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Kerala Dust

Violet Drive

    Kerala Dust was formed in London in 2016. Growing up on the sounds of CAN, The Velvet Underground and Tom Waits while spending blurry mornings in nightclubs, the band combines those disparate influences of psychedelic rock, blues and techno into one.

    Kerala Dust are Edmund Kenny on vocals/electronics Harvey Grant on keys Lawrence Howarth on guitar. Their live performances are a constant conversation around the sounds from the studio. Pieces are re-interpreted, looped, dismantled, and put back together again.

    Since first touring in 2017, Kerala Dust have played over 150 international shows in the USA, Europe, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Dom. Republic and many more countries. Events such as DGTL (Tel Aviv), Dockville (Hamburg), Lightning in a Bottle (California), Kater Blau (Berlin), Tropico (Mexico), Sonar (Barcelona) are but a few in a long list of festivals and nightclubs that Kerala Dust have played in only a couple of years.


    1. Moonbeam, Midnight, Howl
    2. Violet Drive
    3. Shake
    4. Red Light
    5. Pulse VI
    6. Jacob' Gun
    7. Salt
    8. Still There
    9. Nuove Variazionidi Una Stanza
    10. Future Visions
    11. Engel's Machine
    12. Fine Della Scena


    As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2 - 2022 Reissue

      In the first two decades of the 21st century, few have controlled the cultural weather quite like Stephen and David Dewaele. The Dewaeles are familiar to millions as 2manydjs, a project which undoubtedly moved the needle for modern DJing. In 2002, after a string of creative broadcasts on radio while still known primarily as a rock band, they released As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2.

      This was a mix so giddy, creative, genre-blurring and downright fun that it could only be considered equal to a full-length album – which is exactly what happened, tallying Album of the Year and Album of the Decade accolades from the likes of The New York Times, Spin, The Face, Pitchfork and more, and shifting over half a million copies globally.

      As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2 is now reissued featuring Richard Young’s iconic original photography. To celebrate this 20th anniversary, 2manydjs will perform at London’s Brixton Academy on Saturday December 17th alongside Miss Kittin, Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul and other 2002-specific special guests to be announced.

      The Belgian brothers-in-arms are also known to many as electronic/indie rock band Soulwax, the adored group whose combination of rock, rave and gleaming white suits has proved irresistible to record buyers and festival-goers from the 1990s to the present day.

      Through their Ghent-based studio and record label Deewee, the Dewaeles continue to push cutting-edge electronic music, including Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul’s infectious Topical Dancer, one of 2022’s most celebrated electronic pop albums. They have also kept up a hot streak as remixers, applying their signature jagged-yet-refined electro touch to the likes of Róisín Murphy, Peggy Gou, Robyn, Sylvester, Fontaines D.C., Wet Leg and Marie Davidson. Despacio, the roving audiophile soundsystem which the Dewaeles undertake alongside LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, completes the picture.

      Alongside like-minded allies such as Erol Alkan, Tiga and Jacques lu Cont, 2manydjs swept dancefloors into delirium, gifting a rock ‘n’ roll attitude to club culture. With As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2 as their genre-blurring calling card, the Dewaeles’ unique style managed to be deeply credible and hugely scalable, propelling the brothers to dance music’s summit, a vantage point from which they never came back down.


      Matt says: I’m not joking. In 2002 (the year this was released), this was THE mixtape to be seen with. Period. Infact, your very success with the opposite / same sex depended largely on whether you had this (at the time) bootleg CD-R in your collection. It got hammered so much we all knew the tracklist and running order off by heart. It introduced us then-teenagers to the joys of the mash-up, and propelled a then-burgeoning David and Stephen Dewaele into the ears of the youth, the dancefloors of the (young) adults, and the columns of the hottest music press at the time. It was and still is quite a phenomenal landmark in music culture. Referenced a million times over and played even more so.

      I’ve never seen it on vinyl. Ever. Whether that’s my own ignorance, turning my back on my teenage dreams as I matured into adulthood or, as it happens, it’s actually quite rare! (it’s the latter – I just checked at the 2012 press goes for about £200!).

      It’s still the ultimate soundtrack to get ready for your Saturday night. Capturing that youthful energy and hitting us with hit after hit presented in the most unusual and infectious ways. Unfortunately it’s unlikely to piss yer parents off as much as it did in 2002 cos they probably already know it!


      Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Soulwax
      Elektronic Remix) * CD Only
      Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Peter Gunn (Live)
      Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At (Head-A-Pella)
      Peaches – Fuck The Pain Away
      The Velvet Underground – I’m Waiting For The Man
      Polyester – J’aime Regarder Les Mecs
      Sly And The Family Stone – Dance To The Music
      Ready For The World – Oh Sheila (A Capella)
      Dakar & Grinser – I Wanna Be Your Dog
      Ural 13 Diktators – Disko Kings
      Bobby Orlando – The “O” Medley
      Felix Da Housecat – Silverscreen-Shower Scene
      The Stooges – No Fun
      Salt ‘N Pepa – Push It
      Hanayo With Jürgen Paape – Joe Le Taxi
      The Jets – Crush On You (A Capella)
      Funkacise Gang – Funkacise
      Soul Grabber – Motocross Madness
      Lil Louis And The World – French Kiss
      Zongamin – Serious Trouble
      Garbage – Androgyny ‘Thee Glitz Mix’ By Felix Da Housecat
      Frank Delour – Disc Jockey’s Delight Vol. 2
      The Residents – Kaw-Liga (Prairie Mix)
      Carlos Morgan – Shake Your Body
      Alphawezen – Into The Stars (Firebirds Remix)
      Interstellar – Concepts
      Nena – 99 Luftballons
      Destiny’s Child – Independent Women Part 1 (A Capella)
      10cc – Dreadlock Holiday
      Dolly Parton – 9 To 5
      Royksopp – Eple
      Arbeid Adelt – Death Disco
      Jeans Team – Keine Melodien Feat. Mj Lan
      Skee.Lo – I Wish (A Capella)
      Maurice Fulton Presents Stress – My Gigolo
      The Breeders – Cannonball
      The Cramps – Human Fly
      The Wildbunch – Danger! High Voltage
      Op:l Bastards – Don’t Bring Me Down
      Adult – Hand To Phone
      Vitalic – La Rock 01
      Queen Of Japan – I Was Made For Loving You
      New Order – The Beach
      Detroit Grand Pubahs – Sandwiches (A Capella)
      Lords Of Acid – I Sit On Acid (Soulwax Remix)
      Streamer Feat. Private Thoughts In Public Places – Start Button

