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Genre pick of the week Cover of Home Vol. 1 by Various Artists.
Warm presents a brand new compilation called 'Home'; a soundtrack for when we pause, take a breath, and use our senses to explore the magic of the world on our doorsteps. Morning to evening, dawn to dusk, our lives continue moving but sometimes the need to step back and reset is essential to create a balance in our lives. As we open our eyes and ears to our surroundings, our senses become stimulated by small details. Whether it be the sound of the sea lapping on the sand, the wind blowing through the canopy of trees or a robin heralding a new day; nothing is the same but all are unique.

'Home' has been pieced together over the last year by Warm’s Ali Tillett. With the majority of Warm - booking agents for Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, Gerd Janson, Horse Meat Disco, Hot Chip DJs, Lou Hayter, Luke Una - on pause, Ali took the chance to immerse himself in bringing together his passion for music, nature and art.

The 14 tracks, the majority exclusive and specially made for the compilation, includes contributions by Âme, Bobby Lee & Mia Doi Todd, Coyote, Crack’d Man (aka Crooked Man who produced Roisin Murphy's last album), Fug (with their first material for over ten years), Kirk Degiorgio presents As One, Turtle, and Ewan Pearson's World of Apples project (with their first material for nearly 20 years!). The tracks align with specific habitats in the local Dorset area, where Ali is situated, such as Harbour/Estuary, Heathland/Moorland, Woodland/Forest, and Beach/Cliffs.

To immerse the listener even further into the soundscape, critically acclaimed sound and field recording artist Gary Moore, of Springwatch/Autumnwatch fame, has been involved to help bring nature even further to the ears. Intertwined between the music are field recordings specific to area and habitat; whether it be the sound of a ship's horn in Poole harbour, avocets on the scrape, the tawny owl in the woodland or Puffins on the ledges of cliffs.

Gareth Fuller, a fabulous artist who previously lived in Dorset, has kindly allowed one of his artworks to become the centrepiece for the compilation. Titled 'Purbeck', it's a truly wonderful piece of art that encapsulates everything about the area and enables an added dimension to the immersive experience for the listener.

"The past year during the pandemic has enabled me to take a step back and reflect on the environment that encompasses us day to day. With those multiple pause buttons on life that were lockdowns, the real beauty of nature and the soundscape around us came to the forefront and shone through as daily life stopped." - Ali Tillett


Barry says: A woozy and entirely laid-back collection of shimmering instrumentals, beachside ambience and slow-burning grooves. From hazy percussion and flickering loungy jazz, this is perfect for a fireside retreat with a warm drink.


Harbour / Estuary
1. Sea Lapping*
2. Natural Calamity - Have You Seen The Sun Today
3. Ships Horn*
4. Paqua – Escondido (Instrumental) (Exclusive)
5. Avocets*
6. Coyote - The Fade (Exclusive)
7. Cormorants*
8. Greymatter & GOLDSLANG - Black Turns To Blue (Exclusive)

Heathland / Moorland
9. Nightjar*
10. Crack'd Man - Between The Mist And The Sun (Exclusive)
11. Wood Ants*
12. Kirk Degiorgio Presents As One - Orwell Rising (Exclusive)
13. Stonechat*
14. Turtle - Heathland Haze (Exclusive)
15. Natterjack Toads*
16 - Brainchild - Beyond Because (Exclusive)

Woodland / Forest
17 - Woodland Canopy
18 - Richard Norris - Warm Hunger (Exclusive)
19 - Great Spotted Woodpecker
20 - Fug - From Little Seeds We Grow (Exclusive)
21 - Tawny Owls
22 - Bobby Lee & Mia Doi Todd - Walking With Trees (Exclusive)

Beach / Cliffs
23. Cliff Top*
24. World Of Apples - Bluemull Sound (Exclusive)
25. Puffins*
26. Pablo Color & HOVE - LICHT (Exclusive)
27. Swifts & Swallows*
28. Âme - Doldrums (first Time On Vinyl

New Coyote LP on Is It Balearic? following the amazing, sell-out 12" - "Will We Ever Dance Again". Across two discs we get that polished, sun-kissed Coyote sound in all its unhurried glory.

Personal favourites include the Art Of Noise-esque "Simpson's Sky" - full of vintage sampling and those angelic pads that indicate peak Balearic mode. "Copacetic" drops more of those euphoric yet chilled piano chords that invite hefty comedowns lying by the shore. Add a sax line you'd only get away with on a Sunday and you'll riding the second wind in no time. "Woosh" opts for that proggy, free party chill which Suns Of Arqa nailed so well - tablas, reversed choir sounds and fire blankets of bass and pad pleasure - so good! Just time to mention the rasta-vox sampling, baggy end-of-nighter - "Don't Run It Extra Ordinary". A truly impressive journey, timeless in its execution and making you return the stylus to the beginning of the record time and time again. Recommended.


