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Genre pick of the week Cover of Resemble Ensemble by Carlton Melton.

Carlton Melton

Resemble Ensemble

    Carlton Melton, from Northern California, are now a practising fourpiece in the arts of melted-minds psychedelia. With the added kraut-oomph and sike-flutter of fellow Californian Anthony Taibi (whom you may know as being a member of White Manna, and also DDT with Andy) Rich Millman, Andy Duvall, and Clint Golden have now embellished the Carlton Melton sound. Pushing forward as a fourpiece, the band recorded Resemble Ensemble in July 2021 (just before Andy moved back over East!) at Anthony’s home studio, 3D Light in Freshwater, CA. Anthony did all the recording and mixing. The Melton Magick Karpet settled, and our favourite contemporary sikedelic warlods plugged in, amped up and let it flow.. and flow it does. .from the krautrock fuelled pszych-raga of Prescribed Skies, the fluid dronescape of Elsewhere that welcomes you into its arms with a warming tone, almost a missing Spacemen 3 demo at the feast here… So The Story Grows has the drone scraping through a murk of dazzling feedback and pummel, with the fuller sounding Melton giving the genre a proper wobble, hold on to your brains people… High Alert.. whas this? Synth and guitar interplay jambusting, this is the Melton wigging out and almost interweaving 70s high table rock with some odd and downright perverse synthfunkpunk rhythms.. get weird.. or get wired..or both.. easily done here.. Closing out the album with Route Thirteen is the road trip home.. they’ve been, they’ve massaged and mangled your synapses, plug in the satnav and take the higher-route home.. if you get our drift.. Carlton Melton, starting 2023 in a better place than most, soaring high on their synaptic-dazzling magick karpet…


    Martin says: San Franciscan trio Carlton Melton have always, and will always be mind melters. Their unique brand of floating psychedelia has both moments of tension and grit as well as soaring, lysergic looseness. Soaring, beautifully rendered and perfectly measured as ever. Classic CM.


    1. Prescribed Skies
    2. Elsewhere (Need To Be)
    3. So The Story Grows
    4. High Alert
    5. Route Thirteen

    The Arcs

    Electrophonic Chronic

      In 2015, Dan Auerbach entered the studio with Leon Michels, Nick Movshon, Homer Steinweiss, and the late Richard Swift (who passed away in 2018) to record The Arcs' debut album Yours, Dreamily in a handful of freewheeling sessions over two weeks. Now, more than 7 years later, those same sessions became the bedrock on which the surviving members fleshed out the anticipated follow-up album, Electrophonic Chronic, a collection of psychedelic rock, gritty funk, and heady, soulful grooves.

      The Arcs was formed when Dan Auerbach enlisted Leon Michels, a multi-instrumentalist who was part of the studio crew on Auerbach’s GRAMMY-nominated production projects for Dr. John and Lana Del Rey – "I just wanted to do my thing and get extra weird." Auerbach headed into the studio with Michels, Movshon, Steinweiss, and Swift, and made their debut Yours, Dreamily, which was recorded in a handful of freewheeling sessions lasting less than two weeks and released in September 2015.

      Those same sessions produced a second unfinished album worth of tracks, the bedrock on which the surviving members fleshed out the highly anticipated follow-up album, Electrophonic Chronic.

      "Like a cigarette flicked on a stream of gasoline. The snarling melodies, warbling horn lines and in-the-pocket beats transport listeners into the album's pulpy world of '70s exploitation films and gritty biker-gang movies." - NPR

      Produced by Dan Auerbach and Leon Michels, and mixed by the legendary Tchad Blake. 