      Lykke Li


        Lykke Li returns with her fifth studio album EYEYE. The LP is an eight track story about lust, attraction, attachment, and rejection; the landscape of love. The songs are inhabited by moving images that neither start nor end. Each film functions as a visual loop, concise as a haiku, yet continuing in perpetuity. The result is a somatic, repetitious experience. Compounding chapters between a dream and reality.

        Lykke Li creates connection with the depth of emotion in her lyrics and her consistency has made her an iconic staple in music with a decade spanning career having created her own lane when it comes to genre and songwriting. In addition to selling out shows across the world, she has performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Conan, Jools Holland, and received praise from The New York Times, NPR, Pitchfork, The Fader, Complex, Rolling Stone and more. Last year, Lykke featured on Mark Ronson’s critically acclaimed single “Late Night Feelings” and joined him for a live performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Outside of music, she starred in the Terrence Malick film Song to Song and also co-founded the female owned Yola Mezcal brand, which brought the inaugural all-female music and arts festival Yola Día to Los Angeles and featured performances from Megan Thee Stallion, Cat Power, and Courtney Love.


        1. No Hotel
        2. You Don't Go Away
        3. Highway To Your Heart
        4. Happy Hurts
        5. Carousel
        6. 5D
        7. Over
        8. Ü&I

        Nation Of Language

        From The Hill

          From Brooklyn, Nation Of Language have made a name for themselves creating music from another lifetime. On new single ‘From The Hill’ singer Ian Devaney says, “'From the Hill' is a song reflecting on times when friendships fall apart over romantic entanglement, accompanied by the sensation that you're somehow watching it happen from above with a more zoomed-out perspective. It can feel at times like certain parts of life are a story with which you're just following along - the characters enter, they play their role, and then they leave. Often it'll feel sudden and catch you off guard, and other times you’re able to see that it's the only way things could have played out despite what you may have wanted.”

          He adds, “For us, we’re in a moment right now where it feels good to get this out into the world. It’s one that didn't really feel like it fit the vibe of A Way Forward, nor is it any real indication of where the next record is likely heading. When that situation arrives we like to use these 7” releases to step outside the larger framework that the albums provide and just release a track that we love, so this is us doing that once again.”


          From The Hill
          Ground Control


          Ha Ha Heartbreak

            It has been half a decade since Warhaus, the brainchild of Maarten Devoldere (Balthazar), suddenly conquered our musical hearts with the triumphant double victory of We Fucked a Flame into Being (2016) and Warhaus (2017). The songs of the brandnew album Ha Ha Heartbreak came gushing out if him in a mere three weeks in the sultry city of Palermo. All Devoldere needed was the solitude of a hotel room, a guitar, a microphone, and a heart that had recently been broken in thousands of pieces. The sorrow was hard to handle, so, of course, Sicily was an escape. But as it goes, those who try to outrun life quickly run into themselves. Song after song, Maarten Devoldere dismantles his own pose. He looks at himself without mercy and, honestly, what he sees doesn’t exactly make him happy. The sound, however, remains wonderfully light. It swings and glows with tantalizing strings, sensual backing vocals, horns, playful piano parts, anything to lighten the load. It allows Ha Ha Heartbreak to be a moving emotional exploration as well as a vessel of great musical richness.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Open Window
            2. When I Am With You
            3. It Had To Be You
            4. Time Bomb
            5. Desire
            6. I’ll Miss You Baby
            7. Mondello’s Melody
            8. Batteries & Toys
            9. Shadow Play
            10. Best I Ever Had

            Connie Constance

            Miss Power

              Watford born indie-rock goddess Connie Constance announces her new album, ‘Miss Power’, a bold collection of songsimbued with high voltage drums, snarling guitar riffs, and anthemic feminist rage. On ‘Miss Power’, Connie takes us on a joyride through dramatic, passionate and empowering scenes with hooks aplenty and lyrics that excitedly unpick heartbreak, Connie’s strained relationship with her father and her struggles with mental health. Connie’s titular and much-acclaimed first single from her new album, ‘Miss Power’ earned itself a spot on the BBC Radio 1 C-list as well as being named Hottest Record by Radio 1’s Clara Amfo.

