Stimulator Jones

Stimulator Tracks Vol 1

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Star Creature

About this item

Stimulator Jones is a new addition to the Star Creature roster, and from the looks of this debut EP; seeks to inject a touch of classic deep house flavours into the mainly boogie-leaning label. "Night Walk" has all the hallmarks of a vintage Mr. Fingers number - walking wooden bass, gentle congas, enveloping strings and moody feels propelled by a mid tempo 4/4 drum pattern. "Precious" ups the swing and shuffle and feels like a lost Frankie Knuckles / Joe Smooth anthem - with a bassline that's gonna tickle the arse of any club goer and a gloriously emotive chorus - this is the one my people!!!

Flip and the NY / Chicago vibe continues with the acid box jam "Strive To Survive" - a bold statement but easily comparable to some of the best bits from Phuture, Marshall Jefferson, Larry Heard et all. Dazzling keys, heavenly strings, well molested 303, infectious jack beats - this baby's got it all. "Moon" concludes this essential 12" riding the NJ / NYC flavours - swung woodblocks and bumpety bass recalling the genius of Kerry Chandler or Todd Terry with a moody Rhodes giving it a suitably deep, beatdown fragrance.


Matt says: Star Creature does house music - and sticks two fingers up to all the competition! Essential.


Side 1
1. Night Walk
2. Precious

Side 2
1. Strive To Survive
2. Moon

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