Side 1
1. Copacetic (4:57)
2. Don't Run It Extra Ordinary (5:38)
Side 2
1. Woosh (5:44)
2. Simpson's Sky (6:46)
Side 3
1. Friday's Child (5:18)
2. Mint Tea (5:27)
Side 4
1. Bougainvillea (4:34)
2. Cami De Sa Veleta (5:49)
3. The Outsider (3:14)

Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra


You can't help thinking that everyone involved in this project was very, very pleased. For Sam Shepherd - graduate of Chethams School of Music - and a modern day dance music luminary, to play with one of the old school jazz greats, and perhaps the greatest saxophonists still alive, Pharoah Sanders must have surely caused untold sleepless nights of excitement. For Pharoah Sanders equally - to be brought back into service by a current musical stalwart, inflecting his timeless musical utterances onto a whole new generation of listeners, from jazz camps and beyond - another late honour for a lifetime of servitude to jazz.

Let's not forget London Symphony Orchestra either; who must have literally guffawed with astonishment when they were drafted in for the occasion - two musicians at the very top of their game spanning over 50 years of heritage is a badge of honour no-one can ever take away from you.

And so it is that you can almost feel the privilege and magic of the occasion within the first couple of languid, laid back, drumless tracks. Sanders' sax recorded close to the mouth so as to capture every last breath of personality as he meanders over a rather neo-spiritual-jazz soundbed crafted by Floating Points dazzling array of synths and keys. A proud owner of the Arp Oddessy 2600, he utilizes the instrument with his own virtuistic method; just as all the players approach their own personal instruments.

After spending much of side A in a celestial, horizontal slumber it's clear by side B's autumnal opening movement that the pace isn't going to increase in a hurry. Taking us through highly intimate orchestral passages and back to Sanders' expressive sax, Floating Points plays a supportive and directive role; guiding these musical dreams and spiritual jazz musings through subtle cues and atmospheric changes.

It's an ambitious project that could have failed miserably; cursed by over-excitable or worse still, conflicting egos. Instead there's an air of compassion, delicacy and sympathy to each and everyone involved - resulting in a completely uncluttered and rather quite outstanding body of music which does none of the artists involved a disservice - rather lifts their careers into new and pioneering realms.


Matt says: A beautiful orchestral piece that while both resplendent with FP's and PS's wonderful idiosyncrasies; recalls the gorgeous depth of Prefab Sprout's "I Trawl The Megahertz" but without the vocal parts! Epic!


Side 1
1. Promises (Movement 1) (1:16)
2. Promises (Movement 2) (3:56)
3. Promises (Movement 3) (3:16)
4. Promises (Movement 4) (3:39)
5. Promises (Movement 5) (6:06)

Side 2
1. Promises (Movement 6) (8:25)
2. Promises (Movement 7) (3:26)
3. Promises (Movement 8) (9:57)
4. Promises (Movement 9) (5:43)

French multi-instrumentalist Jype graces Balearic institution Claremont 56 with a double disc delight of a debut album, served up with a host of collaborators. Yes we know - it's hardly the time of year to be digesting poolside pleasure with all this snow, wind and rain - but don't blame us blame the pressing plants! Beside, you can get ahead of next year's jetsetters by familiarizing yourself with this assortment early...

Moving through the moods effortlessly and with a stylistically cool approach; we get lounge, jazz, samba (of course) and fully fledged Balearic - all executed with the sun lounger and pina colada in mind.

The recording is clean, the melodies are humble, the movement is light and breezy. Did we mention the cover is also delightful?!


Side 1
1. Jpye & E11e - Samba With You (4:04)
2. Jpye & E11e - Downside Up World (5:01)
3. Jpye, Leonidas & E11e - Oui Non (5:21)
Side 2
1. Jpye & Renato - Cosa Ti Va? (3:50)
2. Jpye & Renato - Non Ci Pensare (4:14)
3. Jpye & Renato - Don't Stop (Tididam Dub) (4:08)
Side 3
1. Jpye & Leonidas - Let The Record Spin (5:00)
2. Jpye & E11e - Samba With You (instrumental) (4:04)
3. Jpye & E11e - Downside Up World (instrumental) (5:00)
Side 4
1. Jpye & Renato - Cosa Ti Va? (dub) (3:50)
2. Jpye & Renato - Non Ci Pensare (Mudd Dub) (4:44)
3. Jpye & Renato - Don't Stop (instrumental) (4:07)

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