              The album announcement comes alongside the release of a new single, ‘Till the World’s Awake’, a life-affirming indie dance track that twinkles with bright, layered guitars atop driving basslines and powerful drums. Connie Constance’s dynamic yet delicate vocals swell to a thrilling, cathartic chorus: ‘When we are young and when we get older / I want to feel like loving, feel like loving you’. Connie’s venture into the world as her authentic self is palpable.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. In The Beginning
              2. Till The World’s Awake
              3. Miss Power
              4. Never Get To Love
              5. Mood Hoover
              6. Heavyweight Champion
              7. Hurt You
              8. Kamikaze
              9. Home
              10. YUCK!
              11. Blank Canvas
              12. Red Flag

              Jesse Tabish

              Cowboy Ballads Part I

                The frontman and creative lynchpin of Oklahoma’s finest, Other Lives, described by MOJO magazine as “the next must have American pastoral sensation,” Jesse and his chief collaborator Kim Tabish used their time during lockdown to fashion a glorious record, as epic as it is intimate, distinguished by the same sweeping, cinematic arrangements and haunting, wistful melodies that typify the band’s catalogue, but with a rawer edge that reflects its’ home made origins.

                “The album isn’t necessarily ‘western’ sounding; it’s more that, if I name something immediately, it sticks for me, so the album title stayed Cowboy Ballads.” The album’s ballads are represented by ‘New Love’, ‘Price In Full’, ‘Rituals II’ and the instrumentals ‘Italia Nite I’ and ‘Dread Harp Blues’, simmering episodes fit for a cowboy as he rides off into the sunset though few cowboys post the existential thoughts that Jesse does here.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Cowboy Ballad
                2. Da DA
                3. Italia Nite I
                4. Manchini
                5. Bells And Whistles
                6. Dread Harp Blues
                7. New Love
                8. Castro
                9. Keep You Right
                10. Price In Full
                11. Fantastik
                12. Halloween Day
                13. Mystic I
                14. Rituals I I


                Guitar Music

                  Liverpool four piece Courting return with their much anticipated debut album ‘Guitar Music’ out on September 23 rd . The new album comes on the heels of Courting’s 2021 debut EP ‘Grand National’, which saw them earn plaudits across a wide array of media for their boisterous whip smart lyrics and angular instrumentation. 

                  Whilst the album follows closely on the back of the EP, the new material sees the band making a marked step in a new direction, exploring more dynamically expressive songwriting than ever before.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Cosplay / Twin Cities
                  2. Tennis
                  3. Loaded
                  4. Famous
                  5. Crass (Redux)
                  6. Jumper
                  7. Uncanny Valley Forever
                  8. PDA

                  Nation Of Language


                    Nation of Language release a limited edition 7” single covering the classic single ‘Androgynous’ by The Replacements. Presenting an entirely reimagined interpretation, Nation of Language have delivered an 80s new wave production built on playful synths and punctuating drum programming. Ian Devaney’s vocals bring the unmistakable Nation of Language take on contemporary indie electronic which they are growing to define. The B-side is a new Nation of Language recording called Again & Again which is released for the first time on this 7”.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Androgynous
                    B1. Again & Again


                    Sand Castle Tapes

                      After spending a few nights in a beautiful old castle near Brussels at the start of 2021 (following lockdown), Belgian art-poppers Balthazar returned from their stay with Sand Castle Tapes, a documentary and live concert filmed by Heleen Declercq and co-produced with HolyShit sessions. They released Sand Castle Tapes as a digital EP on 24th September 2021, featuring 10 songs from the film; 8 songs reworked from the album and two jams. On 29th April 2022, Balthazar are releasing Sand Castle Tapes for the first time in physical format as a single LP.

                      The band say of the stay: “You only get to fully understand an album when you start playing it together, the relaxed circumstances lead to a whole other way of interpreting the songs than we would have for a live show. It’s refreshing, it’s very human.” 

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. On A Roll (Sand Castle Tapes Version)
                      2. Powerless (Sand Castle Tapes Version)
                      3. Jam 1 (Sand Castle Tapes Version)
                      4. Moment (Sand Castle Tapes Version)
                      5. You Won’t Come Around (Sand Castle Tapes Version)
                      6. Linger On (Sand Castle Tapes Version)
                      7. Jam 2 (Sand Castle Tapes Version)
                      8. Losers (Sand Castle Tapes Version)
                      9. Halfway (Sand Castle Tapes Version)
                      10. I Want You (Sand Castle Tapes Version)

                      Orlando Weeks

                      Hop Up

                        Arriving in the wake of his critically acclaimed debut solo album ‘A Quickening’, Week’s forthcoming record once again leans into themes of new life & parenthood, but whereas his previous work catalogued the emotions, expectations and anxieties that accompany imminent parenthood, Hop Up is an altogether more joyous and life affirming statement.

                        Featuring inspiring contributions from Katy J Pearson, Willie J Healey and Ben Reed (best known as part of Frank Ocean’s live band, he also played bass on the seminal ‘Blonde’ album ).

                        Weeks notes “It started with the idea of wanting to fill in some of the blanks that I felt I had left with ‘A Quickening’, but quite quickly it turned into something broader. The choice was always to take the more positive and uplifting sounding step. Perhaps it shouldn’t have, but as an approach it felt surprisingly novel to me.”

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Barry says: Hop Up is an unashamedly upbeat and undeniably lovely collection of synth-pop abstractions and a wonderful testament to Weeks' abilities as a songwriter. 'Look who's Talking Now' mixes 80's pop groove with crisp production and swimming, echoic bliss.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Deep Down Way Out
                        2. Look Who’s Talking Now
                        3. Bigger
                        4. Yup Yup Yup Yup
                        5. High Kicking (featuring Willie J Healey)
                        6. No End To Love
                        7. Hey You Hop Up
                        8. Make You Happy
                        9. Big Skies Silly Faces (featuring Katy J Pearson)
                        10. Silver
                        11. Way To Go

                        Public Service Broadcasting

                        Bright Magic

                          An album in three parts (Building A City / Building A Myth / Bright Magic), it is their most ambitious undertaking yet, bringing you to Europe’s heart and de facto capital, the cultural and political metropolis that is the ‘Hautpstadt’ of the Federal Republic of Germany – Berlin.

