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Genre pick of the week Cover of Come Rain Or Shine / Mute! by LUZ1E & DJ Swagger Pres. DJ Doom.

LUZ1E & DJ Swagger Pres. DJ Doom

Come Rain Or Shine / Mute!

Phwooooarr! Bass in your face Manchester! Smashing 7" here from LUZ1E & DJ Swagger who tread on the urban / bass side of house and garage to bring you two club-ready tracks that hit hard.

"Come Rain Or Shine" combines dreamy Rhodes, a skewed 4/4 and low subs to create a deep house / bassline hybrid that both Ron Trent and Jamie Duggan fans will dig.

"Mute!" on the flip is even more agro. Like your little bro in a strop hammering out the hits to piss off the parents. Rawkus drum programming, squealing tones and DnB-inspired sfx make this a club tight body punch you'll be winding back time and time again. All housed in a lush sleeve by Atelier Superplus (what a name!). 


Matt says: Crazy good 7" that's come outta nowhere and shook us to the core. If ya dig that heavily swung, Anthony Naples / Delroy Edwards vibe then peep the A side. Big bolshy bass heads need to head directly to the flip, preferably with a hard hat...


Side 1
1. Come Rain Or Come Shine (4:53)
Side 2
1. Mute! (5:02)

Bobby O'Donnell / Reeshy


Pilot continue to expand on the ever growing cannon of new breakbeat. I gotta say I've been predicting such a renaissance since we all started going mad about 90s trance records; but I didn't expect the genre to come back with such a force!

Somehow skirting between the skatepark friendly, blunted beats of labels like Skint, Finger Lickin', Botchit Breaks; and the hyped up, rave-indebted hardcore breakbeat sounds pioneered by Moving Shadow, Suburban Base and such like, Yorkshire's Bobby O'Donnell and Leed's Reeshy conjure up a mix of flavours that should work in the warehouse on E and in the bedroom on weed.

Deliciously low slung and sub heavy; avoiding the over-manipulation of drum breaks that would plague certain hardcore sounds and focusing strictly on the groove, these four tracks show innovation and development since the first incarnation of breakbeat many full moon parties ago. Highly recommended! 


Matt says: Yesssss, nice to see someone revisiting the breakbeat blueprint with a bit more style and panache than all the day-glo rave renaissance also-rans. This sub-heavy offering from Yorkshire oozes class out of every woofer.


Side 1
1. 1 (5:58)
2. 2 (6:06)
Side 2
1. 3 (7:09)
2. 4 (6:27)

A much-needed reissue of the 1992 old school, breakbeat hardcore classic ‘Compnded’ b/w a killer 2015 Krafty Kuts remix. An undeniable rave anthem that’s blown the minds of many a dancefloor across the past 30 years. I guess we right in the throws of the hardcore breakbeat renaissance - and that's fine with me! Massive around these parts through parties at Bowlers, Helta Skelta and Dreamscape; anyone born between around '75-85 should be digging these feels. As for young'uns getting on board now - this'll put hairs on your instagram filter!

Summat about these tunes brings back a nostalgic feeling of innocence; even though they were indeed turbulent timesd! A pre-internet time when music was absorbed in the present, experience was not accumulated and sincerity was omnipresent.  

Massive support from day one from the likes of Carl Cox, Ray Keith, Grooverider, Slipmatt, Krafty Kuts


Matt says: A justifiably large number from the halcyon days of breakbeat hardcore. The Krafty Kuts might be a bit easier to digest these days as we're all that bit older and slower on our feet! Mega to hear this back on rotation - feel the rush!


Compnded - (Original Mix)
Compnded - (Krafty Kuts Re-Kut)

Balmat’s second release comes from Hoavi, aka Kirill Vasin, a Russian electronic musician whose work approaches what might be familiar reference points - deepest dub techno, atmospheric ambient, liquid drum’n’bass - with a singular and refreshing point of view.

Compiled during a fruitful interchange between label and artist, “Music for Six Rooms” has been culled down from a huge selection of tracks, its disparate moods distilled into 10 profoundly immersive tracks that touch upon dream pop, dub techno, and new age, all swirled together into the headiest of ambient dreamscapes.

Active since the early 2010s, when he founded his Shells Rattle label, Hoavi has released on a number of labels including floe, Snare Tapes, Fauxpas, and Minor Notes. “Invariant”, released on his own label, Peak Oil has suffered the wrath of the Great Pressing Plant Scandal of 2021, and is only just surfacing now, after being recorded in 2019! We think that, along with this what you’ve got in your hands (or on your browser) offers a wonderfully complementary view of Hoavi’s talents - one rhythmic, the other largely beatless, yet both of them sensuous in the extreme. Hoavi is an artist to get immersed and obsessed with – we hope you enjoy “Music For Six Rooms” as much as we do! 


A1. Sosnovka Voices
A2. Cosworth
A3. Music For Six Rooms
A4. Arpdx
A5. Destination
B1. Antaxis
B2. Tanto
B3. Transition State
B4. 3301
B5. Siren

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