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Calibro 35

Nouvelles Aventures

    Italian cult cinematic combo Calibro 35 are back with their new studio album Nouvelles Aventures. The new album will be available abroad on a limited edition Crystal Clear Gatefold LP on June 30th, distributed worldwide via Record Kicks. The crystal clear vinyl edition is a Record Kicks exclusive and is limited to 1000 copies, which makes it an instant collector's item.

    After last year's Scacco Al Maestro, the 2 tribute-albums dedicated to "il maestro" Ennio Morricone, followed by the "Calibro 35 plays Morricone" tour and the releasing of the cost of TV drama series Blanca, Calibro 35 are back with Nouvelles Aventures, a new studio album of original material. Nouvelles Aventures was recorded in Naples at Auditorium Novecento, the former Phonotype Records, one of the most legendary and fascinating Italian recording studios. The new LP sees the group making full use of their knowledge and resources, refined and enriched over the years, back to making "Calibro's music": a unique mix of funk, progressive rock, alternative jazz and wide-spectrum cinematic music the public has known them for in fifteen years of career.

    "After a couple of intense and stimulating years playing Morricone and writing music for the TV drama Blanca", Calibro 35 said, "we had a great desire to make new inspired music. To do so, we left home and we shut ourselves up in the splendid space-time capsule that is the Auditorium Novecento studio. The result is a series of musical voyages in which we concentrated all our artistic and human experiences. As in Verne's imaginary and extraordinary journeys, we explored distant places where we had never been before. We then happened to return to more familiar shores and discover them with new eyes without realizing it. We borrowed the title Nouvelles Aventures from György Ligeti, precisely because after fifteen years of building ourselves, we are ready for new adventures".

    Nouvelles Aventures was anticipated by the first extract "Extraordinaire", an almost 6-minute song that once again confirms the band's aptitude for the exploration of unpredictable sound territories: a music that, on one hand sounds liquid and abstract, while on the other, it cuts through the psychedelic mists, with a complex architecture.

    Described by Rolling Stone as "the most fascinating, retro-maniac and genuine thing that has happened to Italy in the past few years", Milan-based Calibro 35 enjoy a worldwide reputation as one of the coolest independent bands around. Active since 2007, during their long career they were sampled by Dr. Dre on Compton ("One Shot One Kill" feat. Snoop Dogg), Jay Z ("Picasso Baby"), The Child of Lov & Damon Albarn ("One Day") and Demigodz ("The Summer Of Sam"). They played major venues and festivals all over Europe and as unique musicians they collaborated with, amongst others: PJ Harvey, Mike Patton, John Parish, Stewart Copeland and Rokia Traoré.


    1. Apnea
    2. Extraordinaire
    3. Gun Powder
    4. Ottofante
    5. Dinamometro
    6. Mompracem
    7. Eteretaco
    8. Novecento E Mille
    9. Bolero!
    10. Milan Au 30ème Siècle

    Whatitdo Archive Group

    Palace Of A Thousand Sounds

    From the instrumental cinematic-soul outfit behind 2021's critically acclaimed The Black Stone Affair comes Whatitdo Archive Group's most recent foray into the realms of the esoteric and arcane, and their most adventurous album to date.

    After The Black Stone Affair enthralled record collectors by traversing the cinematic landscape of an imagined 1970s Spaghetti Western, Palace Of A Thousand Sounds finds Whatitdo Archive Group entrenched deeper in the worlds of mid-century exotica and library music—from the Tropicalia-steeped Amazon to the minor key tonalities of the far-out Near East.

    When the dust finally settled from their debut album, composer and tireless sound scientist Alexander Korostinsky set out to discover the band's new direction, with the ultimate goal to breathe new life into the mid-century era sound with the compass of modernity as his guide.

    From its conception in 2021, Palace has sought to carry on a legacy set in motion by the likes of Martin Denny, Les Baxter and Juan García Esquivel. Korostinsky, guitarist Mark Sexton, and drummer Aaron Chiazza recorded the album in marathon sessions from Korostinsky's Studio "A," in Reno, Nevada—a mysterious sonic laboratory where the year 1970 has yet to happen, and vintage analog equipment interfaces with modern musical perspectives and experimental recording techniques to produce era-defining sounds.

