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Genre pick of the week Cover of I Feel How This Night Should Look by Psychemagik.
DJs, producers and unrivaled selectors, Danny McLewin and Tom Coveney aka Psychemagik have kept us painfully in suspense for this, their debut album proper: "I Feel How This Night Should Look".

Known for their beautiful production work, vast record collections and transcendent mixtape journeys, they boast one of the most impressive and comprehensive remix outputs in contemporary electronic music for names including Roisin Murphy, Noel Gallagher, Haim, Bryan Ferry, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, Paul Weller and Metronomy.

"I Feel How This Night Should Look" is an album with a phenomenal backstory. It spans back over a decade back to when Tom and Danny first met in 2008 and produced the ten tracks over an intensive two year period following the birth of Psychemagik. It was recorded at a number of esteemed locations primed for sonic craft including Kate Bush’s old workspace, George Martin’s Air Studios Lyndhurst Hall, where the duo recorded a seventeen piece string section and Toe Rag Studios recording drums onto tape. This album is a true labour of love.

The first taste of the album comes via first track, the effortlessly smooth and immediately deep "We Can Be One" feat. Quinn Lamont Luke. An invigorating and ethereal cut offset with the acid rifts and the balearic vocals of New York’s Quinn Lamont Luke. "Something To Believe" features English garage rock royalty Holly Golightly which spans a sound palette as diverse and invigorating as one of the pair’s vastly eclectic DJ sets. The afro-harping "Seahorse" is graced by the airy, wordless vocal styling of British jazz legend Norma Winstone. "Triumph Of The Gods" featuring Renate Staal Nygård is an epic, piano and orchestra led tour de force, a funk fuelled soundtrack for a thriller yet to be made.

"Ghost Particle" glides along at cruising altitude featuring Canterbury’s wilfully underrated Syd Arthur, whilst "Above The Clouds" and "Cosmic Forest" are exquisite string and synth-led cosmic disco. "Le Paix Est Un Fleur" deftly mixes psychedelic delights and easy listening.

A testament to the duo’s deep understanding and love of their craft, an LP which hones a layered intelligence that only long-term dedication to the art and craft of the DJ can deliver.

C.Y.M. is the collaboration between British producer and DJ Mike Greene (otherwise known as Fort Romeau) and LA-based American musician Chris Baio, who releases music as Baio in addition to playing bass in the acclaimed band Vampire Weekend. Their debut, self-titled EP arrives on Phantasy as an elegant pean to the infinite possibilities of kosmische music, driven by a motorik strain of psychedelia. The foundations of a wider project, C.Y.M. speaks not for analogue nostalgia, but a subtle and modern update on imagined futures that are still open to interpretation.

"Capra" immediately establishes the duo’s masterful if unsurprising grip on rhythm, a man-machine stomp that persists as the track takes myriad turns, from post-punk guitar licks and processed vocals, through bubbling modular synthesis and culminating in a soaring, cathartic melody. On "Far Gone" C.Y.M. turn their studio inward for a more brooding and intimate interpretation of their sound, a balearic amalgam of intriguing vocals, feedback soaked riffs and no-wave inspired movement. The bliss beneath the waves of noise that crash across C.Y.M’s music emerges fully on the driving conclusion, "Super-Cannes". A hypnotic tempo and blistering drums intertwine with whirling organs, and shimmering keys, providing a wistful and warm finale.


Matt says: More nuggets for left-of-center dancefloors this week as Fort Romeau joins forces with Vampire Weekend's bassist for a spacey-balearic-punk-funk jam that most are gonna struggle not to enjoy. Favourite track for me is the hypnotic bouyance of "Far Gone". TIP!

The first new Låpsley music since debut album "Long Way Home", which across its four tracks expresses a newfound confidence and glimpses the brave new direction her life and work are taking. Intimate and heartfelt but with expansive and expressive lyrical content; the songwriting prowess, combined with the finest modern production techniques (especially vocal layering) create an arresting and
magical piece that glimmers in the clear Winter crispness.

Comes in a screenprinted reuseable poly bag sleeve, with photography by Maisie Cousins.