                          “Doing this felt inevitable, somehow,” muses J.Willgoose, Esq. “In my head, it was whirring and pulsing away for a long time, even before Every Valley - this fascinating, contrary, seductive place. I knew the album was going to be about the city, and its history and myths, and I was going to move there. So it’s quite a personal story. It’s become an album about moving to Berlin to write an album about people who move to Berlin to write an album…”

                          Though PSB’s use of electronics and surging guitar rock remain familiar, Bright Magic uses samples, and the English language, sparingly. It differs from their previous albums in other ways: less linear and narrative, instead it’s an impressionistic portrait of a city from the ground up. A Eureka moment of sorts came in November 2018 when Willgoose heard Walter Ruttmann’s radical Berlin tape-artwork Wochenende (or Weekend), which is sampled on three of Bright Magic’s tracks. Created in 1928, the piece collaged speech, field recordings and music into a sonic evocation of the city. Resolving to integrate these long-gone fragments with new manipulated sound sources, he set about making his own Wochenende, a narrative drama for the ears which decodes and realises the dreams of Berlin he’d constructed in his mind.

                          J.Willgoose, Esq. said “I started to get a feeling for where the title of Bright Magic wanted to take me, towards ideas of illumination and inspiration, electricity and flashes of light and colour and sound (all the tracks would eventually be colour coded). I sent it to the rest of the band, and said, I know it’s going to change, but we’ll see how the city itself colours that.” J.Willgoose, Esq moved to Berlin from April 2019 to January 2020. Combining sound archaeology and the flâneuring of the psychogeographer, one street-level pursuit of the city’s energy involved Willgoose walking the Leipzigerstrasse, site of the city’s first electric streetlight, using a wide-band electromagnetic receiver from Moscow’s Soma Laboratories. “I walked up and down recording electrical currents and interference,” he laughs. “You can hear a few of these little frequency buzzes, clicks and impulses in Im Licht (a song inspired in part by pioneering lightbulb manufacturers AEG and Siemens). It’s what I was trying to do in the wider sense, I suppose – to capture those tiny little pulses you pick up while walking through a city.”

                          He wrote and recorded in Kreuzberg’s famous Hansa Tonstudio recording complex. This brought closer several inescapable musical touchstones: Depeche Mode’s classic eighties triumvirate, U2’s Achtung Baby and, crucially, Bowie’s “Heroes” and Low. “The whole shape and structure of the record is very much in debt to Low,” says Willgoose. Indeed, the Warszawa-evoking “The Visitor” – whose designated colour is the particular Orange of that album’s sleeve – was initially intended to feature a sample of Bowie reflecting, says Willgoose, on “how he viewed himself as this vessel for synthesizing and refracting other influences, and presenting avant-garde influences to the mainstream. We tried to absorb a bit of that spirit.”

                          As well as EERA, the album’s other guest voices include Blixa Bargeld, veteran of The Bad Seeds and Einstürzende Neubauten, who becomes the voice of Berlin’s industry on the robo-teknik “Der Rhythmus der Maschinen”. Andreya Casablanca of Berlin garageistes Gurr stands in for Marlene Dietrich in “My Blue Heaven”, an anthem of proud self-determination.

                          A very pro-European record, Bright Magic is ultimately not just about one city, but all centres of human interaction and community which allow the free exchange and cross-pollination of ideas.

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Barry says: PSB are back! It's been a long wait since their last full-length in 2017, but 'Bright Magic' has every one of the standard PSB tricks we love them for plus a few more. Filmic electronic groove, kosmische library-tinged synthplay and instantly addictive melodies. No doubt this will excite the earholes of new listeners and existing fans of the band alike, and shows a new progression of this already formidable musical force.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          ‘Bright Magic’
                          Der Sumpf (Sinfonie Der Großstadt)
                          Im Licht
                          Der Rhythmus Der Maschinen (ft. Blixa Bargeld)
                          People, Let’s Dance (ft. EERA)
                          Blue Heaven (ft. Andreya Casablanca)
                          Gib Mir Das Licht (ft. EERA)
                          The Visitor
                          Lichtspiel I: Opus
                          Lichtspiel II: Schwarz Weiss Grau
                          Lichtspiel III: Symphonie Diagonale
                          Ich Und Die Stadt (ft. Nina Hoss)

                          ‘Bright Magic (Demos)’
                          (Bonus CD With PIASR1230LPBK Only)

                          Der Sumpf (Sinfonie Der Großstadt) (Demo)
                          Im Licht (Demo)
                          Der Rhythmus Der Maschinen (Demo)
                          People, Let's Dance (Demo)
                          Blue Heaven (Demo)
                          Gib Mir Das Licht (Demo)
                          The Visitor (Demo)
                          Lichtspiel I: Opus (Demo)
                          Lichtspiel II: Schwarz Weiss
                          Grau (Demo)
                          Lichtspiel III: Symphonie Diagonale (Demo)

                          Keaton Henson


                            Keaton Henson’s new album Monument is a rare thing. It is an album about loss, and dealing with losing the ones we love, but told, in incredibly candid detail, through the aspects of our lives that surround the trauma itself, about love, ageing, recovery, life, seen through the prism of grief.

