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Genre pick of the week Cover of Voids by Martyn.
Martyn releases new album "Voids" on German imprint Ostgut Ton. Dutch-born, Washington D.C.-based producer Martyn has undergone a metamorphosis - one that began with a medical emergency and has dovetailed into personal musical transformation. Having narrowly avoided death after suffering a heart attack, Martyn re-entered his studio and began a process of reassessing the elements that drive him to make music: sampling, unpredictability, melancholy, sci-fi, polyrhythms, texture, ecstatic oments, Detroit, interlocking percussion and bass. However, the initial spark to start producing again came through his experience listening to Max Roach’s 1979 ensemble percussion album "M’Boom".

In his own words: 'That was the first record I listened to in my studio after coming out of the hospital. It's a project where he works with a slew of top-notch percussionists and drummers and rotates them for every composition. Playing this record was such a surreal experience, the first music I consciously listened to after my recovery. I could hear so much space in the music, something I had never noticed before; almost like a 3D experience, with the most striking aspect being the emptiness between the players.' Over the next 8 months Martyn would go on to write "Voids", his first LP for Ostgut Ton and in a few other ways markedly different than previous records; it features no guest appearances or collaborations and at 9 tracks, is musically stripped down to the essentials. It’s also a highly personal take on forging new paths forward in genres where the Berghain / Panorama Bar resident has long been known for his production wizardry and innovation: post-dubstep and UK garage.

"Voids" is roughly split between these musical foundations, recontextualized with elements of Nyabinghi, drum ‘n‘ bass, and gqom to form snarling, bass-driven hybrids. The direction was hinted at last November on his GL Outtakes – reworks of his landmark 2009 album "Great Lengths". In contrast however, "Voids" is also an attempt to work through personal trauma and loss, including the passing of close friend and fellow producer Marcus Intalex aka Trevino, to whom the track “Manchester” is dedicated.

The sound of "Voids" is big and unapologetically rough around the edges. It is music as therapy, drawing on the healing elements of music past, but is far from retrospective.


Matt says: A powerful and really quite arresting listen, I felt like my head had been inside a tumble drier by the end of the LP - in a good way of course!

Super, super limited repress of this deep jungle roller from 2014. Originally released on clear / purple vinyl and feverishly collected by those in the know - cop this under-the-counter, black vinyl repress before it gets sealed into the vaults of hard-to-acquire jungle gold standards!

Four tracks with nuff Reese bass, amen choppage and layered samples arranged with a refreshing dexterity placing it up next to modern productions from the likes of Amit, Killing Sound, Myor Massive etc. Leaning towards the darker side of the spectrum but milking the dopamine and serotonin glands through skilled gated vox, searing strings and cataclysmic drops. All in all a pretty powerful listen! Don't sleep! 

Producer, DJ, NTS radio host and label head, Finn is at the spearhead of Manchester’s burgeoning new dance scene - one with its eyes ever-forward, constantly looking to innovate & excite.

"Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough" sees Finn's youthful, energetic formula expanded upon - at 135bpm it creeps closely up to the booty bass and juke tempos - two of Finn's highly celebrated influences; while the sped-up, 'chipmunked' vox is a stylistic ident found throughout his body of work thus far - and likely to continue in doing so. Playing directly into the hands of the festival crowd; its saccharine vocal and unrelenting beats should see hordes of under(and over)-25s pogo-ing manically as this bursts outta the stacks. Yes mate!! Gathering over 2m (that's TWO MILLION) Spotify streams on its initial release via Tom Lea’s London imprint Local Action, the track also received radio support from the likes of Annie Mac, Skream and Monki and support from DJs as diverse as TQD, Diplo and Martin Garrix. The appeal is universal and the execution is perfect, making this the kind of life affirming record that 2018 needs. Limited 7" press via Defected records - a true future classic! You need. 


Matt says: Top lad Finn hits pay dirt with this release. You gotta admit, it musta been joyfully hilarious seeing this go from a small-scale digi-release on Local Action to Defected sniffing on the studio door looking to license it... and it then taking off the way it has done. Finn's time is now!

Jubei & Marcus Intalex

Lubbly Jubbly / Fanny’s Ya Aunt

Posthumous release from Manchester drum and bass legend Marcus Intalex who sadly passed away in 2017.

United through friendship, music and a love of wine, Jubei and Marcus Intalex made these tracks over the course of two meetings in Manchester. "Lovely Jubbly" is a gritty, sharp edged attack of militant snare patterns and precision engineered bass. Sound system idents and fx litter the mix but otherwise its a locked on, sturdy affair throughout that's undeniably suited to Metalhedz. Side B's "Fanny's Ya Aunt" is more liquid, a snappy beat complimenting warm pads and a soulful vox before gliding subs and filtered mid-range swirls open up the mix.

Jubei & Marcus found that their ideas nearly always complimented each other resulting in music that reflected both of their personalities. Jubei ensures Macus' legacy lives on by releasing epic tracks like this from his catalogue. Most recommended. 

Future-focused DnB / footwork / jungle hybrids here on the wonderful Astrophica. Bass stalwart Om Unit with a new alias and fresh sound! Mixing gurgling acid lines, tuned 808 subs and a plethora of vintage breaks + new school beat programming and throwing tradition to the wind as he blends footwork and hi-nrg techno into the cut-n-splice jungle aesthetic. Chicago's DJ Spinn makes a sterling guest appearance while the rest of the EP doesn't waver in delivering infectious, complex and totally engrossing musica. Recommended!

For over a decade now the Melbourne, Australia based producer Kloke has been dropping releases across pretty much every electronic music genre imaginable: from garage to dubstep, acid to IDM, techno to house.

Last year he decided to try his hands at producing a couple of jungle cuts, which landed him a spot on Diamond Life's roster of talent. Both “Artificial Memories” and “Other Worlds” will take you right back to 1995, an era when jungle music was morphing into D&B proper, whilst still retaining its choppy breakbeat roots.


Matt says: Myor sub-label Diamond Life bring more nineties rukus with this ravey double-header from Kloke.

As a special edition for the 25th release on Balkan Vinyl - six tracks selected from the label’s back catalogue – four of them having never before released on vinyl, the remaining two from highly sought after out-of-print releases.

Includes the last ever track released by LFO "I Love Acid", Global Goon’s acid anthem “Craehzrhd” from the very first Balkan release in 2010, and the opener from the late Andreas Gehm 12” on I Love Acid “Heaven and Hell”. Luke Vibert, B12, and Plaid round off the EP with tracks that were previously only available as part of a digital download from the label itself (never in shops until now).

This is a vinyl-only release, super limited, and likely to sell out on pre-order.... don't say we didn't warn you!

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