    Not content to appeal to the sensibilities of armchair anthropologists, Palace Of A Thousand Sounds finds the band interrogating the genre itself while making studious tributes to the real places and times it draws from. It's in this tension between here and there, fantasy and reality, that Whatitdo Archive Group find their groove.

    Drawing from a century of pop and folk sounds from around the world the way only 21st-century crate-diggers can, Palace is rooted in an undercurrent of heavy funk that is decidedly here and now. Whatitdo Archive Group showcase the breadth of their influences with disarming confidence, equally at home behind sweeping harp, loungey vibraphone or Turkish bağlama saz. A lush seventeen-piece orchestra commanded by award-winning composer Louis King (Janelle Monáe, Monophonics) completes the instrumental mélange, enticing listeners to imagine a borderless planet unified by melody and rhythm.

    The album is unafraid to explore the strange and uncomfortable in pursuit of an authentic musical identity, subverting expectations in pursuit of forwarding the genre while paying homage to its past. Fans will appreciate the architectural complexity of the record accessible only through multiple listens—each visit to the palace yielding new details to marvel at, curiosities to ponder, grand mysteries to explore.

    Once the needle drops, W.A.G carefully guides you from room to room, sound to sound within the walls of the album's sonic palace. Listening becomes an aural journey providing glimpses into different worlds both real and imagined; you are everywhere and nowhere all at once—a guest in the grand halls and hanging gardens of time and sound.


    Matt says: Cinematic and engrossing arrangements which drift between stylistic boundaries. This Milanese group should be on the radar of lovers of global grooves and esoteric exotica.


    1. Enter The Palace
    2. Beyond The Crimson Veil
    3. Astral-Desia
    4. Delirium
    5. Exotique
    6. Sun Harp
    7. The Cashmere Chamber
    8. Iron Tusk
    9. Secrets In The Sand
    10. Mirage
    11. Ritual Of Gods
    12. The Second Moon
    13. Forbidden Cove

    Baby Charles

    Baby Charles (15th Anniversary Edition)

    Together with Nicole Willis And The Soul Investigators' "Keep Reachin' Up" album, 2008's Baby Charles debut LP is the album that defined the European funk scene of the 2000s. Mojo Magazine described them as "the most likely candidates to lead the Deep funk scene" after hearing the album. Driven by the single "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor", an afro-funk cover of the Arctic Monkey's hit, the LP went rapidly sold out, it was never been repressed and it now changes hands for ludicrous sums on the web. English writer, DJ, and television presenter Mark Lamarr, who wrote on the album's liner notes to "file it amongst your funk classics", invited the band to BBC's Maida Vale Studios, where they recorded a legendary live session for his BBC Radio 2 God's Jukebox show. In France, the album benefited from a massive support from legendary Radio Nova station thanks to its"Nova Aime" campaign, while in 2009 Pitchfork crowned Baby Charles, together with Sharon Jones & The Dapkings, as the reference band of the international funk scene. Unfortunately, the band split up in 2011 when they were about to enter the studio to give birth to the awaited sophomore album and while the debut LP started reaching a cult status among djs and collectors.

    The 15th anniversary edition will hit the streets on March 17th, 2023 on limited edition LP and Digital Deluxe Edition featuring two bonus tracks: "Time Wasting", which displays the heavier psychedelic edge of Baby Charles, with an unstoppable chugging groove, a heavy horn-led break, and climatic chorus to finish the track off, and "Jackson Fingers", for which the band created a brand-new groove that could work just as well as a sixties soundtrack or as a dance-floor friendly slab of soul-jazz.

    The "Baby Charles" album was published on March 10th, 2008 and followed the release of 3 heavyweight 45s, all of which found heavy rotation in funk spots around the globe. On the album, Soul diva Dionne Charles delivers her unique, self-penned stunning vocal performance, while the band lays down the heavy funk grooves. Throughout the 12 tracks, the combo displays a range of styles, which reflect their diverse influences. There's the Latin-inspired bass groove in "Treading Water", the Meter's style funk of "Invisible", the James Brown influence on "Hard Man" and "No Controlling Me", the afrofunk of "I Bet You Look Good On The Danceflloor", there's even some Egyptian Jazz thrown in the mix on the instrumental track "The Sphinx" and a deep soul version of DJ Shadows' "This Time". The result is a must-have album for diggers, djs and funk and soul fans.


