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The Circle Of Confusion

Soul Of A Lion / Soul Of A Lion (Dub Mix) [feat. Wayne Paul]

Building on the success of their first releases featuring Cornel Campbell, the Swiss producer duo "The Circle of Confusion" is set to drop a new single on Rocafort Records, featuring none other than English old-school reggae singer Wayne Paul.

Active in the 90's and 2000's within the London label Big Dada, the artist of Jamaican origin sank into alcohol and drugs, before rising from his ashes fifteen years later. Now he's back with a powerful message of hope on this track called " Soul Of A Lion ". Wayne's soulful voice blends perfectly with the modern reggae feel created by The Circle Of Confusion.

An 80s roots-oriented sound mixed with a crusty digital edge backed with a dope dub track makes the perfect 45 for reggae heads.


1. Soul Of A Lion (feat. Wayne Paul)
2. Soul Of A Lion (Dub Mix) [feat. Wayne Paul]

The Barcelona trio behind the excellent Isla Fantasia from a few years ago are back to enliven another summer season with an anthemic, Ibiza-esque dance floor filler. Reminiscent of an early 90s Euro-house stomper, the production does what it says on the tin: solid four to the floor action, enchanting female vocals(courtesy of Brigitte Emaga), and a refrain that will have 'the brightest light' still lodged in your brain way into autumn.

The flip side, Mistura Magica, is a percussively-driven instrumental that feels like dancing through a tropical rainforest. With just the right amount of rise and fall to keep the rhythmic tension tight with anticipation, it's a journey of Brazilian beats peppered with exotica electronica. Sandwiched between a heavy pounding drums is the sweetest flute (courtesy of Irene Reig), taking the limelight like a bird in flight. A synesthetic track that has you listening in full colour!


1. The Brightest Light (feat. Brigitte Emaga)
2. Mistura Magica (feat. Irene Reig)

The Mighty Mocambos

International Cypher / Queen 16 Theme

Back in 2013 we took ourselves on a discographic adventure without really knowing what we were doing! Who would have thought that 10 years later, we'd be releasing our 50th 45 RPM record?

As luck would have it, we are happy to announce our new release, in collab with one of the flagship bands from today's funk scene, Germany's own "Mighty Mocambos", who have been delivering their instrumental groove and Caribbean vibes via their alter ego, "Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band" across Europe for more than fifteen years.

So, what better way to immortalize the raw and intense live sound that they're famous for than releasing a record on our favourite format?

Two sides recorded live on tape during the "Queen 16 B-Girl battle" in Berlin in 2022. Somewhat reminiscent of Can's "Vitamin C", the A side "International Cypher" has an oriental funk feel thanks to the use of the sharp sound of an electric Phin (Thai guitar), while the straight up percussive funk instrumental "Queen 16 theme" pays tribute to the B-Girls only festival, of which the soundtrack was designed for the occasion.


1. International Cypher
2. Queen 16 Theme

Oscar Martos

So Lonely / Mi Vida (feat. Essy)

Rocafort Records say hello to 2023 with a deep, sultry lilt to usher in the new year. Madrid-based producer, Oscar Martos, offers two wide-hipped tracks that are not rushing to go anywhere – apart from a soft shuffle to the feet and booty.

Both tracks feature the sweet vocals of Cuban singer, Essy, who adds a sexy heat and dreamy languor. 'So Lonely' has a hint of a 90s soul R'n'B hit; not overly produced and left to breathe its groove with instant hook and harmonies. B side, 'Mi Vida' carries a similar imprint, this time with a more pronounced latino/hip-hop sabor. Confident mid-tempo tracks that could easily seal the end of many hot, sweaty nights.

After having worked on a variety of other artists' projects, Martos is finally ready to blow his own trumpet.


1. So Lonely (feat. Essy)
2. Mi Vida (feat. Essy)

Hip Horns Brass Collective

"Thunder" B/w "Marathon Runner (Street Version)

With the band's first single pressed on wax, Rocafort Records and Say It Loud join forces to bring the sound of Barcelona's finest street brass band to the dancefloors.

'Thunder' is a fresh and energetic tune with jazz and funk arrangements based on a groove that hip-hop music lovers will quickly recognize.

On the B-side, "Marathon Runner" takes the form of a modern New Orleans brass band and its raw sound with all the groove and horn solos you would expect.


1. Thunder
2. Marathon Runner ((Street Version))

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