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Genre pick of the week Cover of The Pink Panther - 2024 Special Edition by Henry Mancini.

Henry Mancini

The Pink Panther - 2024 Special Edition

    April 16, 2024 marks the centenary of the birth of Henry Mancini. Ermitage celebrates him with the release of the very famous music of the Pink Panther with the unforgettable theme song and all the other compositions present in the 1963 film with Peter Sellers and Claudia Cardinale. Over forty years of career in cinema, music composed for over one hundred films, four Oscars out of 18 nominations, 20 Grammys and two Emmys, over 50 albums, more than 300 million copies sold worldwide, 500 songs composed: here is the portrait of Enrico Mancini.

    Exclusive pink vinyl edition in magnificent gatefold and collectible cover!


    A1. The Pink Panther Theme
    A2. It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera) (Instrumental)
    A3. Royal Blue
    A4. Champagne And Quail
    A5. The Village Inn
    A6. The Tiber Twist
    B1. It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera)
    B2. Cortina
    B3. The Lonely Princess
    B4. Something For Sellers
    B5. Piano And Strings
    B6. Shades Of Sennett

    John Mulaney

    Baby J

      The Emmy-winning Comeback Kid himself comes back yet again with a blunt, brilliantly quotable stand-up special. 'Baby J' takes the form of a wide-ranging
      conversation between John Mulaney, a kid in the balcony named Henry, and the rest of the sold-out crowd at Boston’s Symphony Hall. And now, you!

      John dominates the chat, of course - and while his cautionary tales are a bit too convulsive to be functionally preventative, you probably aren’t here to be cautioned. So have at it!


      1. Miss America
      2. Lost In New York
      3. Star-Studded Intervention
      4. Koala Bank Changing Station
      5. Dr. Michael
      6. A Call From Al Pacino
      7. Baby J
      8. John, John And John
      9. Breaking Up With
      10. Your Dealer
      11. Mushing Metals
      12. Hello Old Friend
      13. A Wide Ranging Conversation

      This whole text about a compilation of legit chill slippers could be over with one quote of drummer Aaron Sterling. The John Mayer band member and studio guru called Basso (our compiler) the 'ECM of chill wave'.

      As we all know, even if some words may be hollow, good quotes help to tell a story. And that is definitely a great quote and if someone has a good story to tell, it is Basso. Best known for his label Growing Bin, he is one of those miraculous figures in music or record culture who can be called a true believer.

      "Sitting in Trees" for International Feel is a sampling demonstration of this commitment. Devotees of his previous compiling efforts "Proper Sunburn" (Music For Dreams) and "Lucky Are Those Who Hear The Birds Sing" (Growing Bin), know what to expect: some of the best songs you have never heard before, some you would probably never hear without this and even some that you did not know you would even like. Even self-proclaimed record diggers might not recognize more than "Mystery Voice" by smooth jazz new agers Dancing Fantasy. It is a world of merry music that, pretty much, is boundary- and genre-free, and includes the sunshine stepper Beau Michael’s "Move Away"; Patrick Jahn’s and Erobique’s previously unreleased "Moonlight Shuffle" (the soundtrack to a lost Schimanski Tatort) and Christian Ch. Kneisel’s impossible-to-find Balearic digi gem "Jungle Connection".
      All contextualized, explained and wonderfully described with meticulous liner notes by the king of record descriptions himself: Basso. But what else would you expect from a DJ turned trip-hop-producer turned artiste turned record sommelier? Magic moments galore that won’t make you move away!


      Barry says: A beautiful selection of airy electronics and floating Rhodes keys, laid-back drifters and saturated bass stabs from Growing Bin boss and master selector and musician, Basso. Beautifully paced throughout and full of little surprises, Sitting In Trees is an absolute triumph. Perfectly timed for hammock season!


      A1. Edwin Schimscheimer - Bon Nuit Michelle
      A2. Dancing Fantasy - Mystery Voice
      A3. Peak Of Normal - Hava
      A4. Christian Ch. Kneisel - Jungle Connection

      B1. Beau Michael - Move Away (Extended)
      B2. Summer Vee - Judas
      B3. Patrick Jahn & Erobique - Moonlight Shuffle
      B4. Ikee Largo - After The Storm

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