    1. Treading Water
    2. Invisible
    3. Coming From A Higher Place
    4. Life's Begun
    5. No Controlling Me
    6. Hard Man To Please
    7. Step On
    8. Indecision
    9. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
    10. Back Of My Hand
    11. This Time
    12. The Sphinx

    2023 is a special year for Record Kicks: the Milan-based independent label turns 20 years old. In order to celebrate this great achievement, Record Kicks is proud to announce the release of a limited edition "Rare Box Set", coming out on March 3rd and containing 20 tracks on 10 "rare" 45 vinyl that retrace the story of these past 20 years of Record Kicks. The boxset is limited to 500 copies worldwide and it will also be released on digital format on that same day, March 3rd. The artwork by Japanese artist Ruminz is an homage to Afro-American culture. Of the 20 tracks on the "Rare Boxset", 11 tracks are previously unreleased on 45 vinyl, while 9 are reissues of mega in-demand gems.

    Among the tracks released for the first time on 45, you'll find label's Funk & Soul heavyweights such as "Easy To Come Home" by Sydney funk maestros Dojo Cuts, "Your Love is Mine" by British funk band The New Mastersounds feat Corinne Bailey Rae and remixed by Nostalgia 77, "50 Foot Woman" by Hannah Williams & The Affirmations, "Soul Connection" by The Diplomats of Solid Sound and "Soul of My Life" by The Tibbs. For the first time on 45 vinyl, there are also two singles from the masters of Cinematic funk Calibro 35: "Stainless Steel" from their legendary album "Traitors" and "Ungwana Bay Launch Complex" from "S.P.A.C.E.", The Diasonics with "Andromeda", taken from their debut album "Origin Of Forms", and Whatitdo Archive Group's "Blood Chief" from the band's album "The Black Stone Affair".

    On the reissue's front, among the rare tracks that by popular demand finally see the light again on 45 vinyl we find: the afrofunk cover of The Artic Monkeys' "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" by Baby Charles, JB's classic "Soul Power" by Kokolo remixed by Lack Of Afro, The Bluebeaters with "Catch That Teardrop" and "Toxic (One Drop Version)" singles, northern soul floorshaker "I'm a Good Woman" by Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers and deep funk stormer "I'm Not Your Regular Woman" by Marta Ren & The Groovelvets.

    The "Rare Box Set" is just the first of many upcoming initiatives that will be revealed during the year to celebrate the Milan's label 20th anniversary. Side by side with similar imprints like Daptone, Big Crown, Colemine or Timmion Records, under its motto "The explosive sound from Today's scene", Milan-based record label and music publishing Record Kicks has been pitching the contemporary funk & soul scene since 2003. With over 250 releases under the belt, the label has released bands from all over the globe and earned support of VIP fans such as rap superstars Jay-Z, Tyler The Creator and Dr. Dre, who took inspiration from the label's catalogue by sampling it.


    1.. Dojo Cuts - Easy To Come Home (feat. Roxie Ray)
    2. The Tibbs - Soul Of My Life
    3. The Diasonics - Andromeda
    4. Whatitdo Archive Group - Blood Chief
    5. Calibro 35 - Stainless Steel
    6. Calibro 35 - Ungwana Bay Launch Complex
    7. The New Mastersounds - Your Love Is Mine (Nostalgia 77 Remix) [feat. Corinne Bailey Rae]
    8. Gizelle Smith - June (TM Juke Remix)
    9. Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers - I'm A Good Woman
    10. Hannah Williams & The Affirmations - 50 Foot Woman
    11. Marta Ren & The Groovelvets - I'm Not Your Regular Woman
    12. Martha High - Answer To Mother Popcorn
    13. Kokolo - Soul Power (Lack Of Afro Remix)
    14. Tanika Charles - Soul Run
    15. Diplomats Of Solid Sound - Soul Connection (feat. The Diplomettes)
    16. Trio Valore - Rehab
    17. Baby Charles - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
    18. The Liberators - The Directive
    19. The Bluebeaters - Catch That Teardrop
    20. The Bluebeaters - Toxic (One Drop Version)

