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Boulderhead debuts on Rhythm Section International with his most expansive EP to date: "I Need Space to Dance".

The Bristol based producer, known for his intricately crafted, up tempo club records has long been a favourite at RS HQ and has, over the years, garnered much respect from a plethora of influential DJs. His most recent hit "Bread, Butter, Noodles, Spice", was a festival earworm and one of the most played underground tracks of 2023.

Existing in the sweet spot between tech-house, prog, broken beat and minimal techno - this EP sees Boulderhead widen his sonic palette with a collection of songs that showcase his versatility. Equally appealing to the Ricardo Villalobos contingent as it will be to those delving into the history of progressive house and the golden days of minimal techno - we think there’s a bit of something for everyone here.

Despite the many different bases the EP touches on - the sound palette and production are unified and coherent. Henry is at the top of his game, and much like contemporary artists like Adam Pits, Priori and Russell EL Butler - his style is developed and sincere. 


Matt says: Can't get that "Dance And Dance Again" track out mi head right now! Playful and bumpety, its the backroom banger you never knew you needed. Some reet good other flavours explored across this extended EP by the adventurous producer. Peep if ya dig Kyle Hall, DJ Nature, Seven Davis Jr and Detroitian mindsets.


A1. I Need Space Feat. Overnite Oates
A2. Dance And Dance Again
A3. Direct Source
B1. Saucy Hive Mind
B2. Sense Hyper
B3. Adapting

Following the success of his last RS release, 'Ripples,' the enigmatic Wallace returns to Rhythm Section after a series of stellar releases with a highly anticipated follow-up - ‘Papertrip’ that is destined to once again set the dance music community ablaze.

'Wallace's impact on the scene has been nothing short of extraordinary, since Ripples' he has gone on to play in the iconic Panorama bar, tour Japan and release a double LP on Mule musiq. Wallace continues to cultivate a dedicated following among discerning listeners and industry tastemakers alike. Now, with the forthcoming release, Wallace is poised to ascend to new heights, continuing the undeniable Wallace-maina.

Kicking off with the hypnotic, piano-driven house jam, "Papertrip" which manages to restrain a highly energetic core much like a pressure cooker. "BB" has sirens, Reece bass, swung garage beats and echo-drenched soundboy vox - in other words an absolute no-brainer for anyone playing the big rigs this weekend! "The Function" is a poised and futuristic techno trip, again the way Wallace seems to contain explosive energy within a compact arrangement is quite impressive. Final track, "Backwaters", is arguable the most anthemic; with deep chord progression highlighted beautifully by glidein bass and techy dub stabs. 

Probably Wallace's best record to date - Rhythm Section back at'cha! 


Matt says: Rising star of the London underground, Wallace returns to his home at Rhythm Section for, I reckon, his best EP to date. Raw house and garage flavours pulled off with confidence and charisma. Yes mate!


A1. Papertrip
A2. BB
B1. The Function
B2. Backwaters

Gayance joins forces with Rhythm Section for her debut album ‘Mascarade’ - a swaying dance that moves between poetic, soulful odes to the past, accounts of the Afro-diasporic feminine experience and playfully energetic dancefloor grooves.

'Mascarade' is a collection of dancey, broken rhythms, interwoven with heartfelt stories and bright, unapologetic outpours of joy. In her own words, “It's the story of my 20's. I wanted to pay homage to this kid everybody knew, but not deeply. It's about taking back a power that is mine and was always in my hands...It's about making peace with the past and moving forward”.

Gayance (real name Aïsha Vertus) takes her alias from the Haitian creole word for joyfulness.Based in Amsterdam, born and raised in Montreal-Nord, she started as a DJ in 2013, and has toured the world with shows in Paris, Brooklyn, Marrakech, Berlin, Sao Paulo and more, bringing electrifying and contagious energy wherever she goes.

Her own production is influenced by underground UKG and the respective house scenes of Detroit and New York, with nods to the vivid, sun-soaked colours of Latin America. Shades of blues, jazz and gospel can also be heard in her newest project, pulling together styles from each corner of the world. For this full-length debut album on Rhythm Section she has brought some fellow Montrealers along for the ride.


Matt says: Quintessential Rhythm Section offering here that covers us in jazz, downbeat, hip-hop and soul by the bucket load. It's a funny one - I can't help draw comparisons with RS and the sadly defunct MCR label - Grand Central. The way they blend genres, keeping it soulful, keeping it dancey.


A1. Interlude Between Brussels & Rio
A2. Dead End (ft. Janet King)
A3. Clout Chaser's Anthem (ft. Janet King , Hua Li)
A4. Jazz Cats Run (ft. Sarah Mk)
A5. 1996 Inner G
A6. Shore Apart
A7. Lord Have Mercy (ft. Judith Little D ,raveen)
B1. Nunca Mais
B2. In The Gaze
B3. Mascarade
B4. Moon Rising (10 Years) (ft. Judith Little D)

Rhythm Section INTL are back with another release from Saul - the group made up of Jack Stephenson-Oliver (keys player of fellow Rhythm Section signee, Vels Trio) and producer Barney Whittaker, aka Footshooter.

