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Multi Culti launch a new quarterly 12" series in step with the seasons beginning with SOLSTICE I:

Post-pandemic lockdown inspiration can be found in the great planetary balancing act that has taken place since a cataclysmic impact with an asteroid caused mass extinction and set our earth’s orbit off axis. This AXIAL TILT, or obliquity, is responsible for the seasons, and life as we know it has evolved around these unleashed forces. As our lives and for many, careers, have spun dramatically off axis as of late, we look ahead to the coming seasons, with the hope that we can weather the changes, and maintain inner stability. To aid in this quest, Multi Culti promises to deliver sonic support with utmost regularity at the peak moments of cosmic significance, with each Solstice and Equinox.

Beginning this journey are some of the label’s most beloved artists. Israeli duo RED AXES provide a chakra-elevating soundtrack with their inimitable blend of psych-garage-tronica, a sun-kissed banger that signals a long-awaited return to the togetherness of the dancefloor.

ZILLAS ON ACID turn in a robustly wiggly jam that electrifies, frazzling zaps and frenetic percussion recall the fritzy tension of the past year, a cathartic shock-treatment for traumatized dancers looking to get back to prime spine-shaking shape.

Mexico managed to stay open for the most part, and TYU seems to have not skipped a beat here, still in perfect form after breaking out as one of the hottest young producers to emerge in recent years. Dark disco, Mexi-chug, call it what you want, but the emergent genre is never better represented than here… spooky, phosphorescent tribal dance, Tulumminati-tested and approved.

Finally, the big guy - MANFREDAS - whose remixes and edits have been highlight-reel material the past couple of years, delivers a long awaited original track with his requisite heavy-weight swag. Wonky tunings and a chunky downtempo beat underpin Manny’s trademark masterful arrangement style, building patiently, with breakdowns that managed to wring every last drop of impact out of an odd, other-worldy assortment of sounds.


A1 - Red Axes – Maztomeret
A2 - Zillas On Acid – Live From The Reptile House
B1 - Tyu – Kongaloka
B2 - Manfredas – Meshugas

The ritualistic practitioners of late night voodoo return with another cauldron of simmering hot dancefloor magick. Mystic vibrations from Mytron & Ofofo, Thomass Jackson, Barry Sunset, and the mysterious Medieval Man remind you that ‘new normal’ is not the goal, join the freaky future instead.

Suitably wigged-out and shamanic, without venturing into unlistenable waffle, these rhythm-heavy workouts combine all the entheogenic elements we love: jaws harp, tribal drums, datura-soaked electronix and witching chants. All plotted around that sweet, +/-110BPM mark for maximum plod!

No drownings, stake burnings or stonings necessary, just healing vibrations cemented into time via the physical medium of vinyl; and requiring as much integration as a breakthrough dose of 5meo-dmt. Peep!


Matt says: More deliriant that a broomstick to the labia, these four sonic entheogens should bridge the physical gap between this and the 5th dimension. Better consult the elders first though!


A1. Mytron & Ofofo - Machinenhimmel
A2. Barry Sunset - Hit The Drums
B1. Thomass Jackson - Liquido En 33
B2. Medieval Man - Humble Frodo

Zongamin returns with dubbed-out reworks of his 'O!' EP. Cult artist Susumu Mukai brings us into the fun-house of his musical process, re-playing and reworking his EP back-to-front, a far-out journey to the beginning of his last EP, an elliptical meditation on creation itself.

Giving space to the strangeness, allowing the music to bend and warp while somehow managing to hold the centre. These are cosmic explorations, as inwardly rewarding as they are outwardly groovy.


A1. High Tension Dub
A2. Serpent Dub
A3. DNA Mutation
B1. Fractal Dub
B2. Paramid Dub
B3. Nonstop Outro T.I.M.E.

Sascha Funke / Niklas Wandt

Kreidekreis - Inc. Alexander Arpeggio / Whodamanny Remixes

Follow-up EP for Multi Culti from this Berlin duo merging sleek Krautrock influences, decades long production experience, jazz-percussion chops and funky German vocals.

‘Kometenschweif’ will sound the most familiar to fans of Sascha Funke’s club-ready tracks, with percussive and vocal flourishes from Niklas Wandt. ‘Kreidekreis’ takes the tempo down while ramping up the trippiness, a circular journey into funk bass, synth prog, and again, a percussion masterclass.

Finally, ‘Weg Vom Leder’ sounds like a lost Falco tune, brought up to date. On the remix side, Alexander Arpeggio somehow manages to swing ‘Kreidekreis’ into a digital reggae slowburner, while Whodamanny turns Kometenschweif toward indie-kraut-wave bop.


Patrick says: My favourite percussive piss-taker gets back in the ring with Sascha Funke for a very German edition of the oddball house / shamanic electronics experience. Post kraut hypnotism, commune funk and NDW chuggers on the OGs, while Alex Arpeggio and Whodamanny embrace the cosmic and leather clad on their remixes.


A1. Kometenschweif
A2. Kreidekreis
B1. Kreidekreis (Alexander Arpeggio Remix)
B2. Kometenschweif (Whodamanny Remix) 
B3. Weg Vom Leder

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