      1. Keep On Dreamin’
      2. Eyez
      3. Heaven Is A Place
      4. Califone Interlude
      5. River
      6. Sunshine
      7. A Man Will Do No Wrong
      8. Behind The Eyes
      9. Backstage Mess Interlude
      10. Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
      11. Only One For Me 

      The Bevis Frond

      The Clocks - 2023 Reissue

        ‘The Clocks' was originally issued in 2007 as a CD-only limited edition of 110 for members of 'The Bevis Frond Online Community'. It comprised 19 previously unissued tracks. Most of these were home demos featuring just Frond frontman Nick Saloman on all instruments and vocals. Since then, it has never been re-issued in any format. It is therefore with great pleasure that Blue Matter are re-issuing it for the first time, and now as a vinyl double album and limited CD. Due to certain circumstances, three of the original tracks could not be used, so these have been replaced these with another three previously unheard tracks from Nick Saloman's extensive archives. These songs include the seven minute 'She's Taken It All', originally intended for 2004's 'Hit Squad' album but dropped at the last minute due to timing constraints. The beautiful 'You Better Make Do' and the edgy 'Devil Doll' have also been added. We are delighted to be able to make this 'long lost' album available once again and think it will be a welcome addition to the Bevis Frond canon.


        Side One.
        1 Worlde Is Older
        2 The Clocks
        3 Home Is Where The Head Is
        4 Cut To The Quick
        Side Two.
        5 Bless Him
        6 Anything You Say
        7 Devil Doll
        8 God
        9 When I’m Gone
        10 I Need The Rush.
        Side Three.
        11 Watch The Sun
        12 You Better Make Do
        13 Little Ray
        14 She’s Taken It All.
        Side Four.
        15 Things He Said
        16 I’ll Save Myself
        17 I Wasn’t There
        18 I’m Better Now
        19 Shades 

        Black Lips

        200 Million Thousand - 2023 Reissue

          The follow up to the widely successful ‘Good Bad Not Evil’, the 2009 album is a perfect amalgam of their high-end live shows and subculture songwriting, meshed tightly to the Lips’ distinctive howl. Finally back on vinyl and part of a series of Fire re-issues celebrating 20 years of the legendary garage rock gurus from Atlanta, Georgia. Rolling Stone, Spin, Filter, Magnet, Stop Smiling, The Fader, Anthem, Paste, and The NY Times-approved garage rock veterans’ trashy psyche pop gem. Unapologetic southern-fried twang, crunching through the gears in a haze of psychedelia. 


          Side A
          A1 Take My Heart
          A2 Drugs
          A3 Starting Over
          A4 Let It Grow
          A5 Trapped In A Basement
          A6 Short Fuse
          A7 I'll Be With You
          Side B
          B1 Big Black Baby Jesus Of Today
          B2 Again & Again
          B3 Old Man
          B4 The Drop I Hold
          B5 Body Combat
          B6 Elijah
          B7 I Saw God 

          Black Lips

          Arabia Mountain - 2023 Reissue

            Sixth full-length album from the gurus of Atlanta’s “flower punk” movement, from the heady daze of 2011 – finally back on vinyl and part of a series of Fire re-issues celebrating 20 years of the legendary garage rock gurus from Atlanta, Georgia. Arabia Mountain was recorded between Brooklyn and Atlanta in 2010, and with the collaborative assistance of celebrated producer Mark Ronson, Lockett Pundt of Deerhunter, and a human skull with a microphone jammed into it. “I was already a fan of the Black Lips coming into it and I definitely didn’t want to f**k up anything,” Ronson told Rolling Stone…and f**k up he did not. The production tests the limits of modern amplification, harkening to the full, meaty sound of The Stooges’ Fun House or Lola Versus Powerman by the Kinks. Unapologetic southern-fried twang, crunching through the gears with flowers blossoming everywhere. 

            TRACK LISTING

            Side A
            A1 Family Tree
            A2 Modern Art
            A3 Spidey's Curse
            A4 Mad Dog
            A5 Mr. Driver
            A6 Bicentennial Man
            A7 Go Out And Get It
            A8 Raw Meat
            Side B
            B1 Bone Marrow
            B2 The Lie
            B3 Time
            B4 Dumpster Dive
            B5 New Direction
            B6 Noc-A-Homa
            B7 Don't Mess Up My Baby
            B8 You Keep On Running 

            Black Lips

            Let It Bloom - 2023 Reissue

              The classic third album from the Black Lips, originally released in 2005 and now back on vinyl and part of a series of Fire re-issues celebrating 20 years of the legendary garage rock gurus from Atlanta, Georgia. 16 tracks of grimy and chaotic punk, scuzzy and raw, and catchy as hell.