                            With the posting of an enigmatic and cryptic goodbye in 2016; Epilogue, Henson’s next project ended up becoming Six Lethargies, a complex and ambitious symphony for string orchestra, dealing with the minutiae of mental illness. He put away the guitar and retreated to his home for three years to compose it. Monument now finds Keaton re-emerging with an album of songs about grief, and how it permeates our lives.

                            The record began when, having recovered from both Six Lethargies and the circumstances that inspired it, Henson moved from London to the wilds of the English countryside, spending long days outside chopping wood, tending to the grounds, and watching birds of prey soaring above. It was from this remote outpost that he finally felt ready to look at a subject he had been avoiding for his entire songwriting career; the decades long illness, and imminent death of his father, who passed two days before he finished recording the album.

                            Keaton: “I suppose it is, at its heart, much like my first record; a collection of things I wanted to say, just so they’re out of my system, and not necessarily for anyone else to hear. I made it at home, mostly alone, to the sound of birds and rainstorms, at strange hours of day and night. But, once the bones were recorded, I was somewhat unexpectedly joined by an amazing group of people, who came to musically lift me on their shoulders, and take these unsaid feelings to another plain in terms of sound.”

                            These people came in the form of Radiohead’s Philip Selway providing drums and percussion, guitars provided by Leo Abrahams, saxophones from composer Charlotte Harding and at one point a full string section.

                            It culminates in a record that is at once intensely intimate and vulnerable, but carries with it a confidence and elevation in its musical language; the simple up-close picking of Henson’s guitar lifted on a soft bed of electronics and lo-fi tape sound, the moments of joyful acceptance punctuated by soaring drums and woodwinds, that feels like jumping in a cold pool on a warm day.

                            The sound of tape and VHS are a crucial vein that run throughout the album, carrying the feeling of memory and nostalgia, family and childhood. The subtle recurring use of home video sounds suddenly brings the biographical nature of the album to life, before receding again into the background.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Ambulance
                            2. Self Portrait
                            3. Ontario
                            4. Career Day
                            5. Prayer
                            6. While I Can
                            7. Bed
                            8. The Grand Old Reason
                            9. Husk
                            10. Thesis
                            11. Bygones


                            Orbit II (Love Record Stores Edition)

                              Love Record Stores Edition available from 9am on Saturday June 20th.
                              Limited to one per person.

                              Orlando Weeks

                              A Quickening

                                As the birth of Orlando Weeks’ son drew near, he wanted to try to make sense of an experience that is both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. The result is ‘A Quickening’, an album that tells the story from the point of view of a prospective father-to-be, a figure both vital to the story and yet also somewhat removed, in awe of what the mother goes through and often helpless to do anything about it.

                                “I was trying to find a course through something that happens all the time, but still feels exceptional,” Weeks says.

                                A baby is born every minute, and yet the experience of becoming a parent - and the way it promises to change your life - is unprecedented.

                                Weeks’ voice shimmers as it expresses feelings of love, fear and wonder that are overwhelming but still delicate. Drums trip, woodwind and brass can be heard, piano lines run in and out, vocals layer and guitars are few and far between. This is not the indie rock and roll that some may have predicted.You might think of Talk Talk. You might think of Robert Wyatt. You might think of Radiohead or Bon Iver. You might think of the wonder of Kate Bush. You might think of Lambchop’s late career electronic turn, replacing in that case Kurt Wagner’s Nashville-inflected fragments with Orlando’s chiming and pure delivery, served up by way of South London.

                                Many of those influences surge and flourish throughout the new single ‘Blood Sugar’. A mesmeric, all-enveloping layer of sound highlighted by choral vocal harmonies. The track includes the line “gone the bell that rung forever… at least as long as I can remember”, a reference to Big Ben which was under repair and had stopped chiming at the time of his son’s birth, Weeks commented; ‘’I couldn’t work out if its silence was a good omen or a bad one.’’ Stranger than that, for much of their time at hospital, Weeks and his partner found themselves in the very same room he was born in.

                                ‘A Quickening’ was created with the help of Weeks’ old friend Nic Nell, who produced, engineered and mixed the album. The pair collaborated on the music that accompanied Weeks’ 2012 graphic novel, ‘Young Colossus’. Nell also runs the label Algebra Records and makes music under the name Casually Here. The album also highlights select performances from members of Weeks’ live band: Caruso (drums on ‘Blame Or Love Or Nothing’ and ‘All The Things’), Sami El-Enany (piano on ‘Takes A Village’ and ‘Summer Clothes’), and Will Petherbridge (the freewheeling solo on ‘St Thomas’’).

                                In addition to its digital and streaming releases, it will also be available on three physical formats: heavyweight vinyl, CD packaged with a poster, and a limited edition clear deluxe vinyl which will include a signed and hand-finished print. The deluxe vinyl will only be available via Orlando Weeks’ Music Glue store and in select UK independent record stores.

                                Weeks spent much of his young life as the frontman of Ivor Novello wining band The Maccabees, going on to become a children’s book author in the wake of the band’s disbanding. His first book, ‘The Gritterman’ (2017), came with an accompanying soundtrack and was described by the Financial Times as recalling “Raymond Briggs at his darkest.”

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Milk Breath
                                Blood Sugar
                                Safe In Sound
                                St. Thomas’
                                Takes A Village
                                Moon’s Opera
                                All The Things
                                Blame Or Love Or Nothing
                                None Too Tough
                                Summer Clothes


                                Your Hero Is Not Dead

                                  Debut LP from West London singer songwriter Will Westerman.

