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2020 and Bordello A Parigi are hitting the ground running with new music. Hypnotique is the newly minted moniker of synthesizer star Sergio Mesa (IAMNOTAROBOT) and David Jornet alongside the mellifluous vocals of Maia J. This debut is centred around one very special track, La Pénombre. A steady kick introduces the piece, Maia’s words circling the rumbling rhythms. Vocoder breathes, care of Jornet, steady the percussion before bright and bold keys strike. The optimism of those notes is balanced by the lyrics, heartfelt and pierced with a romance laden lament to produce a simply sublime piece of synth wave. The flip is occupied, in true maxi single style, by the instrumental version. Those incandescent chords take centre stage and are given space to radiant their warmth as snares support in this brilliantly joyful work.

Slovenia's Ichisan always comes correct, not least on his 2017 LP "Aperitiv", which was so stupendously good that Bordello A Parigi have opted for a revisit. Four choice cuts have been selected and reworked with a specific instrument focus. The harpsicord version of “Hotel” keeps the intoxicating melody of the original but allows beats to relax as notes shine with an incandescent brilliance. Drums put their feet up for the Rhodes version of “Modri Tunel.” Deep stings and lounging lines mingle in this work of smoke swirling seduction. “Kozmetika (Trumpet Version)” dances to a different tune. Rich bass is again central but this time brash and bold brass intertwine with funk filled bars. The last waltz arrives with the piano version of “Terminal E.” Alluring notes ascend, rising and falling against heartwrenching guitar strings for a finale to end this ballroom inspired beauty.

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