I Need Space To Dance

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Boulderhead debuts on Rhythm Section International with his most expansive EP to date: "I Need Space to Dance".

The Bristol based producer, known for his intricately crafted, up tempo club records has long been a favourite at RS HQ and has, over the years, garnered much respect from a plethora of influential DJs. His most recent hit "Bread, Butter, Noodles, Spice", was a festival earworm and one of the most played underground tracks of 2023.

Existing in the sweet spot between tech-house, prog, broken beat and minimal techno - this EP sees Boulderhead widen his sonic palette with a collection of songs that showcase his versatility. Equally appealing to the Ricardo Villalobos contingent as it will be to those delving into the history of progressive house and the golden days of minimal techno - we think there’s a bit of something for everyone here.

Despite the many different bases the EP touches on - the sound palette and production are unified and coherent. Henry is at the top of his game, and much like contemporary artists like Adam Pits, Priori and Russell EL Butler - his style is developed and sincere. 


Matt says: Can't get that "Dance And Dance Again" track out mi head right now! Playful and bumpety, its the backroom banger you never knew you needed. Some reet good other flavours explored across this extended EP by the adventurous producer. Peep if ya dig Kyle Hall, DJ Nature, Seven Davis Jr and Detroitian mindsets.


A1. I Need Space Feat. Overnite Oates
A2. Dance And Dance Again
A3. Direct Source
B1. Saucy Hive Mind
B2. Sense Hyper
B3. Adapting

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