Adam Stegemann / Universal Cave

Self Control

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Universal Cave Records

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On side A, Adam Stegemann presents a stunning new mix of a timeless classic. Stegemann’s No Control Mix is a nine and half minute sing-along party starter and end of night club burner. A Brooklyn based producer, key player and disco DJ since 2006, Stegemann was coaxed out of semi-retirement in 2019 spurned largely by the purchase of a used Ensoniq Mirage sampler. He is currently producing under aliases Video Burnout and My Left Speaker among others yet to be revealed.

Universal Cave brings up the B side with two dubby, downtempo, disco groovers perfect for when any ray of light feels too bright and the walls are starting to move. Up All Night is dedicated to Philadelphia’s legendary Making Time parties, and Too Much is a nightlife testimonial for the ages.


A1. Self Control (Adam Stegemann’s No Control Mix)
B1. Up All Night (Universal Cave’s Making Time Edit)
B2. Too Much (Universal Cave Edit)

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