    CALIBRO 35 the band formed by Massimo Martellotta, Enrico Gabrielli, Luca Cavina, Fabio Rondanini and Tommaso Colliva - announce the release of the ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK OF BLANCA, the TV series produced by Lux Vide in collaboration with Rai Fiction, broadcast in prime time on Rai 1 starting from Monday 22 November. BLANCA, a crime drama directed by Jan Maria Michelini and based on the novel of the same name by Patrizia Rinaldi, tells the extraordinary journey of a young blind woman who has the opportunity to realize the dream she had since childhood: to become a police consultant.

    Accompanying this journey, the original music of CALIBRO 35. The soundtrack will be available on limited edition Double LP next February 18th. 28 tracks in total (of which 6 exclusively on the vinyl format), which represent a selection of over 150 entirely composed by CALIBRO 35 to create the sound universe of BLANCA: an impressive and choral work, which has engaged all the components of the Calibro for a long time, giving the band the opportunity to develop a very vast soundscape ranging from retro funk of some diegetic music to modern crime "in Caliber 35 sauce" of investigative and tension scenes. The BLANCA soundtrack is a concentrate of the fifteen years of activity of the CALIBRO 35 and probably gives a glimpse of the seeds of what will come in the next.


    1. Ready Steady (feat. MEI & Arya Delgado)
    2. That Kind Of Feeling
    3. Cool Funk
    4. Tema Di Blanca (Risoluzione)
    5. White Shark (feat. Elisa Zoot)
    6. Indagini
    7. La Ragazza Col Cane
    8. Negli Abissi
    9. I See Through You (feat. Elisa Zoot)
    10. Fantasmi Nel Palazzo
    11. Villapizzone
    12. Colossei E Container
    13. The World Is Blind (feat. Tahnee Rodriguez)
    14. It' A Man's Man's Man's World (feat. Marina Maximilian)
    15. Atmosfera 6
    16. Downfall
    17. Secoli Di Ricordi
    18. Spy Funk
    19. Super Funk
    20. Thai Massage
    21. Genova Chiama (feat. Gorka)
    22. Danza Della Pioggia
    23. Lavanderia A Gettoni
    24. Ricordi Drammatico Tensivo
    25. Tema Di Blanca (Al Buio)
    26. Afrobar
    27. Danza Dei Bottoni
    28. The Hardest Day Of My Life (feat. Tom Harper Newton)

    Recorded between Kelly Finningn's Transistor Sound in San Francisco and Fifty Filth Studio in Oakland and mixed by Orgone' producer Sergio Rios and Kevin O' Dea, Record Kicks is proud to finally present Solid Ground, the long-awaited debut album by US very finest deep funk & soul outfit The Grease Traps. The album is set for worldwide release on November 5 on vinyl, CD and digital format. The band, based in Oakland, CA, is the latest addition to Milan-based Record Kicks roster. Active since 2002, with a 45 released on well-respected funk/soul label, Colemine Records, now, after six years spent working on the album's recording and mixing, they are ready to present their first full-length release Solid Ground on Record Kicks. The album is anticipated by the two killer funk singles "Bird of Paradise" and "More and More" on limited edition 45 vinyl.

    As avid record collectors and fans of that old school analog sound, Solid Ground was recorded straight to 8-track tape on a Tascam 388, which also graces the cover art. Half of the tracks were recorded live at Transistor Sound Studio by soul crooner, Kelly Finnigan, and Ian McDonald where both Kelly and their band, Monophonics, have recorded their last few albums. The other half of the tunes were recorded by Kevin and Aaron at Fifty Filth Studio in Oakland, CA where the band also rehearses and mixed by analog-obsessive Orgone producer Sergio Rios. The album's original tunes draw from the Traps' various soul influences ranging from gritty funk ("Bird of Paradise" and "Hungry") to fuzzed-out psychedelic ("Residue") to sweet lowrider soul ("More and More"). The lyrics by lead singer The Gata also don't shy away from pressing issues of the day such as racism in America ("Roots") and finding hope in a world that seems pitted against you (the JB's style "Solid Ground"). The rare funk covers from the album provide a taste of the raw energy one would experience at a Grease Traps live show. The Traps also supplemented their sound with special guests including the Monophonics horns, background vocals from seasoned Bay Area vocalists, Sally Green and Bryan Dyer, as well as strings organized by Kansas City master viola player, Alyssa Bell.

