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Maximum vocal power and prime time dramatics by Chrissy and Carrie Wilds. The San Francisco based DJ and producer shows his stylistic versatility and technical capability to work with vocals, melodies and sound sources. Like a facsimile of the late 1980s house/freestyle record that you never owned, "Things Can’t Go On Like This Forever" ticks all the right boxes. Heartfelt vocals (by the great Carrie Wilds): check! Timely social message: check! Melodic euphoria: check! Old school house and true school freestyle flavor: check! Comes in various mixes and with a freestyle bonus beat special.

Additional airtime is given to the now classic Chrissy production "So I Go Dancing". Done in a traditional remix fashion by Gerd Janson it highlights all the features of the original and again Carrie‘s enchanting voice, extends the included hysteria and adds a few snare rolls. Let‘s go dancing to brighten the darkness. Dance music in its purest and maybe most US-American form.


Matt says: Bit of an anthem for our troubled times, which sounds deliciously retro even though it's brand new. Piano-house heads gonna go nuts when this here this freestyle-tinged arm raiser.


A1. Things Can’t Go On Like This Forever (Main Mix)
A2. Things Can’t Go On Like This Forever (Instrumental)
A3. Things Can’t Go On Like This Forever (Freestyle Mix)
B1. So I Go Dancing (Gerd Janson DJ Remix)
B2. Things Can’t Go On Like This Forever (Freestyle Instrumental)
B3. Things Can’t Go On Like This Forever (Freestyle Beats)

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