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Catching Chickens EP

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XL Recordings

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Nourished By Time won the hearts of everyone at Piccadilly HQ last year with his debut LP "Erotic Probiotic", which later appeared in many other End Of Year lists (we're were there first though ;) - Ed).

The "Catching Chickens EP" - marking his signing to XL Recordings - sees the singular Baltimore artist further cement his stylistically eccentric; lyrically poignant brand of songwriting even further with five tracks that could only have emanated from his own astral plane.

Written between 2022 - 2023 in his home studio in Baltimore, "Catching Chickens" takes inspiration from the iconic scene in Rocky II where his trainer makes him chase and catch chickens as a test of agility. With tracks like “Hell of a Ride”, in which Nourished By Time contemplates the fall of the American empire and late-stage capitalism loneliness, and “Had Ya Called”, which deals with the frustrations of growing distance in friendships, Nourished By Time chronicles his own test of agility as he weaves through the motions of his newfound notability.

“Hand On Me”, complete with music video shot by Josh Renaut, explores paranoia that corrodes love and trust in a traumatic relationship. As he puts it, 'the video is about being reminded that you’re an angel by other angels, featuring a surrealist commentary on celebrity culture'.

As we've quickly come to expect, NBT has no problems laying bare his own truth with painstaking honesty; and thankfully he's seen no desire to change the production process on this outing, with a DIY take on freestyle, soul, RnB and boogie built around a humble collection of synths and drum machines. It's a beautifully succinct, well-rounded follow up to "Erotic Probiotic" which should see him expand his cult adored fan base and rachet up a whole heap of accolades as the year progresses. 


Matt says: Highly antipated by us all here at Picc HQ. One of the hottest acts of 2023 follows up with a killer EP further cementing his unique songwriting prowess. We love you Marcus!


1. Hell Of A Ride
2. Hand On Me
3. Poison-Soaked
4. Had Ya Called
5. Romance In Me

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