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Following the success of their first release with Serpico’s ‘Just Can’t Stop’, Moonworks are reissuing a highly sought-after UK house 12” from The Outsiders, originally from 1995.

The Outsiders’ Beyond The Ego EP is a lost London gem born from the UK capital’s rich musical heritage and the transatlantic influence of deep house. Produced by two close friends Mark Mellor and Paul Murphy within 48 hours in their Westbourne Grove home studio, its fusion of US house production techniques with a myriad of UK influences has cemented its status as a timeless and unique treasure.

The record received few plaudits on release but has since become a sought-after underground rarity, with scarce original copies trading hands for hefty prices. Whether you draw for the euphoric Warp Factor 9 Mix, the stripped back Ego Dub or the sun-kissed grooves of Do Dat Scat and Shu Bop, the record epitomizes the tasteful and quirky sound of UK house music from the 90s.

Moonworks have once again worked closely with the original artists to restore and remaster these tracks to modern standards, as well as revamping the original artwork in their own style.


Matt says: One The Outsiders 1995 hit they charge up the M1 organs, set the swing to 10 and opt for a heads down rinse out that few from the era could match. Back on vinyl for the true house heads and proving that the UK quickly caught up to the US with this shit.


A1. Beyond The Ego (Warp Factor 9 Mix)
A2. Beyond The Ego (Ego Dub)
B1. Do Dat Scat
B2. Shu-Bop

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