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Genre pick of the week Cover of My Story, The Buraku Story (An Original Soundtrack) by MONO.


My Story, The Buraku Story (An Original Soundtrack)

    MONO’s first-ever feature-length motion picture soundtrack.

    My Story, The Buraku Story is a new feature-length documentary film that explores the discrimination against a group of people – commonly called “the burakumin” who were classed into lowly groups and segregated from the rest of Japanese society. This discrimination is not by race or ethnicity, but rather by place of residence and bloodline, and has existed for centuries – albeit very rarely acknowledged or discussed in Japan. When director Yusaku Mitsuwaka imagined the exemplary score for such a culturally sensitive and significant subject, he idealized MONO to help tell this story through their legendarily cinematic music.

    Following their recent experiments with electronic textures infused into their trademark dynamic rock compositions, My Story, The Buraku Story finds MONO at their most understated and elegiac. The songs that make up My Story, The Buraku Story are largely built around piano, strings, synths, and choral vocal loops. As one might expect from MONO, the arrangements are masterworks of understated execution with oversized emotional resonance. By far MONO’s most delicate album, it is a fitting document of the band’s first-ever full-length film soundtrack.


    1. Doumyaku (4:33)
    2. Watashi (3:31)
    3. Kokyo (2:31)
    4. Yurameki (2:36)
    5. Gohon No Yubi (3:34)
    6. Kioku (3:27)
    7. Kattou (3:48)
    8. Chinmoku (3:39)
    9. Himitsu (4:28)
    10. Songen (5:47)
    11. The Place (4:28)

    Swiss based artist Androo, who previously released on MFM sub label Second Circle, returns with his debut LP 'Club Salon Theatre'.

    Far from an album in traditional form, 'Club Salon Theatre' explores its potential as a musical collage of sound. Recorded during 2021 and the beginning of 2022, it is the result of Androo's desire to draw connections between diverse fragments of music and art.

    Originally born out of the Dub sound-system scene in Geneva and with a continued love for the modal music of the likes of John and Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders, Androo has long put improvisation at the center of his practice. His understanding of dub music as an integral part of the experimental music tradition, with ties to the school of Musique Concrète for instance, and with trap music as another vital ingredient, has as much to do with the form as with the method. With the studio as a laboratory for experimentation, Androo utilizes a variety of outboard instruments as well as working in-the-box, but it’s his classic “dub style” technique of mixing at the hardware console that leaves its quintessential mark throughout the whole record.

    'Club Salon Theatre' is a rich patchwork of imagined scenes, emotive melodies, flying rhythms, harmonic changes, loose improvisations, with an almost romantic thread running through it. Like a collection of musical poems, gently arranged in what is sometimes sparse musical language. Far from a patchwork of scattered and disjointed inspirations, there is a real unity and singularity at work, resulting in a record which can be enjoyed as a collection of sonic poems, simultaneously nonchalant and earnest, sentimental and playful.


    A0. Préface, Bonjour
    A1. (shhhht) Introduction
    A2. Wyatt Revolt
    A3. Or,
    A4. Autonomia
    A5. – Ah Balbec!
    A6. Obsessions. étoiles. Neurones
    A7. Giant Steps (alternate Take)
    A8. Bcp De Bruit Pr Rien (si Jav Sus)
    A9. Pensées
    A10. Equipments (guattarix Mix)
    A11. Clou, Vis
    A12. Moment’s Notice (part 1)

    B1. Moment’s Notice (part 2)
    B2. Judso Danc Theate
    B3. Club Géography
    B4. Original J Dub
    B5. Djs, Argen, Capital, Plus-valuxe
    B6. Subversion, Seduction
    B7. Histoires Sans Livres
    B8. Tout ça
    B9. UZI
    B10. Outro (en Finir Avec Les Clubs)

    Two years after his acclaimed ‘Darkos LP’, Jonquera is back to Charlieu’s surrounding vales for his second album on Bamboo Shows.

