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Brand new music from one of Europe’s pioneers of techno and IDM; Stefan Robbers aka Terrace and Florence. His early releases for Djax-Up-Beats and his own Eevo Lute Muzique in the early 90’s were hugely influential striking a sweet spot between stark minimalism, majestic analogue lushness and dance floor grooves. In more recent years his own reinterpretation of the Detroit sound can be found on the highly regarded Dutch label Delsin.

Here on his Thermionic EP Terrace sings out with such intensity that minds are blown. Listen to the brutal, exhilarating sequences of Territorial, which leads the new EP, and you will receive that message loud and clear. While the music is as much about the consequence of soulful depth, it is also about edgy machines communicating intimately. Delving into a more insightful breakdown of the artist’s genius process you can also hear how sweet chords fuse and then contrast with grainy Acidic sonics, leaving the tempo poised at an irresistible pace like all our futures depended on it. Complex yet not overly complicated there is an emotional directness pitched between the artist and audience that typifies all exceptional music. Such is the case evidently here and now.

As you move next onto the more subtle electro pulse of Thermon, shimmering keys dance around a frame by frame remembrance of robotic disco in the 23rd century. Again, each layer sizzles with the spark of electricity energising the atmospheres while continuously constructing worlds of dangerous discourse, fuelled only by the white-hot energy of the discotheque. The uplifting brilliance of Woodward follows filling the void with an explosion of colour that is all about life-affirming instrumentation, hitting you fast and loose with a cascade of arpeggios, tough drums plus an incendiary surge of melodic distraction causing the airwaves to crackle with celebration.

Completing this stunning release from Terrace are the fierce, hotwired grooves forged by Ritual, conjuring up endless combinations of an analogue model rediscovered. The sheer dancefloor animation found within each of Terrace’s productions on this EP purposefully point to and enhance Cyphon Recordings own mission to explore, propelling the emphasis forever forwards.


A1. Territorial
A2. Thermon
B1. Woodward
B2. Ritual

Cyphon Recordings welcome DJ, producer, musician, and D.KO co-owner Flabaire for the fourth outing on the label.

At just 29, the Parisian artist, already has a fair share of victories under his belt. On his acclaimed D.KO imprint, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, he’s released three albums and several EPs, as well as charting releases for Organic-Music, Deeppa Records and South Street.

For his next solo EP, he brings his beautifully affecting and nostalgic blend of electro, IDM, and deep house to Cyphon. Doing what he does best, Flabaire’s ‘Entre-Deux’ is an EP brimming with emotion and atmosphere. Pulling at the heartstrings, opener ‘In Between’ layers an electro beat over lush pads with iridescent synth lines rising out of the haze. Cowbells swing into action, pads swell and glisten, making way for a squelchy 303 to bubble underneath.

‘No Minding’ moves into softer realms, a serene blend of deep house and electronica, it’s paced by a warm bass bounce and shuffling percussion sprinkled with chopped vocal samples and bright keys. Flabaire’s bass mastery continues ‘Click Plok’, as does his deftness at producing delicate, gliding pads, this time punctuated by tight bleeps, gentle open hats, and a meandering synth solo.

Closing out the EP the atmospheric ‘FBG’, a balmy syncopated groove joined by twinkling synth melodies that dance over dusty breakbeats and hushed vocal stutters.


A1. In Between
A2. No Minding
B1. Clik Plok

Cyborg Nerve

Cristalizacion EP

    Hot on the heels of their sophomore release with DJ Rocca, Cyphon Recordings welcome Tijuana’s Cyborg Nerve to the family for the third installment in their busy label schedule.

    A new project helmed by the Cedillo brothers - also known for their work under the monikers Soul of Hex and Mano De Fuego - Cyborg Nerve’s sound tips the hat to the roots of Detroit electro and techno.

    The Vicario Musique Recordings bosses have already made a mark under their Soul of Hex alias, pushing their cosmic, vibrant take on deep house. It’s caught the ear of labels and artists across the world; the likes of Delusions of Grandeur, Freerange Records and Quintessentials have shared their music and they’ve even earned the Larry Heard seal of approval, with the legendary Chicago producer stepping up to remix their 2014 track ‘Lip Reading’. As Mano De Fuego they’re also getting their music into the hands of pioneering figures in the American dance music scene - summer of this year saw them release a shamanistic debut via the inimitable Underground Resistance.

    For their debut outing as Cyborg Nerve, the pair deliver four tracks of old school electro grooves. Title track ‘Cristalizacion’ kicks things off. A slice of intergalactic electro; celestial pads soar above warm bass and staccato drum rhythms. Their eponymous track follows and takes the energy levels up a notch: a warbling bass line drives the track forward, whirring and revving while crisp hats fizz overhead.

    ‘Tijuana 3000’ is another cut that's custom-made for the dance floor. As with the title track, the duo call to mind the interstellar jazz-tinged electronics of Detroit outfit Galaxy 2 Galaxy, as they pair cosmic twinkling melodies with a hypnotic acid line that takes centre stage. ‘Machine Effect’ brings the EP to a close. Like its name suggests the track is powered by a raw, machine funk groove and precise drum programming - no bells and whistles, just pure cosmic vibrations to move your body.


    A1.  Cristalizacion
    A2.  Cyborg Nerve
    B1.  Tijuana 3000
    B2.  Machine Effect

    Super limited edition pressed on heavyweight 180g vinyl housed in a picture sleeve and clear plastic outer sleeve – never to be repressed. Only 175 units.

    Tokyo-based DJ, producer and sound artist Yuu Udagawa inaugurates the freshly launched Cyphon Recordings with her debut EP, ‘Forever’.

    Growing up on a cocktail of everything from rock, hip-hop and Latin jazz to techno and house, Yuu’s immersive musical output draws inspiration from this diverse pool of influences to create ‘uplifting and healing’ music for the mind and body. There’s an elegance and sophistication to her productions, which stems from her desire to make music guided by the Golden Mean philosophy of finding a middle ground between two extremes: excess and deficiency.

    Active as a DJ since the millennium, which saw her playing at clubs, festivals and fashion shows across the country, she soon turned her attention to music production and has since self-released a handful of singles and contributed audio commissions for Sony Playstation3, museums, theatres and apparel brands. Yuu’s meditative pallet of sounds instantly grabbed Cyphon’s third ear which led to the tracks that make up ‘Forever’: a collection of analog slo-mo electronica and leftfield minimal house that strike a perfect balance between warmth and depth.

    The release opens with the titular track: a deep, emotive electro cut punctuated by a twinkling synthline and blissful vocals. ‘Mojito’ continues the EP’s voyage into the deep, matching softly spoken word with jazz-tinged chords and meandering melodies, before ’Hug Close’ strips things back, guided by a crunchy minimal groove, warm, resolute keys and reflective synths.

    The B-Side steers things on a soulful course. The dark, enveloping atmosphere of ‘Illuminated Night' is lifted by bright synth stabs and harmonic R&B-flavoured vocals. These influences continue on closer ‘Stay With Us’. Slowing down the pace, the track is a wash of shimmering funk-inspired chords and shuffling rhythms, laced once again with effortless, soaring vocal tones.


    Matt says: Luminous, futuristic R&B hybrids with the odd dip into propulsive house music. Japenese producer Yuu Udagawa knows what's up! An adventurous start to this new label.


    A1. Forever
    A2. Mojito
    A3. Hug Close
    B1. Illuminated Night
    B2. Stay With Us

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