                                  Your Hero Is Not Dead is the follow-up to his critically-acclaimed Ark EP. Recorded alongside his close friend and producer Nathan Jenkins (A.K.A. Bullion) at first in Southern Portugal before finishing the process in London, Your Hero Is Not Dead is an album about empathy and compassion, struggle and release, and all the ways we contradict and battle within ourselves. The project is full of supremely crafted, groove-hinged songs about moral, political, and ethical grey areas, that find Westerman attempting to resolve external issues by looking inward.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  The Line
                                  Big Nothing Glow
                                  Waiting On Design
                                  Think I'll Stay
                                  Dream Appropriate
                                  Easy Money
                                  Blue Comanche
                                  Paper Dogs
                                  Float Over
                                  Your Hero Is Not Dead


                                  Black Gold: Best Of Editors

                                    Across their six official albums, Editors have achieved major success internationally, selling 2.6M albums worldwide, racking up Mercury nominations, multiple platinum and gold records, No 1s in the UK, Belgium and Netherlands and Top 10s right across the rest of Europe. The album includes 13 of the band’s biggest songs alongside three brand new tracks, including the title track ‘Black Gold’. The album cover was shot by award winning photograper Nadav Kander and designed by Tom Hingston (Massive Attack, Young Fathers, Nick Cave).

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    ‘Black Gold’

                                    Hallelujah (So Low)
                                    An End Has A Start
                                    Upside Down
                                    Ocean Of The Night
                                    No Harm
                                    Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
                                    A Ton Of Love
                                    The Racing Rats
                                    Black Gold
                                    No Sound But The Wind

                                    ‘Distance: The Acoustic Recordings’
                                    (Deluxe 2CD Edition Only)

                                    Walk The Fleet Road
                                    Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home
                                    Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
                                    Two Hearted Spider

                                    Lisa Hannigan & S T A R G A Z E

                                    Live In Dublin

                                      Irish singer songwriter Lisa Hannigan presents a live album with the contemporary-classical orchestra, s t a r g a z e.  The collaboration - which sees Hannigan’s sparse, ethereal folk transformed into something cinematic and transfixing - was taken to select festivals across Europe and most recently graced the stages of London’s Barbican and Dublin’s National Concert Hall. 

                                      Thankfully for those yet to experience the mesmeric live show, their recent performance at the National Concert Hall in October last year is set for release in the shape of ‘Live In Dublin’, a discography-spanning 14-track live album which also includes new track, ‘Bookmark’.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      1. Ora
                                      2. Prayer For The Dying
                                      3. Little Bird
                                      4. Undertow
                                      5. Bookmark
                                      6. Anahorish
                                      7. Nowhere To Go
                                      8. Lo
                                      9. Swan
                                      10. We The Drowned
                                      11. Lille
                                      12. A Sail
                                      13. Barton
                                      14. Fall

                                      Public Service Broadcasting

                                      White Star Liner

                                      These four tracks were first performed in 2018, at the BBC's Biggest Weekend event, which saw the band debut the new material on the slipways on which the Titanic was built, broadcast live on BBC 6Music. The EP tells the story of the construction of the ship and its early, tragic, demise. The band focus on the perspectives of those who built and sailed her, whilst showing their own talent for using a mixture of music and archive audio footage to provide a new perspective on well-known events.

                                      J. Willgoose, Esq. of Public Service Broadcasting says: “I thought it was an interesting challenge to tell the story of the ship's construction as part of Belfast's proud industrial history, the spirit of optimism of the pre-war age that she represented, and then an abstract and, I hope, respectful depiction of both the sinking of the ship (represented by the repeated Morse code distress call, C - Q - D) and the discovery of the wreck in 1985.”

                                      The opening two tracks, ‘The Unsinkable Ship’ and ‘White Star Liner’, carry the EP forward with a motorik energy, carefully tracing the construction and launch of the ship. As the EP reaches its close, the music shifts into a more volatile state on the powerful ‘C - Q - D’ - the Morse code call sign for “All stations: distress” - before closing on the reflective ambience of ‘The Deep’, an adaptation of Archibald Joyce's ‘Songe d'automne’, the piece of music which noted Titanic historian Walter Lord concluded was probably the last to be played as the ship sank. Coupled with the impassioned voice of survivor Eva Hart, it’s a moving end to the EP, one that is a fitting tribute to those who built the ship and those who perished upon its demise. 

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      1. The Unsinkable Ship
                                      2. White Star Liner
                                      3. C-Q-D
                                      4. The Deep


                                      In This Light And On This Evening

                                        Released in 2009, ‘In This Light And On This Evening’ was the band’s third album and second No. 1 in the UK. A musical departure being more electronic though no less anthemic than the two previous and the last to feature guitarist Chris Urbanowicz, who left the band in 2012. Includes the singles ‘Papillon’, ‘You Don’t Know Love’ and ‘Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool’.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        In This Light And On This Evening
                                        Bricks And Mortar
                                        You Don’t Know Love
                                        The Big Exit
                                        The Boxer
                                        Like Treasure
                                        Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool
                                        Walk The Fleet Road


                                        An End Has A Start

                                          ‘An End Has A Start' is the second album from Editors. It hit No 1 on release in 2007, selling nearly 60,000 copies in the process and includes the Top 10 single ‘Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors’ plus the singles ‘The Racing Rats’, ‘Bones’, ‘Push Your Head Towards The Air’ and the album’s title track.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
                                          An End Has A Start
                                          The Weight Of The World
                                          When Anger Shows
                                          The Racing Rats
                                          Push Your Head Towards The Air
                                          Escape The Nest
                                          Well Worn Hand
                                          No Sound But The Wind (Live At Rock Werchter 2010)

