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"Hardcore Heaven III", the third in Scuba's series of classic hardcore-inflected vinyl EPs further develops the themes established on the first two installments.

"Hardcore Heaven III" ups the tempo from the first two EPs, with a focus on early jungle on "Truth" and "Give Up Everything". "I Wna doit nth bckst" is a Reece-led baggy number, very Northern / Bowlers-esque. Meanwhile, "Riding" and "Storms Of Love" hit the vintage hardcore breakbeat plug with vamping pianos and cheeky sample drops and "Pocket Rocket" cleverly twists a huge female vocal chorus into a dark bassline beast also resplendant with vintage hardcore tropes. 

Top stuff for ravers north and south, old and young. Whistle cru!! 


Matt says: Scuba delivers another killer instalment of his hardcore influenced series executed with pure authenticity and 90s flavour.


A1. Truth 
A2. Riding 
A3. I Wna Doit Nth Bckst 
B1. Give Up Everything 
B2. Pocket Rocket 
B3. Storms Of Love 

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