Their newest project is a feel good, summer-ready soundtrack, bursting with uplifting synths and groove-heavy broken beats. When the two of them get together, their jam sessions result in a fusion of alternative future jazz which has that classic broken beat mood. There's some curveballs in there too - the Detroit-meets-UK indebted hi-tech jazz - breakbeat hybrid of "Lifted" a perfect example.

Collaboration is a key element to the creative output of Saul, shining a light over individual talents such as Allysha Joy, Natty Wylah, Lex Amor and James Mollison.

A beautifully realized album that shows off the dizzying depth of these two rising stars' songwriting and production. Recommended! 


Matt says: The ever-reliable Rhythm Section invite Barney Whittaker & Jack Stephenson-Oliver for a second session. It's a brilliantly vibrant journey through house, broken beat, jazz and neo-soul.


A1. The Light Ft. Allysha Joy
A2. Can’t Wait Ft. James Mollison
A3. Flowers Ft. Lex Amor
B1. Coalesce Ft. Natty Wylah
B2. Pause
B3. Lifted
B4. Breaking Moon Ft. Aden A1. The Light Ft. Allysha Joy
A2. Can’t Wait Ft. James Mollison
A3. Flowers Ft. Lex Amor
B1. Coalesce Ft. Natty Wylah
B2. Pause
B3. Lifted
B4. Breaking Moon Ft. Aden

Bristol based band Cousin Kula announce their debut album “Double Dinners”. With co-signs from the likes of BADBADNOTGOOD and newly signed to Rhythm Section, Cousin Kula have created their own musical universe of otherworldly pop serenity with vastly distinct, but complementary elements: ‘the possibilities of jazz, the emphatic energy of club culture, and the sonic tapestries of psychedelia’ CLASH Magazine remark.

Living and recording together, nestled in the sun-drenched hills on the outskirts of Bristol, Cousin Kula are masters of their craft, and also of restraint; widely regarded by their fans for their superior live show. Having performed live in various bands for the past 10 years since their early teens, not being able to hit the stage during lockdown took its toll on these musicians. Ever resourceful, however, Cousin Kula began a series of their own home-made live sessions, which lead in turn to a Boiler Room Session and further a request from XL signees BADBADNOTGOOD to record a live adaptation of their new single.

Now, Cousin Kula flutter into the collective consciousness with a timeless slice of psychedelic soul on debut album “Double Dinners”. The latest band to emerge out of the buoyant Bristol music scene, they have stripped back all excess baggage for their most accomplished recordings to date. Existing on a similar plane to contemporaries such as Connan Mockasin, Mildlife, Toro Y Moi, Mac DeMarco and HOMESHAKE, the band caught the attention of renowned tastemaker Bradley Zero with their “Casa Kula Cassette” EP at the end of 2020, with the Rhythm Section founder swiftly taking the 5 piece under his wing, with him commenting:

‘The band balance an outsider approach with more hooks than you can shake a stick at... the result being a gently beguiling sound that effortlessly draws you in, revealing more character with each listen.’


Matt says: Hushed, languid, incredibly intimate new soul music here from Bristol group Cousin Kula. Surely destined to be gigantic when everyone catches on; there's elements of Mac Demarco, Connan Mockasin, Fleet Foxes, Cleo Sol and Mild High Club - yes it really is this good!


A1. Baby Back
A2. Now That You're Gone
A3. Mclovin You
A4. Liquid Love
B1. Something So Sweet
B2. Mcwindy's Home Improvements
B3. Morning Dew With You
B4. Are We Ever Gonna Work It Out
B5. It's All In Your Head

The Colours That Rise ensure Rhythm Section's current bombardment of new releases continues unabated. "Mixtape 1" comprises of one brand new studio production and two new compositions recorded live from the mothership in 2020 AD.

The new record may be short but contains 3 very different moods which seek to transport the listener away from the current toils and tribulations we face on planet Earth. Yussef Dayes returns to the drumkit on "Special Request" for a smudged and skewed slice of future-funk which is heavy on the head nod and likely to make Ras G spark up a fat one from beyond his grave upon hearing...

“Axel G” is the clubbier track outta the three; think Afrika Bambaata meets Drexciya. Psychedelic electro is a genre with relatively few contributors but this number, here performed live, should inject the next generation with some creative juices to work with.

The EP is closed out with the smoochy bedroom business of “Polo 1.2” - a welcome return of Simeon Jones to vocal duties who douses the track in his inimitable homesick blues.

Top stuff from this fledging band, definitely ones to watch as we close off this most tumultuous of rotations around the Sun...


A1.Special Request
B1. Axel G (Live)
B2.Polo 1.2 (Live) 

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