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The first in a series of mini compilations exploring instrumental dub versions of sought after and long out of print titles from the world of reggae, disco, boogie and house. Many of these versions still contain vocals, snippets here and there drenched in delay or reverb, a style you’ll recognise from many of the Jura Soundsystem edits on the label. The late Glen Adams & Finesse open proceedings with their Island disco cover of Marvin Gaye’s classic, followed on the A2 by a super rare UK boogie / Brit funk mix of Tippa Irie’s ‘Panic Panic’ (shouts to Tippa for personally helping to push through the license) and the A side closes with the 80’s leaning ‘Yes I Do’ from Belgium’s Special Occasion. The first half of the B side comes from Carol Williams with the Special Club Dub mix of ‘Can’t Get Away’, originally a one sided promo only 10” from 1983 complete with spoken word intro from Carol thanking New York’s Metro DJs for their support of the song. The LP closes with a Jura Soundsystem Dubby Edit of La Palace De Beaute’s ‘Sin’ pulling back on the vocal and going heavy on the delay.


Matt says: Went criminally under-the-radar first time it was released in 2022. Strangely, volume 2 blew up! I think these five versions are just as hot as that material, so nice that Isle Of Jura have repressed for slow coaches like me who missed it first time round.


Glen Adams & Finesse - Sexual Instrumental
Tippa Irie - Panic Panic (Express Mix)
Special Occasion - Yes I Do (12” Instrumental Mix)
Carol Williams - Can’t Get Away (From Your Love) (Special Club Dub Mix)
La Palace De Beaute - Sin (Jura Soundsystem Dub)

Originally released in 1986 ‘Power’ was the work of Philly producer Derrick Graves and vocalist Terrance T. The machine lead production on ‘Power’ was part of an emerging wave of post disco producers embracing a dub aesthetic that proved to be the precursor to the emergence of house music. The vocal harmonies from Terrance were influenced by Cameo and Prince and combined with the powerful production results in a dancefloor bomb in the Larry Levan style, stripped back and dubby with a strong song at its core. This level of musicality and production was no fluke, Derrick was a seasoned session musician who worked extensively with the likes of Sister Sledge, Dexter Wansel & Donny Hathaway. Derrick had a clear understanding of emerging studio trends “Music production was evolving into a new phase where home studios were developing and it was becoming more possible for real recordings to be made! From there, I eventually enhanced my production skills by learning how to compose using sequencers, computer software (DAWs), and midi instrument implementation in the 80's and 90's. I went from a 4-track to eventually a 24-Track 2" tape machine setup!”.

The fully remastered 12” includes the essential instrumental mix.


Matt says: Isle Of Jura reissue a classic slice of mid-80s boogie which, though not in the £200+ club, will have remained pretty illusive for most. It's all about that cracking drum machine programming and beautiful interplay between guitar, synth and vocal. A perfect example of raw boogie power!


Power (Extended Vocal Mix)
Power (Extended Instrumental Mix)

Isle Of Jura present ‘Instrumental Dubs #2’, a deep dive into the world of the dub version and beyond. The A side has a distinct boogie feel, starting slow with a George Kerr produced cut from 1984 followed by a Brit Funk-esq instrumental from Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes originally released on the Philly World label (home to ‘Voice of Q’). The B side closes with the ‘Sweeter’ instrumental mix of boogie bomb ‘Loving Sweet Devotion’ by Idiater Edwards.

The B side opens with ‘H2S04’ from Mad Professor that defies categorisation, sitting somewhere between electro, disco and dub. Last but by no means least there’s an uptempo dub mix of Original Rockers' ‘Push Push’ making its first appearance on vinyl having only been on the CD single release first time around.


Tracy Kerr - If U Want My Loving (Dub)
Harold Melvin The Blue Notes - Todays Your Lucky Day (Dub)
Diater Edwards - Loving Sweet Devotion (Sweeter Mix)
Mad Professor - Hs204
Original Rockers - Push Push The Underwater World Of Jah (Couteau Mix)


Never Gonna Give You Up (Jura Soundsystem Special)

Limited one sided 12” featuring an extended edit by IOJ label boss Jura Soundsystem that teases out the vocal and pulls back on the sax with judicious amounts of delay and reverb to create a 11’25 mins dubby disco excursion.

