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Genre pick of the week Cover of The Great Beyond by Ilija Rudman.
Temples of Jura enlist long serving Croatia polymath Ilija Rudman for his ninth LP entitled ‘The Great Beyond’. The concept of the album is the afterlife with words from Nikola Tesla, Slavoj Zizek, Jim Morrison, JF Kennedy, Charles De Gaulle, WH Auden, Azar Nafisi and Eleanor Roosevelt woven together to tell the story of ‘The Great Beyond’ and what may lie ahead for us all. The voice itself was created by AI (let’s call him ERIC) and is set beautifully to music that has a timeless cinematic quality. Ilija only uses pure analogue equipment in the creation of his music, resulting in a rich tapestry of basses, drums, chords and lead sounds. He’s been a prolific producer for over 20 years now with a discography that runs deep with more than 100 vinyl EP releases and 8 studio albums, but we feel he’s reached the pinnacle with this concept album. We’ll leave the final word to ERIC “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.”


Matt says: Philosophic musings merge with AI and lush, dreamy instrumentals in an ambitious concept album from Rudman. I'm sure there's some Timothy Leary titbits in there...


Anas Theme
River Cant Wash My Tears Down
In The End (Intermezzo Theme)
Heroinas Atom Heart
Dreams (Part I)
Dreams (Part Ii)

Another Taste & Maxx Traxx

Don't Touch It

    Numero’s second bundle of cover 45s is all things soulful. This, the first in the series sees Rotterdam-based Another Taste electrify Maxx Traxx’s 1984 Chicago boogie grail “Don’t Touch It,” which makes its debut on the 7” format here.

    Later in the series we have Colemine Records’ Say She She delivering a glamorous rendition of Jim Spencer’s yacht-disco hit “Wrap Myself Up In Your Love.”

    And even later Columbia Recording artist Leon Bridges effortlessly transforms Pastor T.L. Barrett’s “Like A Ship,” updating the 50 year old gospel soul classic for the 21st century.

    All include the OG and cover version on one side each, and all three are housed in a newly imagined Numero custom sleeve, reflecting the many shades of our ongoing Eccentric Soul 45 imprint.


    Matt says: Another Taste's cover of "Don't Touch It" caused an almighty rukus on Space Grapes earlier in the year. Mega that Numero have licensed it alongside the original in tidy 7" format. First of three in what's looking like a very promising and collectable series of records.


    A1. Another Taste - Don’t Touch It
    B1. Maxx Traxx - Don’t Touch It

    Ned Doheny

    Hard Candy - 2024 Repress

      Ned Doheny’s Hard Candy, originally released in 1976, is widely considered the finest blue-eyed soul album of all time. It has long been a source of great frustration then, that this perfectly-formed Southern California masterpiece has been unavailable on vinyl for almost 40 years.

      Be With Records continues apace by marking its third release with the first officially licensed reissue of Doheny’s nautical classic. Perhaps most famously, this impeccably smooth set features the timeless “Get It Up For Love”, a wonderful example of mid-70s mid-tempo white-(hot)-funk.

      Produced by the legendary Steve Cropper, it featured a veritable who’s-who of the Laurel Canyon soft-yacht sound (JD Souther, The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, the entire horn section for Tower of Power!) yet bombed mysteriously. It’s been a cult record since.

      Pressed on audiophile 180g vinyl and featuring the original artwork for both jacket and full colour inner sleeve, this limited reissue is one not to be missed.


      A1: Get It Up For Love (4:42)
      A2: If You Should Fall (3:36)
      A3: Each Time You Pray (3:39)
      A4: When Love Hangs In The Balance (5:12)
      B1: A Love Of Your Own (3:46)
      B2: I’ve Got Your Number (3:15)
      B3: On The Swingshift (3:03)
      B4: Sing To Me (3:37)
      B5: Valentine (I Was Wrong About You) (5:07)

      Beth Gibbons

      Lives Outgrown

        Beth Gibbons releases her debut solo album Lives Outgrown on Friday the 17th of May 2024. Featuring 10 beautiful new songs recorded over a period of 10 years, the album was produced by James Ford & Beth Gibbons with additional production by Lee Harris (Talk Talk).

        Lives Outgrown is, by some measure, Beth’s most personal work to date, the result of a period of sustained reflection and change — “lots of goodbyes,” in Beth’s words. Farewells to family, to friends, even to her former self. These are songs from the mid-course of life, when looking ahead no longer yields what it used to, and looking back has a sudden, sharper focus.


