The Servants

The Sun, A Small Star

    Part of The Optic Sevens Reissue Series. 
    Limited to 500 copies on splatter vinyl Includes Poster & Postcard. 

    The Servants second single, Originally released on Head Records in 1986 as a 12” EP . This is it’s rst appearance as a 7” single.

    In 1986 The Servants recorded a John Peel session, got a full page feature in the New Year’s edition of the 1986 ‘NME’ hailing them as the next big thing, appeared on their C86 cassette and played shows with amongst others the Jesus And Mary Chain, Felt, Primal Scream, the Go Betweens, the Pale Fountains and the Wedding Present.

    The Wake

    Pale Spectre / Plastic Flowers

      Part of The Optic Sevens Reissue Series. 
      Limited to 500 copies on splatter vinyl Includes Poster & Postcard.

      Originally released on Factory Records in 1987 on a 4 track 12” EP entitled “Something That No One Else Could Bring” These 2 tracks make their first appearance as a 7” single. 

      The Wedding Present

      Go Out And Get 'Em Boy!

        Part of The Optic Sevens Reissue Series. 
        Limited White Vinyl Includes Poster & Postcard. 

        Originally released in 1985 on Reception Records. The debut single by The Wedding Present is reissued here on white vinyl using the original (Reception Records) artwork. 

        Constant Mongrel

        Experts In Skin

          ‘Experts in Skin’ is the little sister follow-up to 2018’s ‘Living In Excellence’. The A side single holds the familiar post-post punk angst the band is known for, only building ever higher with a triple saxophone flurry and singer Tom Ridgewell’s mutters on the often awkward nature of mainstream consumerism. On the flip side the band turns to its pop sensibilities producing the tough but sweet sounding ‘Schnuki’. Bassist Amy Hill’s bouncing vocals contrast to the anarcho-punk growls below. Subject matter being another complaint about people that are really fake nice. Can I help you darling? Honey? Sweetie? Deary? Pumpkin?...... no thanks. Constant Mongrel have previous releases available on RIP Society, La Vida Es Un Mus and Siltbreeze.


          Ltd 7" Info: 400 copies only on transparent vinyl.

          Following the first of the 'SHIFT LTD' capsule collection by Xhin is an EP by Kirk Degiorgio with a remix from John Beltran. Full-bodied tracks fill in every frequency corner – 'The Nearness of Flames' as a headspin stomper, while 'Acid Symphony' weaves an acid line into a rich tapestry. Ambient producer John Beltran reimagines the original with a sunrise touch.

          Minor Poet

          The Good News

            After spending years writing and recording music by himself in various bedrooms and basements, Andrew Carter hit his stride with the debut Minor Poet album, And How!. Made on a creative whim with no outside expectations, the eleven-song collection combined Carter’s love of carefully-crafted pop with a loose, fun, off-the-cuff recording aesthetic. The album was released in 2017 and developed a small but loving fan base, and Minor Poet has grown from a passion project into a cross-country touring band with write-ups in publications such as American Songwriter, Magnet, The Wild Honey Pie, Impose, and more.

            Minor Poet’s second record, The Good News, is a six-song collection that expands the boundaries of what constitutes the band’s sound. In just twenty-two minutes, the songs take apart the standard formulas of guitar-based rock and infuse them with vibrance and energy. The Good News was made over four days at Montrose Recording, in Minor Poet’s hometown of Richmond, VA. In the past, Carter played all the instruments and handled all the production, but he knew he that he had to reach outside himself to do justice to these songs

            “I couldn’t capture the sounds I heard in my head,” Carter explains. “I wanted something that was vast and expansive but that at the same time could hit you immediately in the gut.” Paying homage to the “wall of sound” techniques made famous by Brian Wilson and Phil Spector, Carter and co-producer Adrian Olsen (Natalie Prass, Foxygen) overdubbed layer after layer of Carter playing an array of guitars, pianos, organs, synths, and percussion, as well as singing all the harmonies.

            The members of Minor Poet’s touring band were brought in to perform the core rhythm section, and local musicians stopped by to add crucial flourishes. At the center of everything is Carter’s voice, singing lyrics that seamlessly mix allusions to religion, mythology, art, and philosophy as he questions himself, his place in the world around him, what he owes to his relationships, and, in turn, what he needs to ask of others in order to stay healthy.

            Tabula Rasa is a concept that argues that humans are born blank slates, shaped through experience and environment. The last two years couldn’t have felt more applicable for Carter, who started out as a fresh face with little-to-no experience in the music industry and slowly grew into himself as a stage performer and bandleader through both good and bad times. During this period he began to come to terms with lifelong struggles, such as the depression that permeates “Tropic of Cancer” and the social anxiety that runs through “Museum District.”

            Rather than be one-dimensional, however, Carter dives deeper into himself and his motivations, such as in “Reverse Medusa” when he sings, “Hide my love in poetic half-truths/never was one to dwell on my issues.” Carter’s ability to balance emotional honesty with a tongue-in-cheek self awareness adds to the richness and originality of the music. Short but memorable, catchy yet meaningful, The Good News is another promising step forward for Minor Poet. 


            Coloured Mini LP Info: Indies exclusive loser edition, clear w/ red and blue hi-melt.

            Swayzak Vs. Theorem

            Break In At Apartment 205

            20 years since the original release on Richie Hawtin’s M_nus imprint, Exalt Records reissue the minimal classic – Swayzak vs. Theorem ‘Break In At Apartment 205’ 12”.
            The two main tracks from the original release have been remastered by Paul Mac and comes on black vinyl with artwork by Grid Pattern

            Between 2014 and 2017, DJ Slyngshot's Yappin label delivered some of the most interesting, off-kilter dancefloor excursions around. The imprint has been dormant since, so it's great to see Slyngshot bring it back to life via this 12" from close pal DJ Neewt. There's something particularly inspired about opener "Hymn", where an increasingly intense acid bassline, raygun electronics and trippy electronic motifs wrap around a skewed breakbeat groove. Slyngshot joins in the fun on the deep, tribal and quietly psychedelic thump of "Pearls For Knives" - all dense drums, dub delays and mind-altering motifs - before Neewt finishes things off via the meandering lo-fi synth lines and chugging deep house grooves of "Mud Voices". It's good to have Yappin back, that's for sure.

            Amazing and unique private soul/jazz-funk fusion LP, “New York To L.A.: Coasting” is the first release (1980) on Andrew Scott Potter and David Eric Tillman’s PO/ET label. Sublime from the beginning to the end, it has become, just like their second and final release “…Space…Rapture…”, a sought-after collector’s item.

            Andrew and Eric both come from Chicago. They met in the early 70's, shortly after Eric's discharge from the U.S. Air Force. They played together on the local jazz scene for several years (among others, with Maulawi). During that period, Andrew also toured with Minnie Riperton and Eric toured with The Dells, Linda Clifford and others. In the late 70's Eric left Chicago for Los Angeles, when he began touring with The Temptations. Since moving to California Eric has played and/or recorded with a variety of artists, including, Willie Bobo, Justo Almario, Alex Acuna, Norman Connors, Billy Paul, GAP Band, Linda Hopkins, Billy Higgins, O.C. Smith, and many others.

            Il Giardino Dei Semplici

            Carnevale Da Buttare

            Massive balearic summer vibes going on here! Futuribile records did set its eyes on the past with a reissue of Il Giardino dei Semplici's "Carnevale Da Buttare". In addition to the original song, this 45rpm 12" record provides an instrumental rework of "Carnevale Da Buttare" by Raffaele 'Whodamanny' Arcella, the son of Il Giardino dei Semplici's keyboardist and founding member Andrea Arcella. Whodamanny makes a nice balance between the original and todays functionality. He swapped the blazing saxophones for mind-melting synth solos that takes things into othe realms. Hot stuff!!.

            A story that is told through music, of a Japanese artist who travels to a foreign land and fi finds her true calling through the guidance of melody, rhythm, dance, mentorships and friendships.

            Music by: Mental Remedy. Produced by Joaquin Joe Claussell For Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts

            Although the music on this CD Album was written, produced and performed by Joaquin Joe Claussell aka "Mental Remedy." it should not be mistaken as a Mental Remedy album. What is this, however, is a music soundtrack based on a story which was shared with Joaquin Joe Claussell by a good friend and fellow artist Naoyo Terada.

            Born and Raised in Japan, Naoyo set out on a journey to America that began around 20 years ago. In pursuing her dream and new way of life; Naoyo set her sights on America. While there and within a relatively short period of time, she has been blessed with valuable lessons, as well as gained profound insights that would not only bring out from within-her calling as an artist, but more profound, bestow upon her lessons on spirituality, creativity and a love for music that would dramatically change her life moving forward…

            It is important that you the listener are made aware that, “This is not a usual dance music CD.” Rather, it should be listened and absorbed as conscious, cosmic feel good music. But only if you open your mind and let a stranger in. The harmonic tones will do the rest of the healing…

            Pontchartrain / Blair French

            Afterlife / Pool

            It was Memorial Day Weekend 2016, and the sun shined bright over the Detroit River. Pontchartrain stepped up to the decks at the Red Bull stage at Movement Electronic Music Festival donning his infamous "Detroit vs. Itself" t-shirt. His first song through the Rane rotary mixer was a dubplate made specifically for his set: “Afterlife”. It’s a brilliantly executed balearic daytime disco rework that warrants the praise of summer anthem that it’s earning.

            On the flip is “Pool”, an equally sunny slomo beatdown rework from Blair French. It's a delightful blend of cerebral and soulful, and is finally getting a release after being originally championed by Peter Croce on his Le Mellotron Paris set back in early 2018.

            This 7" is pressed heavy and cut loud at 33.3 RPM with a normal non-dinked hole.

            Primal Scream

            Velocity Girl

              Velocity Girl was originally released in 1986 and quickly become a landmark single for the British indie scene, inspiring the C-86 movement and a generation of guitar bands. For the first ever reissue – it has never been included on any Primal Scream album or compilation – it will be backed by Broken, a brand new song recorded earlier this year. The 7” will be available exclusively to Independent retail stores only.


              Schatzi 05

              NYC's Schatzi back with their fifth release!

              Filled to the brim with five scoops of disco fun that wiggle between Italo-inflected goofiness, suave, greased-back swagger, and schmaltzy ballroom twillers.

              For good measure, the 12-inch is capped with a charged-up drum track that's a tumult of percussion, hoots, hollers & jungle noise.

              Proper party gear from start to finish! 


              Spirit Of Desire

              Digwah, king of the peak time rollers returns! Vinyl only, big room heat that’ll worm its way into the conscience - marrying a soulful touch with that low-end pressure.

              Rarely does an artist pay homage to the classics like Dimitri From Paris. The Grammy nominated producer, remixer, composer and DJ has made every one of his repertoire of reworks sound effortless; no mean feat when the original tracks are by the likes of Disco’s greatest musicians. In 2018 he released his “lifetime achievement” on Glitterbox, with the strictly limited pressing of the ‘Dimitri From Paris presents Le Chic Remix’ boxset. Now the 12’s have their own separate outings, bringing greater focus onto the individual productions, as each vinyl features two of the incredible Dimitri remixes, along with their respective instrumentals on the B-Side. This release showcases the euphoric highs of Dimitri’s remixing skills across Sister Sledge’s ‘Got To Love Somebody’ and Sheila & B. Devotion’s ‘Your Love Is Good’.

              With their latest 'International Disco Mafia 2' release getting love from the likes of Marc Grusane and Jacques Renault, these Dublin based modern discotheque messers are on a roll.

              Their latest sees Yorkshire based machine squelcher Perseus Traxx coming heavy on the A side with 'Pump It', which grinds a crashing jack track in and out of some choice disco snippets to create a relentless floorburner for 2019.

              Sir Leon Greg is another of the Traxx-man's many pseudonyms, and 'Shakey' is an acid house tinged makeover of an old Northern Soul classic he made a few years back.
              Fatty Fatty head honcho Pablo supplies his 'Warehouse Mix'Â of the track, which strings it out into a wild 10 minute trip that teases and caresses you before the strings and that chorus send you over the edge completely.

              Last but not least, 'Last Days' will be, to some ears, the pick of the bunch - a rich, ever circling slice of funked up house music that will touch you in all the right spots, rounding off the package in some style.


              Happy People

              Margino (real name Kim Kallie) is a South African artist. She sang with the reggae group Kariba and jazz rock outfit Turbo in the early 80's, and later did backing vocals for Future and others. She first shot to fame as a solo star with a version of ''Holiday'', which was released at the same time as Madonna's version. Recorded at RPM Recording Studios (Johannesburg, South Africa) in 1985, Happy People is a flawless album with dancefloor hits such as ''Happy People'', ''I'm Getting Out'' and ''One Hot Night'' and downtempo tunes such as ''You Turn Me On'', ''You Need A Woman'' and ''You''. For this reissue, Jamwax took the pleasure to remaster the sound from the original tape. The artwork was also remake with Andy Warhol ''Marilyn Monroe'' pop art style, for your eyes pleasure.

