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Genre pick of the week Cover of The Rat Road by SBTRKT.


The Rat Road

    Emerging from 6 years of sonic exploration, SBTRKT (pronounced 'subtract'), is an electronic music artist based in London, UK known for his synaesthesiac production and early collaborations with, and championing of, Sampha and Jessie Ware, alongside Little Dragon, The Dream, A$AP Ferg, Ezra Koenig and Drake.

    Largely anonymous, SBTRKT (real name Aaron Jerome) has established a reputation for iconic visuals and creative, an incredible live show and a sound that effectively defined electronic music in the early 2010s'The Rat Road' sees SBTRKT redefine UK electronic music (again)' according to GQ, bringing together his iconic, synaesthesiac production with an incredible lineup of collaborators including Toro Y Moi, Teezo Touchdown, D Double E, Anna Of The North, Kai Isaiah Jamal, Sampha, Little Dragon and others.


    1. Remnant
    2. Waiting
    3. Rain Crush
    4. Days Go By
    5. L.F.O.
    6. Creepin Interlude
    7. Limitless
    8. Go To Ground
    9. Wasted
    10. Coppa
    11. You, Love
    12. Don't Let
    13. No Intention
    14. Forward
    15. D Double E Interlude
    16. You Broke My Heart But Imma Fix It
    17. Palm Reader
    18. Drift
    19. Demons
    20. Saya Interlude
    21. The Rat Road
    22. I See A Stair

    Reissue of the pivotal early B-More track 'Booty Mission' from the Blunted Dummies (Note: a different group to the one on Definitive Records). Originally released on the 'Mad Trax EP' in 1992 on DJ Boy Records.

    This comes with new remixes from Blunted Dummies / Unruly bossman Shawn Cesar and fellow Baltimore legend Debonair Samir amongst others.

    The early days of Baltimore Club Music saw it played at popular venues like Club Fantasy, The Ozone, Hammerjack's, and Paradox. DJs Sean Marshall, Marc Henry, Shawn Caesar (at DJs Outlet in Old Towne Mall), Scottie B and Danny Class (at Inner City Records), Technics (at Music Liberated), DJ Patrick (at Sound of Baltimore), and Diamond K and Kenny B (at Electronics & More) all contributed to the mix of hip-hop, house music and homemade beats that made up this new sound. "Booty Mission" (1992) is a creation of Shawn Caesar and Ty "Flex" James and is considered one of the most influential releases, an essential for any Baltimore Club Music fan. It is sure to remain timeless.


    Matt says: Granted, the whole 'where the hoes at'? might seem a bit dated or even provocative over here. But as a piece of Baltimore electronic folklore, there are few more important records than this. Each of the remixes adds something different to the pot; and for lovers of that OG 'booty' sound, this is an imperative release.


    A1. Booty Mission - Original Mix
    A2. Booty Mission - DJ 809 ReMix
    A3. Booty Mission - DJ Class 2023 Re-Ish Mix
    B1. Booty Mission - Shawn's Turnpike Mix
    B2. Booty Mission - DJ Ayy Mello ReMix
    B3. Booty Mission - DJ Kool Breez ReMix
    B4. Booty Mission - Debonair Samir ReMix

    The Brighton-based producer and creative mastermind, Caldera, lets us delve into his multi-faceted personality with his new EP, 5D Worlds. No VR set needed, Caldera follows the chant of the sirens and the shamanic incantations but never directly references them: a psychoactive journey without the psychedelics. Caldera’s 5D Worlds is a hyperreal ride, from his signature dubby grooves to his lesser known Tech-Trance whopper fantasies – As the BPM evolves, the sound designs morph and the gentle percussion give way to sonar-like synths and binary rhythms. Are you finally hearing the sirens ? Good, you have arrived at your destination. 


    Matt says: It's mushroom season and Nummer continue to probe the thin veil between realities via sonic shaman Caldera whose mind-expanding sonics should resonate across the multiverse.


    A1. Amphibian Dance
    A2. Dolphin Skii
    B1. Turbine Mode (Underwater Sunset Mix)
    B2. Martino Fantasma 

    Hidden Agenda

    Golden Sky / 1978

    A. 'Golden Sky' - A Deep beautiful intro leads into a neat 2020s liquid fresh beat. Shuffles and a funky bass grooves take you on an ecstatic journey to the next level - deep drum & bass 2023 style.

    AA. ‘1978’ - A classic late 90s Fabio, Radio 1/Swerve Velvet Rooms sound builds up neatly taking you on a cosmic journey of twisted up grinding sounds mixed with ultimate smooth grooves all the way to the breakbeat minimal outro...pure liquid funk!!!

    Limited edition x300 copies pressed at Record Industry in Holland with full colour disco jacket 12" cover artwork by UK artist James Jessop


    Matt says: Just before the Fabio Liquid DnB comp drops next week (*EDIT - It's already dropped!), Hidden Agenda revisit that classic period with a modern interpretation of liquid funk that's drizzled in honey.