    The seed of The Grease Traps formed back in 2000 when keyboardist, Aaron Julin, answered an ad put out by guitarist, Kevin O'Dea, searching for players who were hip to the rare grooves laid down by Blue Note artists such as Grant Green and Lou Donaldson. They quickly formed Groovement, covering those same artists along with other jazz-funk staples. When their sax player and frontman moved away, they switched gears to form the band, Brown Baggin, getting into the harder funk of the JB's, the Meters, Kool & the Gang, and lesser known acts such as Mickey & the Soul Generation. They also started digging into the rare funk compilations put out by Keb Darge, Jazzman Gerald,and labels like Harmless, Ubiquity, Soul Jazz, and Now-Again. Modern day soul and funk outfits such as Breakestra, the Whitefield Brothers, and the Daptone/Soul Fire crews provided additional inspiration.

    In 2005, while still playing with Brown Baggin yet fed up with juggling the schedules of seven band members, Aaron and Kevin put out an ad to find a bassist and drummer to jam with as a quartet. The first two cats to show up were bassist, Goopy Rossi, and drummer, Dave Brick. It was clear from the get-go that this rhythm section had great chemistry. Originally intended as a fun side project, the Traps quickly took priority as Brown Baggin dissolved. Performing as an instrumental quartet for a number of years, they eventually expanded their repertoire to include horns as well as that sharp-dressing soul brother, The Gata, on lead vocals. Over the years, they've shared the stage with acts such as Shuggie Otis, Robert Walter, Durand Jones, Monophonics, Neal Francis, and Jungle Fire.


    1. Roots
    2. Residue
    3. Solid Ground
    4. Amazing Grease
    5. Hungry (For Your Love)
    6. Bird Of Paradise
    7. More And More (And More)
    8. Bold Sold Sister, Bold Soul Brother
    9. Get In The Groove
    10. Color Blind
    11. It's A Trap, Pt. II

    Record Kicks is proud to present POST MOMENTUM, the new EP by Italian cult combo Calibro 35 to be released on June 11th on digital platforms and on July 9th on limited edition 12" vinyl. The extended-play comes 17 months after the acclaimed previous Calibro 35 album MOMENTUM, which – as the band stated: "represented a look at nowadays and a reflection about making music right in the time that we're living". The tour began right after the album release in January 2020, but it was soon interrupted when the whole world suddenly stopped because of the Pandemic. Now "POST MOMENTUM" represents a re-start and the first step towards the future, picking up where they left off.

    Among the six tracks of the EP, while "Digi-Tails" and "Stars and Stripes, Chirps and Bleeps" express the unique musicianship of Calibro 35 as we have come to know over the years, "Being a Robot is Awesome" and "Artificial Black Moon" see the participation of a guest from the world to come: Sophia, the humanoid developed by Hanson Robotics capable of interacting autonomously with everything around it, reminding us how being a Robot could prove to be the best strategy to survive sometimes. The opening of the EP is an alternative version of the single "Stan Lee" enriched by two heavyweights of Italian rap: Ensi and Ghemon that don't make us miss Illa J. The EP ends with another alternate version of "Stan Lee", this time in all its instrumental glory.
    Active since 2008, Calibro 35 enjoy a worldwide reputation as one of the coolest independent bands around. During their thirteen-year career, they were sampled by Dr. Dre on his Compton album, Jay-Z, The Child of lov & Damon Albarn; they shared stages worldwide with the likes of Roy Ayers, Muse, Sun Ra Arkestra, Sharon Jones, Thundercat and Headhunters and as unique musicians they collaborated with, amongst others, PJ Harvey, Mike Patton, John Parish and Stewart Copeland and Nic Cester (The Jet). Described by Rolling Stone magazine as "the most fascinating, retro-maniac and genuine thing that happened to Italy in the last years", Calibro 35 now count on a number of aficionados worldwide including VIP fans such as Dj Food (Ninja Tune), Mr Scruff and Huey Morgan (Fun Lovin' Criminals) among others.

