Vanishing Twin

Tell Me Not Here

Image of Vanishing Twin - Tell Me Not Here
Record Label
The State51 Conspiracy

About this item

Vanishing Twin’s expansive and magical psychedelic epic with lyrics adapted from A.E. Housman’s 1922 poem, ‘Tell Me Not Here, It Needs Not Saying’ was initially commissioned by The Quietus before being released as part of state51's Singularity Series. Here it's presented in transparent vinyl, over two sides.

Vanishing Twin fly deeper into their sonic universe, blending elements from an improvisational session, raw recordings of the natural world, and early 20th century poetry to create sublime, cosmic pop. This twenty-minute piece has embellishments of sparkling synth and lyrical vignettes that are reminiscent of English folk melodies. 


Side A
[Part 1] Tell Me Not Here
Side B
[Part 2] Tell Me Not Here 

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