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Classic presents ‘Re-Interpretations #1’, the exquisite remix package of tracks from Folamour’s blissed-out ‘Umami’ album, available on 12” vinyl. Session Victim introduce a fiercer beat to their ‘Devoted To U’ remix preserving the delicate strings and its progressive style. Next up, fellow Classic contributor thatmanmonkz pumps up the tempo and lays down heavy percussion in his 8 Minutes Of Funk Remix. Afrobeat producer Austin Ato weaves in his influences on ‘Ivoire’ with soft drumming, slow saxophones and a disco-inflected bassline amid echoes of vocal from Nigerian singer Kio Amachree. Alabaman Byron The Aquarius sprinkles a little of his jazz-house sound on ‘Look At Me Or I’ll Steal Your Eyes’ ending a truly mesmeric release.

Croatian producer Ilija Rudman returns to Classic with his funk-drenched ‘Lovers Change Minds’. Well-known for his distinctive analogue-disco sound, the record’s delivery on 12” vinyl comes as a perfect pairing. He remains reverent to his well-rounded retro style with heavily filtered soft vocals complimented by a deep 70s-centric bassline. Hot Toddy’s bass-focused mixes come laden with electric guitar riffs and synth flares for an even slicker groove on Ilija’s smoothly minimalist masterpiece.


Sil says: Smooth operator Ilja Rudman grace us with a funky slow burner with soft vocals and infectious bassline. Hot Toddy turns things a bit more electronic but keeping the original funky patina well alive. Released under the legendary Classic Music Company record label. Ace!

Luke Solomon Featuring Queen Rose & Amy Douglas

Light You Up (Inc. Louie Vega Remix)

Luke Solomon’s much-loved Classic groover "Light You Up" gets a tasty vinyl release as well as the much-touted Louie Vega remix. The title track features the poetic talents of Queen Rose alongside disco cohort Amy Douglas and comes accompanied with the accapella. It's perfect for Classic - bumpy and funky house music that's a million miles away from the EDM rubbish taking over Ibiza and LA. NYC's house stalwart Louie Vega works his magic on the track - depositing his typically nu-yorican keys across a frenetic framework and, of course, that killer vocal - everyone together now - 'I'llll light you up!'... 

Ahead of the release of Honey Dijon’s upcoming remix album ‘Xtra’, Maurice Fulton, Ashley Beedle, Derrick Carter and Horse Meat Disco step up to remix records from Honey’s debut full-length work ‘The Best Of Both Worlds’. On the A-side is Honey Dijon featuring Joi Cardwell ‘State of Confusion’, Maurice Fulton giving it a New Jersey-esque lilt and allowing Joi’s voice to resonate. Next up Ashley Beedle ups the tempo and the energy on his mix of ‘Burn’, Honey’s collaboration with Tim K featuring Jason Walker. Derrick Carter cranks the pressure on ‘Catch The Beat’, crunching out the bassline for an extended industrial backdrop to Cakes da Killa’s rap vocals. In stark contrast, the final B-side is a Horse Meat Disco mix of Honey and Tim K’s cover of Aquarian Dream, ‘Look Ahead’ featuring the voice of Sam Sparro. With all the warmth of a sunny afternoon in the city, the London collective funk the cover all the way up, adding horn blasts for more of a house strut. Giving a glimpse of what’s to come from the full-length ‘Xtra’, this is the ultimate vinyl fix from Honey and friends to tide you over.

Setting out to make some “happy music”, Sophie Lloyd produced ‘Calling Out’ in a dreary January as an antidote to the pervading doom and gloom of the news, summoning the power of the most joy-filled sound of all, gospel. This no-holds-barred anthem radiates all the live atmosphere of gospel worship in mid flow, with full instrumentation, keyboard breaks and understated kick drum pulling it all together. Bringing in the uplifting voices of soul trio Dames Brown to re-record some old gospel samples was the icing on the cake, adding the last element of authenticity. A new member of the Classic family, Sophie Lloyd’s impeccable knowledge of disco, soul and house shines through in this sparkling record, available on 7” for the very first time.

Sophie Lloyd Feat. Dames Brown

Calling Out - Inc. Floorplan Remixes

Sophie Lloyd produced "Calling Out" on a dreary January as an antidote to the pervading doom and gloom of the news, summoning the power of the most joy-filled sound of all, gospel. The track radiates all the live atmosphere of gospel worship in mid flow, with soul trio Dames Brown bringing the authenticity. Following the 7” release, which sold out due to huge demand, comes the 12” complete with the original version plus two brand new mixes from Floorplan. The duo of Detroit techno pioneer Robert Hood and his daughter Lyric Hood are well known for their gospel-infused sound with Hood’s hometown influences always apparent. Their club mix opens with a heavily swinging groove which breaks down into pure 4/4 indulgence, while the 'revival mix' singles out the looped piano and organ riffs. Putting their assertive spin on this new Classic anthem, Floorplan turn up the levels on "Calling Out", bathing it in further glory. This is truly massive, in every single way - check!

Greens Keepers

Present The Ziggy Franklen Radio Show

This LP mixes their infectious 'swing-house' style with mellow dounbeat-soul and dirty electro-funk for that 'proper LP' feel. Includes the single "Should I Sing Like This?".


CD Info: CD is presented in the format of a radio show hosted by the fictional Ziggy Franklen.



This sublime soulful vocal house tune from the German duo's "Ral 9005" LP finally comes out as a single. This 12" has the original and new mixes on a bumpy bassline-driven tip by The Beloved and San Fran's Joshua.

Various Artists

Sounds You Can Feel

US west coast DJ Doc Martin picks a few tunes out of his boxes for this tasty compilation. Includes deep soulful garage, tracky workouts and disco house. Includes rare tracks by Blaze, Schatrax, Ray Mang, Wally Callerio etc.


3xLP Info: 11 track unmixed triple vinyl.

CD Info: 16 track DJ mixed CD.

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