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The mysterious Orchid joins Multi Culti with a vibrant homage to the golden era of Spanish trance, infused with dewy drops of glowing Balearic beauty. Firmly believing that musical innovation is now a relic of the past., Orchid looks back and resurrects a sense fun and passion so often lacking in the realm of contemporary business techno and commercial dance. Living in isolation in a far off nation which never kissed by a proper psychedelic movement, Orchid operates with a deep sense of nostalgia for a scene he never got to experience first-hand. Digging through the archives, he developed a profound appreciation for the atmosphere of sex, power, love, and sweetness - elements he believes are masterfully blended in the music of Spanish-speaking cultures. 'Techno Valencia' invites listeners to experience the nostalgia, the passion, and the unadulterated soul of a time when music was not just heard but felt deeply.


A1. Controla Del Amor
A2. Espiral
B1. Maria Me Gusta
B2. Dolor
B3. Amen Explosion

Two classically trained musicians from vastly different traditions, MD Pallavi and Andi Otto came together to create a jewel of a record in ’Songs for Broken Ships’ and Multi Culti have whipped up a stunning remix package for it featuring Simone de Kunovich, Auntie Flo, Peter Power, Kaleema and more.

Hailing from Bangalore, trained in Hindustani music and poetry since childhood, MD Pallavi’s beautiful voice makes an elegant companion to cellist / composer / producer Andi Otto’s idiosyncratic and unconventional style. Andi’s music has featured on labels such as Shika Shika and Pingipung (which he co-runs and curates) and, of course, Multi Culti, who released his previous album ‘Bow Wave’ which featured his first collaboration with Pallavi.

While the heart of "Songs for Broken Ships" showcased the duo's unique meld of cross-cultural folktronica and acoustic ballads with MD Pallavi's poetic Kannada verses at the core, "Remixes from the Clouds” reframes these elements for a vast spectrum of electronic listeners and club go-ers.

An ethereal hypnotic techno re-interpretation of ‘Prayer to the Cloud’ from Italian producer Simone de Kunovich. Scottish ambient maestro and mushroom aficionado Auntie Flo's ecstatic reinterpretation of "Clockshop". Multi Culti veteran downtempo wizard Peter Power's organic and earthy rendition of "Prayer to the Cloud." The mystic sounds of Kaleema breathing new percussive life into "Clockshop". The package concludes with a 'prayer-a-pella' version of "Prayer to the Clouds", spotlighting MD Pallavi's vocals in their purest form, for DJs and producers seeking to slather their rhythms with spiritual voice.

The Multi Culti imaginarium also present an expanded digital package that includes mixes from Hannah Lee, Bliz Nochi & Emil Jourjou, Migramara, and Poligra. In the words of Shawn Christopher: "people from all nations, dancing together." Celestial harmony, one 12” at a time.


A1. Prayer To The Cloud - (Simone De Kunovich Remix)
A2. Prayer To The Cloud - (Peter Power Remix)
A3. Prayer To The Cloud (Prayer-a-Pella)
B1. Clockshop - (Auntie Flo Remix)
B2. Clockshop - (Kaleema Remix)
B3. Clockshop - (Album Version)

Thomass Jackson presents UFO HOUSE.

A fixture in Mexico's thriving electronic scene, the Argentinian import has made a name for himself alongside cohort Inigo Vontier with a style that seamlessly blends haunted desert disco with gritty acid house and techno.

This EP might be his most cogent formulation yet, a mightily playable set of peak-time DJ-friendly tracks that bring enough mystery and wonkiness to a perfectly club-ready backbone. It's a conspiracy of sound, a cosmic abduction with pulsating rhythms and hypnotic bleeps sure to melt minds on the dance-floor.


Matt says: Rattling rhythms, wubbing bass, nagging acid - Thomass Jackson is obviously a producer who likes those old school hardware noise boxes. Revisiting acid house, new beat and techno stylings with a fresh, inventive approach; this four tracker will serve DJs working the nightclubs very well.


A1. Belgian UFO Wave
A2. Young Woman In Kashmir
B1. Aphex Twinkie
B2. Back In Guadalajara

We love Multi Culti here at Picc HQ so to see them launch a new quarterly 12" series is a mega buzz. "Solstice I" kicks us off with four rightly hyped artists contributing a track each.

Beginning this journey are some of the label’s most beloved artists. Israeli duo Red Axes provide a chakra-elevating soundtrack with their inimitable blend of psych-garage-tronica, a sun-kissed banger that signals a long-awaited return to the togetherness of the dancefloor.

Zillas On Acid turn in a robustly wiggly jam that electrifies, frazzling zaps and frenetic percussion recall the fritzy tension of the past year, a cathartic shock-treatment for traumatized dancers looking to get back to prime spine-shaking shape.

Mexico managed to stay open for the most part, and TYU seems to have not skipped a beat here, still in perfect form after breaking out as one of the hottest young producers to emerge in recent years. Dark disco, Mexi-chug, call it what you want, but the emergent genre is never better represented than here. Spooky, phosphorescent tribal dance, Tulumminati-tested and approved.

Finally, the big guy - Manfredas - whose remixes and edits have been highlight-reel material the past couple of years, delivers a long awaited original track with his requisite heavyweight swag. Wonky tunings and a chunky downtempo beat underpin Manny’s trademark masterful arrangement style, building patiently, with breakdowns that managed to wring every last drop of impact out of an odd, otherworldly assortment of sounds.


Matt says: Hardcore shamanic rituals from the psychotropic botanists at Multi Culti. Rainforest business of the highest order - toad not included.


A1 - Red Axes - Maztomeret
A2 - Zillas On Acid - Live From The Reptile House
B1 - Tyu - Kongaloka
B2 - Manfredas - Meshugas

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