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Everyone’s favourite Israeli digger is back for another round of gloriously rare edit heat on RNT!

‘Baila’ gets the party started with infectious flamenco chants and claps over a churning acidic groove, and ‘Disco Hummus’ rounds out the side with a bit of joyful disco cheek.

On the flip, ‘Sun’ turns an unlikely cover of a classic into an Afro Disco banger, and ‘Simba’ rumbles and rolls with restraint toward a hypnotic peak of brass and vocals.

Elado has done it again…Mazel Tov!


A1. Baila
A2. Disco Hummus
B1. Sun
B2. Simba

For their first VA outing Razor-N-Tape have assembled the big guns for an all-exclusive comp. This vinyl sampler features 4 standout tracks from the compilation, and boasts an all-original tracklist by a roster of luminaries from the RNT family - past, present and future.

It’s party time on the A side, with Dimitri from Paris & DJ Rocca teaming up for “Days Of A Better Paradise”, a stomping, piano-driven, classic house belter. Saucy Lady takes us straight to the disco with “Passport to My Love”, a soulful, vocal boogie-funk journey into the cosmos.

The B Side features two lower-tempo house jams by RNT artists Misiu & Clive From Accounts. “Love Me Do” turns a classic melody into a spooky late night anthem, while “It’s Not That I Don’t Care” brings jazz riffs & bouncy basslines to the downtempo slow-burner.


Matt says: Razor-N-Tape rarely put a note wrong, but this, their first various artist offering really hits a home run. New disco & organic house from an all star line-up - just in time for the weekend!


A1.  Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca - Days Of A Better Paradise
A2.  Saucy Lady - Passport To My Love
B1.  Misiu - Love Me Do
B2.  Clive From Accounts - It’s Not That I Don’t Care

Razor-N-Tape co-founder JKriv delivers a trio of all-original cuts on his Something Else EP, bringing together a cast of featured hometown Brooklyn talent to center dynamic songwriting with club-ready vibes.

On the A1 title track, a playful funk-laden bassline lays the foundation for an explosive hook and soaring vocal performance from Brandon Markell Holmes. Dynamic live instrumentation take center stage in the soulful Try Again, which builds to an anthemic peak as guests Nic Hanson and Phenomenal Handclap Band intone the song’s hopeful message.

On the flip, the laid-back boogie groover Shoulda Been Me slow-burns with heavy bass, percussive rhythms, and serene synth-work to support the layered vocal textures by Toribio (of Conclave). Detroit legend Alton Miller takes the tune in a classic soulful deep house direction, with a bouncing rhodes pattern revolving over solid drums, and showcasing Toribio’s vocal prowess in a new light.


A1. Something Else Feat. Brandon Markell Holmes
A2. Try Again Feat. Phenomenal Handclap Band & Nic Hanson
B1. Shoulda Been Me Feat. Toribio
B2. Shoulda Been Me Feat. Toribio (Alton Miller Remix)

Midnight Runners

Midnight Runners Edits

Midnight Runners comes to Razor-N-Tape with a 12" of Southern Hemisphere disco gold!

Harry Septiandry has been gaining traction with standout releases on Darker Than Wax and Star Creature under his Munir alias, and for his RNT debut he serves up four extra special reworks of obscure disco from his native Indonesia.

The source material would stump even the most savvy of ears, but Harry finds the universal in these rare gems, augmenting the grooves and preserving just the right bit of camp for super sunny spin!


A1. Time
A2. Christi
B1. Rame
B2. Telephones

Israeli producer Nenor delivers a 4-tracker of impeccably produced dancefloor weapons for his second outing on Razor-N-Tape.

Since releasing on Moodyman’s legendary Mahogani label a few years back and as part of duo Rabo & Snob, Nenor has been honing his craft in the studio, and now puts his skills on full display on an EP that ranges from the poppy disco house of 'How Can I Be Free' to the deep Larry Heard-esque textures of 'Do You Remember,' and the gritty underground bangers of the title track and 'Work That.' He did indeed take his time on this beautifully crafted record, and the result is something quite special.


A1. How Can I Be Free
A2. Do You Remember
B1. Gonna Take My Time
B2. Work That

Kan Sano

Everybody Loves / Music Overflow


    Razor-n-Tape present a special 7 inch release featuring Japanese artist Kan Sano with a cover version of the Roy Ayres classic.


    A. Everybody Loves The Sunshine
    B. Music Overflow

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