Super limited copies, one time pressing - you know what to do! 


Matt says: Matt Says: Swaying, sumptuous, disco-reggae dubbed out to the max with a lil' bit of lover’s rock flavour about it. This is fuckin' incredible - miss at your peril!


Never Gonna Give U Up (Jura Soundsystem Dub Edit)

The long awaited official reissue of ‘She Wants’, one of the first UK street soul singles originally released in 1985 by The NM Band.

The NM Band was an alias for UK lovers' rock band Natural Mystic, responsible for a number of hits in the late 70’s and early 80’s most notably ‘Runaway Love’ and ‘Groove Rocking’. They released a string of acclaimed reggae LPs and toured extensively throughout the UK, but by 1985 wanted to try something away from their trademark roots reggae sound. Influenced by the availability of affordable hardware the band set about fusing reggae and soul using an Akai drum machine, Yamaha DX7 and Roland sound module. ‘She Wants’ is one of the forebearers of UK street soul, raw machine drums paired with an incredibly soulful vocal from Ashley Sommers. The band created their own imprint Mixdown to release the single, but it slipped under the radar, despite strong radio play from Choice FM and the then pirate station Kiss. The 12” is backed with dub version ‘She Wants (More)'.

A 140gram pressing in 3mm spine black disco sleeve with metallic sticker designed by Bradley Pinkerton.


Matt says: Phwwoooarr! Isle Of Jura really know how to treat us. Unearthing and repressing this absolute GEM of a street soul jam from The NM Band. Rich with the duo's reggae heritage but exercising those (then modern) drum machines and FM synths with all the excitement that new equipment brings! A true holy grail.


She Wants
She Wants More

Originally released in 1990 ‘Voaria’ was written by Benjamin Nhassavele and produced & arranged by the late Tata Sibeko, the revered South African producer and member of Kabasa. Taken from the LP of the same name ‘Voaria’ was released at a time when early house music was emerging as a key influence in the South African musical landscape, an evolvement of the Bubblegum pop sound that had fused disco and boogie with township funk. Characterised by Roland kick drums, Yamaha DX7s and Juno Synthesisers the Kwaito sound is the musical heartbeat of ‘Voaria’.

As well as being in Novidade, Benjamin toured the world extensively as part of Alec Kaholi’s Umoja and ‘Voaria’ is a song about his desire to go back to Maputo, his hometown in Zimbabwe. Featuring Benjamin on lead vocals ‘Voaria’ comes in 2 versions, a main House mix on the A side and the Clubhouse mix on the flip which switches up the arrangement placing more emphasis on the magical groove. The 12” is housed in a full sleeve jacket by Bradley Pinkerton based on the original release design.


Voaria (House Mix)
Voaria (Club House Mix)

House Of Assembly

Hot Rock

Originally released in 1988 ‘Hot Rock’ was the final single from Pennsylvanian based roots reggae band House Of Assembly. The band, comprising main songwriter Norman Bailey, Marc Campbell, Claver Campbell and Louis Putman, grew up in the Water House area of Kingston, Jamaica bonding over their shared love of Dub & Reggae. The 4 members moved to Pennsylvania in the US in the early 80’s and released one album ‘Confusion’ on the local Meadowlark label, touring throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and becoming stalwarts of the Pennsylvanian roots scene.

The band started their own Concrete label in 1988 releasing ‘Hot Rock’ complete with a Dub Version possessing a potent combination of punchy 707 drum programming, killer rolling bassline, stripped back lead guitar and a rising synth line. For the official reissue there’s an added ‘Rockapella’ version not found on the original 12” and a new full sleeve jacket designed by Bradley Pinkerton.


Matt says: Isle Of Jury continue to gift us overlooked moments of musical brilliance. Here they focus on House Of Assembly, the unlikely Pennsylvania reggae band who had modest local success but never really broke the big time.


Hot Rock
Hot Rock (Rockapella)
Hot Rock (Dub)

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