              “Their strongest effort to date.” All Music
              "The band at their trashy best; more melodic but every bit as psychotic. If The Royal Trux had listened to the Troggs instead of the Rolling Stones, they might have recorded this album. This baby is a masterpiece. Unapologetic southern-fried twang, crunching through the gears in a blitz of grimy bravado. Their music twitches with an engaging, wired vigour." ★★★★ Uncut. 

              TRACK LISTING

              Side A
              A1 Sea Of Blasphemy
              A2 Can't Dance
              A3 Boomerang
              A4 Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah
              A5 Not A Problem
              A6 Gung Ho
              A7 Everybody's Doin' It
              A8 Feeling Gay
              Side B
              B1 Take Me Home (Back To Boone)
              B2 Gentle Violence
              B3 She's Gone
              B4 Fairy Stories
              B5 Dirty Hands
              B6 Workin'
              B7 Punk Slime
              B8 Empassant

              Black Lips

              Satan's Graffitti Or God's Art - 2023 Reissue

                Part of a series of Fire re-issues celebrating 20 years of the legendary garage rock gurus from Atlanta, Georgia. This 2017 record features a musically evolved Black Lips, who still stay true to their original blistering take on fuzzy, dirty rock n' roll. God’s Art or Satan’s Graffiti features guest contributions from Yoko Ono was produced by Sean Lennon throughout 2016. During the recording, the band isolated themselves from the outside world, infusing the album with a focused liveliness similar to the spirit that brought them together in the first place. On Satan's graffiti or God's art? founding members Cole Alexander and Jared Swilley teamed with former guitarist Jack Hines (who played in the group from 2002-2004) and additions Oakley Munson on drums and Zumi Rosow on saxophone. A sonically captivating document that is as creatively unhinged as it is precisely executed, one of the rawest and most expansive albums in the band's storied history.

                TRACK LISTING

                Side A
                A1 Overture: Sunday Morning
                A2 Occidental Front
                A3 Can't Hold On
                A4 The Last Cul De Sac
                Side B
                B1 Interlude: Got Me All Alone
                B2 Crystal Night
                B3 Squatting In Heaven
                B4 Interlude: Bongo's Baby
                B5 Rebel Intuition
                Side C
                C1 Wayne
                C2 Interlude: E’lektric Spider Webz
                C3 We Know
                C4 In My Mind There's A Dream
                Side D
                D1 Lucid Nightmare
                D2 Come Ride With Me
                D3 It Won't Be Long
                D4 Loser's Lament
                D5 Finale: Sunday Morning

                Black Lips

                Underneath The Rainbow - 2023 Reissue

                  The seventh studio album from the mighty Black Lips is finally back on vinyl, part of a series of Fire re-issues celebrating 20 years of the legendary garage rock gurus from Atlanta, Georgia. Featuring fan favourites such as ‘Boys in the Wood’ and ‘Funny’, this is an essential slice of Black Lips history. The band convened at Dunham Studios in New York to record initial tracks with Dap Kings music director Tommy Brenneck (Cee Lo, Charles Bradley), then decamped to Nashville to record several songs with Patrick Carney of The Black Keys producing, finally rounding out the album with a couple of songs co-produced with lifetime Lips recording collaborator, Ed Rawls. 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Side A
                  A1 Drive-By-Buddy
                  A2 Smiling
                  A3 Make You Mine
                  A4 Funny
                  A5 Dorner Party
                  A6 Justice After All
                  Side B
                  B1 Boys In The Wood
                  B2 Waiting
                  B3 Do The Vibrate
                  B4 I Don't Wanna Go Home
                  B5 Dandelion Dust
                  B6 Dog Years


