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Hot compilation out of the Irish underground. TIP!

The Irish independent music scene is thriving right now as emerging talents continue to make their unique voices and sounds be heard. Collectives and independent labels with a DIY ethic are in every city and major town in this country. Inspired by their fellow artists and musicians, the bar is continually being set higher each time.

"This Way Vol. 1" is a 13-track compilation of discovery of those sounds and hopes to preserve these moments in music. Irish neo-soul, jazz, fusion and rap all in one place, artists doing it for themselves, their way…


Matt says: Nice smattering of musics from the Irish underground. Gotta say, I ain't heard of half of these artists but upon first listen the compilation had me hooked. Top drawer stuff that sits nicely alongside the Brownswood comp also released this week.


Papa Romeo - Yellow Magic Orchestra
Curtisy X Ahmed With Love X Rory Sweeney - Men On A Mission
Chameleon Ft Lucy Mcwilliams - You Know
Negro Impacto - Lockdown Syndrome
Hazey Haze Ft Krome Don Chi - Taxi Driver
Decarteret - Luvseat
Camiii X Semi - R1d3
1000 Beasts Ft Celia Tiab - Nycbb
Bricknasty X Sam Healy - Brickhealy
Aby Coulibaly - Chamomile Tea
Cooks But Were Chefs - Kodama
Deep In The Woods 66 Ft Karen Hammond - Lexicon
Louise Gaffney - Not Even Here

Yes, our End of Year Charts have been revealed today but it’s still New Music Friday 🙌 Here’s a small selection of…
Fri 2nd - 1:21
We love it Michael. Can’t wait for tonight! Get the album here Last tickets for tonight…
Fri 2nd - 1:12
RT @markbrownstudio: Interesting behind the scenes info from the @PiccadillyRecs review - No.1 album winner @michaelheadtreb sent in handwr…
Fri 2nd - 1:04
We all love it Mark. Sterling work as ever 😍 @markbrownstudio Get a copy here from the website…
Fri 2nd - 12:57
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