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Armed with a bottle of patchouli oil, a wrap of mushroom powder and an A&R masterplan, Multi Culti man Dreems charted a course for Berlin. Upon arrival, well, after a three day rave at Berghain, GHB romp at Cocktail D'Amore and falafel at Khartoum, Dreems tracked down MC affiliate Sascha Funke and hatched his plan. The seasoned producer was sent to a sub zero warehouse space, where he found percussion hero Niklas Wandt finalising his collaborative Growing Bin LP with Wolf Müller and debut single with NWD upstarts Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge. In the longstanding DIY tradition of balls out experimentation, Funke had him record a variety of slapped, bowed and scratched percussions (congas, talking drum, prepared cymbals played with a bass bow) over his tracks. These first efforts were later expanded into joint sessions at Sascha's home studio and, within a few weeks, the journey reached it’s destination: Wibe strasse, Deutschland.

At first glance, they seem an odd couple: a techno veteran of almost thirty years meets a side-burned upstart socialized in Free Jazz and Krautrock. but the shared sonic influences come through in the hypnotic, dubbed-out sound, perhaps rooted in the close connection the two share to the Rheinland region in West Germany, Funke as part of the Kompakt family and Wandt by origin and socialization in the Cologne and Düsseldorf music scene centered around the Salon des Amateurs. Regional flavours, global appeal.

Multi Culti, promoting local collaboration, one freaky record at a time.


Patrick says: Proper post kraut weirdness here from Funke & Wandt, who fuse blurry synthwashes, unpredictable percussion and spoken vocal into bleeping NDW pop - perfect for daytime sessions or nights on the pipe.

Multi Culti take to that dock-off magnet room from X-Men and slip on Professor X's tin foil hat, using their highly attuned powers of advanced telepathic mastery to track down rogue producer Zongamin - presumably in a Camden chem lab. Living under the radar for an unfathomable 13 years, the man who brought us the "Bongo Song" has gone truly off script in his musical pursuit, entering the realm of the alchemical as he transmutes Detroit string-house, futuristic electro, ceremonial flute-jazz and indie folk-tronica into a six track EP of higher dancefloor nonsense.
"Nonstop" kicks the set off with brooding bass hits, syncopated hats and Rhythim Is Rhythim string sounds, oddly warped into a Tokyo Bboy underground jam for robotic Bboys. "Underwater Paramid" follows swiftly, submerging a hypnotic electro drum track and frazzled psychedelic chords into an oceanic slammer for robotic Bbuoys. The tonality and textures of Japanese synthpop loom large on "Fractal Maze", a post-YMO hybrid of new wave and experimental pop which says sayonara to Side-A in the most cinematic style. Over the corner and Zongamin rocks us in a disco-not-disco style, squeezing live bass, techy bleeps and more cowbell into "DNA Mutation". The tempo drops and things get mystical on the B2 as the "Cosmic Serpent" slithers into the party, leaving a lysergic trail of crackling percussion, organic drums and evocative flute in its wake. Think Dadawah, Augustus Pablo and Dr John on a mescaline mission to the land of the cave dwellers. Lastly not leastly "High Tension" is a heavily textured, neon tinged translation of Afro-punk and dub funk into the psychedelic and synthetic language of Aaron Coynes' APC edits.


Patrick says: After a thirteen year hiatus Zongamin returns to Earth with an utterly unpredictable EP for Multi Culti. Loosely defined as psychedelic dance music, the EP fuses the organic and synthetic, upbeat and off kilter, in time and on point for all enthusiastic fans of a vision quest. This could just be the best Multi Culti yet...

Light the candles, dip your spliff in Patchouli and hold onto something tie-dyed, Mytron & Ofofo are back on Multi Culti. Since the seismic vibrations of last year's "Si Jambo" EP, the dynamic SwissPolish duo have flexed their musical muscle for Les Yeux Orange and RazorNTape, and now their back in the drum circle with some mushroom-fuelled magic of the highest order. The EP opens with the rainforest rhythms of "Crickets / Archipelagian Impressions", an fine bit of techno-tropical hypnosis which puts you right in the midst of the flora and fauna. The exotic sound of mallets, Afro guitars and tribal chants fall under the spell of a sci fi synthline, resulting in a Shamanic heater for all the day trippers. Mytron & Ofofo take us into killer cosmic funk territories next with the hook heavy, vocoderised shuffle of slo-mo groover "Medicine Man" and pygmy polyphony of "Radio Yebeh". Skip to the flip and "Lebanese Red Bird" offers a limb flinging mid-tempo jaunt through Middle Eastern riffs, mystic breakdowns and maximal sound design, all twisted into a f-f-f-fresh discoid jam (full Talking Drums approval here). "Talk Show" takes us right back on the cosmic funk trail, borrowing Jan Schulte's Jews Harp, Lipelis' box of tape fx to cook up the kind of quirky synth-pop gem you'd find on a Beppe Loda mix. Last but not least, the titular "Ceremony" serves cascading electro percussion with raga-style synth lines and utterly skewed vocals. Fight your way to the fire and throw your best shapes!


Patrick says: Mind expanding vibrations with wonky pop sensibilities? Sounds like a winner to me. Mytron & Ofofo deliver their second Multi Culti killer this week, weaving vocoder, cicadas, funk bass and electro beats into an essential bit of shamanic fun.

Everyone's favourite folklorica freakz, the mindbending Multi Culti switch things up for their latest release, hooking up a mega reissue of Gyedu Blay Ambolley's "Simi Rapp". Committed fans of Ghanaian highlife, or indeed fans of the reissue market should be well acquainted with the main man, who's been a major force in Afro-funk since the early 1970s. Gyedu Blay Ambolley is considered the godfather of hiplife, transforming the highlife genre by adding elements of hip-hop, funk and jazz. A can't imagine a finer representation of this style than 1996's "Simi Rapp" with its crisp percussion and rapped vocals - so stripped back but still funky! Multi Culti's executive shaman Dreems and Thomas Von Party step into the A2 with a smooth edit of the track, taking the brief snatch of piano and bass from the final moments and slipping it under the main vocal. Adding a little fx play and a tasty bit of panning, the Multi Culti crew give us something sophisticated and utterly irresistible.
On the B-side Israeli duo Red Axes go large and lysergic with their dervish deep redux, inviting ASAF Samuel to bring his toolbox to the party. Wicked disorienting bells, nagging bass synths and batshit synth bleeps transform the OG into something ecstatic and sublime - sensory boosts included! Finally Johnny Aux kicks open the doors of perception with a golden great for the acid crowd. Blazing synth drones, kosmische keys and a entheogenic intensity pulsate throughout.
Multi Culti: voyaging through time, space and licensing agreements to bring you the best music the world has to offer.


Patrick says: Love me a bit of Multi Culti, and this trip into the reissue market is every bit as esoteric as their usual tackle. Stripped back Ghanaian hiplife on the OG, transformed into a pseudo-Kwaito moocher, disorienting dance floor journey and full on day tripper respectively. Put that in your pipe and smoke it...

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