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Bobby Donny

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Frits Wentink’s Bobby Donny Label returns once more for the second BODO-ACE VA release, featuring both familiar and new faces across a six track EP of previously digital only releases. Frits and friends continue to showcase the unique and impeccable sound of Bobby Donny. After the success of the first VA, this won’t be around for long, so buy or cry.


Matt says: Full to brim of fresh new house music. Frits Wentink and pals deploy a seriously heavy 12" for DJs doing the club thing over the next few months. Elegant and stylish throughout, if yer dig deep house then this'uns 4 U!


A1. Frits Wentink & Malin Genie - Teardrop Renaissance
A2. Frits Wentink & Malin Genie - Atricot
A3. Tom Paris - L’Enfer Du Paradis
B1. Didier Chesto - Ow Yeah
B2. Boy Berger - Etherial
B3. Joy Jenkins - Flowers

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