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Before I Let Go / Hollywood Message

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Mr. K has an amazing knack for knowing what will fill a dancefloor, and it's hard to imagine this pair of tunes causing anything less than a roadblock. On the A-side, he pays tribute to beloved NYC DJ and editor Gail "Sky" King by recreating her extended edit of the Frankie Beverly and Maze sureshot 'Before I Let Go'. The edit arrived a decade after the original surfaced on the best-selling 1981 Live In New Orleans LP, although the track was not actually a concert recording but a new studio track made to fill out the final "D-side" of the release. Alas, the gorgeously danceable funk/soul hybrid was pressed at low quality, the harsh sonic nature meaning it never got the support it truly deserved. It comes here backed by 'Hollywood's Message' from legendary hip-hop pioneer DJ Hollywood, a self-released single from the man who was one of the first to grab the microphone at a jam and rhyme over records. As a backing track for his rhymes, Hollywood took a shortcut and used the renowned 'Love Is The Message' edit created by Mr. K that repeatedly runs the groovy clavinet break from MFSB's tune. Here, Mr. K tightens up the instrumental chant version for its first 7" release, adding a touch of Millie Jackson's 'Now That I Got Your Attention Again' as an intro. Two slices of absolute gold.


Matt says: Cult collected by disco & soul heads across the globe, Danny Krivit's Mr. K series dunt show any sign on letting up yet! Latest instalment has the deep soul stylings of Frankie Beverly and Maze plus the wildcard curveball of DJ Hollywood 'rapping' over "Love Is The Message" - a totally new jam for me and worth the entrance fee alone. Megohhh!!


Before I Let Go (Homage To Gail Sky King - Mr K 7" Edit)
Hollywood Message (Mr K 7" Edit)

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