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More exquisite house music from Toytonics label boss, Kapote. Imbuing the fun and party ethos of the label, the producer drops four tracks that traverse sample-based disco-house, old skool 90s flavours, tuff Nu Groove styled thumpers and on final track, "The Slide" more contemporary flavours a la GAMM and Local Talk.

It's a brilliantly dazzling and high gloss affair, with the veteran producer demonstrating no lack of skills behind the dials. But rather than get bogged down on EQ fidelity, the quest for the perfect kick drum, or synthesizing the latest cranium splitting sounds; he simply takes cues from the decades of party music that proceed it - disco and early house music, particularly from the US, and coalesces it into his own funky and friendly style. Don't let this irreverence fool you though - this is top drawer tackle for the club, disco, car, or after party; and well deserved of a place in your house section! Recommended. 


Matt says: We get excited every time a new Toytonics drops. The label's quality control department do a sterling job of making sure there's absolutely no tripe across its catalogue. Kapote's on the dials for this latest joint and it's another sure fire winner for the house fraternity.


A1) The Party (Extended Version)
A2) The See Me (Extended Version)
B1) The Come On (Extended Version)
B2) The Slide

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