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We’re very sad to hear of the passing of Bill Withers here at Piccadilly Records. Your music and its influence will… https://t.co/KfZyoEAbEn
Fri 3rd - 7:33
Well, that’s the discovery we can get behind. Thanks for sharing. Artwork is amazing isn’t it?!… https://t.co/r6u9paixOF
Fri 3rd - 6:15
Even more releases here from @WilmaArchers Loose Fit, Stumbline and a reissue from Nurse With Wound. Labels… https://t.co/t7uXY0WVVc
Fri 3rd - 11:52
More new music this way from @RenHarvieu @YvesTumor Everything Is Recorded @loppylugsOG aka Richard Russell and… https://t.co/QP626TLa26
Fri 3rd - 11:10
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