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Glitter ball massive! Razor N Tape return with more ruckus as Mating Ritual Recs chief Matin Hayes comes correct with four glitzy numbers for the modern discotheques. Leaning a bit more toward up-tempo material than his previous RNT EP, "Turn You On" does indeed burn relentlessly hot, while "Love Shine" cruises along, alternating between an infectious electric piano vamp and driving percussion. "Easy Come Easy Go" strikes an optimistic and orchestral tone, sending us blissfully into space, and then "Tiff" rounds out the EP with it's slow and soulful lilt. Surely big with the Homoelectric and Horse Meat Disco camps, not to mention big disco spinners Al Kent and Mark Grusane. Top stuff!

Peter Croce has been making some noise lately with his Rocksteady Disco party and record label, and here he brings his burgeoning rework sensibilities to RNT with a varied pack of revisions straight from Detroit! On the ecstatic, uptempo face-melting tip, we have "Spirit Dance" and "Get Up And Boogie", either of which are sure to burn down any disco. Both hi-nrg disco, the former containing electric guitars and a hard rocking vibe while the latter rides a brass-driven, orchestral vibe. There's the hard-working, grown-ass groove of "Proletariat Blues", and "Made In China", a beautiful slow-burner for those early evening spins or late-night comedowns. Another winner for the firm and a wonderful introduction from Peter Croce. 

As the head of Berlin's eminently respected OYE Records, it's no surprise Markus 'Delfonic' Lindner would come correct with the edit heat for his first outing on Razor-N-Tape. The record starts out smooth and summery with "The Flow", a club-ready rework of an underground Jamaican disco classic, and recently finding favour here in the shop via the "Beach Digging" compilation - yes, it's THAT Sonia Spence track "Let Love Flow On". This is followed by the furious afro-boogie stomp of "SPF" of which it's too early in the morning for me to engage my brain enough to ID the OG. Answers in a tweet for some easy bonus points here folks (*note to self - start a league table - ed). On the B-side an extended percussion jam builds ferociously and finally drops into a lovely, lesser-known revamp of the soul staple "I Love Music". Head turning, totally infectious, and a brilliant way to end the EP. Top stuff indeed.

NYC stalwart and international superstar Jacques Renault joins Brooklyn cohorts for a 4 track EP of superior edit stylings! On the A side "Cold Blooded" takes First Choice's "The Player", focusing on a hypnotic and rhythmic pattern for a solid 6 minutes before letting go of the breaks and exploding into an exuberant soul burst. "Get Down" is a loose and greasy funk stomper with top brass inflections and swinging male vocal hooks. On the flip, "Dream Machine" is frenzied, heads down disco perfection, chopped and sliced with evident love but not revealing its true identity to us eagles here at Picc HQ. Finally, "That Sound" takes us home with its thunderous drums, slap bass, and a tasteful peppering of soulful vocals, again encouraging me to question my very existence as it escapes my intrepid ear and leaves me scratching me head as to the source. Yeah, nice one Jacques....!

Dimitri From Brooklyn

Dimitri From Brooklyn Edits Pt. 3

What makes a good edit in 2017? Well, I always find if one can work a pun into the song title it certainly helps! Cue Dimitiri From Brooklyn with three perfectly humouress takes on some classic disco staples. Join in at home and see if you can solve the puzzle!:

A1) "Kettle America"
Classic uptempo track from 1979. Big at Cosmic club in Italy along with plenty of US appearances. Written and produced by a Belgium trio who combined disco with salsa and bossa nova. 

B1) "I Knead You" 
Stone cold classic that should need no introduction. Produced by Tom Moulton and with one of the most distinctive male voices in disco. 

B2) "Without Rob" 
Surprise crossover hit penned by a brotherly band in the 70s. Reached no. 7 in the UK singles chart as was covered by Banarama!


A1) "Que Tal America" - Two Man Sound 
B1) "I Need You" - Sylvestre 
B2) "Long Train Running" - Doobie Brothers


Sil says: Disco bombs that everyone knows! This is a guaranteed belter 12 filled with three disco diamonds that have been gently and wisely given the Dimitri from Brooklyn (on this occasion) treatment. Buy on sight!

Kan Sano

Everybody Loves / Music Overflow


    Razor-n-Tape present a special 7 inch release featuring Japanese artist Kan Sano with a cover version of the Roy Ayres classic.

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    A definite hit here @PiccadillyRecs Gonna be on the shop player for some time to come I think.....
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    We also got this today, what a lovely surprise with our 7's, thanks @courtneymelba, and @Milk_Records xox
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