                  Get Real

                    CVC (or Church Village Collective in full) hail from this sleepy village 10 miles north of Cardiff, nestling atop a hill in the Welsh valleys. CVC is comprised of singer Francesco Orsi, bassist Ben Thorne, drummer Tom Fry, keyboardist Daniel ‘Naniel’ Jones and singing guitarists David Bassey and Elliott Bradfield. It’s worth noting that the latter two, despite never having met them, are related to Welsh royalty Dame Shirley Bassey and Manic Street Preachers’ James Dean Bradfield. Maybe owing to genetics, Bassey states “I don't think I’d be able to not do this, I don’t actively choose to, I’m just drawn to it”. Their lush three-part harmonies echo the music they grew up on - contemporary pop’s building blocks: the Beatles, Neil Young and the Beach Boys - rich, melodic and pristine music that’s steeped in rock’s history.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Barry says: It wouldn't be hard to listen to CVC's new LP and imagine that it came from the psychedelic rock movement of the 70's, until the softening influence of 00's synth-pop enters the fray. It's this dedication to melodicism mixed with a firm knowledge of the classics that make 'Get Real' such an alluring proposition. Funky, inventive and great fun throughout.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    SIDE A
                    1. Hail Mary
                    2. Winston
                    3. Knock Knock
                    4. Sophie
                    5. Anogo
                    SIDE B
                    1. Good Morning Vietnam
                    2. Woman Of Mine
                    3. Music Stuff
                    4. Mademoiselle
                    5. Docking The Pay
                    6. American Ultra

                    Bob Dylan

                    Fragments: Time Out Of Mind Sessions (1996-1997) The Bootleg Series Vol.17

                      The complete Bob Dylan Fragments January 2023Time Out of Mind Sessions (19961997): The Bootleg Series Vol.17 will be available as a deluxe box set in a 5CD edition. Also available, a twodisc/4LP standard edition of Fragments which includes the Time Out of Mind 2022 remix disc and a disc of twelve select Outtakes and Alternates highlights.

                      The latest chapter in Columbia/Legacy's highly acclaimed Bob Dylan Bootleg Series takes a fresh look at Time Out of Mind, Dylan's midcareer masterpiece, celebrating the album and its enduring impact 25 years after its original release on September 30, 1997.

                      Fragments Time Out of Mind Sessions (19961997): The Bootleg Series Vol.17 follows the evolution of songs written for the album, from intimate early incarnations in the previously unreleased 1996 Teatro sessions featuring Dylan (vocals, guitar, and piano), Daniel Lanois and Tony Mangurian (guitar and organ), Tony Garnier (bass) (drums and percussion) through incandescent live renditions (also previously unreleased) showcasing Dylan and his touring ensemble channeling the songs onstage from 1998-2001.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      CD Box Set:
                      Disc One - Time Out Of Mind (2022 Remix) 
                      1. Love Sick
                      2. Dirt Road Blues
                      3. Standing In The Doorway
                      4. Million Miles
                      5. Tryin
                      6. 'Til ' To Get To Heaven I Fell In Love With You
                      7. Not Dark Yet
                      8. Cold Irons Bound
                      9. Make You Feel My Love
                      10. Can't Wait
                      11. Highlands

                      Disc Two - Dreamin Outtakes And Alternates
                      1. The Water Is Wide (8/19/96, Teatro)
                      2. ' Of You (10/1/96, Teatro)
                      3. Red River Shore
                      4. Love Sickversion 1 (9/26/96, Teatro) Version 1 (1/14/97, Criteria Studios)
                      5. 'Til I Fell In Love With You
                      6. Not Dark Yet –– Version 1 (10/3/96, Teatro) Version 1 (1/11/97, Criteria Studios)
                      7. Can't Wait Version 1 (1/21/97, Criteria Studios)
                      8. Dirt Road Blues
                      9. Mississippi Version 1 (1/12/97, Criteria Studios) Version 1 (1/11/97, Criteria Studios)
                      10. 'Til I Fell In Love With You
                      11. Standing In The Doorway
                      12. Tryin ' To Get To Heaven ––version 2 (1/16/97, Criteria Studios) Version 1 (1/13/97, Criteria Studios) Version 1 (1/18/97, Criteria Studios)
                      13. Cold Irons Bound (1/9/97, Criteria Studios)

                      Disc Three – Outtakes And Alternates
                      1. Love Sick–version 2 (1/14/97, Criteria Studios)
                      2. Dirt Road Blues –version 2 (1/20/97, Criteria Studios)
                      3. Can't Wait–version 2 (1/14/97, Criteria Studios)
                      4. Red River Shore –version 2 (1/19/97, Criteria Studios)
                      5. Marchin' To The City (1/5/97, Criteria Studios)
                      6. Make You Feel My Love –take 1 (1/5/97, Criteria Studios)
                      7. Mississippi –version 2 (1/11/97, Criteria Studios)
                      8. Standing In The Doorway –version 2 (1/13/97, Criteria Studios)
                      9. 'TilI Fell In Love With You –version 3 (1/16/97, Criteria Studios)
                      10. Not Dark Yet –version 2 (1/18/97, Criteria Studios)
                      11. Tryin' To Get To Heaven –version 2 (1/12/97, Criteria Studios)
                      12. Highlands (1/16/97, Criteria Studios)

