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Genre pick of the week Cover of Flashlight by Precious Bloom.

Precious Bloom


Two-tracker from Indonesian group Precious Bloom. 'Flashlight' on the A side is inspired by Euro disco with a touch of Indonesian city pop. The track 'Mojo' on the B-side explores a rhyme of witchery...

"What a lovely tune!" - Mr. Scruff
"Mojo is the jam!!!" - Gigi Testa
"Great" - Tama Sumo


Matt says: Irresistible Indonesian music here with a sleeve that belongs on your bathroom wall. "Flashlight" takes us away on a picturesque cruise through the Java seas while the more electrified "Mojo" keeps us galloping through the night once we've reached destination paradise.



Salar Ansari was born and raised in Tehran and is now based in Detroit. After his "Feelings from the Future" EP, he returns to his Passed Out On A Persian Rug imprint, breathing new life into four Persian pop classics.

This is seriously strong shit folks! Full of intrigue, yet highly danceable and touched up in just the right manner (it's a Motor City thang!). Flecks of acid, electronic drum machines and warm bass merging beautifully with the mystic and haunting Persian vocals. Ansair is obviously a skilled producer, but his Persian background has gifted him unique source material that few can match in the current climate!

Sick of the same old disco tracks, looped up and turned into house music? Me too! This stuff is a welcome breath of fresh air and sure to get you noticed as a DJ.. or will simply blow the roof of your living room disco!

Don't sleep - limited copies - hot stuff!! 


Matt says: When Tehran-born producers end up living in Detroit these are the breath taking results that ensue! Detroitian, forward thinking mindset, Persian source material - whodathunk it would result in the most arresting musical experience for a good while!


A1. Hayedeh - Gol Vajeh (POPR Mix)
A2. Shahyar Ghanbary - Forbidden (POPR Mix)

B1. Shahram Shabparesh - To Mitooni (POPR Mix)

B2. Hassan Shamaeizadeh - Telesm (POPR Mix)

After making the rounds as a digital “test press”, and getting support from some pretty heavy hitters, Super Badman Riddim finally gets its vinyl release! Double A goes full house mode, with tribal drums, a cheeky soul sample flip, and some big badman vocals. Heavy descending sub puts the icing on this cake. This one’s been killing it on dance floors for a while now, so grab it while you can! A seasoned Baltimore Club veteran, we’re thrilled to welcome James Nasty to the Mountain 45s family. Although this previously circulated as a digital-only gem, this is a 7” vinyl debut for this banger. You don’t see much (any?) B-More on 7” so it’s also a bit of a unicorn. Big Dancehall vocal flip, absolutely banging uptempo drums, and a killer buildup makes for some sure shot dance floor ammo. Don’t snooze!


A1. Double A - Super Badman Riddim
B1. James Nasty - Fan Dem Off

Surfing on the wave of 1980’s Nippon’s bubble of electronics and economics, fashion and the femme fatale, explosion of its pop culture and computerized technopop, and the world’s sudden fascination with everything Japan, a group of young studio musicians stemming from Tokyo’s downtown of Akihabara and Kanda came together for ad hoc recording sessions between 1982-1986. Their goal… produce the next domestic hit album, a travelogue of city pop inspired by the urban yet lonely sprawl of now globally admired Asia. Yet their vision of the concept album under the City Heights moniker never came to see the light due to the group’s sudden disbandment after the tragic loss of love.

Led by the guitarist come arranger-producer HASEGAWA Joe (Jô) and keyboardist KATSURAG Mariko, the City Heights sessions drew form Tokyo’s musical melting pot of early 1980s with a distinct blend of jazz, funk, boogie, spiced with a local touch of Nippon’s finest electronic instruments.

Now, restored, remastered and occasionally redubbed by Japanese music connoisseur Sten Saluveer aka MILDHANS, this second, highly anticipated volume will take you on a journey through the love-longing nights of Aoyama, to the festive matsuri bustle of Jô’s hometown of Kanda, the Jasmine dreaming of Taipei, and a quirky nod to a then legendary musical superhero.


Matt says: A fiery blend of psyche-funk mellowed out with smooth jazz notes and enhanced with precision Japanese production values with a visually stunning sleeve to boot.


A1. Aoyoma Nights
A2. Kushiyaki
B1. Kuroiinu Hosono
B2. Jasmine Dream

New Regency Orchestra

New Regency Orchestra

    Announcing the debut album from one of London's most electrifying acts

    An 18-piece Afro-Cuban big band, inspired by the musical melting pot of NYC in the 1950s, but with the punch and power of a whole host of London's best Latin and jazz musicians . Blowing new life into these compositions, the album is a reimagining of some of the finest music from that golden era. From early 1950s Rene Hernandez and Tito Puente, through to the 1970s salsa of Rafael Labasta and Orlando Marin, produced and performed with fresh fire.

    NRO is the brainchild of its artistic director, and the man behind Total Refreshment Centre and Church of Sound , Lex Blondin . Through a long- held passion for jazz, Lex discovered the explosive Afro-Cuban rhythms of mid-1940s NYC via the godfather of Afro-Cuban jazz, Mario Bauza. A time when two musical worlds collided in a fusion of creativity and energy, jazz luminaries like Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker joining forces with Cuban greats like Machito and Chano Pozo. This vibrant sound was music to dance to and found a home at The New York Palladium, a formative space of freedom and expression that was key to the scene's development.

    Although dance- focussed in their makeup, those early recordings are not often heard in modern club environments and Lex dreamt of retelling their story with a contemporary dynamism . A slice of serendipity followed, as a slot at a new festival opened up and Lex jumped at the chance to make this idea a reality, an 18-piece big band breathing new life into these beloved songs.

    Enlisting the expertise of some of the capital's finest talent, Lex and co-captain Andy Wood , of Como No fame, put together a world- class line- up of talent. Bringing in Eliane Correa as musical director and bandleader, a fluid and interchanging 18-piece band was formed.

    This pure collective joy, shared experience and music you can't help but move to.


    Mambo Herd
    Fiesta Time
    Para Los Papines
    Sahib & Tito
    Scarlet Mambo Hour
    Papa Boco
    Labasta Llego
    Mambo Rama (Lex Blondin Rework)
    Mango Walk
    Harlem Jamboree

    Groove Culture Bosses Micky More & Andy Tee Provided 2 beautiful jazzy-house djfriendly versions of the Classics 'Gypsy Woman' and 'Special Love'. On Both side everything is played live from the bass to the horns. A Must Have.


    A1. Montefiori Cocktail - Gypsy Woman (Micky More & Andy Tee 7" Remix)
    B1. Jestofunk - Special Love (feat Jocelyn Brown - Micky More & Andy Tee 7" Jazz Remix)

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