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Genre pick of the week Cover of Teenage Birdsong by Four Tet.
Ultra limited 12" from Four Tet featuring an elite duo of remixers - San Fran house royality Avalon Emerson alongside emergent tech-bass megastar Overmono.

"Teenage Birdsong" treads the heartfelt, holographic dreamworlds that we explored on "There's Is Love In You". With a slow, creeping dynamic decorated by a mellifluous synth-wind motif it conjures up futuristic images of augmented realty and a new Global Optimism throughout the homo sapiens network. Avalon Emerson adds vibrant drum breaks creating more drama than the slight serenity of the original.

Rising stars Truss and Tessela, each with solo success under their belt, drop the next flawless addition to their fledging catalogue with a remix that's seems so quintessentially suited to Text you can almost see Keiran Hebden gleefully smiling in disbelief. Containing the expert, frantic drum programming the pair are fast becoming famous for plus taut atmospheres and tasteful flickers of dance music tropes from across the years, their remix of "Teenage Birdsong" is an epic piece in its own right.

"Dreamer", a final flurry from Four Tet utilizes the same dreamy, celestial palette of sounds as "Birdsong" and adds the slippery, gliding 4/4 beats that fuel much his work. Delicate plinky plonk leads and glassy bell tones, combined with flutters of bird song make this truly hallucinatory, 'enchanted garden' type affair. As always, truly hi-tech and exhilarating stuff from this UK luminary. Recommended!


Matt says: A trascendental and heavenly offering from our mam here on the buy-on-sight Text imprint. Two sterling remixes mean it's a bumper offering just in time for those stockings...!

Becoming Real

Mist Face

    Becoming Real is a UK electronic producer based in Copenhagen. ‘Mist Face’ finds him further exploring the influence of grime, vapour wave, cyberpunk and ambient dream music, paired with detailed and engrossing sound design that conjures fragmented ghostly scenes in empty future cities. It should appeal to fans of Arca, Burial, Four Tet, Varg, HKE, Murlo, Dream Catalogue and Actress. Since his first release in 2010 he’s dropped several well-received EPs and an album on Transgressive Records. His early promise earned him inclusion in The Guardian’s ‘New Band Of The Week’ and NME’s ‘Radar’ features, and saw him pick up radio support from Lauren Laverne, Huw Stevens, Mistajam, Rinse and Mary Ann Hobbs. Following the release of his debut album ‘Pure Apparition’, he took some time out of music to focus on the visual arts. ‘Mist Face’ is his most fully realised project yet.

    Skinned alive by Prince Fumu from the zones of M16, the second time this prodigal new producer has graced Lister's cult imprint and it's an electronic battle cry with destructive tendencies.

    FUMU's grasp of sound is miles ahead of the pack. A producer whose studiously gone into the science of frequency and rhythm on the search for completely unique patches and patterns, Teaching himself vintage drum programming from the days of jungle, learning synthesis from Demdike Stare and honing his outboard, mastering and mix down techniques from the sorcerer's sonic handbook has resulted in a fierce and uncompromising sound that'll do more than put hairs on your chest - it'll clean wax the bumfluff rite off your arse!!

    Seriously, miss this shit at your peril. Especially relevant for anyone with a penchant for industrial, breakcore, noize and the various mutations of techno and bass that have occurred since '91.

    Highly recommended!


    Matt says: My boy Mike from Old Trafford knows how to mangle sound like no other! If you don't know - get to know. This cat is here to stay. One of the most skilled producers in the game rite now. CHECK!

    Nexus 21's 1989 classic "The Rhythm Of Life" LP is approaching its 30th anniversary.

    For the uninitiated the LP is a perfect synthesis of UK rawness and Motor City funk, b-boy nous and sunrise soaked acid euphoria. Nexus 21's sole LP "The Rhythm Of Life" is considered a classic for many reasons. Originally released in 1989 on the influential Blue Chip record label, and then purchased by Network when they signed Nexus 21 for (what became an iconic) career, the record ties all of the above influences and styles into a unique rugged sonic tapestry that caused a sensation with DJ's and dancers upon its release, and for the subsequent three decades to follow.

    Mark Archer and Chris Peat created an album that bore a handful of club classics, on both sides of the Atlantic. Their association with Detroit, and particularly Derrick May and Transmat, saw them go to the techno mecca to record some later material that will also be reissued in the wake of this three decade celebration of all things Nexus 21. "The Rhythm Of Life" is easily one of the UK's most influential techno records, it's style, sound and attitude has reverberated through dance music across the years and this timely reissue will undoubtedly excite the old-school heads and the new-school appreciators of the real deal techno sound in all its glorious forms.

    Repressed and remastered, and spread across two high quality slabs of vinyl, this essential reissue has been made with the full involvement of Mark Archer and the legendary Network Records with all tracks being sourced from the Nexus 21 DAT archive for maximum sonic playback quality. 

    More PRR! PRR! affiliated madness for the rave gremlins and warehouse dwellers. New music by Samuelspaniel with vocals and additional production on "Shoganaï" by Golin who you may or may not associate with DJ Dave Goblin, who incidentally, has designed the sleeve us his real name, David Coquelin. Struggling to keep up? So are we, if we're honest. But what matter here is that these cats are single-handedly creating some of the most maverick and uncompromising dance music in the world right now. Rightly getting hammered across the NTS network by in-the-know DJs, and strangely, even garnering some press from the Guardian newspaper!

    The sound? New reinterpretations of rave tropes utilizing classic breakbeats and advanced synthesis to create a mutant form of hardcore breakbeat that looks as much to PC Music, Sophie and Mr Oizo as it does to bassline, Swamp81 and Kode9... sound intriguing, it is. Get your head around this shit as it's destined for repeat plays throughout the next ten years. 2019? Fuck that's soooo last decade.

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