              Cotonete & Di Melo


              Roberto De Melo Santos, despite a very light discography, is among the true icons of the Brazilian Soul music under his artist alias, Di Melo. He’s indeed only needed an eponymous album, released in 1975 on Odeon, to assert himself as a star in his native country, but also as a legend for all collectors and connoisseurs of the world. More than 40 years after its release, came in 2017 a meeting with the French group Cotonete, which immediately ended on a common will to work together. Florian Pellissier, founding member and keyboard within Cotonete tells: “This album is the summary of this moment, of these 5 days of madness spent together between “the best band in the world” and the legend Roberto Di Melo… Simple, beautiful, Brazilian-French, human music…” Today, Atemporal found its final version in collaboration with Favorite Recordings and is proudly presented as what we believe will become the genuine long-awaited follow-up to the classic Di Melo’s LP.

              Originally recorded in 1981, this album is best known for its tropical boogie bomb "Let's Talk About It". Having drawn attention from diggers for quite some time, it's finally available again on vinyl. Besides this killer boogie tune a selection of five other tracks from the album that have remained unknown to most people complete this French boogie / reggae / zouk re-issue.

              Sunn O)))

              Life Metal

                Continuing one of the main currents of the Sunn O))) concept, depth of exploration within collaboration, brought forth Hildur Guðnadóttir to the Sunn O))) constellation. Hildur is a sometime live collaborator of Sunn O))) and a renowned film music composer, former member of the bands Múm, Pan Sonic and Angel. She was a long time collaborator with the composer Jóhann Jóhannsson (RIP). Hildur lent her incredible attitude, as well as her voice, breath and electric cello, and the enigmatic haldorophone to the proceedings, culminating in the epic composition/concerto "Novæ". The cosmos clearly expands.

                At the very beginning of 2018 Sunn O))) co-founders Stephen O'Malley & Greg Anderson set out on a path toward a new album production. They were both determined to create new music and a new method of working in the studio, without forgetting the long and proud history of production and studio accomplishments forged during their first two decades of existence (and the members' own musical experiences out of the band's). One long term goal was completely clear: to record Sunn O))) with Steve Albini in his Electrical Audio studio. Steve took the call, said "Sure, this will be fun. I have no idea what is going to happen."

                Greg and Stephen gathered twice that spring for writing, conceptualising and riff woodshedding in the very building where the band was formed: Downtown Rehearsal in Los Angeles. Sonic cosmoses, flashes of abstract colour (synthetic and objective) and themes emerged from the mastered depths of saturation and circuits between the two players and their mountains of gear. Themes developed in terms of brightness and energy, while visionary cues pointed toward subconscious areas of practice and the pair realised they were exploring other zones of consciousness via sound/time and sound/energy manipulation. In early summer a pre-production session with full backline, as a trio with T.O.S. on Moog, was recorded at Dave Grohl’s 606 studios, Northridge, California.

                In July 2018 Sunn O))) spent just over two weeks in Chicago at Electrical Audio (Studio A) with Steve Albini at the helm. The results are astounding: there is breadth and luminosity of colour, it sounds vast. The sessions were impeccably recorded, authentically represented and completely accurate. The spectrum cracked the firmament open in clarity. An all analogue technique was used, they recorded and mixed on tape, providing a creative gateway for Sunn O))) to evolve their production methods into stronger, confident, performance based and a more logical executive process. The album was mastered and lacquers cut from tape in October by Sunn O))) ally Matt Colton at Alchemy in London. The LP version is a AAA album, recorded and mixed on tape via a completely analogue production, from the input of the band's amplifiers and the air coming off the speakers in front of the microphones to the needle touching the pressed vinyl on your turntable.

                Tim Midyett, a close friend of Greg and Stephen since the Seattle days of the early 90s (and member of Silkworm, Bottomless Pit and Mint Mile), joined in a foundational role tying earth to sound with wicked performances on aluminium neck bass and baritone guitars: instruments he helped pioneer playing back in the 90s (alongside Steve and Shellac of course). Dark matter is reality.

                Prolific new music composer Anthony Pateras arranged and recorded an incredible contribution of pipe organ for a piece titled "Troubled Air" (titled after an essay by author Aliza Shvarts, who also penned the liner notes for Sunn O)))’s Kannon) at Schlosskappelle, Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart. String theory of space.

                The resulting album is titled Life Metal. It is fully realised and completely real. The record was produced by the core of Stephen & Greg & arranged by the greater constellation Sunn O))). Paintings by visual artist Samantha Keely Smith graciously adorn the sleeve and provide a perfect suitable mask to the proceedings. They collide ideas of 19th century romanticism & late 20th abstract expressionism (mysticism) with Sunn O)))’s approach to metal (via reference points of Arbo, Turner, Delville, Richter, Turrel, Wou-Ki). Photographer Ronald Dick shot them in baths of light colour representing depth of sound pressure in the work.

                There is a second more meditative LP titled Pyroclasts, also recorded by Steve Albini in parallel, and which will be revealed in the autumn 2019 (more later) with all music performed by Stephen, Greg, T.O.S., Tim Midyett, and Hildur Guðnadóttir. 

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                2xColoured LP Info: Limited rust coloured vinyl.

                Ltd LP Info: Limited black vinyl edition.

                The Midnight Hour (Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad)

                The Midnight Hour Live At Linear Labs

                  The Midnight Hour is Black excellence: an ode to the cultural sophistication that the Harlem Renaissance established for its people. The Midnight Hour is comprised of Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge, alongside a tight rhythm section and a full orchestra. Last June, 2018, The Midnight Hour debuted their self-titled album to great reviews and toured the US extensively. “It was during that tour last year that we decided to record a live album, capturing this new experience. The music you hear in our studio album is how we mean it to sound. But it’s something totally different when we have an audience in front of us.

                  This recording is us wanting to give people a chance to hear what they can expect when they see us live.” On February 22nd, 2019, The Midnight Hour performed in front of a live studio audience at Linear Labs. This was a direct-to-analog tape recording that 200 very lucky fans were a part of. Adrian and Ali began working on the debut Midnight Hour album in 2013, but put the project aside as they would score the hit Netflix series Marvel’s Luke Cage. The Midnight Hour is a soul/jazz/hip hop album which continues the conversations started by yesterday’s jazz and funk pioneers; those that created the bedrock of samples for hip hop producers in the 80s/90s. The Midnight Hour is sophisticated hip hop that fans will enjoy, capturing their jazz rhythm section, and a full orchestra reminiscent of the maestros such as David Axelrod and Quincy Jones. 

                  Gia Margaret

                  There's Always Glimmer

                    This is the debut self-produced album by Gia Margaret that went from a low-key release in the US last summer to ending the year across multiple international critics’ Best Of lists (including Gorilla vs Bear & Line Of Best Fit).

                    Finally getting the release outside of North America it richly deserves, There’s Always Glimmer is an accomplished debut whose fragile, intimate beauty has already captured many hearts. Informed by the likes of Juliana Barwick, Stina Nordenstam and Linda Perhacs the album threads elements of folk, shoegaze and ambient electronics whilst retaining the exposed charm of her early bedroom recordings.

                    Consumer Electronics

                    Airless Space

                      Consumer Electronics return with a double album of all new studio recordings produced by Russell Haswell. Some wondered how the songwriting team of Philip Best and Sarah Froelich would fare after the leaving their London home to take up residency in the United States. Well, here’s the answer. Recorded in San Francisco, CE deliver “Airless Space”,a state-of-the-union address that does for our American cousins what the band’s earlier “Estuary English” album did for a British audience poised upon the coming madness of Brexit. Unusually for CE, “Airless Space” clocks in at 60 minutes, a hexed induction for a country labouring under a presidency, that like Brexit itself, few saw coming or contemplated having to endure. Soundwise, CE have maybe mellowed the tone a touch, allowing their electronics to stretch out and breathe, whereas the frenzied and anxious vocals of Best and Froelich remain as snatched and breathless as ever. Stunningly produced by Russell Haswell and gorgeously mastered by award-winning cutting engineer Matt Colton, “Airless Space” by Consumer Electronics is their most complete and rounded statement yet. 


                      Antisocial Background Music 2017-2019

                        ’When you put on the first track on the album ’Antisocial Background 2017 - 2019’ by Mythologen your likely to think: “this is THAT kind of an album”, and fell happy with that. But Mythologen aka Alexander Palmestål is not “THAT” kind of an artist and this album reflects his broad musical background. It spans from Japan to USA, from the 70s to the 00s and from cold concrete floors to fluffy cotton clouds. Palmestål, with a background in bands such as Pistol Disco and Iberia now releases his second full-length album on Höga Nord Rekords. The album is a play with emotions and genres, with unexpected meetings between major and minor keys and is a collection of tracks where Jungle, Electro, House, Synth and Big Beat are deconstructed and put together as relevant contemporary dance music. The production on “Antisocial background” sometimes sound like a more electronic version of Boredoms but most of the time it puts the listener on the British isles and in the 90’s. Palmestål pays respect to his masters but he is not in any way too careful with their legacy and let, just as on his debut album, influences from the 1970’s and 80’s Nigeria and Soweto.’ 

                        Apex Manor

                        Heartbreak City

                          The Year of Magical Drinking, Apex Manor’s 2011 tongue-in-cheek debut title, turned into self-fulfilling prophecy for Ross Flournoy. Near a nervous breakdown from depression and longterm alcohol abuse, Flournoy travelled from California home to Memphis, to check himself into rehab. “My father had gotten sober in 2009, so I ended up going to the same place,” says Flournoy. During that seven-week treatement, his father – who Flournoy playfully calls his “sober Sherpa” – had started a homemade pimento cheese business that was quickly taking off in local markets and grocery stores.

                          “My dad showed me how it was possible to live without drinking – which was an impossibility in my mind – and I started helping him” says Flournoy, who ended up staying in Memphis for two and a half years before returning to California. “It was the most profound shift in my life and I never saw it coming.” Even with his newfound sobriety and the success of his father’s business taking time and energy, Flournoy never stopped making music while in Memphis. He got work composing instrumental music for scores and program theme songs. The music-without-lyrics part came easy for Flournoy and the anonymity was an enticing draw as he learned to navigate life without alcohol. “I always knew I wanted to make another Apex Manor record,” revels Flournoy.

                          However, there seemed to be a new disconnect between the ease with which he composed instrumental music and the obstacles he faced every time he tried to write lyrics. Finally in 2016 after moving back to Los Angeles and scoring a couple of movies, Flournoy wrote his first new Apex Manor song. “It took me five or six years to learn how to rewrite songs or at least how to write them sober. But then in nine months I wrote something like 35 songs,” smiles Flournoy. After recording with producer Rob Barbados, Flournoy emerged with a vibrant collection of Apex Manor songs he’s titled Heartbreak City. The 11 tracks on Heartbreak City feature universal topics (break-ups, selfishness, relationships) with extemporaneous abstractions that furiously rumble with Dinosaur Jr.- esque guitars (“Asked & Answered,” “Nervous Wreck,” “Where My Mind Goes,” “The Long Goodbye”) and float on the synth-work of bands like The Killers (“Sara Now,” “Diamond in the Dark”).

                          For Flournoy, the release of Heartbreak City is not so much a literal culmination of the dramatic twists and turns that transpired over the last eight years between Apex Manor albums, it’s more about celebrating the place that those events led him to: “I didn’t want to try to track the journey verbatim. Rehab, the pimento cheese business, living life without alcohol – all those things were a means that allowed me to get to the end result of being in a place where I could write songs again. This thing that I feared might be gone forever finally reemerged and I feel profoundly lucky.”

                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                          Coloured LP Info: Red vinyl.

                          Coloured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

                          DJ Yoda

                          Home Cooking

                            A soul and jazz spreading of wings, with the help of scene headliners Nubya Garcia, Theon Cross and Henry Wu. ‘Home Cooking’ is the new, mature sound of DJ Yoda. Maximising the experience and enjoyment gained from recording live instruments and prioritising songs over beats for his previous two albums ‘Breakfast of Champions’ and ‘Chop Suey’, this is a big step for the cut-and-paster as a producer, having wowed the world over for over two decades with his celebrated turntable tomfoolery. Recorded between his own studio and the world famous Abbey Road, ‘Home Cooking’ keeps one foot in the hip-hop old school with collaborations with the returning Jungle Brothers (the party-starting ‘Afrika’) and Boston bastion Edo. G (a peaceful route from London to ‘Roxbury’), and spreads to a melodic vibe scoring chilled Sunday mornings.

                            “I titled this one ‘Home Cooking’ because the music is so close to my heart, in terms of what I grew up on, and what really speaks to me on a personal level”. Imbued with the spirit of Guru’s ‘Jazzmatazz’, the output of Acid Jazz and 90s vitals from the Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul, Yoda admits that it's a happy accident that, whilst drawing on jazzy, soulful hip-hop from 25 years ago, the sound of ‘Home Cooking’ is very much of-the-moment. With British jazz currently in the rudest of health, vigorously championed by Gilles Peterson and with the likes of Sons of Kemet receiving Mercury Prize recognition to show such an upsurge has not gone unnoticed, Yoda lines up some of the best musicians the scene has to offer.

