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Benedikt Frey

She's Lost Control

    Emotional Response's 10th-anniversary celebration are brought to a superb close with Benedikt Frey. He serves up a magnificently dubbed out and psychedelic cover version of Joy Division's 'She's Lost Control across four different versions. The vocal version might be the best - it retinas that compelling dark drum funk you expect from the band with eerie synth additions and hefty bass. The instrumental is more slow and dubbed out in a traditional sense with the Lucas Croon dub doused in endless reverb. Last of all is a dub by Frey himself that is full of open space and bass bin distorting headiness.


    Andy says: Beautiful cover of the Joy Division classic which keeps all the darkness and feel of the original (and some!) whilst smartly re-interpreting it enough to stand on its own two feet. The dub version on the flip is kinda creeping and doomy; a really powerful cut. Recommended!


    She's Lost Control (Vocal Version)
    She's Lost Control (Instrumental Version)
    She's Lost Control (Lucas Croon Dub)
    She's Lost Control (Dub)

    Emotional Response returns with a second volume of its All Trades compilation which is named after its own NTS show. It is just as vast both in terms of style but also the eras it spans with a mix of dub, new wave, slow motion electronics and plenty in between. Tolouse Low Trax kicks off with the filthy dirty and seriously heavy dub glitch of 'Ossia' to provide an early highlight before the likes of Al Wootton get percussive and tribal with 'Altai' and HLM38 channels some African Head Charge on another devastating dub cut. Later on, London's Good Block brings a little more light and sunshine with their lovely 'Strong Relax.'


    Mine says: I love a good compilation and Emotional Response deliver not one but two great ones in one go. This one's definitely more on the dubbier side so if that's your jam then don't snooze!


    Side 1
    1. Tolouse Low Trax - "Ossia Dub"
    2. T Woc - "Luminescence"
    3. Al Wootton - "Altai"

    Side 2
    1. Iro Aka - "Generations"
    2. HLM38 - "Mystery Train Riddim"
    3. Jamie Paton - "Lost Margins"

    Side 3
    1. Good Block - "Strong Relax"
    2. While My Sequencer Gently Bleeps - "Ready"
    3. Anatolian Weapons - "Mountain Echoes"

    Side 4
    1. Shelter - "The Four Knights" (dub)
    2. Zongamin - "GGANTIJA"
    3. Akulina - "Waiting"

    You can never really pin down what the excellent Emotional Repose label does and that is exactly the sinking behind the title of its superb All Trades show on NTS. The sheer eclecticism of that show is now reflected in this new two-part compilation, also called All Trades, which offers up little morsels of what they do, something like a sonic tasting menu at a fancy restaurant. There is chugging electronic dub from Apiento & Tepper, industrial clatter from Black Bones, cosmic ambient breakbeat from Paperclip Minimiser and blissed out dub from Yamila & SoFa Elsewhere amongst many more highlights.


    Mine says: Oooof! Some seriously good selections on here that I cannot wait to listen to in full. Highly recommend!


    Side 1
    1. Apiento & Tepper - "606 Dog"
    2. Other Lands - "The Old Ways"
    3. Datasal - "Sea Palace"

    Side 2
    1. Black Bones - "Tipping Point"
    2. Froid Dub - "Item By Item" (dub)
    3. Paperclip Minimiser - "Planarian Wormhole"

    Side 3
    1. Cosmo Vitelli & Die Wilde Jagd - "Elixir"
    2. Amy Denio - "Fresh Fish"
    3. Exotic Gardens - "Soundwaves & Dark Caves"

    Side 4
    1. Yamila & SoFa Elsewhere - "Yo Tampoco"
    2. Valentina Magaletti - "Radio77"
    3. Ocean Moon - "Light Vibrations"

    Two revered dance music institutions come together here as Pye Corner Audio steps up to Emotional Response with his debut EP for the label. What's more, it is a two-parter with the first half also available now. This one from Martin Jenkins finds him making an homage to the acid house he has always loved with opener 'Stegan Acid' starting with slow grocers and foggy moods run through with subtle 303 modulations. 'Magnetic Acid Three' is another deep and stripped-back sound with rumbling drums and bass coloured with soft acid contours and 'Thermionic Acid' gurgles a little more as the icy hi-hats cut through a mutant deep techno swamp. 'Magnetic Acid One' is one final meditation on acidic house depths.


    Stegan Acid
    Magnetic Acid Three
    Thermionic Acid
    Magnetic Acid One

    Pye Corner Audio shows off his love of acid on the first of two EPs for Emotional Response that drop simultaneously. This first one is his debut on the label and comes with a gorgeous cover that perfectly encapsulates the sounds within. 'Dust Acid' is a sparse cut with dusty drums and meandering basslines that slowly sink you in, then 'Magnetic Acid Two,' which like all of these was recorded live, is another expertly reduced brew of murkiness with plenty of frayed edges and vintage analog sounds. 'Wanna Show U Acid' is a late-night acid dream and 'Magnetic Acid Four' shuts down slightly more bite. Four timeless backroom cuts, make no mistake.


    Dust Acid
    Magnetic Acid Two
    Wanna Show U Acid
    Magnetic Acid Four

    No Monster Club

    Deadbeat Effervescent

      The improbable missing link between ABBA and Daniel Johnston - RIYL Sparks, Electric Light Orchestra, Orange Juice.

      Their music has been variously referred to as "garage rock" (Austin Town Hall), "no bullshit pop" (Tiny Mix Tapes)
      "jangle-thrash" (My Old Kentucky Blog) 
      " lo-fi-tropicalsurf-pop" (Nialler9) 
      " b e d r o o m indie" (Impose Magazine)
      "sugary artpop" (Gimme Tinnitus)
      "new wave-y indie rock" (Brooklyn Vegan)
      "like a stripped-down, sugar high Pet Sounds" (NYLON Magazine) 
      "a bit like Girl Talk" (Vice Magazine)


      1. Waterfight
      2. Save The Circus
      3. Black And White
      4. Spaceman's Gold
      5. Telly Worldwide
      6. MacGuyver
      7. The Trundling Path
      8. Ctrl-Alt-Delete
      9. A Bugle Call
      10. Case By Case Basis
      11. Ticker Tape Parade
      12. Walk The Plank 

      Luke Wyatt

      Teen Hawk

        As one of the rising stars of the East Coast US electronic scene, Luke’s Torn Hawk releases on the cult L.I.E.S records introduced his cut up and glitchy take on R&B and house that have recently edged deeper and darker in to the noise and techno realms associated with the likes of Demdike Stare and Regis.

        This has been complimented by two recent DVDs, self-released under his own name. Mixing his day as a professional multi-media artist with his night as an increasingly experimental musician, they have gained considerable acclaim that can’t be pigeon holed as yet another Brooklyn house-head.

        However, as his first white label debut EP testified, there is also an ethereal and at times (*cough*) Balearic feel buried deep within this music and it is here, on 'Teen Hawk', this is as evident as his drone-based pieces.

        While the looping percussion and rhythms of 'Bertone Stratos' and 'I Recommend Starman' echo the ethereal beauty of Cluster and La Dusseldorf, they are also mixed with the darker ambient and loop-based 'Wrong Crowd' or 'Greystoke One'.

        Riding throughout much of this is his beloved looped guitar and eye for a breakbeat. Never more evident that on the album closer, 'Time For Thick'. Here his influences mesh to create a swirling, blissed out, hip-hop meets Aphex MDMA anthem (minus the sexist gangster rap - phew!)

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