    Through ‘La Croix des Cros’, the French Musician delivers a loner-folk eclogue about the fantasized inner demons of a country dweller. Just like clay, audio recordings here are a malleable substance, slowly reworked over a year, following a sinuous production process where all mishaps are welcomed as breaches to step into.

    Far from the spaghetti western myth of the reckless bounty hunter, riding his faithful horse in the great outdoors to spill blood; this 14-track album is the grieving lament of a wistful cowboy, longing for a simple patch of peace where one’s free to cultivate the earth and noodle on the guitar.

    Heldon’s cosmic space-rock, Badalamenti’s Twin-Peaksesque foggy jazz or Morricone’s glorious soundtracks, so many references to portray another fertile imprint by Jonquera, available from February 13, 2023 on a 12” vinyl.


    A1. K Est Un Sociologue
    A2. Chemin De La Croix De La Rivière
    A3. Tsource
    A4. Myope
    A5. Cracovie
    A6. Le Dormeur
    A7. Danse Des Idoles Sans Tête
    B1. Court Dialogue Avec Une Porte
    B2. Chemin Des Planètes
    B3. Autour Du Cro
    B4. Le Dernier Coco Du Village
    B5. Lacets Des Écharmeaux
    B6. Dzar Bleu
    B7. La Colline D'En Face

    Cliff Martinez / Various Artists

    Drive - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - 2023 Edition

      The soundtrack to Nicolas Winding Refn's ‘Drive’ needs no introduction, and is hailed one of the greatest and most iconic film scores of recent times.

      The soundtrack features original music by Cliff Martinez (‘The Lincoln Lawyer’, ‘Traffic’) with Eurosynth-styled songs by Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx (‘Nightcall’), The Chromatics (‘Tick of the Clock’), Desire (‘Under Your Spell’), College featuring Electric Youth (‘A Real Hero’), and Riziero Ortolani featuring Katyna Ranieri (‘Oh My Love’).

      ‘Drive’ was a smash hit upon release and peaked at #35 on the Billboard Top 200. Accolades came rolling in, such as Spin Magazine, who listed it as one of the Top 40 Movie Soundtracks That Changed Alternative Music.

      As Martinez notes, “The words ‘hit’ and ‘soundtrack’ seldom appear in the same sentence. The score to ‘Drive’ is the closest I’ve ever come to having anything of the sort. And I wish I knew the recipe for its success as no one is more eager than me to repeat the experience.”


      Under Your Spell
      A Real Hero
      Oh My Love
      Tick Of The Clock
      Rubber Head
      I Drive
      He Had A Good Time
      They Broke His Pelvis
      Kick Your Teeth
      Where's The Deluxe
      See You In Four
      After The Chase
      Wrong Floor
      Skull Crushing
      My Name On A Car
      On The Beach
      Bride Of Deluxe


      Music For Film: Tramps! & Women Against The Bomb

        A seismic, cinematic double dose from two sonic veterans with previous in Wire, Electrelane, and Better Corners. MEMORIALS’ kaleidoscopic debut covers broad musical territory, encompassing protest songs, fuzz-flooded pop, searing drone, and psychedelic freakouts whilst carving out a sound that is uniquely their own.

        Both halves of this dynamic double album were originally conceived as individual film soundtracks but once the multi-instrumental duo of Verity Susan & Matthew Simms brought ‘Music For Film’ into a live space, the desire to shape it into a cohesive whole was more than they could resist. The resulting, intoxicating, musical odyssey can be viewed independently from the associated films and stands proudly as an ambitious artistic statement.

        “The music we like and admire ranges from challenging to really tuneful, and we try to bring all that together in a way that sounds natural.” - MEMORIALS


        1. Tramps! 03:03
        2. Feel Of Time 04:01
        3. Housewives 00:59
        4. Blue Feather Boa 05:02
        5. A Job For Derek 01:55
        6. What A Life 02:14
        7. Kind Of Beyond 05:02
        8. Sportswear Couture 04:12
        9. Typhoon 04:12
        10. Peacock Punk 02:16
        11. We Live Here 04:35
        12. Boudicaaa 02:05

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