    A. Golden Sky
    AA. 1978

    Stark, cavernous and politically critical dub-poetry lands next on Felt in a vital sign-of-the-times fashion. Where much new music in our scene seems to act as a conduit for escapism, usually via melodic mind-balm or, if vocal at all, lyrical surrealism and ambiguity, the collaborative works of Eldon & Withdrawn take the left turn. The sound design perfectly fits into the Felt jigsaw puzzle: cold, slightly glitch-inspired, echo/reverb minimalism etc, but things are kicked up a stratosphere with the half dancehall-toasting, half scathing analysis of modern Britain coming straight from the mouth of Eldon.

    Processed, enveloping kalimba notes shatter off into the distance in the opening moments of 'reGenaRation' before we're plunged into the depths. Bleeding into the title track, the A-side is all claustrophobic commentary on trickle down economics, overdrafts, killer shark metaphors and empire. Adam & Eve? Rewind and there's Shango, god of thunder and lightning. 5 rewinds later - still going. The B-side continues with equal strength, amazing wordplay and broken, industrial rhythms for a broken United Kingdom.

    Iya Shillelagh is Eldon & Withdrawn
    Recorded at Zig Zag Zig Studios
    A2 co-produced by How-du
    B1 co-produced by Shifting Borders
    Mastered by GENG PTP
    Design by Fergus Jones


    Matt says: Alluring dub-poetry smothered in well formed basscapes. It's got that claustrophobic dancehall pulse and is guided by a deeply spiritual voice. A unique and magical release.


    A1. ReGenaRation
    A2. WaterWeight (ft. How Du)
    B1. Out Ere As A Outlaw (ft. Shifting Borders)
    B2. Scyatta



      It’s clear, when looking at Jlin’s body of work, and her recent activities, that she's the definition of what a creative composer looks and sounds like in 2023. She’s able to work across borders in many different environments and situations. Her work, and sound, is fluid and not locked into genre. The only apt tag for her now is ‘composer.’ Let’s be clear - she’s not EDM, IDM, electronic, footwork or post-footwork. She’s simply Jlin.

      In thinking about this new release we have to draw attention to her collaboration with Chicago’s Third Coast Percussion - ‘Perspective’ - since it’s also the title of this six-track mini-album. And of course, we’d be remit if we didn’t point out that Third Coast Percussion’s acoustic version of ‘Perspective’ saw Jlin shortlisted as a finalist for The 2023 Pulitzer Prize in Music! Jlin notes how “Working with T.C.P. was a rewarding experience. I love their constant driving ambition. When I would go to their studio we would experiment as much as we could, and that to me is the beauty of composing.” Note that the CD version of ‘Perspective’ adds the four tracks from her ‘Embryo’ EP, apt since ‘Embryo’ itself was the 7th Perspective piece.

      To shift perspective slightly, Jlin notes that collaborating with dance companies, especially those of Wayne McGregor and Kyle Abraham “has seen a significant evolution in my work.” She adds, “Working with Kyle and AIM, I felt the need to incorporate more organic percussion and drums. The raw, visceral nature of Kyle's choreography demanded a more tactile, grounded sound. I believe that music and dance are deeply interconnected, and the rhythm and physicality of organic percussion needs to mirror the dancers' movements whether it is conceptually or abstract.”

      The organic aspect of her composition ‘Dissonance,’ a key cut on her new mini-album sounds like it might have been written for Kyle and AIM but, like the entire release, it was in fact written for Third Coast Percussion. With the organic drums in the track being a part of what Jlin calls her “from scratch” foundation. For many ‘Dissonance’ will be a first glimpse at Jlin’s mastery of organic sounds. It’s a stunning work that showcases her distinct approach to organic percussion. Further audible evidence can also be heard all over her new mini-album. She continues to evolve her sound and her approaches to composition on a steady and constant basis.

      Jlin’s new mini-album “Perspective” works as a catch-up for those wanting new music from her, and wanting to hear how her sound is evolving. Tune in. There’s much more ahead.


      1. Paradigm
      2. Obscure
      3. Fourth Perspective
      4. Derivative
      5. Dissonance
      6. Duality

      1. Paradigm
      2. Obscure
      3. Fourth Perspective
      4. Derivative
      5. Dissonance
      6. Duality
      7. Embryo
      8. Auto Pilot
      9. Connect The Dots
      10. Rabbit Hole


      I Am Not A Doctor

        Moloko's album I Am Not A Doctor was released in 1998 and features the hit track "Sing It Back". The album showcases Moloko's unique blend of electronic, dance, and experimental pop music with drum and bass and downbeat elements. The title of the album refers to the fact that neither Murphy nor Brydon have medical training, highlighting their focus on creating music rather than pursuing traditional careers.