                      Disc Four – Live (1998-2001)
                      1. Love Sick(6/24/98, Birmingham, England)
                      2. Can't Wait (2/6/99, Nashville, Tennessee)
                      3. Standing In The Doorway (10/6/00, London, England)
                      4. Million Miles (1/31/98, Atlantic City, New Jersey)
                      5. Tryin' To Get To Heaven (9/20/00, Birmingham, England)
                      6. 'TilI Fell In Love With You (4/5/98, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
                      7. Not Dark Yet (9/22/00, Sheffield, England)
                      8. Cold Irons Bound (5/19/00, Oslo, Norway)
                      9. Make You Feel My Love (5/21/98, Los Angeles, California) Previously Released On The "Things Have Changed" Maxi-single
                      10. Can't Wait (5/19/00, Oslo, Norway)
                      11. Mississippi (11/15/01, Washington, D.C.)
                      12. Highlands (3/24/01, Newcastle, Australia)

                      Disc Five – Bonus Disc (Previously Released On The Bootleg Series Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs: Rare And Unreleased 1989–2006)
                      1. Dreamin' Of You –Tell Tale Signs(10/1/96, Teatro)
                      2. Red River Shore –Tell Tale Signs, Version 1 (1/19/97, Criteria Studios)
                      3. Red River Shore –Tell Tale Signs, Version 2 (1/8/97, Criteria Studios)
                      4. Mississippi –Tell Tale Signs, Version 1 (9/96, Teatro)
                      5. Mississippi –Tell Tale Signs, Version 3 (1/17/97, Criteria Studios)
                      6. Mississippi –Tell Tale Signs, Version 2 (1/17/97, Criteria Studios)
                      7. Marchin' To The City –Tell Tale Signs, Version 1 (1/5/97, Criteria Studios)
                      8. Marchin' To The City –Tell Tale Signs, Version 2 (1/6/97, Criteria Studios)
                      9. Can't Wait–Tell Tale Signs, Version 1 (10/1/96, Teatro)
                      10. Can't Wait–Tell Tale Signs, Version 2 (1/5/97, Criteria Studios)
                      11. Cold Irons Bound –Tell Tale Signs, Live (6/11/04, Bonnaroo Music Festival)
                      12. Tryin' To Get To Heaven –Tell Tale Signs, Live (10/5/00, Londo


                      Magick Brother

                        Having been part of the fabled ‘Canterbury scene’ along with luminaries such as Robert Wyatt and Pip Pyle the irrepressible Australian guitarist-vocalist-songwriter Daevid Allen formed Gong with Welsh vocalist Gilli Smyth in Paris at the end of the ‘60s as France was in state of ferment. Magick Brother introduced Gong as one of the great oddities of the psychedelic and space rock age. The nucleus of Allen, Smyth and Malherbe was able to create a musical vocabulary very much of its own all the while searching for essential metaphysical truths. “The band made strong political statements that comes through loud and clear on this re-mastered version of Gong’s debut album...” Kevin Le Gendre

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Mystic Sister - Magick Brother
                        2. Change The World
                        3. Glad To Sad To Say
                        4. Chainstore Chant - Pretty Miss Titty
                        5. Fredfish - Hope You Feel Ok
                        6. Ego
                        7. Gong Song
                        8. Princess Dreaming
                        9. 5 And 20 Schoolgirls
                        10. Cos You Got Green Hair
                        11. Est-Ce Que Je Suis ?
                        12. Hip Hypnotise You

                        Kill Your Boyfriend


                          Treviso, Italy-based two piece Kill Your Boyfriend are releasing their fourth album 'Voodoo' via Sister 9 Recordings (Europe), Little Cloud Records (North America) and Shyrec (Itay). A frantic and hypnothising bacchanalia of Psych & Industrial tinged soundwaves, the new album is a collection of reverb laden necromantic charms, summoning the souls and bones of the greats in the Rock & Roll pantheon of the 1950s. The duo delivers such glittery dark enchantment via 7 hoodoo hymns, travelling with a crumbling, ghostly and magically whizzing Rocket 88, in the company of Marie Laveau and madame Lalaurie. It's a relentless whirl of Voodoo-Psych, Industrial-Billy, Electro-GrisGris, which you can dance to.