                                          Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
                                          An End Has A Start
                                          The Weight Of The World
                                          When Anger Shows
                                          The Racing Rats
                                          Push Your Head Towards The Air
                                          Escape The Nest
                                          Well Worn Hand

                                          Joan As Police Woman

                                          Damned Devotion

                                            Brand new album from Joan As Police Woman, which sees a return to the darker, sensual sound of her celebrated early releases. Damned Devotion finds Joan Wasser at her rawest yet

                                            The first track to be shared from the album is ‘Warning Bell’, a tender, bewitching song of regret Joan wrote about “being a romantic and the naiveté that goes along with it”

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Barry says: Smooth, soulful grooves interspersed with mournful minor-key melodies and flickering funked-out guitar echoes. By far the most refined and emotive JAPW outing yet, lovely stuff.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            1. Wonderful
                                            2. Warning Bell
                                            3. Tell Me
                                            4. Steed (for Jean Genet)
                                            5. Damned Devotion
                                            6. The Silence
                                            7. Valid Jagger
                                            8. Rely On
                                            9. What Was It Like
                                            10. Talk About It Later
                                            11. Silly Me
                                            12. I Don’t Mind

                                            Oscar And The Wolf


                                              Oscar and the Wolf releases his sophomore album ‘Infinity’. In the three years since his debut album emerged, Oscar And The Wolf has gone onto become a superstar back home in Belgium who sells out 20,000 capacity venues and closed last year’s Pukkelpop Festival performing above the likes of Rihanna and LCD Soundsystem. He’s also making waves across Europe headlining arenas from Amsterdam to Istanbul as well as major festivals including performing on stage right before Muse at 2016’s Lowlands festival. Surrounded by a crowd and lashings of pyrotechnics, Oscar And The Wolf always rises to the occasion. Adored by the fashion world he was also commissioned by globally renowned designer Dries Van Noten to create the soundtrack to 2015’s spring / summer collection at his Paris Fashion Week show.

                                              Now he’s preparing to expand his fanbase further with new album, ‘Infinity’, which he wrote after a year of intense self-exploration. “I’ve never made such an eclectic collection of songs, and it’s turned out that way because I’ve had kind of a dramatic year,” he says with a knowing hint of understatement. “But actually I think drama can be a good thing. I don’t try to win over the fact that I’m feeling dark or blue - I try to dive into it as deep as I can, until I find something interesting in there. That's where the music comes from.”

                                              “He’s The Weeknd without the nasty aftertaste, Drake without the crying after sex” - DIY

                                              “Imagine if Lana Del Rey and Fever Ray made songs together” - NYLON

                                              “Blends body quaking beats in surprising configurations, trap inflections and darkly melancholic R&B” - Noisey

                                              “What it would sound like if SOHN, Drake and Phoenix had a threesome on a big pile of sequins” - Jezebel

                                              “Add to the list of rule-benders mixing the fringes of modern R&B and electronic music” - Pigeons And Planes

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              So Real
                                              Pretty Infiniti
                                              Touch Down
                                              Last Night


                                              From Deewee

                                                It's been twelve long years since the last Soulwax release, 2005's night versions seems an awful long way away, but it's a hell of a lot closer to the introduction of half their instrumental arsenal. Peppered with drool-inducing machinery (if that's your thing) blipping and pulsing away, this is both a futuristic concept and a historical homage.  Opener 'Preset Tense' (it's funny because synths have presets now) is an acidic slice of funked-out 'tron, underpinned by stabs of crystalline keys and grooved-out 303-alike stabs. Militaristic rhythms are offset by heavily swung grooves and clashing snares. 'Condition Of A Shared Belief' twists and turns, scrawling jagged trails of krautrock-inspired sketches behind a soaring atonal vocal abstraction. It is both absorbing and jarring, rendering a head-nodding groove out many conceptual threads like some of Kreidler's finest numbers. 

                                                Things start to get a little bit more traditionally melodic later on with the sleazy disco hustle of 'Do You Want To Get Into Trouble'. Neon steampunk percussives and glowing reverbs are met with pulsing bass and futuristic squeals, coalescing into a cosmic gothy funk. 

                                                The afrobeat drums on 'The Singer Has Become A Deejay' twist and turn around a sidechained phaser, dropping into the background before being pulled back into the mix, twice as voracious as before. It's a mellow rhythmic break before the euphoric highs of 'Here Come The Men In Suits' and the resigned ode to bullshit that is 'Goodnight Transmission', along the same sweetly sung / sourly embittered lyrical themes of the great John Grant. 

                                                From Deewee is a triumph, varied enough to show the wide range of skills these talented Dewaele's have (as if 2 Many DJ's weren't enough evidence), but running gracefully and satisfyingly true to (what I assume are) their influences.  

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Barry says: A superbly presented suite of funked-out sleazy electronica, grooving Krautrock and simmering ambience. Shining with production prowess, but gritty and satisfying enough to keep even the interest flowing. A brilliant return for Soulwax.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Preset Tense
                                                Missing Wires
                                                Conditions Of A Shared Belief
                                                Is It Always Binary
                                                Do You Want To Get Into Trouble?
                                                My Tired Eyes
                                                Transient Program For Drums And Machinery
                                                The Singer Has Become A Deejay
                                                Here Come The Men In Suits
                                                Goodnight Transmission


                                                Head Carrier - Deluxe Edition

                                                  Sophomore ‘post reunion’ album from the alt-rock legends, their first new music since 2014’s Indie Cindy.