                            Sons of Kemet member and tuba sharp shooter Theon Cross, fast-rising saxophonist and boundary breaker Nubya Garcia, and award-winning jazz alchemist Henry Wu on keys, put ‘Home Cooking’ in the safest, most nimble of hands. “I feel so lucky to have been able to work with musicians of this calibre”. Add in the vocals of Brit-soul legend and MBE Omar, BBC Introducing star/“the UK's answer to Frank Ocean" Joel Culpepper, (‘London Fields’, played as a live six-piece session for BBC Radio London) and big gun for hire Eva Lazarus (a prominent feature on Swindle’s ‘No More Normal’, an album that runs parallel to ‘Home Cooking’), and the timing of Yoda’s sound expansion, plotted across London and beyond, has been impeccable. “It’s just lucky that right now is such a great moment for UK jazz, and that coinciding with me making this album - it certainly wasn’t by design. I didn’t set out to necessarily make something with such a strong jazz and soul influence, but at one point I took a step back and listened to everything I’d made, and it had accidentally, or subconsciously, turned out like that”. 

                            Kishi Bashi


                              Omoiyari is Kishi Bashi’s fourth album, following the acclaimed 151a (2012), Lighght (2014), and Sonderlust (2016). Channeling the hard-learned lessons of history, Omoiyari reflects the turbulent socio-political atmosphere of present day America. “I was shocked when I saw white supremacy really starting to show its teeth again in America,“ Kishi Bashi says. “My parents are immigrants, they came to the United States from Japan post–World War II. As a minority I felt very insecure for the first time in my adult life in this country. I think that was the real trigger for this project.” Kishi Bashi recognized parallels between the current U.S. administration’s constant talk of walls and bans, and the xenophobic anxieties that led to the forced internment of Japanese-Americans in the months following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

                              So he immersed himself in that period, visiting former prison sites and listening to the stories of survivors, while developing musical concepts along the way. The unique creative process behind Omoiyari has been documented in a film scheduled for release in early 2020. “I gravitated toward themes of empathy, compassion, and understanding as a way to overcome fear and intolerance. But I had trouble finding an English title for the piece. Omoiyari is a Japanese word. It doesn't necessarily translate as empathy, but it refers to the idea of creating compassion towards other people by thinking about them.

                              I think the idea of omoiyari is the single biggest thing that can help us overcome aggression and conflict.” Stepping away from his past loop-based production model, he embraced a more collaborative approach when recording, and for the first time included contributions from other musicians, such as Mike Savino (aka Tall Tall Trees) on banjo and bass, and Nick Ogawa (aka Takenobu) on cello. Kishi Bashi’s spectacular trademark violin soundscapes are still an essential component of his sound, but the focus of Omoiyari is centered squarely on its songs. While the theme of Omoiyari is rooted in 1940s America, the album’s message is timeless. In exploring the emotional lives of the innocent Japanese-Americans who were unjustly incarcerated, Kishi Bashi hopes to nurture a sense of empathy, or omoiyari, in all who hear the album.



                                Montreal trio Lungbutter serves up an exhilarating and relentless barrage of astringent noise-punk, at times refracted variously through sludge rock and slowcore. Kaity Zozula's tri-amped guitar squall occupies a huge tonal space from low-end bass to paint-peeling treble, redolent of blown-out Melvins/Flipper fuzz and indebted to the frenetic dissonance of Keiji Haino or Merzbow. Song structures coalesce around guitar riffs of shifting tempos and the backbone of Joni Sadler's muscular, deliberate drums, while Ky Brooks' wry phenomenological sing-speak vocals - at once mantric and declarative - deconstruct one brilliant lyrical theme after another, dancing along the knife-edge of dispassionate acerbic examination and wide-eyed cathartic revelation.

                                Brooks, Sadler and Zozula have all been mainstays of the vibrant experimental noise/rock milieu in the city for several years, having put in time as members of innumerable bands and community projects. Lungbutter has been their main jam for a while, playing frequently in Montreal and with sporadic excursions to DIY spaces around eastern North America. Honey is their first full-length album, following the self-released Extractor cassette EP from 2014, which Big Takeover described as ""hick neanderthal sludge, stream of consciousness yelps over lawnmower riffs, a dweeb-metal triumph" and Weird Canada praised as "confident, artful, intense". Lungbutter’s minimal guitar-drums-voice configuration is rooted in a visceral, ascetic punk idiom, refracted variously by free-noise, sludge rock and slowcore. Zozula marshals chaotic motifs of full-spectrum distorto-guitar, occupying a huge tonal space from low-end bass to paint-peeling treble,redolent of blown-out Melvins/Flipper fuzz and equallyindebted to the frenetic dissonance of Keiji Haino or Merzbow (as in the thrilling passages of warped noise on “Solar” or “Veneer”).

                                Song structures coalesce around guitar riffs of shifting tempos and the backbone of Sadler’s muscular, deliberate drums, while Brooks’ voice – at once mantric and declarative – deconstructs one brilliant lyrical theme after another, dancing along the knife-edge of dispassionate acerbic examination and wide-eyed cathartic revelation. Honey is 33 minutes of satisfyingly searing, sharp-as-tacks, scum-tainted art-rock from one of Montréal’s most vital, exciting and uncompromising bands. The LP includes multiple artwork inserts sourced from an original cover painting by Australian-born Montréal-based artist and graphic novelist Tommi Parrish (Fantagraphics, etc). 



                                  Pianoworks is Eluvium’s first solo piano album since his sophomore album, An Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death (2004). Inspired by the quiet thoughts and solitary observations of children – and the evolution/dissolution of that ephemeral, uncorrupted wonder of simple joy – Pianoworks begins with a song about children’s piano lessons, and culminates with an etude driven by the struggle to hold onto innocence and imagination as adulthood settles in. The record’s dramatic simplicity in both execution and expression is with purpose: Cooper wants the music to be simple enough to inspire children and novices to play, and the concept simple enough to resonate regardless of age or experience.

                                  As any minimalist painter, poet, or architect can attest, it is oftentimes the profoundly simple art that proves to be the most time-consuming and torturous to produce. Pianoworks exemplifies this dichotomy, having been recorded, re-recorded, and re-re-recorded in the span of nearly a decade. Cooper exhausted every attempt to achieve a very specific, peculiar sound that is out of time – a sound not entirely lost in an attic, but also one not easily found in a playlist. The process to achieve this elusive sound was painstaking, but it has yielded a rare kind of music that is as uncomplicated as it is uncompromised. 

                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                  3xColoured LP Info: Indies exclusive 'Mother Of Pearl' vinyl.


                                  This Is Not A Safe Place

                                    Ride are back with their second album since reforming — it’s titled This is Not a Safe Place and is out via Wichita. They once again teamed with producer Erol Alkan and mixer Alan Moulder, both of whom worked on 2017’s Weather Diaries, which came together quickly at the end of 2018. The first single is the sparkling “Future Love” which feature Ride’s lush, signature harmonies. They’ve always had a Byrds side to them and that plays out nicely here in a “Twisterella” kind of way. “Future Love is a song about the beginning of a relationship, when everything feels possible,” says the band’s Andy Bell. Listen, and check out album art and tracklist, below.

                                    Richard Spaven

                                    Real Time

                                      After the release of critically acclaimed first single ‘Faded’ featuring Jordan Rakei (Record of the week on BBC6 Music) and second single ‘Spin’ which is currently making waves on streaming platforms and DJ sets, Richard Spaven is proud to present his new studio album ‘Real Time’.

                                      Recorded live during a week at Real World Studios in the Bath countryside, ‘Real Time’ captures the artfulness of a band of musicians creating something truly unique. Richard’s history with his long time band became an inspiration for what you will hear on this record. His collaboration with vocalist Jordan Rakei continues - exceeding expectations after an intense week-long residential recording session. Featuring on four album tracks, ‘Faded’ and ‘Spin’ as well as two highly original versions of some classics - Busta Rhymes’ ‘Show Me What You Got’ and ‘Celestial Blues’, Jordan delivering his contempt soul on this spiritual jazz classic.

                                      Also in attendance co-writer and long-standing band members Stuart McCallum (Cinematic Orchestra, The Breath) on guitars and bassist Robin Mullarkey (Jacob Collier), with Oli Rockberger (Laura Mvula) joining on keys. Notable for their diverse production skills, Frederic Robinson (Medschool) and Jameszoo (Brainfeeder) join Richard on Real Time. The inclusion of their intricate sound design and warped distorted abstract sees that the music on Real Time is elevated to new levels.

                                      Throughout the 9 tracks of the album, Richard on drums plays artfully with the beats, subtlety abounds yet grooving hard in constantly shifting, unexpected turns of rhythmic layers. The result is contemporary electronica yet with the feel of a live album, from a group of exquisitely talented forward-thinking musicians who are not bound by any genres but thrive in the simple idea of creating and playing together.

                                      The Wedding Present

                                      The Complete Ukrainian John Peel Sessions

                                        Includes all 3 John Peel sessions re-mastered for the first time.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        LP Info: Comes with DVD.

                                        Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

                                        Various Artists

                                        Balearic Blah Blah 17

                                          After a 2 year hiatus marooned on a desert island surrounded by singing frogs and dancing jellyfish, the incognito re-edit label Balearic Blah Blah is back once again with a fresh batch of DJ delights from the motley crew of editors.

                                          Master Editor KB leads the charge kicking things off with an off kilter track (Pheew Position) from the Parade Album which has been maximized for longer dancefloor steel drum-funk, reminiscent of his eighties DJ sets where he used 2 copies of the original 2 min track.

                                          Hamburg‘s frequency without control gives us a sleazy, soulful, boogie, German Balearic gem.

                                          Found by KB in a dusty & dirty basement in Aarus, Denmark on his global travels, a finger plucking flamingo fiesta of a track!

                                          On the flip comes New Yorks finest Balearic Bastardo, with a monster disco-edit which was hammered by DJ Harvey at his Mercury Rising residency at Pikes, Ibiza.

                                          KB slows things down for the final cut, another find on his travels, this time in Amsterdam where it was lurking behind a Red Lighted radiator in a notorious coffee shop. Maximized editing for your aural pleasure.

                                          That’ll do!

                                          Charly Bliss

                                          Young Enough

                                            Charly Bliss have evolved from the bunch of scrappy upstarts behind their brash punk debut Guppy, to the confident, assured artists who have produced the comparatively dynamic and unapologetically pop Young Enough. But, for lead singer Eva Hendricks, the path of this evolution was fraught, as her lyrics inspired by a past abusive relationship show. Songwriting became a source of respite, and, eventually, redemption. “You go through experiences of loss or extreme pain and you just keep moving,” Eva says. “You look around and go, how has the world not stopped? But it is also powerful. It’s like, I’m still here, I’m not a person who is ruled by pain, I still like who I am.”

                                            “Chat Room” and “Young Enough” are new sonic lynchpins, as is the soaring, mini epic, “Fighting In the Dark.” The delicate synth confessional “Hurt Me” also felt, as Eva puts it, “like something we hadn’t explored yet.” The entire record sounds like a new realm, from the deceptively easeful confessional “Capacity” to the propulsive, more classic pop of “Hard To Believe.” In the end, Young Enough feels joyful and celebratory, but also infused with a new sense of depth and maturity. “I want people to feel strong when they listen to this record,” says Eva. “Like you’re working through some shit but you feel really strong and beautiful, even if you’re in a lot of pain. That’s what I want people to feel. The opposite of broken.”

                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                            Coloured LP Info: Translucent blue vinyl, comes with a SIGNED poster.

                                            Craig Leon

                                            Anthology Of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon

                                              Craig Leon revisits the extraterrestrial origins of civilization on Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon, a continuing chronicle of his early 80s albums Nommos and Visiting. Exploring the cosmic lore of Leon’s earlier work, The Canon expands upon the conceptual cycle based on the alien and mathematical relationships that backbone the creation of art, architecture, science, and music.

                                              In 1981, producer and composer Craig Leon, known in the downtown New York zeitgeist for his production on The Ramones and Suicide’s debut albums, released Nommos, a minimal, primitive electronic exploration based on a speculative, wildly imaginative anthropology.

                                              After viewing an exhibition of Dogon art at the Brooklyn Museum in 1973, Leon remained fascinated by the Mali tribe’s creation myth that the Earth was visited in ancient times by the Nommos, a semi-amphibious alien race who travelled from the white dwarf Sirius B to impart their wisdom to mankind.

                                              Nommos, curiously released on John Fahey’s Takoma Records, manifested Leon’s obsession and investigation: an abstract, ascendent collection of music that could have soundtracked the interstellar visitors’ journey to Earth. Shimmering, mechanical, and anchored by an entrancing pulse of the Dogon’s ceremonial music, Nommos and its sequel, the privately pressed 1982 album Visiting, careened into obscurity.

                                              In the intervening years, while Leon pursued his career as a successful producer, cult interest in the albums grew, culminating in the Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1., the 2014 archival collection which presented Nommos and Visiting as they were intended to be heard, two sides of the same coin.

