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A highlight of the post-millennium Underground Resistance catalogue, "Hi Tech Dreams" is composed by Mad Mike and is meant to inspire inner city kids to shun previous idols that further the capitalist manifesto, and instead look towards the future for increased information flow and social-political improvement. As usual, it's a wonderfully hard hitting message from the always political and pioneering Detroit camp.

"Hi Tech Dreams" on the A-side is rightfully celebrated as a pure vision of techno - even though it completely neglects tropes that would go onto inform the modern version of business techno that tastelessly fills stadiums of clueless phone-gazers devoid of soul and feeling. It's a true mastery of machines, squeezing ounce upon ounce of funk out of a reduced array of instruments.

On the flip "Hold My Own" slows the tempos and deploys a dystopian sound palette, tearing down the past and reducing all preconceptions to almost tangible audio-rubble. It's a stark contrast to the view of futuristic optimism displayed on side A and somehow perfectly encapsulates the political fire of Mike Banks and company without voicing any (comprehensible) lyrics. He lets the machines do the talking, and they speak a thousand words!

"Lo-Tech Reality", featuring vocals from Agent Chaos puts a definitive full stop to the philosophy; utilizing humming circuits and neck snapping drums to really hammer home the message of inequality and deprivation in certain urban areas.

Real top drawer tackle from 2007, repressed and ready for today's interstellar fugitives.


Matt says: Peak Mad Mike business here. One of my favourite releases by the Underground Resistance figurehead. "Hi-Tech Dreams" is the very epitome of Detroit techno - funky, futuristic, and draped in a moody shadow. Perfecto!


A. Hi-Tech Dreams
B1. Hold My Own
B2. Lo-Tech Reality

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