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After learning her craft at an after-hours club in her hometown of Santiago de Chile, a pivotal move to Milan at the end of 2015 proved to be the ticket that would propel Paula Tape into the European club circuit. Six years later Paula has made a name for herself as a purveyor of eclectic selections, stomping Italo beats, percussive balearic excursions and synth-heavy rarities, both through her international DJ sets and shows on Worldwide FM and Milan’s Radio Raheem.

With two EPs under her belt via Alzaya & SOBO, collaborations with Project Pablo, Tornado Wallace & Elias Mazian to boot, and standout singles on Permanent Vacation, Ransom Note Records and Rhythm Section International’s highly regarded 2020 ‘SHOUTS’ compilation, we welcome the announcement of a knockout four-tracker from the Chilean producer on the same Peckham-based label. In the last 12 months she’s taken the Mixmag Lab & Boiler Room by storm, and with a slew of international tour dates and forthcoming releases lined up, 2021 looks set to be Paula’s year.

“When I started working on the Astroturismo EP I didn't know the music I was writing was going to shape into an EP. Finalizing the first track "Body Nature" helped me a lot to orientate the correct use of all the music I have been producing during the lockdown months and Rhythm Section team was constantly supporting me to make me feel free to explore musically without needing to stick to club music. "Body Nature embodies strong energies, in a very personal way: I noted down those silly lyrics and kept singing the melody in my head for days, in the end, that drove me to create a groove that would work and transfer the mood I was feeling. This track is about feeling relief with dancing, whether in a private moment like I did in those days or in a public space, few easy moves to trigger positive energy and improve your emotional state.” ~ Paula



Back in stock Cover of Rhythm Section: Shouts 2021 Vol.1 by Various Artists.
Rhythm Section proudly announce a new compilation, "Shouts 2021", revealing the new sounds and direction taken by this fiercely independent and innovative UK label. Split across two volumes, volume 1 focuses on broader sound emanating from the label not necessarily bound to the dancefloor.

Liluzu's acidic daydream refraction: "Nano" kicks us off, reminiscent of the best of the Acid Test label. Next we get the new tribalism of Mafou's "Warda" & Nídia's "Celebration" both rich with intricate percussion patterns and shiny, cutting edge electronix.

Onto side B and Yushh's "3.15" wraps around a concentric broken beat, with glacial bells and tethered electrics accompanying the background buzz. Dylan Bryne injects some lo-fi electro into proceedings, an eyes-down and moody shuffle lurking around "Cherenkov Blue" before Klein Zage closes off with the inquisitive introspection of "The Sayers" which sounds like Matthew Herbert meets FYI Chris inna Rye Lane style.

Top drawer stuff here from this visionary label; showcasing their growing, global family in exquisite style. Disco sleeve with artwork designed by producer and graphic artist extraordinaire Big Ever FKA.


Matt says: Rhythm Section unveil some tasty new artists recently signed to their roster. Most of them are new to me and the quality here is HIGH. The south London stable can still be relied upon to present new and exciting directions in the dance!


A1. Liluzu - Nano
A2. Mafou - Warda
A3. Nídia - Celebration
B1. Yushh - 3.15
B2. Dylan Bryne - Cherenkov Blue
B3. Klein Zage - The Sayers

The Colours That Rise ensure Rhythm Section's current bombardment of new releases continues unabated. "Mixtape 1" comprises of one brand new studio production and two new compositions recorded live from the mothership in 2020 AD.

The new record may be short but contains 3 very different moods which seek to transport the listener away from the current toils and tribulations we face on planet Earth. Yussef Dayes returns to the drumkit on "Special Request" for a smudged and skewed slice of future-funk which is heavy on the head nod and likely to make Ras G spark up a fat one from beyond his grave upon hearing...

“Axel G” is the clubbier track outta the three; think Afrika Bambaata meets Drexciya. Psychedelic electro is a genre with relatively few contributors but this number, here performed live, should inject the next generation with some creative juices to work with.

The EP is closed out with the smoochy bedroom business of “Polo 1.2” - a welcome return of Simeon Jones to vocal duties who douses the track in his inimitable homesick blues.

Top stuff from this fledging band, definitely ones to watch as we close off this most tumultuous of rotations around the Sun...


A1.Special Request
B1. Axel G (Live)
B2.Polo 1.2 (Live) 

Jerome Thomas

That Secret Sauce

With his debut release for Peckham club and label institution Rhythm Section International, Hackney-raised Jerome Thomas is declaring the dawning of a new age for British soul music.

Jerome’s school was a home filled with non-stop music; whether that was bootleg CDs of Rare Groove from East London’s Sunday markets to late 90s R&B on The Box or family favourites; Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Al Green, Chico DeBarge, Jill Scott. He learnt his prodigious vocal craft of ad-libs and harmonies by listening to Brandy’s ‘98 LP ‘Never Say Never’ on repeat.

Working with a live 6 piece band of assorted ages and musical backgrounds from rock to classical jazz, Jerome’s sound is a 180 degree turn from the direction of travel of UK R&B which has trended towards producers tracks made inside the computer. Jerome composes the pieces, then allows space for interaction with his long term musical collaborators. The ‘organic decisions’ open up the scope of his music as they jam and record. The result is a sound that could been made in the 70s, the 90s or the 00s. He’s the new blood of the sophisticated British sound that traces back to artists like Mica Paris, Soul II Soul and Omar.

For Jerome, music has literally been a life saving vessel for self expression. Like 1% of the population, he has a stutter, which disrupts the fluent flow of his speech. The stutter disappears when he sings, freeing his voice as it’s transformed into an instrument. As an introverted, intuitive Pisces, the songwriting process lets him explore and express his internal cosmos; “a lot of my songs are like diary entries addressed to people I haven’t been able to talk to or speaking about desires I am too embarrassed to talk about”. Jerome describes his sound using the acronym FOE, standing for “Freedom of Expression” and “Fusion Of Everything”. His music is a space for him to dissolve boundaries and binaries.

“As soul beings we are all a mixture of masculine and feminine; a mixture of our Mum and our Dad”. His fine falsetto explores a register that can read as masculine or feminine. The romantic story that runs across the two vinyl sides of “That Secret Sauce” is told without specifying a gender point of view. As Jerome says “we all experience the same thing with romantic situations, so I didn’t want to pin it to one side”. Like many of the great soul records, a close listen to “That Secret Sauce” reveals its romantic narrative; from first meeting to sexual infatuation to the dissolution of the affair, the breaking up and the moving forward - keeping your energy clear. It’s a tale as old as time, retold.



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