        Side A
        1. The Flipside
        2. Knee Deepen
        3. Blink
        4. Stylophone Pet

        Side B
        1. Downsized
        2. Sorry
        3. Sing It Back
        4. Pretty Bridges

        Side C
        1. Be Like You
        2. Caught In A Whisper
        3. Dr. Zee

        Side D
        1. The Id
        2. Tatty Narja
        3. Over My Head
        4. Should've Been Could've Been

        No Nation

        Banoffee Pies White Label Series 02

        Banoffee Pies is back with a debut EP from Bristol based producer & DJ No Nation. A deeply attuned junglist delivers a love sick transmission with four gripping, jazzy and skeletal rave compositions containing their recent single “Gad Damn”.

        Rooted in the sounds of jazz, progressive rock and fusion, No Nation quickly cemented themselves within soul, RnB & old school hip-hop scenes early on before finding space to express these inspirations through their passion for high tempo hybrids. Now an established Bristol artist and label main stay with international bookings worldwide.

        As a producer their music is something to be savoured. Drawing inspiration from output on Inperspective and Scientific Wax labels while combining a dynamic and diverse fusion of soulful sounds. Chopped breaks and samples sure to leave a lasting impression. No Nation has featured on labels Club Paint edit series, Bristol-based outfit Slippery Sounds, London leftfield label Diffrent Music and most recently Sherelle's new imprint BEAUTIFUL music.


        A1. I Wonder
        A2. Dntsaymuch
        B1. Ideation
        B2. Gad Damn

        Hotflush continues its celebratory 20th anniversary year with a vinyl-only sequel to Scuba’s Record Store Day UK release, “Hardcore Heaven”.

        ‘Hardcore Heaven II’ develops the theme of that first release back in April. Taking influence from producers like Top Buzz, Nookie, and Foul Play, the familiar collision of hard-edged beats, euphoric breakdowns, and helium vocals gets a Scuba-in-2023 update.

        The tracks on this EP add a twist of twisted breaks, early 2-step, and classic broken beat to the mix, as well as some moody vocal rubs and the customary dancefloor flavours.

        The six tracks included here are presented on red and black splatter vinyl, limited to 500 copies with definitely no represses.


        Matt says: Scuba's expands on his contribution to the hardcore continuum with vol. 2 of his "Hardcore Heaven" series. Hyped up piano lines, rave stabs, hoovers, sped-up vox; all the fun of the fair minus the vomit and the dodgems. Whistle crew!


        A1. Safety Traxx 
        A2. Feel The Same 
        A3. Move Like Shadows 
        B1. Tru Love 
        B2. Who Knows
        B3. Frenchie 

        An out of step, incidental artifact of peaceful sophistry, YS's "Brutal Flower" is a no airs and graces piece of cool, future-proof ambience and advanced breakbeat technologies. A modern ballad for brave young clubbers, local pubbers, slipstream warriors, and emotional doggers.

        The distinctive aesthetic hallmarks of YS are all here: slabs of urban flavor from emotional interior; raw data straight from the interface. ‘Untethered’ and ‘Down’ are chopped-up cuts of searching R’n’B - jaded jams of lustful erasure. On the flipside, blunted desire lingers in ‘Fading Memory’. Both hopeful and mourning: this is the lay of the land in "Brutal Flowers" sharing that rare strain of underground synesthesia best located in dark undercurrents of early Mo Wax.

        The orchestral ambience of ‘Autumn OST’ is a potent stupor of end credit cinematics. Coming up for air. It feels young in an ancient sort of way: pure as first snow. And from here in the album unfolds with the patience, tranquility and the expansive poise of a work that is for now and always. Pulsating gently to assured ending with ‘Be Together’ - a flickering skyline, swarming with warm memories. In between there’s flashes of heartbreak reminiscent of Beltran's 'Ten Days of Blue' and Blunt’s 'Stone Island' (‘Look Up’ feels like a sort of spiritual successor to ‘Wake up’), that being said, when push comes to shove it only it ever flirts with its own reality.

        An aesthetic reflection of a creative process that is delicate and restless. Created in the edges, where long distances, fast cities and global melancholia are wrought large. Burning the midnight oil Berlin-Singapore style: from real to reel. A sentimental exercise of modern faith by old friends. With a nudge and a wink, 'Brutal Flower's is a (de)coded map of memories wavering with familiar intrigue. Patient listeners and the already initiated will be rewarded on re-visits - as playful & profound as you please, as deep as the heart.


        Matt says: A real sugar-rush of modernism, intrigue and enthusiasm by Australia's Nipuna Jayasekera & Leon Wan. One of those LPs coursing with an alien, synthetic, but sincere emotion.


        A1. Untethered
        A2. FadingMemory
        B1. Down
        B2. Autumn'sOST
        C1. Pilgrimage
        C2. SomethingThat’sBeautiful
        C3. LookUp
        D1. ILuvU
        D2. On A Train In 2035
        D3. BeTogether

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