    The band started back in 2007 when Grammy award winner producer Tommaso Colliva (Muse), invited some of the best musicians from the Italian indie scene - Enrico Gabrielli (PJ Harvey, Mike Patton, John Parish), Massimo Martellotta (Stewart Copeland, Adrian Younge), Luca Cavina (Retox, Zeus!), Fabio Rondanini (John Parish, Daniel Johnston) - to record some Italian golden age soundtracks. What started as a studio b-side project evolved in a full time band able to release 7 heavily acclaimed albums. Their last album MOMENTUM came out on Record Kicks on January 24th 2020. "MOMENTUM" stood out as a new starting point for the project.


    1. Stan Lee (Alternate Version) [feat. Ensi & Ghemon]
    2. Digi-Tails
    3. Being A Robot Is Awesome
    4. Stars And Stripes, Chirps And Bleeps
    5. Artificial Black Moon
    6. Stan Lee (Alternate Instrumental)

    Hannah Williams & The Affirmations

    50 Foot Woman - The Instrumentals

    Record Kicks Is Proud To Present The Instrumentals From 2019's Critically Acclaimed Album "50 FOOT WOMAN" By Hannah Williams & The Affirmations. Recorded Strictly On Tape At ATA Records And Mixed And Produced By Shawn Lee, This Album Captures All Of The Visceral Power Of The Affirmations.

    Hannah Williams Turned Heads Worldwide When The Hip-hop Superstar Jay-Z Sampled Her Heart-stopping Vocals On 'Late Nights & Heartbreak' For The Title Track, '4.44' On His 2017 Album. With The New Album 50 FOOT WOMAN, Released Last October 18th On The Milan Based Imprint Record Kicks, Hannah And Her Exemplary, Bristol-based Band The Affirmations Delivered A Definitive Career Statement.


    Italian cult combo CALIBRO 35 release their highly anticipated 7th studio album "MOMENTUM" on January 24th 2020. "Momentum" follows "DECADE" their previous studio album released in 2018 that had marked 10 years of Calibro 35 and it stands out as a new starting point for the project. In the last 10 years Calibro 35 have dug the golden age of soundtracks and they had been to the future with "S.P.A.C.E.", "Momentum", as the band stated: "represents a look at nowadays and a reflection about making music right in the time that we're living".

    Inspired by the work of artists such as Tortoise, Jagajazzist, Dj Shadow, Budos Band, Stelvio Cipriani, Ennio Morricone, Sandro Brugnolini, White Noise, Comet is Coming, JPEGMafia and DJ Signify, compared to the previous Calibro 35's full lengths on the 10 tracks that make up the new album, band's instruments and sounds have increased in number and complexity as well as reality. The music palette is further extended by incorporating even more synths and electronic sounds, but keeping everything true and 100% real, with all the instruments played live and with no presets or programming. The two featurings on the album serve the cause as well. On the first single "Stan Lee", they collaborated with rapper, producer and songwriter Illa J a former member of super group Slum Village and younger brother of the late legendary hip hop producer and rapper J Dilla. On "Black Moon", the combo from Milan provided the groove for London-based artist MEI. "If Decade was the sum of everything that the band had felt in the previous ten years", Calibro 35 says, "Momentum is the prequel of what you will hear in the next ten".

    To mark the new beginning and come full circle, the recordings took place under the expert hands of usual suspect Tommaso Colliva, in the same studio where Calibro released their self titled debut album twelve years ago.


    Millie says: Calibro are back, book-ending a decade of music and with the glimpse of what to expect in the next ten years. Timeless hip hop instrumentals are a staple while featuring appearances from Illa J and MEI. Get on this one!


    1. Glory-Fake-Nation
    2. Stan Lee (feat. Illa J)
    3. Death Of Storytelling
    4. Automata
    5. Tom Down
    6. Thunderstorms And Data
    7. Black Moon (feat. MEI)
    8. Fail It Till You Make It
    9. 4x4
    10. One Nation Under A Format

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