                                                  This 12 track record showcases the band’s unique mixture of surrealism, psychedelia, dissonance  and surf rock.

                                                  Produced by Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Killing Joke) and recorded at London’s Rak Studios.

                                                  Paz Lenchantin, the band’s touring bassist since early 2014 (and previously a member of A Perfect Circle and Zwan amongst others) is now a permanent member of the band and her cool vocals can be heard on the album, most notably on ‘All I Think About Now’ on which she takes the lead.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  Head Carrier
                                                  Classic Masher
                                                  Baal’s Back
                                                  Might As Well Be Gone
                                                  Tenement Song
                                                  Bel Esprit
                                                  All I Think About Now
                                                  Um Chagga Lagga
                                                  Plaster Of Paris
                                                  All The Saints

                                                  Various Artists

                                                  Belgica: Original Soundtrack By Soulwax

                                                    ‘Belgica’ is the new film by Oscar nominated director, Felix Van Groeningen. Its original soundtrack has been composed, recorded and produced by Soulwax.

                                                    The film sees Soulwax’s influence throughout from composing, arranging and recording the original score to creating each and every one of the fictional musical artists featured. A diverse collection of songs, performed by a similarly varied set of artists, has seen Soulwax create what is a unique soundtrack that continues to see them evolve as musical progressionists.

                                                    Recorded and mixed at Soulwax’s new Deewee studio in Ghent, the entire project has been over twelve months in the making.

                                                    As the group says: “We recorded the original music being played in the club, wrote the music, rehearsed and recorded live on set the tracks played by the bands - ranging from a live kraut techno band, White Virgins, bequiffed psychobilly trio They Live through to hardcore outfit Burning Phlegm (featuring Sepultura’s Igor Cavalera) whilst chanteuse Charlotte represents the other end of the spectrum with her neo soul pop.”


                                                    Some Say I So I Say Light

                                                    Two years on from the release of his Mercury nominated debut, ‘Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam’, Ghostpoet announces his sophomore album ‘Some Say I So I Say Light’ which will be released through Play It Again Sam.

                                                    Two years on from his debut being nominated for the Mercury Prize, and having moved on from Brownswood to Play It Again Sam, Ghostpoet’s creativity has blossomed even more. On his second album, ‘Some Say I So I Say Light’, he pushes even further in all directions than on ‘Peanut Butter Blues...’, mixing the abstract and the concrete with uncanny skill. Industrial beats, sonorous piano lines and hyper-detailed ornamentation provide a backdrop for an artist who sounds ever more like a man old before his time.

                                                    Ghostpoet attributes the album’s experimental bent to the change in his recording situation. Whereas ‘Peanut Butter Blues’ was entirely self-produced on a computer in Ghostpoet’s bedroom, ‘Some Say I So I Say Light’ is a studio-based work co-produced with the talented Richard Formby (Wild Beasts, Darkstar, Egyptian Hip-Hop).

                                                    One of the key upbeat cuts is the album opener, ‘Cold Win’. Originally intended as an homage to old school garage, it morphed into an electronic oddity that builds up gradually with cinematic swells of horns, although skipping, staccato beats remain as a hint to the track’s origins. On ‘Dial Tones’ one will recognize the wonderfully guarded and delicate vocals of UK songstress Lucy Rose. ‘Dorsal Morsel’, which features Gwilym Gold on vocals, begins as a sparse, minimal meditation that develops into what Ghostpoet calls a ‘synth utopia’, while lyrics about spending too much money on Amazon and Pringle packet metaphors keep it grounded in reality. The delicacy of ‘Comatose’ winds up as glorious, string-led chamber music.

                                                    Elsewhere, ‘Plastic Bag Brain’, which features Tony Allen on drums and Dave Okumu from The Invisible on guitar fuses Afro Beat guitar riffs and shuffling Two Tone rhythms. You also have the legendary drumming talent of Charles Hayward from This Heat lending his talent on ‘Sloth Trot’.

                                                    The disarmingly honest ‘Meltdown’ tells the tale of one of those break-ups where both parties simply drift apart gradually. Electronic static, radio signals and beats that crunch like footsteps through snow form the basis for Ghostpoet’s ruminations on dim sum and noodles on ‘MSI musmiD’, while ‘12 Deaf’ is an aqueous, abstract soundscape.

                                                    It’s an album that positions Ghostpoet in the tradition of modern British auteurs as interested in pushing the boundaries sonically as expressing cathartic feelings.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    Cold Win
                                                    Them Waters
                                                    Dial Tones
                                                    Plastic Bag Brain
                                                    Sloth Trot,
                                                    Dorsal Morsel
                                                    MSI MusmiD
                                                    12 Deaf

                                                    Long-awaited new album from Oklahoma five piece Other Lives – darlings of the blogosphere, live highlights of SXSW and purveyors of lush orchestral epic and widescreen baroque indie rock.

                                                    Taking over 14 painstaking months to put together, ‘Tamer Animals’ was inspired by Sigur Ros, Ennio Morricone and Godspeed You Black Emperor, and is sure to appeal to fans of Grizzly Bear, Kurt Vile and Fleet Foxes.

                                                    “Tamer Animals’ feels organic and lovingly crafted, a record whose lushness often invites you to simply collapse into it” – Pitchfork.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    1. Dark Horse
                                                    2. As I Lay My Head Down
                                                    3. For 12
                                                    4. Tamer Animals
                                                    5. Dust Bowl III
                                                    6. Weather
                                                    7. Old Statues
                                                    8. Woodwind
                                                    9. Desert
                                                    10. Landforms
                                                    11. Heading East

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