Love And Hate In A Different Time (X-Press 2 & Kerri Chandler Remixes)

Image of Gabriels - Love And Hate In A Different Time (X-Press 2 & Kerri Chandler Remixes)
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Atlas Artists/Parlophone

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Embark on a sonic journey with Gabriels' 'Love and Hate' as it undergoes a mesmerizing transformation through the skilled hands of Xpress 2.

The Xpress 2 remix propels the track to new heights, infusing it with dynamic beats and an infectious rhythm that beckons listeners to the dancefloor. In addition, this vinyl edition also includes the Kerri Chandler remixes, adding a more soulful touch.

Kerri expertly blends emotive melodies with a pulsating energy that captivates the senses. This remix package is a testament to the collaborative prowess of these musical maestros, offering a transcendent experience for electronic music aficionados and dance enthusiasts alike.

Dive into the reimagined soundscape of 'Love and Hate' – a fusion of artistic brilliance and dancefloor magic.


Matt says: Still some juice left in this pear! A nice smattering of fresh remixes of the already classic Gabriels track. Includes the universally adored Kerri Chandler vocal mix, along with a new, high voltage one from the New Jersey house cat. London's X-Press 2 also contribute two chunky house versions. Top stuff indeed.


A1. X-Press 2 Love & Honesty Remix
A2. X-Press 2 Love & Honesty Hypno Dub Remix
B1. Kerri Chandler Vocal Mix
B2. Kerri Chandler 623 Again Mix

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