                                              The Canon picks up where Nommos and Visiting left off, tracing the path of ancient wisdom imparted by the Dogon’s alien visitors spreading from Mali into Egypt and across the water to Greece as imagined in William Stirling’s "The Canon," an anonymous exposition of cosmic law published in a nearly invisible print edition in 1897.

                                              Though the music – propulsive and spacious – is clearly of a part with Nommos and Visiting, the alien sounds of the Nommos become more familiar to western ears and musical vocabulary as the album narrative thrusts forward. The Canon implies – through ecstatic, contemporary sound and synthesis – that the origins of Western thought, and civilization itself, lie in the great beyond.

                                              Nearly four decades since their first collaboration on Nommos and Visiting, Leon is once again joined by his partner Cassell Webb on vocals and album production. Leon composed, and both he and Cassell performed, and produced all of the music of The Canon, consciously engaging many of the same synthesizers and programs of Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1 for Vol. 2.

                                              The duo are touring The Canon with an expanded ensemble throughout 2019 and 2020.
                                              Though Leon has performed Nommos and Visiting with orchestral accompaniment over the years, this will be the first time the live cast will also include instrumentalists steeped in the Dogon and Mediterranean musical traditions that infuse both volumes of Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music.

                                              Mo' Horizons

                                              Music Sun Love

                                                In times of deep uncertainty and radical changes it feels even more appropriate to focus on the essential things. “I have these three symbols which I always sign our records with after live shows,” Ralf Droesemyer, who is Mo’Horizons together with Mark “Foh’ Wetzler, explains: “it is a musical note, the image of the sun and the shape of a heart” - in other words: “music sun love”. Now, in the twentieth year of their existence, there cannot be a better title for the new album by Mo’Horizons. 2019 is all about diversity, unity and sustainability. “Our world is very much divided. Climate change, environmental issues and human rights are on top of the agenda and it seems to be common sense that they are the most important issues in the years to come, but still nationalism and backwards thinking seems to be as trendy as never before. It is very paradox,” Droesemyer says. “Mo’Horizons are not a politciasl band at all. But on ‘music sun love’ we incorporated so many musical styles and worked with so many musicians from all around world. It is quite amazing,” he laughs. “It all came naturally, that is how it should be: People should embrace the culture of their neighbours, rather than building walls and re-install borders.”

                                                Let it be Latin, Soul Reggae, Cumbia, Samba or music from the Balkans, Mo’Horizons are cultural travellers and feel at home where music is alive. Over the years the duo toured the world. For “music sun love” they re- reconnected with a lot of the musicians they met on their ongoing journey. The albums kicks off with „Wagabunga Dance“, a collaboration with Stoyan Royanov from Bulgaria. The multi instrumental talent is a member of the Mo'Horizons Soundsystem. “Rhythm Is A Dancer“ was recorded in Columbia with local musicians and you may have guessed it by now, it is Mo’Horizons’ interpretation of the Eurodance classic by Snap!, adding even more rhythm, fire and emotion to turn it into a Cumbia burner. Mo’Horizons move on with „Mo Space“ and „Hang Loose“, recorded together with hangdrum virtuoso Patrik from the Czech Republic, who the Horizons gang met after one of their shows in Andalusia and he joined the travel party. The first single „You Gotta Know It“ is one these Mo’horizons sure shots, an irresistably driving rhythm with a catchy chorus sung by Noam Bar from Israel, a worldwide traveller in the spirit of music who landed in Hannover after living in Tel Aviv and Madrid. Which brings in Mr. Morski from Bulgaria, another global mover. „Little Mouse“ is his kind of theme tune, recorded with a lot of charm and even more fun. „La Vida Es Solo Hoy“ adds Ivan Camelo from Columbia to the impressive line-up. He played with Mo’Horizons for the first time in 2017 rocking the Gran Baba, the Horizons’ favourite Chiringuito hang-out in Spain, with his unique vocal stylings. „Ella Dice“ takes “music sun love” back home, re-uniting the team with Nené Vasquez from Venezuela who adds a vibrant live feeling to the track. The list of international guests is endless. „Gypsy Ghetto Feel“ gets a groovy boost by percussionist Elvis Aljus aka „Gypsy Brown“ who is an integral member of Australian funk favourites The Bamboos’ rhythm section and often joins Mo'Horizons when they tour down under. Noam Bar returns for the vocal part, adding a cross cultural soul feeling to this Israeli-Australian groove venture. „Inner Melody“ closes “music sun love” in style. It is an unreleased Mo'Horizons remix of the Reggae original by Greek DJ colleague Palov turned into a very Sixties sounding club track. “With ‘music sun love’ we feel totally re-freshed.” Indeed: Mo’Horizons are back in the game.

                                                Reginald Omas Mamode IV

                                                Where We Going?

                                                  Reginald Omas Mamode IV is set to release his third album ‘Where We Going?' via Five Easy Pieces .

                                                  The album was partly recorded on a journey to the Mascarene Islands in search of family roots. 'Where We Going?' is reflective of the search for this lineage, which branches from ancient Mauritian Maroons - whose rich heritage, music and culture includes an unrecognised, undocumented resistance to colonialism - though Swahili and Malagasy to sugarcane plantation Creole slave decent.

                                                  Influenced by golden era hip-hop, jazz, soul, Afro, funk, Sega and Maloya, and music from Africa, the Caribbean, South London and US; it is in part an attempt to evoke feelings of universal love and compassion. Mamode recorded the album using various drums and drum machines, percussion instruments, Fender Rhodes, and Roland and Korg synthesizers.

                                                  His two earlier albums - 2016's s/t debut and 2017's 'Children of Nu' - were warmly received, collecting critical success from Mojo (“A brand-new-retro delight”), Mixmag (“Peckham beat brilliance”), Record Collector (“Equal parts D’Angelo to J Dilla”), The Wire (“Soul music turned all the way inward”), DJ Mag "A masterpiece") and Bandcamp (“Lifeforms that are equally steeped in hip-hop, funk, soul and jazz”). He was also nominated for ‘Album of the Year’ at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards 2017.

                                                  Along with Mo Kolours, Jeen Bassa, Henry Wu, Al Dobson Jr and Tenderlonious; he’s helped forge in the 22a co-operative that The FADER calls “a kaleidoscopic patchwork of hip-hop, house, and groove investigations bound by one thread: a timeless belief in rhythm as a universal language”.

                                                  VR Sex

                                                  Human Traffic Jam

                                                    Technology was meant to be humanity’s tool to combat famine, disease, confusion, and to facilitate life, culture, and innovation. Instead, we’re mired in a digital labyrinth that few care to navigate or even solve. Perhaps it’s not a ruse and the matrices coded by keyboard maestros are a path to liberation, but without querying the constructs we cannot ruminate on their affectations on humanity.

                                                    VR SEX are audio/visual provocateurs who transpose the identifiers of death rock, synth punk, post-punk, ambient, and ethereal soundscapes into an audit on technology and its imprint on our collective psyche. Comprised of visionary mercenaries Noel Skum (Andrew Clinco of Drab Majesty), Z. Oro (Aaron Montaigne of Antioch Arrow/Heroin/DBC) on vocals and drums, and Mico Frost (Brian Tarney) on synths and electric bass.

                                                    Their debut tome, Human Traffic Jam, focuses on lyrical themes that probe the possibilities of loss of autonomy through social media, the decline of human interaction, and celebrity favoritism. Skum believes in the stabilization of society and preservation of our planet by reducing its amount of procreators.

                                                    Through PSRS or Procreation Simulation Reproduction Stimulation, humans can act on their hedonistic desires and not face the responsibilities and consequences that come with being an ill-prepared guardian. The future of our offspring will exist in virtual realms and population growth in turn will be stabilized. VR SEX is the cure to most societal ills.

                                                    Thematically condensed into an eight song album, Human Traffic Jam was written and demoed by Skum in a flat in Athens, Greece during the winter of 2017. During a rigorous week long session at Figure 8 studios with experimental and dimensional production extraordinaire Ben Greenberg (Uniform/The Men), Skum solely committed all the instrumentation present on Human Traffic Jam.

                                                    Rather than being emblematic of influences, each song on the LP infuses a dire tension that cuts shimmer with fetid frequencies, never establishing an aural hierarchy or urgency. Instead, we’re lead into punchy capsules of “dour pop”; the balance of saccharine and sour so emblematic of the VR SEX hive mind.

                                                    DAIS Records releases VR SEX’s debut album “Human Traffic Jam” on April 26, 2019 on digital, vinyl LP (packaged in a thick matte stock jacket with a printed inner eurosleeve with lyrics and download card in various colored vinyl variants), as well as compact disc, housed in a matte digipack with lyric insert and features the bonus track “Corridor (Epilogue)”. Cover art by Brooklyn based artist Adam Helms. 

                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                    Coloured LP Info: Limited clear vinyl.

                                                    Ian Broudie

                                                    Tales Told

                                                      Ian Broudie’s beautiful solo debut Tales Told becomes available for the first time ever on vinyl and vinyl replica CD. The album was recorded in Liverpool during a series of sessions with members of The Coral and The Zutons.

                                                      On its original release in 2004, Tales Told marked a departure from Ian’s previous work with The Lightning Seeds. Instead, Ian stripped his songwriting to its bare fundaments, drawing on personal events in his life to create an album of tender, lovelorn ruminations. Ian is best known for his work with The Lightning Seeds, whose debut single Pure heralded a run of well-loved hits which included Sense, The Life of Riley, Marvellous, Lucky You, Change and You Showed Me.

                                                      With The Lightning Seeds, Ian was also responsible for the multi-platinum single Three Lions, which in 2018 made chart history when it enjoyed its fourth spell at number one – the most enjoyed by the same artist. Ian’s role in the history of Liverpool’s music scene over the last 40 years is impossible to overestimate. Since joining the founding line-up of Big In Japan, alongside Holly Johnson, Bill Drummond, Jayne Casey and Budgie, Ian went on to work on the first three Echo & The Bunnymen albums, collaborated with The Wild Swans’ Paul Simpson in Care, produced albums by The Pale Fountains and Shack and also the first three albums by The Coral.

                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                      2xLtd LP Info: LP + 7".

                                                      Stephen Duffy

                                                      I Love My Friends

                                                        Stephen Duffy’s 1996 solo album I Love My Friends available for the first time ever on vinyl. Produced by Stephen Street, the album was released to unanimously positive reviews and remains a favourite among his fans. Following a time of personal upheaval, the album was the result of an unprecedented creativity for Stephen.

                                                        “The tunes and the words were coming faster than I could write them down. That’s the dichotomy of I Love My Friends. My interior world was falling apart, but creatively it was a charmed existence.”

                                                        After tasting worldwide chart success with his 1985 hit Kiss Me, Stephen went on to record four albums of exquisite bucolic pop with his group The Lilac Time before recommencing his solo career. Stephen was a formative player in the West Midlands post-punk scene alongside Swell Maps and Duran Duran, whose first incarnation he fronted. In 2002, he reunited with Nick Rhodes to release an album of their early songs with the group. One high-profile champion of I Love My Friends was Robbie Williams who, on hearing the record, became so obsessed with it that he asked Stephen to co-write his Intensive Care album. Robbie went on to cover a song from I Love My Friends record, The Postcard.

                                                        I Love My Friends will be released on the new Needle Mythology imprint founded by Pete Paphides. For this release, brand new artwork has been created for the album, which itself has been specially mastered by Guy Davie at Electric Mastering for 180g vinyl. 

                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                        2xLtd LP Info: LP + 7".

                                                        A.A. Bondy


                                                          ENDERNESS, A.A. Bondy’s first album in eight years.

                                                          Performed and recorded the entire album by himself

                                                          Wildfire burned down his house the day after he finished the album, where the album was recorded.

                                                          4th album under A.A. Bondy.

                                                          James Brown

                                                          Say It Live And Loud (Expanded Edition)

                                                            Say It Live and Loud: On August 26, 1968, two weeks after releasing his civil rights anthem, “Say It Loud – I’m Black And I’m Proud,” James Brown recorded his concert at Dallas, Texas’ Memorial Auditorium. First released on CD in 1998, Brown’s Say It Live and Loud: Live in Dallas 08.26.68 album makes its vinyl debut in an expanded 2LP 50thAnniversary Edition.

                                                            Say It Live and Loud: Live in Dallas 08.26.68 captures James Brown and his band laying it down onstage in the heat of a tumultuous summer, just months after the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy, and on the same night the turbulent Democratic National Convention opened in Chicago. The album features the first-ever live recordings of “Say It Loud – I’m Black And I’m Proud,” which Brown performed twice.

                                                            The new 2LP vinyl edition add two previously unreleased recordings, “That’s Life” and “The Popcorn,” as well as an updated essay by James Brown’s former tour manager, Alan Leeds. An essay by Public Enemy’s Chuck D, written for the album’s 1998 CD package, is also included. Recorded August 7, 1968 and rush released on August 14, James Brown’s “Say It Loud – I’m Black And I’m Proud” rose to the top of Billboard’s R&B chart, reaching No. 1 on October 5, 1968 and holding the top spot for six weeks. The single also peaked in the Top 10 of the BillboardHot 100 singles chart.

