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Work Money Death

Thought, Action, Reaction, Interaction

Taking a short sabbatical from their journey into the spiritual stratosphere and beyond, Work Money Death landed on terra firma just long enough to record a follow up to the critically acclaimed "The Space In Which The Uncontrollable Unknown Resides Can Be The Place From Which Creation Arises". The new album "Thought, Action, Reaction, Interaction" explores many of the meditative motifs that mould this unique group in their quest for the perfect sound and space. Those who are familiar with Work Money Death will know their output is as much an adventure for the listener as it was for the musicians.

"Thought, Action, Reaction, Interactions" is a salute to the now sadly deceased master of the spiritual sound Pharoah Sanders, and in particular the spontaneity of his recording process.

Each of the four tracks on "Thought, Action, Reaction, Interaction" were recorded in one take with no rehearsal and while the players may have known where they were starting off none of them were sure where they would end. As much as it is entertainment, and have no doubt this LP is an unctuous, spirit-smoothing joy from beginning to end, this is an experiment of making music in the moment. Spontaneous and spiritual in its truest sense, "Thought, Action, Reaction, Interaction" is a work of innovation and unsurpassed beauty.

"At Once Familiar" is a rising salute to the day, meditative, moving and fierce. An introduction to Burkill's emotive style, at once sweeping and succinct. It fills a room, and your head, with a very real sound, rich in texture and spirit.

"Freedom As A Heartfelt Song" is buoyant with harp, the spirit of the Yorkshire Pharoah is never more to the fore. Visceral sax rides over and uplifting backing, symbiotic and pinioned with power and beauty. Think Sun Ra horns meets Don Ellis brass.

"Song Of Healing" drifts on a river of music, guided through the rapids with a heartbeat bass line. This is temple sombre, with Eastern flavours and an overarching calm. A communion of sound, a master class in the understatement and power of the slow note, deceptively light.

"Same As Before" is spoken word playing foil to the call and response of the brass, dancing alongside and against each other. Spiritual vibrations cement ethereal forms to substantive sounds. A prayer to change."

As with the previous Work, Money, Death release (which was recorded in difficult conditions due to the Covid pandemic) the aim was to recreate a situation, in this case the impromptu and unrehearsed recording sessions of Sanders in the late 60's and early 70's, everything recorded in one take, creating a body of work that is a strong nod to a certain time and ethos but not a pastiche of it.


1. At Once Familiar
2. Freedom As A Heartfelt Song
3. Song Of Healing
4. Same As Before

Jake Mehew's debut album Sage is a modern and contemporary take on spiritual jazz, a truly exceptional record from the eclectic and highly talented Leeds' artist.Whilst staying within the ethos of spontaneous, unedited performance, Mehew constantly pushes and manipulates the genre's boundaries.The recognisable and lush sound of the Fender Rhodes, layered on a bed of punchy, percussive, grooves, provides the bedrock for powerful improvisations, running alongside Meyhew's subtle analogue synth manipulation and production.

Sage was workshopped over one frantic lockdown week in August 2020. It's a truly honest experience of seven days of hard work, a multi tracked record, made without using overdub to capture the true energy of the performance.True to the spirit of albums made in a pre digital era Mehew set out to capture ideas, interaction and performance at their inception rather than post production.

Jake Mehew is an up and coming composer, performer and producer based in Leeds, UK. His work combines principles of free improvisation with the technological considerations of the avant-garde. Using a combination of acoustic instruments, modular synthesisers and samplers Mehew creates rich, meditative soundscapes that envelop the listener in an immersive sound field.


1. Rainfall
2. The Black Nation
3. Sage
4. The Key
5. Freefall
6. Say What Again!
7. The Harvest
8. Calm Storm
9. Astral Coastline
10. Alternate Manifestations
11. Freeflow

ATA Records is pleased to announce the release of Early Works Vol.2: Music From The Archives, a compilation of tracks recorded in the fledgling days of the label paired with some rediscovered treasures from more recent years. While the majority of the album is previously unreleased material several tracks have appeared on different formats.