                          The new LP follows 'Killadelica', where Kill Your Boyfriend had refined their debut signature sound, bridging the gap between the semi-obscure but hauntingly fascinating tradition of Veneto's PostPunk (Death In Venice, Evabraun, Pyramids, etc.) and contemporary Psych-Nouveau. With 'Voodoo', Matteo Scarpa and Antonio Angeli, explore new genres and expand the sonic borders, without losing their original intent. They replace the synth bass with a bass-guitar, adding more fluidity and weight to a renewed and punchier rhythmic section. Electronic and acoustic percussion are fuller and heavier, and the band's new stomp-machine is a hyper-convulsive version of the saturated Rock & Roll and R&B drumming, from the cheap garage studios of 1950s indie labels.

                          Sida A is the most Rock & Roll of the two, and it is inspired by Michael Ventura's essay "Hear that Long Snake Moan", which brought forward the idea that "the Voodoo rite of possession by the god became the standard of American performance in Rock’n’Roll" where the performers "let themselves be possessed not by any god they could name but by the spirit they felt in the music”. Each song invokes one or a set of the lost souls of the Rock & Roll era, with 'The Day The Music Died' referring to the infamous 3rd of February 1959. Side B descends deeper into the magic swamps of Creole magic, with music taking on a much more liturgical function, conjuring shamanic possessions via extra layers of tribal percussion. The band says of side B: "we see it as a one long ritualistic descent into a psychedelic underworld made of echoing voices, claustrophobic spaces populated by lost souls, enchanters and witchdoctors."

                          For fans of: Throbbing Gristle, The Soft Moon, Suicide, Cult Of Dom Keller, Sonic Youth, The Cramps, Sisters Of Mercy, Wall Of Voodoo

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. The King
                          2. The Man In Black
                          3. Mr Mojo
                          4. Buster
                          5. The Day The Music Died
                          6. Papa Legba
                          7. Vodoo

                          Tresa Leigh is the reflection of St. Simons Island, Georgia teenager Teresa Laxamanna (né Leggett).
                          Wooed by a classifieds listing to audition for Philly funk and soul imprint Lyndell Records, the aspiring 15 year old dragged her father, guitar, fender amplifier and microphone to perform her convincingly mature folk tales of first time heartbreak. Winning the support of label owner Walter L Rayfield, the fresh recruit cut two originals in a makeshift motel studio on the neighbouring Jekyll Island, backed by a band of unhurried session players.
                          The 1970 recording yielded her debut 45, pairing “I Remember”’s endearing juvenile jangle with the heartsick Ghost Riders cornerstone “Until Then”.
                          After a car accident prevented Mr. Rayfield from fulfilling his release plans, an unswayed Tresa responded to Great World Of Sound’s newspaper advert, baiting the prospect of gold records, major label connections and sales of a million copies. With family and friends crowdfunding the $1,200 that the company required to produce a follow-up 7”, she jetted to Nashville, recording a slicker, emotionally elevated update on “Until Then”, and the symphonic slow dancer I Miss You. In another unfortunate career misfire, the dubious label failed to deliver on any of their promises, with the artist volunteering the only surviving copy for restoration.

                          Collating all four recordings, this brief anthology immortalises the innocent small town dreams of a genuine original, inadvertently echoing the likes of Nora Guthrie, Bonnie Dobson and Patti Whipp.. 