                                                            James Brown

                                                            Slaughters Big Rip-Off (Original Soundtrack)

                                                              Slaughter's Big Rip-Off: James Brown’s original soundtrack album for the 1973 blaxploitation film classic Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off is being reissued on 180-gram vinyl LP by Polydor/UMC, with faithfully replicated artwork including Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off’s gatefold.

                                                              Released in August 1973, Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off is the sequel to 1972’s Slaughter. Set in Los Angeles, the Gordon Douglas-directed mob drama stars Jim Brown, Ed McMahon, Don Stroud, Brock Peters, Gloria Hendry, and Dick Anthony. James Brown’s original soundtrack includes score pieces, plus “Brother Rapp,” Brown’s previously released single which peaked at No.2 onBillboard’s R&B chart and at No. 32 on the Pop chart, as well as “Sexy, Sexy, Sexy,” Brown’s sped-up rework of his 1966 hit, “Money Won’t Change You,” with different lyrics. That track was released as a single from the Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off soundtrack, peaking at No. 6 on Billboard’s R&B chart and at No. 50 on the Pop chart. The soundtrack’s “Happy For The Poor” is a Latin-styled version of the 1971 J.B.’s single, “Gimme Some More.”

                                                              Robert Glasper


                                                                The pianist’s acclaimed, ambitious Blue Note debut. Recorded at Brooklyn’s Systems Two studios during May 2005.

                                                                Featuring Vicente Archer (bass) and Damon Reid (drums), plus special guest appearances from Mark Turner (tenor sax) on two tracks and Bilal (vocals) on ‘Chant’.

                                                                Features nine original Glasper compositions plus a famous cover version of Herbie Hancock’s ‘Riot’ (which originally appeared on Miles Davis’s Nefertiti album). Rooted in acoustic jazz but with fascinating glimpses of Glasper’s Blue Note future with its jittery, hip-hop-influenced grooves and rolling chord sequences.

                                                                Herbie Hancock

                                                                Takin' Off

                                                                  Herbie’s classic debut album. Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, on 28th May 1962.

                                                                  Featuring a truly impressive quintet of Freddie Hubbard (trumpet), Dexter Gordon (tenor), Butch Warren (bass) and Billy Higgins (drums). Rooted firmly in hard bop but also showcasing the exquisite ballad ‘Alone And I’.

                                                                  Features the all-time classic Herbie standard ‘Watermelon Man’, a top 100 pop hit for Herbie and #10 hit for Mongo Santamaria. Produced by Alfred Lion. The famous cover art was designed and photographed by Reid Miles.

                                                                  Mercury award winner James Blake releases his 4th studio album Assume Form. The album features collaborations with Travis Scott, André 3000, Metro Boomin, Moses Sumney and Rosalía (BBC sound poll 2019). In the past 2-3 years James has been very busy collaborating with Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Jay Z, Frank Ocean, Oneohtrix Point Never, Mount Kimbie and contributing to the Black Panther soundtrack. As unrestricted by genre as it is always underpinned by classic, emotionally-open songwriting, James Blake’s new album is arguably his most direct, eclectic and pure artistic statement to date. Assume Form also follows a rich period of creative and personal evolution for James, who has spoken candidly about his experiences of mental health, modern-day masculinity, and finding peace. Even the album artwork would appear to represent a fundamental shift for Blake, no longer distorted by illustration, landscape or design, but staring right at you – and into the future.

                                                                  James Blake’s is an influence that can be felt throughout the modern musical landscape, often hiding in plain sight; allowing the man himself – as his fourth album suggests – to always evolve. To never settle. To Assume Form.

                                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                  Barry says: Calling on a wealth of talent, James Blake continues his domination of the post-dubstep sound, with clicking trap-lite percussion, soaring synth echoes and a who's who of today's electronic music guests. Tackling sensitive issues with delicacy and grace, Blake is a singular talent, and continues to show his capabilities.

                                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                  2xColoured LP Info: Limited edition green coloured LP set. Includes additional track, "Mullholland".

                                                                  2xColoured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

                                                                  Goody Goody

                                                                  It Looks Like Love / Super Jock

                                                                  Endlessly sampled across the board, for those dreamy guitar licks, killer Rhodes keys and luscious strings, Goody Goody ‘It Looks Like Love / Super Jock’ is a 1978 masterpiece of disco gold. Original copies of the Atlantic Promo 12” sell for upwards of £65 so it’s about time a remastered, officially reissue landed.

                                                                  Produced by Vince Montana of MFSB and The Salsoul Orchestra fame, ‘It Looks Like Love’ was a Larry Levan / Paradise Garage classic and still commands dancefloors the world over. Flowing flutes, sultry vocals and xylophone twinkles open up proceedings, as those iconic, funk-flavoured staccato guitars and rising strings step up to the plate. Combined they produce a glistening groove that captures the feel-good factor of NYC’s disco apogee.

                                                                  Delectable disco, fuelled by an undeniable funk that continues to be harnessed, chopped and sampled by some of house music’s biggest players from Nick Holder and Armando, to Tom Trago and Glenn Underground.

                                                                  On the B side, soul-searching cosmic fluctuations via ‘Super Jock’, with interplanetary vocal refrains stretching out above a full-bodied bass, tight drumming and spacey Rhodes. Montana’s world class arrangement sees bongo-led percussive interludes and dancing keys solos take listeners to a mesmerising galaxy, far far away.


                                                                  The End Of Radio

                                                                    Both the 2LP and the 2CD version are packaged in a top-load single pocket wide-spine jacket with two printed inner sleeves.

                                                                    Audio quality is paramount, as always, with Shellac. The LP was mastered by Chicago Mastering Service. The vinyl is manufactured at RTI in Camarillo, CA. The pressings are 180 gram audiophile quality.

                                                                    Other than the informational sheet you hold in your hand (or virtual hand), this record will have no formal promotion. There will be no advertisements, no press or radio promotion, no promotional or review copies, no promotional gimmick items, and otherwise no free lunch. Photos of the band are available. And the band is available for email or telephone interviews.

                                                                    The band will continue to play shows or tour at the same sporadic and relaxed pace as always. There is no correlation between shows and record releases.

                                                                    The Band: Steve Albini / Guitar, Todd Trainier / Drums, Bob Weston / Bass.

                                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                    2xLP Info: 2LP is on 180g vinyl and includes a CD of the full album.

                                                                    The prodigious power of PAWSA returns for another vinyl only, stripped down, big room roller.

                                                                    Locking into a pulsing groove, PAWSA brings a heavyweight kick and skimming percussion to the floor. Tuned hats and a rumbling sub bass power the way for a mystifying, reverbed vocal, laced with emotion to draw listeners even deeper. Couple that with an epic bass breakdown and it’s got future club anthem written all over it. For those that want to leave the vocal at the door, flip it to find a dub version.

                                                                    Pure punchiness from PAWSA once again, continuing to showcase his undeniable ability to carve out captivating dancefloor bombs.

                                                                    Sputnik Brown / Oxygen & Edan

                                                                    U Havin' Fun Yet / Idealism

                                                                    Originally released on 12-inch vinyl back in 2007 (High Water Music), this critically acclaimed A-side gem made plenty of noise in the underground Hip Hop circuit upon its inception. “U Havin’ Fun Yet” features Long Island emcee Oxygen on vocals, and production by his childhood friend Howard Lloyd. It was instantly recognized by tastemaker Chairman Mao as a ‘Chairman’s Choice’ selection in XXL Magazine soon after its release. The B-side track “Idealism” features Oxygen once again on vocals, and the ultra talented Edan the DJ on the turntables. This selection was part of the “Days Before It Happened” practice session recording from 2012 in which these two talents joined forces for an unforgettable in-store at NYC’s Academy Records in the East Village. This ultimately led up to a full tour around Europe and the United Kingdom early 2013 for Edan & Oxygen. 

                                                                    Flying Lotus


                                                                      Nearly 5 years after the last Flying Lotus album—the Grammy-nominated You’re Dead! and Flying Lotus’ stock has never been higher. The interim years have seen him collaborating with Kendrick Lamar on the classic To Pimp a Butterfly, directing and writing the Sundance-premiered Kuso movie, and producing much of Thundercat’s Drunk.

                                                                      Flamagra encompasses hip-hop, funk, soul, jazz, global dance music, tribal poly-rhythms, IDM, the L.A. Beat scene, but it soars above a specific vortex whose coordinates can’t be accurately charted. Other than to say that it is a Flying Lotus record, perhaps the definitive one.

                                                                      Flamagra features (in order of appearance): Anderson .Paak, George Clinton, Little Dragon, Tierra Whack, Denzel Curry, David Lynch, Shabazz Palaces, Thundercat, Toro y Moi, Solange and more.

                                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                      2xIndies Exclusive LP Info: Special Edition Limited Pop Up Deluxe Black Vinyl.
                                                                      2LP in mirriboard inner sleeves, pop up gatefold sleeve, DL card insert, packed in PVC sleeve.

                                                                      2xLP Info: 2LP black vinyl, in printed inners, in gatefold outer sleeve, DL card insert.

                                                                      Supercat / Fu-Schnickens

                                                                      Ghetto Red Hot / Ring The Alarm

                                                                      Another sure fire 7" from Home Hitters, bringing 2 more pure party starters to wax - this time focussing on when hip hop meets reggae

                                                                      Troubleneck Brothers / Les McCann

                                                                      Back To The Hip Hop / North Carolina

                                                                      Another gem from 5 Borough Breaks, this time digging out a rare 90s hip hop banger. Troubleneck Brothers "Back To The Hip Hop" is tough to track down on original 12", impossible on 7" until now. Digitally remastered and backed with one of the original samples. Only 300 copies - these don't hang around for long, once they’re gone they’re gone.

                                                                      Sarah Davachi

                                                                      Pale Bloom

                                                                        Pale Bloom finds Sarah Davachi coming full circle. After abandoning the piano studies of her youth for a series of albums utilizing everything from pipe and reed organs to analog synthesizers, this prolific Los Angeles-based composer returns to her first instrument for a radiant work of quiet minimalism and poetic rumination. Recorded at Berkeley, California’s famed Fantasy Studios, Pale Bloom is comprised of two delicatelyarranged sides. The first—a three-part suite where Davachi’s piano acts as conjurer, beckoning Hammond organ and stirring countertenor into a patiently unfolding congress—recalls Eduard Artemiev’s majestic soundtrack for Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris.

                                                                        “Perfumes I-III” employs the harmonically rich music of Bach as a springboard for abstract, solemn pieces that sound as haunted as they are dreamlike. While the first half of Pale Bloom showcases Davachi’s latent Romanticism, the sidelong “If It Pleased Me To Appear To You Wrapped In This Drapery” reveals the Mills College graduate’s affinity for the work of avantgarde composers La Monte Young and Eliane Radigue. Softly vibrating strings rise and fall like complementary exhalations of breath. As the fluctuating pitches create overtones that pitter and pulse, the piece slowly and subtly evolves—suggesting a well-tempered stillness, yet without stasis.

                                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                        Coloured LP Info: Indie stores exclusive of 400 copies on clear vinyl.

                                                                        The Intelligence

                                                                        Un-psychedelic In Peavey City

                                                                          “Still panting from their installment in Castle Face’s Live In San Francisco series (where they ran a greatest hits clinic for basement sweat-rats) and from mega-mind Lars Finberg’s outside solo oddballer, Moonlight Over Bakersfield, The Intelligence return in Neu-veau mode with Un-Psychedelic In Peavey City, their tenth studio album-amalgam. Load up on electrolytes, all ye who enter here… “The customary tin / aluminum milestone won’t fit this true band of steel: the current Intelligence iteration is the most forceful and dynamic of any line-up in the project’s history. Although each performer has been smeared across myriad recordings and tours for years, the nowtime assemblage of Drew Church (bass), Dave Hernandez (guitar) and Kaanan Tupper (drums) currently positions The Intelligence as a world-class unit, with members playing in partnership with conductor Finberg rather than at his sometimes-service. Lars is giving the backrubs now, not getting ‘em—a delightful and cruel twist.

                                                                          “There’s no aspect of Un-Psychedelic In Peavey City that tilts toward phoned-in safe plays, no easy feat for a 10-albums-deep unit. For this collection, the band cast off the comforts of their traditional cosmopolitan haunts (Sacramento, Costa Mesa, etc.) in favor Grass Valley’s Louder Studios, a wilderness recording burg (OK OK, with a pool, yes) helmed by Tim Green, a twiddler maestro who has assisted Bikini Kill, Melvins, Comets On Fire, Wand and countless others in sterling fashion. The resultant recordings are the most expansive Intelligence material imaginable—perhaps Un-Psychedelic, but certainly free, playfully abstract and awesomely stretched out.” - Mitch Cardwell.



                                                                            On their 6th LP, Papir blend the lush atmosphere perfected on their previous album ‘V’ with the guitar-driven sound of their early output. The result is a concise, yet compelling record of unique, blissful psychkrautrock.Papir, a trio from Copenhagen, might be the ultimate expression of the Danish creative soul: distinctively modern, deceptively minimalistic, and stylish yet understated. A band of virtuoso musicians who move between psychedelic rock, jazz and krautrock seamlessly with the ability to hypnotize audiences, Papir could easily be the showboats of the scene.