This is a rare chance for listeners to experience the birth of the ATA's enduring concept and recording techniques from the comfort of their own home.

In 2020 label founder and musician Neil Innes decided to destroy the studio he had spent 14-years building, destroy it and rebuild it from the ground up.

Once the studio began to take shape again and Innes was finally able to take a breath he began rooting through the label's archives, pulling out reels that had been propping up tables, holding open doors and generally lurking in nooks and crannies for years.

His trip down memory uncovered a wealth of dusty musical treasures and also got him thinking about tracks from newer artists, nuggets to compliment the archive gold.

Along with the first airings of tracks by The Harmony Society, The Disarrays this 11track comp includes appearances by studio favourites: The Magnificent Tape Band, The Sorcerers, The Mandatory Eight, Ivan Von Engleberger's Asteroid and long time collaborator Chris Dawkins (recording under Earl Dawkins).Also on the comp is Joe Tatton's Bang Bang Boogaloo, previously only released on 7 inch and greatly desired by record diggers everywhere.


1. The Harmony Society - Bus Stop Boogie
2. The Joe Tatton Trio - Bang Bang Boogaloo
3. Ivan Von Engelberger's Asteroid - Lunartics
4. The Lewis Express - Secret Universe (feat. Earl Dawkins)
5. The Magnificent Tape Band - Heading Towards Catastrophe (Instrumental)
6. The Disarrays - Help Me
7. The Mandatory Eight - The Hardest Day
8. The Sorcerers - In Pursuit Of Shai Hulud
9. The Magnificent Tape Band - When I Saw You (Instrumental)
10. The Disarrays - Anaesthise Me

The Lewis Express

Clap Your Hands / Stomp Your Feet

    Primarily based in Leeds, The Lewis Express is comprised of many of the musicians that have graced previous ATA releases: George Cooper, Piano (Abstract Orchestra) Neil Innes, Bass (The Sorcerers, The Magnificent Tape Band, Tony Burkill), Sam Hobbs, Drums (Dread Supreme, Tony Burkill, Matthew Bourne) and Pete Williams, Percussion (The Sorcerers, The Magnificent Tape Band, Tony Burkill).Recorded over an intense two-day session, 'Clap Your Hands' is heavily influenced by the classic soul jazz recordings of The Young Holt Trio / Young Holt Unlimited, and Ramsey Lewis, from who this group take their name. As with many of the classic Ramsey Lewis cuts this album was recorded live, capturing the rich inter-relationship between the players and leaving in some of that chunky room noise.

    Claps your hands/Stomp Your feet was recorded during the sessions for the upcoming Album 'Clap Your Hands'. building on the template set by their eponymous debut album these tracks further explore the 60's soul-jazz of Ramsey lewis and Young-Holt and the latin boogaloo of Eddie Cano and Pete terrace. A-side 'Clap your Hands' is a pure boogaloo burner just built for the hand-claps that punctuate the whole record. Neil Innes' bass nails Clap Your Hands to the floor, starting as he means to go on, while George Cooper's piano gets to play over the top, just warming up. This is one for the Djs and it'll do the business in the clubs for sure, but, also perfect for a late night, sweaty house party - shoes off and beer in the sink. B-side 'Stomp Your Feet' is much more in the classic mod-jazz frame with a faster pace and funkier drums, but still with handclaps and electric piano to the foreground. Drummer Hobbs opens up 'Stomp Your Feet' in fine style, and The Lewis Express start to swing with a Ramsey-esque groover that's just made-to-measure for dancers. Everything comes together here, with a mid-60s Cadet record feel that's so frantic you don't even have time to have to lace your shoes. Both tracks were recorded live to tape and were recorded and mastered for a tougher sound perfectly suited for djs to fill a dancefloor.

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