Jura Soundsystem

Remix Special (Quiet Village / Tapes / Good Block Mixes)

Image of Jura Soundsystem - Remix Special (Quiet Village / Tapes / Good Block Mixes)
Record Label
Temples Of Jura

About this item

A remix 12” of three Jura Soundsystem classics featuring interpretations from Quiet Village, Tapes and Good Block.

'Having released a few EPs and an LP it felt like a fun thing to get some remixes. I’ve ticked off a few musical bucket list items with this 12”, Quiet Village being the big one. I’m a bit of a fanboy and Joel & Matt have not disappointed with a remix that sounds simultaneously futuristic and classic. Tapes brings his unique brand of dub house and Good Block round off the party with a 90’s influenced slice of Balearic house [we say baggy breaks! - Ed]”. (Kevin / Jura Soundsystem).

3mm spine Kraftboard sleeve with sticker, designed by Bradley Pinkerton.


Matt says: Quiet Village follow up their brand new single with an equally arresting remix of Jura Soundsystem. Joined by Tapes who gets on a deep, tribal dubby house slant; and Good Block who goes all free party downbeat. Super strong turn out by all!


Carafe Denim (Quiet Village Remix)
Udaberri Blues (Tapes Remix)
Linn Fun (Good Block Remix)

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