        Barry says: A stunning selection of downbeat-infused instrumentals, woozy psychedelic folk and Gibbons' unmistakeably emotive vocal prowess. It's brilliantly composed, deeply personal and impeccably sequenced. It's a big relief honestly, because this further cements Gibbons as a musical legend in her own right.


        1. Tell Me Who You Are Today   
        2. Floating On A Moment        
        3. Burden Of Life        
        4. Lost Changes          
        5. Rewind
        6. Reaching Out          
        7. Oceans          
        8. For Sale        
        9. Beyond The Sun  
        10. Whispering Love 

        The only proved efficient time traveling method to date is through listening to music, particularly evident when indulging in Jona Jefferies' latest EP released by Spanish house specialists Apersonal Music. It's a refreshing nod to the golden era of 90s electronic music. Across its three tracks, Jefferies masterfully blends elements of ambient, downtempo, and electronica, evoking a sense of nostalgia as if plucked from a bygone era. In contrast to today's TikTok-dominated landscape of short, immediate singles, this EP harkens back to a time when music was crafted with depth and complexity. Drawing inspiration from legendary acts like Boards of Canada and Underworld, it seamlessly transports listeners to the Gen-X decade, when acts like Daft Punk, Orbital and The Chemical Brothers reign supreme and exploited the electronic scene during the MTV era.

        On the A side, "Es Camp" embodies the seamless influence of British electronic music on the Balearic scene of the 90s, and viceversa. Feels like Moby’s “Porcelain” if the film "The Beach" had been set in Ibiza. Max Essa's "Romantic Breaks Mix" elevates the track to pure Balearic bliss, setting the perfect mood for any sunset terrace around the globe.

        Side B, tailored for the dancefloor, runs through “Lost in Paradise”, a track that channels euphoria reminiscent of the underground rave culture during the final years of the 20th century. Apersonal's trusted remixer, Eddie C, delivers an extended rendition of the track that continually evolves, echoing Jim Morrison’s words: 'the music was new, black polished chrome, and came over the summer like liquid night.'


        Matt says: Two pastoral electronica bliss-outs, reminiscent of a weekend spent in the back of some Welsh hippy's camper van on a cocktail of drugs visiting various free parties along the way. Eddie C and Max Essa do their thing - moulding them into more typical dancefloor movements. Nice to see Apersonal back in the fold too.


        A1. Es Camp
        A2. Es Camp (Max Essa Romantic Break Mix)
        A3. California Sunrise… Do You Remember?
        B1. Lost In Paradise
        B2. Lost In Paradise (Eddie C Remix) 

        Lips & Rhythm sails into summer 2024 with a fresh EP from Residentes Balearicos. The Ibiza-based duo of Alessandro Doretto and Luca Avera have been turning out sun-soaked dance music for several years now from their studio in the islands.

        The title track 'Paraiso' is a timeless tune with just the right blend of slowed down acid and Flamenco guitar plus plenty of claps. 'Polvo Mineral' is a bit mysterious with ethereal pads, big drum fills and chanting.

        'I Wanna Dance' harkens back to the beautiful Italian dream house era from the early 90s with lush chimes and driving synth lines over pitched down vocals and uplifting backing harmonies.

        The remix of 'Paraiso' is from Brazil-born, New York formed, Gaspar Muniz, who reworks the title track into a breaky electro number fit for a late night in Rio De Janeiro.

        A summer record that's been dancefloor tested and receiving rightful praise. 


        Matt says: Tropical disco, star-lit chug, Balearic boogie and hammock house for your paradise trip this party season.


        A1. Paraiso
        A2. Polvo Mineral
        B1. I Wanna Dance
        B2. Paraiso (Gaspar Muniz Funky Fresh Remix)

        Robert's Diary

        Dinky Bird EP - Incl. Bjorn Torske Remix

        French producer Jerome Barresi assumes his Robert's Diary Palais here for a new outing on Is It Balearic that offers something a little adjacent to the norm. Opener 'Dinky Bird' is a mix of tender keys and hand claps with a soulful vocal sample that reminds of early-era Moby. Norse mainstay Bjorn Torske appears then to remix and brings some scuttling percussive sounds and watery effects over four-four drums. 'Six O Six' is a yearning dub cut packed with wild FX and 'KXP' is a zoned-out and tinny retro-future nu-disco cut that is a perfect B-side.


        Mine says: This one is already a winner in my book! Even though 'Dinky Bird' is the one that's getting the royalty remix treatment, I personally think the b-side is the star of the show. Can already see myself playing KXP on repeat... ultra dreamy!


        Side A
        Dinky Bird
        Dinky Bird" (Bjorn Torske Remix)

        Side B
        Six O Six

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