                                                                            However, since the appearance of their self-titled record in 2010, Papir have continued to follow their own road map, creating music with little interest in playing to the masses or catering to a specific genre. While the band’s output over the past ten years has varied from epic psychedelic guitar meltdowns à la Earthless to sweeping, reverb-drenched soundscapes, a core of dense rhythm and melody always holds it all together. On VI, Papir show a mastery of all their faces, combining the guitar heroics of their first few records with the more lush sound of last year’s V. In a mere 4 songs, Papir once again refresh tired ears with their unmistakable approach to rock music, leaving the listener blissed rather than bludgeoned.

                                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                            Coloured LP Info: Transparent vinyl.

                                                                            Coloured LP includes MP3 Download Code.


                                                                            Spires Burn / Release

                                                                              Bridging the gap between the band’s stoner-doom beginnings and their proggier leanings of recent years, this two-track EP finally gets its own dedicated European pressing via Stickman Records. When Elder’s second full-length record Dead Roots Stirring came out in 2011, it easily surpassed their debut and made waves in the stoner rock community. By the time their follow-up Lore was released four years later, the band startled listeners expecting another stoner epic: the band had incorporated elements of progressive, psychedelic, post- and psych-rock into their widening musical pallet. If it felt like a big step, that’s only because many had failed to notice the band’s transition showcased on the 2012 EP Spires Burn/Release - which has until now never seen release outside the US.

                                                                              Though only two songs long, as per usual Elder fill out the grooves with long-runners that travel a ways from their starting points. “Spires Burn”, the A-side, follows sludgy Maryland-doom style riffage into classic twin guitar interplay and psych-rock breakdowns. “Release” is the perfect counterpoint to the darker A-side, with uplifting, melodic leads and unexpected swerves. The first notions of a more progressive song structure and bolder songwriting shine through on both songs, which still remain heavy enough to appeal to fans of the band’s earlier work. Spires Burn/Release is not just a footnote but an excellent standalone record in the band’s trajectory.

                                                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                              Coloured LP Info: 180 gram purple vinyl.

                                                                              Big Stick

                                                                              Much Of The Best Of Big Stick

                                                                                BIG STICK are chuffed to announce that their new Drag Racing Underground record label, in conjunction with Forte Music Distribution, are releasing a special MUCH OF THE BEST OF BIG STICK 12" record album. A long playing collection of 'classic' Big Stick selections, along with three tracks taken from Big Stick's soon to be released new album, LP. Limited to 500 copies on clear vinyl.

                                                                                There's a total of 15 songs on MUCH OF THE BEST OF BIG STICK release. The 'classics' include "DRAG RACING" (of "John Peel's Box" fame) "I LOOK LIKE SHIT," "JESUS WAS BORN ON AN INDIAN RESERVATION," "BILLY JACK PADDY WACK," "DEVIL'S JUKEBOX," "HOOCHIE KOO TIME," "BIANCA BLAST," "CALIFORNIA DREAMIN'," "HOKEY POKEY GIRL," "SCUM ROOKY'S CAFE," "I LIVE THE GOOD LIFE," and "BLACK COW." The three brand new Big Stick tracks picked from their upcoming album (Released in June !!!), which the duo believes worthy of including on the Best Of release are "RASCAL," "METAPHYSICAL SPEAKER" and "CALAMARI CO CO BUTTER."

                                                                                The mindful packaging of the MUCH OF THE BEST OF BIG STICK album includes a retrospective collage of Big Stick photographs and images both past and present, along with photos of Gill's and Trance's art and sculpture work and detailed liner notes describing curious facts and trivia related to the duo and the 15 different featured songs.
                                                                                Aiming to serve in acquainting those not familiar with Gill's and Trance's somewhat off-the-beaten-path brand of musical undertakings, while also providing long overdue satisfaction for those who do know of Big Stick and have been waiting ever-so-patiently for something like this to finally spin on their turntables!

                                                                                Born out of a chance encounter in 2012 that led to a lasting friendship, Rhythm Section Int’l & producer, DJ, label boss, radio host, and record store owner Ruf Dug join forces to present ‘The Committee’. Sitting somewhere between fictional band and studio collaboration, the record is the first fully in-house production for Rhythm Section, recorded start to finish at their own South East London studio and featuring vocals from label founder Bradley Zero and label mate FYI Chris’s Chris Watson.

                                                                                Right from the studio’s initial creation, Ruf Dug felt inspired by the space’s unique musical identity, jumping at the opportunity to create a collaborative record there over a two week studio residency. And between his DJ residencies at Pikes, Gottwood and NTS radio the Manchester-via-Ibiza computer game freak and renowned vinyl digger found the time to meld his wide range of influences. Having been a key driving force behind Be With’s Holy Grail reissue of Bô’vel's - Check 4 U , Ruffy has more than earned his stripes as a boss level Street Soul collector, pre-empting the resurgent interest in the genre, which began in the mid 80s and is still a popular sound in Manchester today. This new release draws parallels between the DIY attitude of Street Soul labels like TSR, Intrigue, Jam Today & Elite and the modus operandi of the RS studio.

                                                                                A wholly synergetic work, the project’s title “The Committee” reflects the collaborative nature of this release, as Ruf Dug states: “Authorship is a strange concept at the best of times but this genuinely is a group effort and I very much enjoyed feeling like just one piece of a larger entity - the complete opposite to my usual production experience of being all alone in my room for days at a time.” The EP also features additional production from Rhythm Section’s own Mali Baden-Powell, who DJ’s and produces as Z Lovecraft and comes from a background in Street Soul music, his father was also in legendary UK acid jazz collective D'Influence. In addition, the record features a dynamic range of vocalists: sultry deliveries from Natalie Wildgoose and Sienna Mustafa, a rap from her sister Nadina, and the vocal debuts of FYI Chris’s Chris Watson and Bradley Zero. “I had been joking with Bradley that he needed to be on the record somehow and he did appear, playing an egg shaker at one point, but his singing wasn't in the least bit planned… I got back from lunch, and the next thing you know he just starts singing...So I dragged him reluctantly down the corridor [to the studio] and that's it- now he's a pop star!”

                                                                                Also playfully melding digidub, soul, chicago house and acid jazz, the release not only marks a new chapter in the development of the Rhythm Section sound, but also catalogues a crucial turning Point in Ruf Dug’s musical development. Still oozing with the cheeky DIY approach that won his own label, RUF KUTZ an army of fans, this latest Collab steps things up and opens a whole new realm of possibilities for one of Manchester’s favourite sons.

                                                                                A1 Down 2 It ft. Watson
                                                                                Produced by Ruf Dug & Watson
                                                                                Vocals and Lyrics by Watson
                                                                                Additional Production by Mali Baden-Powell

                                                                                A2 Fell from Stars ft. Sienna & Nadina Mustafa
                                                                                Produced by Ruf Dug & Mali Baden-Powell
                                                                                Vocals and lyrics by Sienna & Nadina Mustafa

                                                                                B1 All U Got 2 Do ft. Bradley Zero
                                                                                Produced by Ruf Dug
                                                                                Vocals by Bradley Zero
                                                                                Lyrics by Ruf Dug & Bradley Zero
                                                                                Additional Production by Mali Baden-Powell

                                                                                B2 Sunrise ft. Natalie Wildgoose
                                                                                Produced by Ruf Dug & Mali Baden-Powell
                                                                                Vocals by Natalie Wildgoose
                                                                                Lyrics by Ruf Dug

                                                                                B3 Sunrise (Mali-I Dub)
                                                                                Produced by Ruf Dug & Mali Baden-Powell
                                                                                Dub Mix by Mali Baden-Powell
                                                                                Vocals by Natalie Wildgoose
                                                                                Lyrics by Ruf Dug

                                                                                All Songs Recorded in Rhythm Section Studio, 2018
                                                                                Mastered By Noel Summerville
                                                                                Executive Producer: Bradley Zero
                                                                                Cover Photo: Daniel Adhami

                                                                                Ruf Dug goes on tour in May, dropping by Gottwood, XOYO, Pikes and Love International along the way.

                                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                Matt says: Ruf Dug and Bradley Zero firmly reppin' the creative hotbeds of Manchester and Peckham respectively with a plethora of SE15 museos / singers produced by Danebank's no. 1 tropical cyberpunk. Cult artifact alert!

                                                                                Red Mass

                                                                                Kilrush Drive

                                                                                  RED MASS is a gathering of artists, musicians and agent provocateurs from around the globe. Created by ROY VUCINO (CPC GANGBANGS, PyPy, BIRDS OF PARADISE, NIGHT SEEKER, LES SEXAREENOS) as part of the 'Free Creative Enterprise' TA DA arts collective, its goal is to create punk music and art, in various mediums while incorporating techniques of automatic creation, chaos magic and liberation through art. To do so the Mass forgoes any allegiance to a specific scene, genre or sound. This method of working outside of the classic band format allows the Mass to work with as many international collaborators as it likes regardless of their experience, style or background. The present core of 'Red Mass' is comprised of Roy Vucino and partner HANNAH LEWIS. Eager to explore new soundscapes and to collaborate with musicians all over the world, the band has amassed more than 100 participating artists and musicians in its ranks. Collaborations with some of our idols, our friends, our family members and with strangers who wanna create something subversive. The means are the end in order to create freely, nothing is sacred in the sweet blasphemy of our art. In a splintered world, the group sees art and music as a way to bring people closer. It has opened itself to all. As above, so below. We welcome you to the Red Mass. Kilrush Drive was recorded by MINGO L'INDIEN from LES GEORGES LENINGRAD, JACE LASEK from BESNARD LAKES, SEBASTIEN PERRY and producer/engineer MARTIN BISI (Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop, Herbie Hancock).

                                                                                  "The record was made with producer Mingo L’indien (Les Georges Leningrad) with some help from Besnard Lakes’ Jace Lacek and Martin Bisi (who’s worked with everyone from Sonic Youth to Herbie Hancock), and Roy incorporates everything from dark postpunk to hip hop inspired beats and more into his vision. We’re premiering the album’s fiery opening cut, “God’s House,” which thunders ominously with pounding toms and big, gothy riffs. (Stooges/Damned/Misfits are still prime influences for the band.)" - Brooklyn Vegan.

                                                                                  “Saturn” tumbles a driving post-punk pace into grizzled garage territory. The song is dingy and driven- streaked by night and looking for lust. The drums pound high, loud, and lethal, but like New Order or The Church before them, they don’t succumb to the tropes of paint-by-post-punk, giving the song a twist with an acoustic overlay and a weave of synths. The record picked up production credits from Mingo L’indien of Les Georges Leningrad and producer/engineer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop) and they’re definitely pushing the band into crisper territory than Red Mass has explored before." - Raven Sings The Blues.


                                                                                  Every Night They Hack Off A Limb

                                                                                    Los Angeles supergroup Oozelles play weirdo punk rock with delightful saxophone and bongo accents, reminiscent of the Birthday Party boiling in a Death Valley heat or the Flesh Eaters experimenting with DC go-go tunes. Their live show is droll and nervy and danceable, and an essential sight to see.

                                                                                    The A-side of their debut single “Every Night They Hack Off A Limb” starts off like the opening overture theme to a forgotten spy film, then surges into the percussion and sax-led, wired up titular refrain. The B-side “Human Trafficking” is a keyboard-driven soul-punk number made especially delightful with bizarro gremlin backing vocals and contagious singalong post-chorus.

                                                                                    Mikal Cronin

                                                                                    Undertow / Breathe

                                                                                      It’s easy to get caught up in an undertow, pulled down into the water, weightless and directionless. The current stirs and you lose your way. But eventually, if you’re lucky and patient, you can float back up to the surface and take a breath. This is my first new music in a while - my gulp of air. Many talented friends joined me, the basic tracks were recorded live together for the first time in my recording career. This felt good. Jason Quever recorded it in Los Angeles, December of 2018. Thanks for listening." 

                                                                                      Les Big Byrd

                                                                                      Mannen Utanför / Two Man Gang

                                                                                        Way back in 2017, we put out Les Big Byrd's now-classic single "Two Man Gang". It's been a huge hit ever since, both in Sweden and abroad, and actually just hit a million plays on Spotify! To celebrate, we've pressed a very special double A-side 7" single, featuring new version of the song, this time with the lyrics rewritten into English, following how well the version went down live, on their last UK tour. The flipside of the 7" is "Mannen Utanför", which is also one the highlight tracks from their recent LP "Iran Iraq IKEA".

                                                                                        Dead Sea Apes

                                                                                        The Free Territory

                                                                                          Following the dub-inspired ‘Sixth Side Of The Pentagon’, retrospective ‘Recondite’ and Adam Stone collaboration ‘Warheads’, the new album by Dead Sea Apes is their darkest, moodiest work to date, their characteristic unfolding instrumentals now cast in lonesome drones and haunted atmospherics.

