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Genre pick of the week Cover of Ngelar by Lair.
In "Ngélar" - the sextet’s sophomore LP - deeper social narratives and more intimate subject matters are more apparent. In which they speak a lot about ‘tanah’ or ‘land/soil,’ owing a lot to the fact that their hometown, Jatiwangi’s history of being the country’s largest producer of clay/terracotta-based products. The people in Jatiwangi’s intertwining relationship with ‘tanah’ is simply unparalleled - even their instruments are mostly made of terracotta.

From the reimagining of their hometown’s past glories, Lair, along with singer/songwriter Monica Hapsari (who co-wrote and co-composed three songs in the album) and Go Kurosawa (Kikagaku Moyo) helming the project as the producer, sings about the rituals and traditions of harvest, to sending off prayers towards their once-prospering land and the ruins of what was once a dense forest in Jatiwangi, which they are currently trying to reclaim while racing with the massive wave of industrialisation. It is a contextually-sorrowful album as much as it is a candid, cheery commemoration of the band members’ everyday life in today’s northern shores of Java, Indonesia.

"Ngélar" is one of the words that might be able to describe the essence of Lair as a group. The word itself can be traced back to the locals’ culture of ‘going around in celebration of something.’ In their village, ngélar simply means a traveling performance, in which the performers would play music and go around the village, greeting the people around them as they move from place to place, or simply within their immediate surroundings, indicating that there is something nearby that is being celebrated.

Lair are simply in love with journey, time, and all of their interactions. "Ngélar", for them, is a representation of their journey. How they go around, interacting and communicating, to celebrating and making sense of everything that is going on within and around them. For Lair, "Ngélar" is a method, a creative process, and - as an album - a culmination of each of their journeys since the group’s founding.


Matt says: Hair raising psyche, fuzz and funk from this Indonesian group. Plenty for fans of Goat to enjoy, whilst it also sits perfectly into the Guruguru Brain ethos.


Pesta Rakyat Pabrik Gula
Tanah Bertuah
Kawin Tebu
Bangkai Belantara
Gelombang Pemecah Malam
Mencari Selamat

Greg Foat & Sokratis Votskos

Live At Villa Maximus, Mykonos (feat. Warren Hampshire & Ayo Salawu)

    Greg Foat's Greek Jazz quartet featuring Sokratis Votskos, Warren Hampshire and Ayo Salawu recorded live in Mykonos. Big fat Synth bass lines with Psychedelic Guitar, Hypnotic Bass Clarinet, mystical Flute and Killer Drums.


    1. Tsamykonos (feat. Warren Hampshire & Ayo Salawu)
    2. Kiki's Tavern (For Vasilis) [feat. Warren Hampshire & Ayo Salawu]
    3. On The Rose Bush (feat. Warren Hampshire & Ayo Salawu)
    4. Secret World, Pt. 1 (feat. Warren Hampshire & Ayo Salawu)
    5. Secret World, Pt. 2 (feat. Warren Hampshire & Ayo Salawu)
    6. Secret World, Pt. 3 (feat. Warren Hampshire & Ayo Salawu)

    Kaito Ian

    Lo-Fi Hip Hop Instrumentals

    Son of Todd Osborn (Soundmurderer/Ghostly) Kaito Ian makes a hugely impressing first outing on the Galaxy Sound Co label with a series of lo-fi hip-hop beat-strumentals that cannot fail to get your head nodding. He is a dedicated music lover and skater with a deep knowledge of his craft and that shows here with some refined sounds starting with the soul drenched 'Revert', then on to the warped angelic vocal samples of 'Sequoia' and the percussive jumbled and scratching of 'Trek'. 'Wait Up' is another excellently blissed out joint and 'Sloan' is a sunny, laid back, lazy vibe to close down a superb EP.


    Matt says: Phwoooar 'ave some of THAT! Todd Osborn's son (!!) drops a tidy package of hip-hop instrumentals which lands somewhere between DJ Dez (Andres), Madlib and some of the beat tapes we've had through Fat Beats. You'll be clambering after a whole LP once you've digested this 7"!


    Wait Up

    Ladysmith Black Mambazo

    Best Of Ladysmith Black Mambazo

      Whether they were singing hymns or secular songs, Ladysmith Black Mombazo always raised their voices in glorious harmony. They are the unmatched masters of South African a cappella and this release documents their vocal prowess. This album is comprised of their very best performances from over a long and prestigious and celebrated career. It covers from when they burst onto the scene when they participated with Paul Simon on his hugely successful "Graceland" album and launched their years of worldwide touring to appearances on venues like Saturday Night Live, and providing music for movies with major stars like Michael Jackson and Dolly Parton. Their unparalleled artistry won them great fame and five Grammy awards. They also always found time to lend their voices in Support of South Africa's Struggles away from apartheid rule.


      A1. Izithembiso Zenkosi
      A2. Kubi Ukungalaleli
      A3. Uphi Umhlobo
      A4. Yimani
      A5. Silgugu Isiphambano
      A6. Limnandi Izulu
      B1. Ayanqikaza Amagwala
      B2. That's Why I Choose You
      B3. Isimanga Salomhlaba
      B4. Ungikhumbule
      B5. Amafutha Esibane
      B6. Udla Nge'nduku Zabanye

      Hot Casa Records present "Togo Soul 2: Selected Rare Togolese Recordings from 1974 to 1989"

      A treasure-trove of rare and unusual recordings mostly recorded in Lomé during the 70’s and 80’s . A fusion of traditional voodoo chants, raw soul and even Electro Funk . Finding these tracks and their rights holders hasn’t become any easier even after few trips all over this west African country bordered by Ghana , Benin & Burkina Faso. After 8 years, We , at Hot Casa Records with the kind help of Roger Damawuzan decided to select thirteen tracks, a snapshot of some hundreds of rare and often forgotten tapes from the most prolific, professional and exciting phase of the country’s recording history included international stars like Akofa Akoussah, Gregoire Lawani to Roger Damawuzan compared as the James Brown from Lomé to forgotten tapes and brilliant songs in Mina, Kabyié and Fon language.

      Many of the tracks featured here are peppered with innovation and experimentation highlighting how diverse, the music scene in Togo was at the time even if the political context influenced their creation. Many of the original albums these tracks are taken from high prices online due to their rarity and so it’s with great pleasure that we present a selection here that evokes a golden boomtime in Togolese music history.
      Includes biographies and rare photos
      Remastered by Frank Merritt at The Carvery


      A1. Ali Bawa -Yansama
      A2. Napo De Mi Amor - Kissakpiou
      A3. Alognon Degbevi & Les Vétérans Jazz - Baba Na Mi
      A4. Mamo Lagbema - Fati Waka
      B1. Koffi Ottytana Bebli - Doka
      B2. Gregoire Lawani - Habie
      B3. Deg Dos - The End Of All
      B4. Tomede Ehue - Bella Bellow
      C1.Mawuli Decker - Hlomede
      C2. Palete Wawa - Assini
      D1. Akofa Akoussah - Sumga Na Bacci
      D2. Roger Damawuzan - Miziqui
      D3. Agboti – Agaza Gbona

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