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Top secret transmissions from the Upgrade crew who bring hip-house back again for summer '24 with four raucous revivals done up 21st century style...I'd love to say the highlight was the Missy Elliot tweak, but the other three give it plenty of competition which pair rugged beats full of ricocheting snares and tough kicks with some killer hip-house vocal parts. It's got that vintage rave energy but delivered with a fresh, speaker-tickling fresh production and plenty of hefty drums. A proper party record! 


Matt says: Hottest house record for a while; and essential for anyone with a penchant for hip-house. An unknown producer (we think from over the Pennines but more on that later) drops four modern hip-house bangers full of tough, rugged beats and brilliantly placed vox. This is my jam!!


A1. Dancing Queen
A2. Jack You Out The Box
B1. She's A Whaaaat?
B2. Bass Face

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