                                                                                          Taking shape in the shadows over the past several years, The Free Territory brings Dead Sea Apes’ more experimental and introspective aspects to light. Dysmorphic loops, evolving textures and improvisations are suffused with the hiss of old tape decks and analogue effects, and adherence to the default guitar/bass/drums setup is strictly optional. It also represents a transitional phase for the group, having been partly recorded with departing bassist Nick Harris. More recently, Nik Rayne of The Myrrors dropped in on a winter sojourn to the UK, not only guesting on two tracks but also creating the beautifully detailed copier collage sleeve art.

                                                                                          Never ones to retrace their steps or be steered by voguish reference points, Dead Sea Apes here find themselves at unfamiliar co-ordinates with only their instincts for guidance. The Free Territory is both spatial and claustrophobic, massive yet weightless, grounded yet in constant motion; timeless yet reflecting and resonating with the age.

                                                                                          The Scientists


                                                                                            The Scientists are the ultimate cult band! Mysterious, undefinable, and yet many quite distinct things to many people. Some blame them for grunge, some think they’re a power pop band, some think they’re experimental. Tav Falco describes them in Ghosts Behind The Sun thus: “Mercurial individuals who’s science is strictly alchemical.” Originating in Perth, Western Australia, in the beginnings of post-punk, they travelled to Sydney, then London, cutting a swathe through the indie scene throughout the 1980s, only to vanish.

                                                                                            Sited as a seminal influence by so many —Sonic Youth, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Mudhoney, Nirvana—the band had to return some time. In 2018 they returned with two new singles and tours of Australia, Europe and the U.S. (their first time ever in the States!). Now In The Red is proud to announce the release of 9H2O.SiO2—a 12-inch E.P. featuring five brand new originals just in time for the band’s follow up U.S. tour in April. These new tracks prove that the band is still as original, brutal, rocking and scientific as they ever were. This is not to be missed!

                                                                                            Various Artists

                                                                                            Too Slow To Disco: NEO - En France

                                                                                              The perfect soundtrack of a very first « french kiss » of an early morning sunset by the Seine. Songs to relax to or to fall in love with, songs to dance to or to dream with. The the soundtrack of an extraordinary life - your life, maybe...

                                                                                              NEO is the next chapter for the critically acclaimed compilation series Too Slow to Disco. For DJ Supermarkt it was time to explore the exciting new, modern smooth sounds of the present. With TSTD NEO - En France we go to the exciting european capital of all things mellow, elegant, slightly erotic and Pop! The compilation contains 17 tracks - some of them never released and exclusive for this compilation - featuring two godfathers and grandseigneurs: the legendary Bertrand Burgalat, head honcho of the Tricatel label, musician, composer, arranger, producer, and the electro-disco wizard Yuksek who also runs the infamous Partyfine label.

                                                                                              The others are the kids of Michel Legrand, Les Jeunes Gens Modernes and the French Touch, they sometimes try to marry « Debussy to a disco beat », they’ve all got this blue melancholy which you only find in the french streets, they sing in in their mother tongue or in their so very charming english accent without any complexes. They’re boys and girls. Duos (Bleu Toucan, Poom or Weekend Affair…), bands (L’Impératrice, Cléa Vincent and her friends), collectives (the elusive Catastrophe) or solo artists (Jean Tonique, Lomboy, Magnüm, Saint DX…) mix candide melodies and gainsbourgienne basslines, electro arrangements and sensual grooves. There are funky guitars licks and – as usual with TSTD - way too many saxophones (it sounds like Duran Duran’s « Rio »), slap basses and some vocoders, even features a great ironic use of the modern autotune. It’s the perfect soundtrack of a very first « french kiss », of an early morning sunset by the Seine – or by the sea (you choose) –, of a late bar evening session, sipping red wine or a dry martini cocktail – once again, you choose.


                                                                                              Useless Coordinates

                                                                                                Leeds-formed Drahla have defined their own vital subset of art-rock with Useless Coordinates, a debut album that’s as fearless as it is enthralling.

                                                                                                Speaking from her current base in south-east London with bassist Rob Riggs, singer/guitarist Luciel Brown recounts the record’s somewhat chaotic gestation. “Most of last year was spent touring, so we were squeezing writing and recording in from the beginning of 2018 until end of August.” In-between a headline tour, support slots with Ought and METZ, and multiple festival appearances - including at Meltdown at the request of The Cure’s Robert Smith - Brown, Riggs and Wakefield-based drummer Mike Ainsley managed 10 days in the studio in total. It was the unsettled nature of the period that part-inspired the album’s title. “[Useless Coordinates] summarised all of our situations,” Brown explains.

                                                                                                The set’s sharp angles, stark tones and claustrophobic textures are reflected in the album’s artwork. Designed by Brown and Riggs - as per all previous record sleeves and promotional videos - the minimalist, mixed media creation takes inspiration from Talking Heads and Gang Of Four album art, the work of American artist Cy Twombly, and the economical, regimented aesthetic of the Bauhaus movement. “Drahla came about off the back of needing an outlet for creative expression,” Brown explains. “So the whole aesthetic is hugely important. As important as the music.”

                                                                                                Whatever the medium, Brown’s interests lie in looking beyond the immediate to the abstract and indefinable. Her lyrics are developed from observations, notes and poems, and the fragmented imagery is spliced together to disorientating effect. On Gilded Cloud elegant snapshots from the golden age of Hollywood are juxtaposed with abrasive guitar textures, Pyramid Estate draws parallels between Ancient Egypt and the present day, and Serenity evokes the violent energy of a Francis Bacon painting. Beneath the abstraction are a diverse array of themes, including gender fluidity (Invisible Sex), city living (Primitive Rhythm) and artistic expression (Unwound). The result is an uncompromising but deeply rewarding debut where the internal and external, cerebral and visceral coalesce to quite startling effect.

                                                                                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                Coloured LP Info: Cardinal red vinyl.

                                                                                                Dimitri from Paris & DJ Rocca on Toy Tonics!? Some might wonder, other will understand. The reason: Toy Tonics records is made by the same guys who used to run the (currently sleeping) indie disco label GOMMA. And Dimitri & Rocca did a couple of EPs on Gomma some years ago. Now it's 2019 and some of their older works sound still/again so fresh that it made sense to release them again on Toy Tonics. That's why you get this package. Three jams perfectly for the summer: The ultra 1990ies house remix for Italian duo Hard Ton. Then their all time disco superjam Ero Disco Theme and the long time sold out and currently highly looked for Ray Mang remix of Dimitri's collabo with band Los Amigos Invisibles. That "Glad to know you" version goes for a lot of $$$ on Discogs, so why not put it out again. Have fun with Dimitri & Rocca. Old school house and disco dream team.

                                                                                                Harmonious Thelonious

                                                                                                International Dance Record 2 Featuring. Tolouse Low Trax & Wolf Mueller Remixes

                                                                                                Stefan Schwander aka Harmonious Thelonious presents with International Dance Record 2 four expansions of his latest album International Dance Record (ITA108). Two new tunes, as well as two remixes each from Tolouse Low Trax (Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf) and Wolf Müller (aka Jan Schulte, Bufiman - Themes For Great Cities, Düsseldorf).

                                                                                                The new tunes, condensations of the 2016 album: the waist-deep sway Blinky - the title may be read as a tribute to the artist Blinky Palermo - and the pumping Shark Dance. Walkmen set too loud, ghetto-blaster too quiet, crosstalks in the bazaar, sun-bleached fabrics shimming in the Mediterranean wind. Tolouse Low Trax's Rivera Remix drags on a hoarse scratch, relentlessly spurring on in the rhythm of approach, into the distance, a sand fortress, where a yearning horn is calling, promising comfort. Wolf Mueller's remix of RFS (Vol. 3) does not detour, and takes no prisoners. Breaking straight into the aluminum can factory and shreds what he can find. Love actually, of course. A four-fold rattling and clanking, overdriven speakers, the groove is dirty. Dancers rub against each other and on the walls. The disco machine is a human.

                                                                                                Hailing from Montreal, M.S.L is the project of Edouard Le & his pal Francis Latreille (also known as Priori and co-founder of NAFF label with Ex-Terrestrial, he also produces as Jump Source with Project Pablo). After two much acclaimed releases on Model Future and dutch label BAKK, the duo settles down on Les Yeux Orange with a deep and melodic electro four tracker. " Periphery EP " is due to arrive early march 2019, don't miss!

                                                                                                Robert ÆOLUS Myers

                                                                                                Talisman Featuring. K. Leimer / Pharaohs Mana Mix / Dreems 'Natürliche Liebe' / Lieven Martens Moana Remixes

                                                                                                Over two years in the making, 'Talisman' is a retrospective and re-interpretative celebration of the work of American musician Robert ÆOLUS Myers. Touched first by the emotional depth of the music, and subsequently by the warmth and wisdom of the man, Origin Peoples sought to capture a snapshot on this special vinyl release.

                                                                                                This newest chapter of the ÆOLUS myth seen for the first time on vinyl are five of his most expressive pieces, alongside a quartet of remixes by kindred spirits from all corners of the globe. This is the first time his music has been interpreted by others, and Robert's delight at the result speaks volumes of his adventurous and open-minded attitude. Approaching the often intangible new age genre with a humanist approach, Robert creates immersive and expansive pieces which connect with the listener on a spiritual and emotional level.

                                                                                                Archetypal narratives are retold through nuanced electronics, evocative motifs and empathetic flute, the varied compositions informed by Myers' classical training, spiritual pursuits and study of ethnomusicology. Part retrospective, part remix project, 'Talisman' is the perfect reflection of Robert ÆOLUS Myers, a musician whose timeless expression of theme and emotion has enriched minds, bodies and souls for almost 40 years.

                                                                                                Galaxian's "Golden Armageddon" on Natural Sciences pulls at the virus that is lodged deep within the collective consciousness of mankind.

                                                                                                A record challenging our ideas of bounty and material wealth by placing the human race in the palms of blood-sucking cultural institutions. Institutions such as big pharma, religious mega-structures, consumer trends and tax schemes which have worked to reduce human behaviour to fetishised objects and de- humanised masses. It's a record that pulls away the shackles, asking for a new trail of thought through de-programming.

                                                                                                Electro pulses for enlightenment. Get woke.


                                                                                                Stone Tape

                                                                                                  Stone Tape is a concept album inspired by “Stone Tape Theory”, theorized by Thomas Charles Lethbridge in 1961. The archaeologist, parapsychologist and explorer developed the idea that inanimate materials can absorb energy from living beings, and that this mental electrical energy, released during emotional or traumatic events, could somehow be “stored” in such materials and “reproduced” under certain conditions.

                                                                                                  The six songs comprised in the album have been written, produced, arranged and played by Stephen Lawrie, founder of The Telescopes.

                                                                                                  Alan Hawkshaw / Keith Mansfield

                                                                                                  Beat Incidental

                                                                                                    Be With have raided the KPM archives to re-issue another of our favourites from the KPM 1000 series.

                                                                                                    They Say: Underscore moods and links—contemporary beat music idiom.

                                                                                                    We say: Includes some of the most sublime, sub-ten second, tracks you’re ever likely to hear, alongside more traditionally-lengthed library funk heat. The dream team of Alan Hawkshaw and Keith Mansfield are here at the helm of one of the most legendary of the legendary KPM albums, originally released in 1969.

                                                                                                    Beat Incidental is psychedelic pop-soul that hits hard thanks to fuzz guitars, growling flutes, deep hammond grooves and drum breaks galore: it’s basically “drama jazz”.

                                                                                                    As with all of our KPM re-issues, the audio for The Road Forward comes from the original analogue tapes and has been remastered for vinyl by Be With regular Simon Francis. We’ve taken the same care with the sleeves, handing the reproduction duties over to Richard Robinson, the current custodian of KPM’s brand identity.

                                                                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                    Ltd LP Info: 180g vinyl, remastered from the original tapes.

                                                                                                    John Cameron


                                                                                                      Be With have raided the KPM archives to re-issue another of our favourites from the KPM 1000 series.

                                                                                                      They say: A Dramatic Suite Of Themes, Montage, Sequences And Generics.

                                                                                                      We say: An enormously influential and heavy KPM set of timeless, killer funk breaks from 1972 by the mighty John Cameron.

                                                                                                      Jazzrock is an aggressive, percussion-heavy album with an energy that leaves jaws on the floor. Breaks and beats for days with electric piano, bass loops, and pounding percussion. Funky jazz with a deep, tough, soundtrack feel.

                                                                                                      As with all of our KPM re-issues, the audio for The Road Forward comes from the original analogue tapes and has been remastered for vinyl by Be With regular Simon Francis. We’ve taken the same care with the sleeves, handing the reproduction duties over to Richard Robinson, the current custodian of KPM’s brand identity.

                                                                                                      And don’t worry! Those KPM stickers aren’t stuck directly on the sleeves!

                                                                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                      Ltd LP Info: 180g vinyl, remastered from the original tapes.

                                                                                                      Alan Parker / John Cameron

                                                                                                      Afro Rock - 2019 Reissue

                                                                                                        Be With have raided the KPM archives to re-issue another of our favourites from the KPM 1000 series.

