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Junee (Fhunyue Gao and Zoé Sjollema) is an encounter between a violin, a theremin, two voices and two synthesizers. An intimate investigation into the formation of the duo, which mirrors the take-off into imaginary worlds, sometimes obscure, sometimes celestial. The point of friction between experimental and pop opens up in-between worlds of melodious stories, non-places and sonic squeaks. After several successful concert tours since 2021, the duo were keen to work on a first musical release bearing the name "Océan Oublié / Assordante" and containing seven songs of different lengths and stylistic colors for a total duration of 30-35 minutes. The album was recorded in Geneva by Augustin Sjollema and was developed on the compositional foundations already acquired, during residencies at SMEM (Swiss Museum Of Electronic Music) and Südpol Theater Luzern and is released on the Geneva-based label Stone Pixels.

"Océan Oublié / Assordante" will represent the first official release of the Junee musical project. The two-part title evokes the very source of the duo's thinking around the concept of duo. A project with two names, an interstice between two universes, a two-sided album: on one hand, "Océan Oublié" tends towards melancholic pop, and on the other, "Assordante" is more experimental and theatrical approach to the Junee sound. An ambitious and highly evocative listen. Recommended! 


A1. Valse
A2. Die Sonne
A3. Sirena
A4. La Ville Est Déserte

B1. Dominique
B2. Of Dreams
B3. Poisson

A decidedly baggy EP from Ethyos 440 a new group comprising of members of L’Eclair and DJ Laxxiste. Based in Switzerland, they make late-night, dub-inflected live jams, pairing sequencers with human grooves, analog instruments, fx and samples; all manually executed with a dub-wise approach to production and mixing.

"Escape From 440" should keep your average Mancunian swaggering with its baggy beat, rubbery bassline and gated vocal sample that's on the very tip of my tongue (help?!). Add bubbly acid, emotive chords and rugged digital elements and you've got a warehouse warmer for the early hours of the session.

"Fattuale", up next, displays the group's love of dub music. Guided by a killer b-line, propelled by echoed out percussion and decorated with deliciously modern, technoid melodies it's a perfect adaption of the classic genre for today's age - executed with both authenticity and respect, but also with innovation and originality.

"Tobisha" is another perfect dubby downbeat jam - with Rastafarian horns meeting gliding bass and a syncopated beat that'd tickle the fancy of any Nightmares On Wax or Portishead fans.

"Mos Eisley" concludes with more baggy beats. You can almost hear the ghost of Shawn Rider echoing through this one - I wonder if these Switz dude knew that they'd crafted a sound so in tune with our city's past?? Anyway, a really great EP, tastefully done with enough originality for it to warrant your attention. And with the knowledge that they roll this shit out in an almost live manner, it makes it an even more tantalizing prospect. Full marks!


Matt says: Mega! Low slung, baggy Balearic beats and soundsytem friendly beatdown with deep bass and a few exotic elements thrown into the mix. If you liked tracks off the "Fell From The Sun" compilation, or the current downbeat resurgence that's taking place, this one's for you!


A1. Escape From 440
A2. Fattuale

B1. Tobisha
B2. Mos Eisley

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