Matt says: Poised electronics merged with sincere and layered vocals maketh a pretty arresting combo here as Lapsley finds her stride for XL.

Prins Thomas released his 6th solo album "Ambitions" in 2019 - and as always with Prins Thomas the album is just the beginning of the journey. Now he is releasing two 12"s with remixes from the album. On the first 12" Prins Thomas gets remix treatment by Japan's finest DJ Nobu and Synth Sisters, as well as a new 12" version of the title track "Ambitions" by Prins Thomas himself.

We'll start with his own, alternative take; on which he decorates the stems with LFO-controlled patterns that glide between quantize settings creating that drifting sense of urgency that characterize much of the esteemed producer's output. As to that layer upon layer of lysergic gurgling and his trademark 'flapping' drum sounds and you've got a kraut-indebted concentric epic on your hands!


Matt says: Prins Thomas lets loose his "Ambitions" stems for a select group of remixers. Part one and DJ Nobu & Synth Sisters provide some sublime reinterpretations alongside a brill new version of the title track from the mainman himself! NEED.

Prins Thomas released his 6th solo album" Ambitions" in 2019 - and as always with Prins Thomas the album is just the beginning of the journey. Now he is releasing two 12"s with remixes from the album. On this, the second 12", Isolée has remixed the title track "Ambitions" into one of his idiosyncratic, cerebral house movements; accentuating the hypnotic nature of PT's original with new digital interferences and glitched percussion. There's also another 12" version of "Urmannen" by Prins Thomas on the flip side that rides soft 303s and dreamy atmospheres into a searing air guitar solo; utilizing a cushioned sonic play area for maximum enjoyment and sensual play.

Mega mega mega, as always from the Smalltown Supersound crew! Tip! 


Matt says: 2nd volume of "Ambitions" remixes and old glitch house royality Isolée is invited in for fun times. That new version of "Urmannen" ain't half bad either - gerrit in the bag pronto!

Various Artists

Piccadilly Records Compilation 2019

    Do not adjust your sets / swap your reading specs, we’ve gone and done another record! After the success of last year’s inaugural Piccadilly vinyl, we’ve worked our magic once again to bring you another compilation LP, jam packed with musical magic from our top 20, as well as the gold medallists in the reissue and compilation categories. 

    Buckle up as we blast off into the sonic stratosphere with the ‘Piccadilly Records Compilation 2019’.

    W.H. Lung get things off to a flying start with the existential motorik and art pop perfection of ‘Second Death Of My Face’, a soaring combination of searing synthwork, sophisticated lyrics and propulsive rhythm which segues perfectly into the psychedelic throb and shoegaze shimmer of Lorelle Meets The Obsolete’s ‘Líneas En Hojas’. The tempo settles into a riverbank lilt for the haze of Vanishing Twin’s summertime serenade ‘Magician’s Success’, before coasting through the orchestral beauty of Prefab Sprout’s ‘Sleeping Rough’ and Shana Cleveland’s nuanced acid folk. Closing out the A-side perennial Piccadilly favourites Moon Duo take an arp out of Apta’s book and walk us through the cosmos with the optimistic space disco of ‘Stars Are The Light’.

    The spaced out synth tones remain for B-side opener ‘101FM’, a stomping coming of age cut from fierce MC Little Simz, who hands the baton to a lovelorn Cate Le Bon for her swooning ‘Daylight Matters’, a songwriting masterclass if ever I’ve heard one. Our own modular maestro Apta enters the fray next, working the filters for a beatific Balearic rework of Horsebeach’s ‘Trust’, before fellow knob-twiddler Andrew Wasylyk picks a path between Air (French band) and Air (Japanese Ambient imprint) with the evocative and pastoral beauty of ‘Journey To Inchcape’. Continuing the theme of cinematic and serene, Portico Quartet tug at each one of our heartstrings with the immersive electro-acoustic nocturne ‘Gradient’, a perfect precursor to Ghia’s end of night anthem ‘You Won’t Sleep On My Pillow’, a stand out track from the exceptional ‘Proper Sunburn’ compilation.


    Ltd LP Info: Limited to 500 copies.

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