Deep Cover #8

Image of Sneaker - Deep Cover #8
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Deep Cover

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The dark beast descends on Deep Cover's enclave with a curious quartet of teutonic tweaks from the valley of the clueless. Scandinavian love on German waves of time. A Mediterranean salutation to a cruising Colombian.

What this actually means in terms of source material still leaves us guessing, although we can confirm all four tracks fall down the cosmic / electro disco wormhole. It's another foray into the unknown from the cult collective Deep Cover and, as following usual procedure - is super limited to 150 copies. The mystery continues as the vibe expands... Highly recommended shizzle, don't snooze...


Matt says: Deep Cover deploy a sneaky clutch of cosmic edits that'll have you reaching for the amyl quicker than you can say 'Danielle Baldelli tape pack prego Signore'


A1. Liebe
A2. Die Nachricht
B1. Freunde
B2. Porsche

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