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The Worst Edits Vol.6

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Members Only

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Jamal Moss' now-classic series is back for 2024 with another entry in what must be one of the most creatively off-the-wall series of edits ever committed to wax. The 4 cuts on offer here deftly blur the lines between disco, house and EBM; reminiscent of The Muzic Box or Medusa's. It's a highly hallucinatory affair, ditching the hyper disco cuts for a more red lit throb - circling in on what must surely be Belgium's late nite underbelly for four coital twisters bursting with x-rated spectacle.

4 The Ones Who Know!!


Matt says: The saga continues! Jamal Moss' Members Only series, to some, is one of the most important collection of 'edits' to have ever been committed to wax. Their balls-out reckless invention, leftfield source material and experimental frequency abuse appealing to the more adventurous and uncompromising DJ.


A1. Release Of Lust
A2. 5 Fingers On A Hand
B1. Pray That U Find Luv
B2. Where My Hot Sht At

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