maria – Apie Lubas (feat Poetry By Birute Kapustinskaite)
                                                                                                Ladr.ache – A Mi Fiasco (live In Casteau)
                                                                                                Vica Pacheco – El Fuego
                                                                                                Odessey And Oracle – J'ai Vu Un Croco
                                                                                                Praah – André
                                                                                                Anna Vs June – Dahtila
                                                                                                Nyati Mayi & The Astral Synth Transmitters – Lolokele
                                                                                                Cyril Cyril – Mariid
                                                                                                Kӣr – Zimovka

                                                                                                Various Artists

                                                                                                You Flexi Thing Vol 10 : Do You Think I’m Flexi

                                                                                                  The latest in underground label R*E*P*E*A*T's series of bendy compilations is released to mark a gig in Swansea on 17th September. This will see Swansea Sound play their first ever Swansea gig; more remarkably this will be the first ever time that the band's Hue Williams, one time Pooh Stick and long time musical mover and shaker, has played his home town. His bandmates, in what has been dubbed an 'indie super group', include Amelia Fletcher (singer in The Pooh Sticks and also ex- Talulah Gosh and Heavenly.They are joined on the flexi by Simon Love who has contributed a rarely heard track from from his days with Simon Love and the Old Romantics.

                                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                  1. SWANSEA SOUND - Indies Of The World - Teen Anthems Remix By John William Davies
                                                                                                  2. SIMON LOVE - Universal Love

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