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Genre pick of the week Cover of The Nireus Years (1995 - 1997) by Angelo Ioakimoglu.

Angelo Ioakimoglu

The Nireus Years (1995 - 1997)

Into the Light continues its journey to unearth and update overlooked Greek music. This time out the focus is on a smooth, warm, youthful yet intelligent work that finds effortlessly its place in the tiny Greek electronic scene of the mid 90's. "The Nireus Years" is a rare selection of eight unheard home recordings produced between 1995 and 1997 by the then 16-year old Angelo Ioakimoglu in Athens. The album encompasses his most special productions ranging from bucolic new age to dubbed out midi electronics, jazzy r&b to Mediterranean ambient trance - in other words, it's as Balearic as Moonboots' sandals.

Angelo was born and raised in Zografou area of Greece's capital in 1981. It was there where his father had a typical 80's electronic lab and it was that specific environment where Angelo spent most of early childhood. A first attraction for electronic musical equipment was developed that very soon became a passion for hunting down used pieces of gear soon to form the basis of his well equipped bedroom setup.

During his teens, his connection with music was either practicing the piano at home or listening to the most recent dance hits at his uncle's place who happened to be a professional DJ. Big part of Angelo's demos around that period is driven by those two aforementioned worlds. But there were moments of escape. Moments where the music went for the unexpected. Leaving the producer following a solitary path where he could express his teenage dreams and fantasies...through extensive midi programming, live keyboards mimicking string, brass and steel instruments and sampled portions of his live percussion burst.

Angelo's work, which can sometimes seem naive or surrealistic, is supported by his unique and surprisingly energetic approach, one that gives us the courage to continue something different. 


Patrick says: Into The Light dig deep into the Greek underground to turn up this ace set of smooth and sensual electronics from the then teenage Angelo Ioakimoglu. Combining downbeat, new age, R&B and the most mellow house imaginable, Iokimoglu sounds like a Mediterranean Larry Heard - how's that for Balearic. Check "Slide Break" and tell me I'm wrong...

"Drumphilia" volume 1 is a rhythmic experiment that sits on the fault line between traditional instrumentation and analogue electronics. The project is a response to many years spent working with, learning about and listening to African and Caribbean percussion. Traditional rhythmic influences are combined with analogue drum machines and drum synths to create a hybrid sound that continues in the tradition of artists like Francis Bebey.

There are no traditional harmonic instruments on the recordings - the aim was to create melody and texture using only carefully tuned percussion instruments, whether organic or electronic. Basslines were created by blending drum synth tones with the acoustic marimbula, a traditional Caribbean instrument that was often used in place of a bass guitar. Melodies were created with everything from log drums and thumb pianos to early Soviet drum modules and the trailblazing Pearl Syncussion SY- 1.

Various time signatures and textures are used across the album to produce melody out of rhythm - hypnotic, evolving tracks that celebrate and highlight the importance of rhythm in modern music. All the sessions were recorded at the Mop Mop studio in Berlin between September and December, 2016. Instruments featured include: Log drum, marimbula, kalimba, sansula, krabebs. Pearl Syncussion SY-1, Vermona DRM1, MFB Tanzbär, MFB Tanzmaus RMIF Elsita, assorted drum machines and talkboxes.


Patrick says: Man-like Mop Mop goes by his birth name this time round for a hefty set of fascinating rhythms on Cristalline. Working with every drum machine I've ever heard with, along with all manner of obscure percussive and pitched instruments from around the globe, this is exotica for the 23rd century.


Special Delivery Vol. 4 - A Collection Of Dysfunctional Edits By CV

The Edit Service is back and for the first time in album format. "Special Delivery Vol. 4 - A Collection of Dysfunctional Edits by CV" contains 8 tracks spread over two records: long edits, reworks or even remixes made from obscure music by the enigmatic CV (it shouldn’t be too hard for people to figure out who is behind it).
"Armazem" opens the record. One of the most dancefloor-friendly cuts on the LP, from a post-industrial and nearly trancey tune from Brazil.  "Canaille Bleu" comes from a mid-80s French film which soundtrack was never released. The edit uses the dialog from the film and live instruments. The result is a cinematic and dubby number with Gallic tendencies. "Fish Liquor" is an edit of a German synth wave tune from a limited run cassette released in the 80’s, extended and tailored for the dancefloor. On "Pieces Of A Sultan", the raw material comes from a highly popular rock band of the 70’s. New instruments were added and the producer takes the tune in a krautrock, almost experimental direction. 'Porte Doree' is another tune on this release with French vocals. The original comes from a rare and cult post-hippy art rock record from the late 70’s, condensed into a downtempo yet dancefloor edit. With 'Racines Incertaines', the producer slowed down a disco funk tune from the late 70s, then recreated it from scratch, giving a cosmic dimension to this groovy number. "Ship From Rimini" is the remix of a vocal italo tune from the early 80s. It has all the hallmarks of a classic of the genre, yet there is something about both its groove and melodies that stands out. Finally, 'Spanish Codeine' is an Iberian Eurodance record played at the wrong speed, to which elements were added in order to create an edit that goes to completely new directions.