                                                                                                        They say: Hard Afro Pop featuring large percussive rhythm section and front line.

                                                                                                        We say: One of the best-loved of all the KPM LPs.

                                                                                                        Afro Rock was recorded at Morgan Studios by John Cameron and Alan Parker in London in 1973 as a collection of stripped-down African rhythms, virtuoso jazz instrumentation, fuzzed up wah wah guitars and spaced out library breaks. The percussion is effortlessly funky, and those flutes so melodic, it’s as if the LP was crafted with the beat lovers of the future firmly in mind.

                                                                                                        As Cameron himself described it in Unusual Sounds, this is “heavy duty drum-and-bass salsa music”.

                                                                                                        As with all of our KPM re-issues, the audio for The Road Forward comes from the original analogue tapes and has been remastered for vinyl by Be With regular Simon Francis. We’ve taken the same care with the sleeves, handing the reproduction duties over to Richard Robinson, the current custodian of KPM’s brand identity.

                                                                                                        And don’t worry! Those KPM stickers aren’t stuck directly on the sleeves!

                                                                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                        Ltd LP Info: 180g vinyl, remastered from the original tapes.

                                                                                                        Alan Hawkshaw

                                                                                                        The Road Forward - 2019 Reissue

                                                                                                          Be With have raided the KPM archives to re-issue another of our favourites from the KPM 1000 series.
                                                                                                          They say: A comprehensive collection of descriptive contemporary scores.

                                                                                                          We say: Just look at the track titles of The Road Forward and swoon: Strangelands, A Man Alone, Sheer Elegance, Mystique Voyage, Cruising. Don’t you just want to hear those? The maestro Alan Hawkshaw really spoils us on this, one of the most sought after KPM greensleeves.

                                                                                                          This collection from 1977 is a brilliantly varied blend of silky smooth synths, funk-fuelled clavichord grooves and soft focus space beats. Essential.

                                                                                                          As with all of our KPM re-issues, the audio for The Road Forward comes from the original analogue tapes and has been remastered for vinyl by Be With regular Simon Francis. We’ve taken the same care with the sleeves, handing the reproduction duties over to Richard Robinson, the current custodian of KPM’s brand identity.

                                                                                                          And don’t worry! Those KPM stickers aren’t stuck directly on the sleeves!

                                                                                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                          LP Info: 180g vinyl, remastered from the original tapes.


                                                                                                          Daughters Of The Sky

                                                                                                            BAMBOO (Nick Carlisle - keyboards, production, also of Peepholes / Katy & Nick) & Rachel Horwood (vocals, electric banjo, also of Trash Kit / Bas Jan) announce their third studio album "Daughters Of The Sky", on Upset The Rhythm.

                                                                                                            The album was written and recorded over a two year period where ideas and arrangements were allowed to slow-cook and develop over time, in contrast with the last album "The Dragon Flies Away" which came together relatively quickly for the duo. The music comprises the usual (for Bamboo) mix of Horwood's flawlessly resonant folk cadence and Carlisle's pristine synth production, whilst TR808 drum machines and samples lock together with acoustic drums, themselves often given the "Tony Visconti" Eventide Harmoniser treatment of Berlin-era Bowie albums. Ancient ARP synthesisers and Mellotron flutes and horns sit next to contemporary digital sounds and samples in a hauntological tapestry over which Horwood can intone her sometimes mournful, often uplifting vocals.

                                                                                                            The first single taken from the album, "Weeping Idols", released March 29th reflects upon a recurring theme of religious dogma and spiritual entrapment, and is accompanied by a stunning video shot by Jack Barraclough around the North Coast of Northern Ireland, taking in the Giant's Causeway and the Kinbane Castle ruin. Carlisle's infectiously colourful synth riffs and pop production, featuring sun-burst harp playing from Brighton-based singer/multi-instrumentalist Emma Gatrill, contrasts sharply with the darker tone of Horwood's lyric, jarring in a way reminiscent of "You Have Placed A Chill On My Heart" by The Eurythmics.

                                                                                                            Although "Daughters Of The Sky" breaks away from the storybook concept format of The Dragon Flies Away, in that sense being more similar to Bamboo's debut album "Prince Pansori Priestess" (2015, ★★★★★ - Record Collector Magazine), there are still recurrent themes that run through the album such as motherhood, the cyclical nature of life, emancipation and liberation. "Branches dancing, bud stems growing, fibres swaying, arms unfurling" Horwood sings in The Deku Tree, a song which roots motherhood in nature's eternal cycle of birth and death. In the title track we see two perspectives of women spanning time and geography, Horwood drawing inspiration from the personal and also political. In 1917 a Russian match stick worker looks out of her window dreaming for a better life; in 2019 a Filipino maid in Hong Kong yearns to return to the children she has left behind. Both share a revolutionary spirit, protesting and fighting for a new world.

                                                                                                            What might be the centrepiece of the album, "East Of The Sun / West Of The Moon", an 11 minute epic, begins with a serene, desolate ambient intro which eventually transports us over the waves to some unknown land. Here we track the journey of a displaced people who are rejected from pillar to post, prevented from crossing over political lines, judged by fellow humans by their few differences over their myriad similarities. "And we all walk a different pace, though we end up in the same place" sings Horwood, as the song's new-found rhythm seems to break apart again and slowly splinter away in different directions, the fragments hanging in the air as a new section emerges featuring a rare lead vocal from Carlisle.

                                                                                                            Bar the brief instrumental coda "Tenebrae", the album ends on an optimistic note with "A World Is Born", an upbeat song of renewal. Horwood sings of the creation of a new world for a new generation, out of the ashes of a society stagnating under the collapsing weight of late capitalism. Saxophones provided by Emma Gatrill (her second guest appearance on the album) answer each vocal line in call and response style over more harmonised drums reminiscent of Bowie's "Low". Carlisle originally wrote the music following the death of Bowie, and Horwood added some Prince-like backing vocals (Prince having been name-checked in the title of the first Bamboo album). Although her lyric makes no reference to the loss of these giants, their influence hang over the song in a way which can only add to the sense of hope and rebirth, a sense which is indeed felt throughout the album.

                                                                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                            Coloured LP Info: 180 gram gold vinyl – 500 only for the world.


                                                                                                            The Last Broadcast - 2019 Reissue

                                                                                                              The Last Broadcast was the second studio album from the Doves. Released in 2002 the album went straight in to the #1 spot in the UK album chart. Also nominated for the Mercury Prize the album features three UK top 40 singles ‘There Goes The Fear’, ‘Pounding’ and ‘ Caught By The River’. 180g orange vinyl re-issue.

                                                                                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                              2xColoured LP Info: Double 180 gram orange coloured vinyl.


                                                                                                              Some Cities - 2019 Reissue

                                                                                                                Some Cities was the third studio album from the Doves. It was also the band’s second consecutive #1 album in the UK album chart.
                                                                                                                180g white vinyl re-issue.

                                                                                                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                2xColoured LP Info: Double 180 gram white coloured vinyl.


                                                                                                                Lost Souls - 2019 Reissue

                                                                                                                  Lost Souls is the debut album by Doves. Originally released in 2000 the album was nominated for a Mercury Prize of that year. The album contained three UK top 40 singles ‘The Cedar Room’, ‘Catch The Sun’ and ‘The Man Who Told Everything’. 180g grey vinyl.

                                                                                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                  2xColoured LP Info: Double 180 gram grey coloured vinyl.

                                                                                                                  Alex ‘Kiwi’ Warren’s passion for music has been a fire that has long burned within. With acclaimed releases on Disco Halal, Optimo and others, Kiwi’s work has earned him a wealth of support from some of the scenes biggest names such as Andrew Weatherall, DJ Harvey and Gerd Janson. He now joins Edinburgh’s Paradise Palms for the latest instalment of their highly regarded 7” series which has previously seen groovy, off-beatofferings from Tom Blip and Justin Robertson.

                                                                                                                  You Want Her To is a playful, low slung stomper featuring a slowed-down House beat, pads and a catchy oddball chant from Warren himself. Peeling Oranges ups the NRG and uses an Italo-strength arpeggiated bassline to great effect, resulting in a peak time electronic Disco smash. Both tracks feature alternative 7” and digital mixes.

                                                                                                                  Mariee Sioux

                                                                                                                  Grief In Exile

                                                                                                                    Mariee Sioux is an artist transmitting medicinal qualities of music for the current times we are in. Her finger picking guitar has been compared to the greats of Nick Drake and Bert Jansch and her music has also been described as hallucinatory with a trance like performance.

                                                                                                                    Her first album “Faces in the Rocks” is considered a cult classic and garnered attention from such artists as Mazzy Star, and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, with whom she has both collaborated and shared the stage with. She has also opened for Joanna Newsom, Frank Black, Buffy St. Marie, Alela Diane, and Brightblack Morning Light.

                                                                                                                    PITCHFORK : “Fans of acoustic guitar-playing female singer-songwriters are so flooded with options these days that they are in the position to be pretty discriminating. Artists such as Alela Diane, Marissa Nadler, Jana Hunter, and Mariee Sioux have issued a steady stream of quality music, and have collectively set a fairly high standard for newcomers to match.”

                                                                                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                    Ltd LP Info: Standard Jacket with printed poster including art and lyrics inside.

                                                                                                                    Earthen Sea

                                                                                                                    Grass And Trees

                                                                                                                      Jacob Long’s reductionist rhythmic ambient vessel, Earthen Sea, ebbs towards a more purely elemental state on his second excursion for Kranky, Grass and Trees.

                                                                                                                      He describes the creative process as one of “simplifying things as much as possible,” designing uncluttered spaces traced in nothing but breath, field recordings, and “sounds that could be played by hand but weren’t.”
                                                                                                                      The results feel decentralized but dynamic, low-lit evocations of ambiguous nocturnal environments – dub techno disassembled into stray pulses and spare parts. It’s a music both interior and infinite, languorous yet transformative, made in the outer boroughs of a metropolis but existing in its own liminal wilderness.

                                                                                                                      Long’s vision is a grounding one, rooted in the physical body but attuned to larger currents: “In response to living in a fairly hectic city, and at a very hectic time for the world at large, creating something more drawn back and restrained felt appropriate.

                                                                                                                      Massive Attack

                                                                                                                      Mezzanine (2018 Remaster)

                                                                                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                                        3xColoured LP Info: Super deluxe triple LP and book edition.

                                                                                                                        FREE SHIPPING This item has FREE UK shipping!


                                                                                                                        Feeding Of The Five Thousand

                                                                                                                          One Little Indian are proud to announce that they will be distributing entire Crass Catalogue on behalf of Crass Records.

                                                                                                                          Album has been remastered by Alex Gordon at Abbey Road Studios, as close as possible to the sound of the original release. “As it was in the beginning”.

                                                                                                                          The Feeding of the 5000 is the first album by the anarcho-punk band Crass. The album was recorded on 29 October 1978, by John Loder at Southern Studios and was released the same year.


                                                                                                                          Best Before 1984

                                                                                                                            One Little Indian are proud to announce that they will be distributing entire Crass Catalogue on behalf of Crass Records.

                                                                                                                            Album remastered by Alex Gordon at Abbey Road Studios, as close as possible to the sound of the original release. “As it was in the beginning”.

                                                                                                                            Best Before 1984 is a compilation of Crass' singles and other tracks, released in 1986, including lyrics and a booklet ("...In Which Crass Voluntarily 'Blow Their Own'") which details the history of the band in their own words.


                                                                                                                            Stations Of The Crass

                                                                                                                              One Little Indian are proud to announce that they will be distributing entire Crass Catalogue on behalf of Crass Records.

                                                                                                                              Album has been remastered by Alex Gordon at Abbey Road Studios, as close as possible to the sound of the original release. “As it was in the beginning”.
                                                                                                                              Stations of the Crass is the second album by Crass, released in 1979. The record, originally released as a double 12", includes live tracks from a gig recorded at the Pied Bull pub in Islington, London, on August 7, 1979.

                                                                                                                              The Specials, one of the most electrifying, influential and important bands of all time, release “Encore”, their first new music for 37 years.

                                                                                                                              2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the formation of The Specials and the legendary Two-Tone label in Coventry in 1979, and also marks 10 years since the band reformed to play some of the most vital and joyous live shows in recent memory.

                                                                                                                              The 10-song “Encore” was produced by Specials founding members Terry Hall, Lynval Golding and Horace Panter alongside Danish musician/producer Torp Larsen and indeed is the first time Hall, Golding & Panter have recorded new material together since the band’s 1981 No.1 single Ghost Town.

                                                                                                                              David Bowie

                                                                                                                              Boys Keep Swinging

                                                                                                                                Boys Keep Swinging 40th Anniversary limited edition, double-A side, 7” picture disc single will be released on 17th May 2019 and features I Pray, Olé on the AA side which is unreleased since the 1991 Lodger re-issue.

                                                                                                                                Written by Bowie and Brian Eno, ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ was the first single from the album ‘Lodger’ and became a top 10 hit in the UK.

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