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1 I Remember
                          A2 Until Then (1970 Version)
                          B1 I Miss You
                          B2 Until Then (1971 Version)

                          Will & James Ragar

                          Forever / Bayou Paradise

                          BBE Music announces the first-ever re-issue of this sun baked folk/jazz hybrid 45 by Louisiana brothers Will & James Ragar. First released in 1981, this private press 7" showcases Will & James' songwriting skills, refined performance and sophisticated compositions. Remastered by Frank Merritt the re-issue has an analogue warmth that the brothers say sounds even more pleasing than the original. Will & James Ragar began as the Will James Band performing on the popular 'Crawfish Circuit' of Southern Louisiana - this circuit included New Orleans, Thibodaux and Baton Rouge. They played blues, rock and jazz combos, covering everything from James Taylor to Jimi Hendrix. Eventually evolving into an acoustic folk-rock duo by the time they entered the studio in 1980. Both tracks on the 45 were recorded at River City studios in Baton Rouge in 1980. The engineer had the Allman Brothers on his list of recording credits, so they felt they were in excellent company. "Bayou Paradise" was an ode to the beauty of Southern Louisiana. The famous Sunshine bridge over wetlands as the sounds of migrating geese echo overhead on their journey down the Mississippi River flyway. The Atchafalaya river basin flows into the Gulf of Mexico near Lafayette creating a large wetland area and lush lakes connected by endless bayous. Miles and miles of lush swamps with many uninhabited areas just waiting to be explored.

                          "Forever" captures the exhilaration of new love, focusing on its intoxication and ecstasy without looking ahead to the reality of a life on the road. The soulful chorus inspires motion and enthusiasm. The shadow of Woodstock had a defining role against tradition. Things were changing socially. Loving someone forever was always part of the dream but seemingly broken in an age of break-ups and divorce. The optimistic hope that "love will survive" was half dream and half pessimistic glance forward at the social trends of relationships that were to follow. The studio band included Will & James. John Smart on keyboards, he's solo on "Forever" was achieved with the Legendary Analog Prophet synth and saturated the studio with rich layers of its distinctive sound, driving the up-tempo chorus. Dave D'Aubin, a versatile bass player whose resonant tone is very present on both songs. Tommy Jefferson is on drums, an alumnus of the Southern University jazz program, the same place Randy Jackson and Billy Cobham studied. Tommy used a tight higher pitch snare drum on the recording, a sound that would soon become very popular, but at that time was a little ahead of the curve. The session was recorded on analogue tape using the 24-track MCI recorder and mixed down to analogue tape for the single. Will & James added vocal harmonies and soaked up the fidelity during mix-down. The release coincides with the long-awaited re-issue of the brothers' album 'Will & James Ragar One'. This much sort after private press long-player was originally released in 1980 and sold locally in a limited run has now been fully remastered by Frank Merritt. BBE Music presents the album in a glorious gatefold with extensive sleeve notes. This time the vinyl will be pressed over 2 discs to produce the best sound possible.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Forever
                          2. Bayou Paradise

                          The Velvet Underground

                          Loaded - 2023 Reissue

                            Lou Reed's last album with the Velvet Underground has remained a reliable fixture on Rolling Stone's 500 best albums of all time, and others. Earning a 10/10 from Pitchfork and top accolades from Q, Spin, Uncut, AllMusic, Christgau's Record Guide, and others, this album is a fan favorite featuring hit singles "Sweet Jane" and "Rock & Roll."


                            Waile / Waile (Midnight Version)

                              WITCH were the first band in Zambia to release a commercial album - 1973’s ‘Introduction’.

                              Blending the rock and roll sounds of the late 60s and early 70s together with more traditional, African rhythms, WITCH pioneered a new genre dubbed Zamrock, and during their brief, yet prolific early existence, WITCH (an acronym for We Intend To Cause Havoc) released seven albums and were the most revered band in the country.

                              ‘Waile’ is WITCH’s first new song since 1984, and their first with original frontman and co-founder Emmanuel ‘Jagari’ Chanda since 1977. The track was a staple of their 70s live set but was never recorded until the band’s reunification.

                              The B-side is titled ‘Waile (Midnight Version)’. While on tour in the UK, the band took the original stems from ‘Waile’ and reworked them, adding synths and more in studio.

                              This is also this the first release from new Partisan label partners Desert Daze Sound.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Waile (Midnight Version)

                              ZZ Top

                              Eliminator - 40th Anniversary Edition

                                40th Anniversary of the groundbreaking and chart topping album. Includes "Legs" and "Sharp Dressed Man."

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