Patrick says: Parisian digger, DJ, producer and gee, the mighty CV comes through with a mindbending set of non-Cliche breaks and wavy rarities here for Edit Select, slapping the good stuff on a double pack for extra pressure. If you're after twisted electrodisco, EBM, cosmic cuts and mad-capped metal dance then this is the disc for you!

New album from Darling on Safe Trip records - Young Marco's psychedelically aligned label based in Amsterdam.

Sonically, it allies itself with Andras Fox, Moon B, Vakula & Dream House - delicately constructed, fathoms deep and with a tantalizing, humanoid palette which, though often electronically powered, prefers dusty retro sound boxes than the most up-to-date, speaker-crushing VST plug-ins.

It's playful in parts, naive in others, but seductive and caressing throughout. It fits perfectly with the Safe Trip ethos - fundamentally creating a rich and stimulating sonic environment in which to journey inwards, outwards and across dimensional barriers. Take the trip!


Matt says: This one took me by surprise. Delicate and serene with big nods to Melbourne's box twiddlers; Darling has conjured up a heart felt, electronically powered album that traverses mood, genre and style effortlessly. A mini-masterpiece!

Already a well-established presence on the outlandish fringes of experimental, alternative and dance music, celebrated Israeli duo Red Axes make a surprise left-turn onto Phantasy with a three-track 12”, ‘Sipoor’. Unsurprisingly, the results are as pleasingly out-there as the occasion requires. 
Following on from last year’s self-released LP, ‘The Beach Goths’, ‘Sipoor’ immediately announces the Axes’ uncompromising return to the front and centre of the dancefloor with the raw, provocative ‘Bad Time Story’. Brazen, brash acid triggers this particular tale, as Red Axes briskly modulate their way through a ruff, tuff but never less than musical landscape of 303s and 808s.
‘Sipoor’ takes a more gradual approach to building offbeat rave tension, featuring an unknown male using his native tongue to request some kind of house, some kind of techno and some sort of release. His wish (and we hope, yours) is the Axes’ command, as the music goes deep before seamlessly unfolds around a throbbing bassline and a playful, familiar keyboard sample, beckoning feet to the dancefloor and perhaps tongues ever so slightly to cheeks.
Concluding the 12”, ‘Teroof’ takes each of Red Axes’ signature ingredients - deeply rhythmic EBM-inspired drums, spiralling electronics, unapologetically odd vocal distortions - and reconstructs them amid what sounds like the Monaco Grand Prix, as high-velocity motors speed past the soundscape, kicking up some serious dust.


Patrick says: Israeli masters of the dark wired sound, land at Phantasy with a three tracker of off-beat heat that would have killed it at Trash or Barbed Wire Kisses back in the day. Post-punk, acid, EBM and electro all go in the blender, emerging in their most concentrated form.

Michal Turtle Feat HOVE

Middle Of The Road Less Travelled

"Middle of the Road Less Travelled" is not only the debut release by Michal Turtle on Light of Other Days, it is also his first new material released since the amazing reissues put out by Music From Memory in recent years. The three tracks on this EP were written and produced by Michal in 2017 with additional production and guitar playing by Light of Other Days’ very own HOVE.

The two met back in 2016 when HOVE contacted Michal after he heard the 12“ "Are you Psychic" and was blown away. As it turned out Michal was living in Basel which is only a short train ride away by train from the Light of Other Days home base in Zurich. The two started meeting and playing music together. Soon after, they put together a live-show for Michal’s music which had its debut show at Phono Festival in Denmark in 2017. During this time, they started working on new music together as well. The result is this EP.

The music on "Middle of the Road Less Travelled" is a continuation of Michal’s musical exploration into other-worldly territory. Michal is a master in building hypnotic textures from repetitive rhythms that collide with trippy and atmospheric synthesizers. The delayed and dubby guitar lines by HOVE were recorded during rehearsal sessions in Michal’s living room in Basel and the last track of the EP "Agallo (Real)" ends with vocals performed by Lucianne Lassalle. Besides playing in local bands with Michal back in the 80s, Lucianne also performed and co- wrote early Michal Turtle tracks like "Phantoms of Dreamland" or "Village Voice" from his first record "Music from the Living Room".


Matt says: Exquisite release on the superb Light From Other Days exploring Michal Turtle's Reichian side: repetitive, minimalist compositions featuring staccato, tuned instruments and humanoid electronix. A masterpiece!

Robin Van Velzen (Bambi Davidson)

Robin Van Velzen

After thoroughly pleasing our ears with a little woodland Balearic and motorik folk as part of Bambi Davidson, German musician Robin Van Velzen arrives on 9pm with a gorgeous solo debut. Stripped back and strung out, the self titled set boasts eight cryptic guitar ballads, as in debt to the gloomy poetry of Leonard Cohen as the sultry dub production of Lee Scratch Perry. Atmospheric, evocative and intimate, this moonlight music comes from a true bedroom troubadour.


Andy says: Beautiful, reflective, late night vibes permeate this gorgeous record from the Bambi Davidson guitarist and singer. The perfect blend of mood and melody.

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