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Here comes a fat Toy Tonics remix package of THAT Kapote & Kosmo Klint tune we had in a few weeks ago. First up is COEO's house tweak which retains all that lush dreamy soulful vox delivered by Kosmo and adds swung house beats that give it a real old school US flavour. Almost complimenting the David Morales mix that was on the original 12". Their garage mix is a totally different affair, bringing things straight back to the UK with a sub-tickling b-line, elbows-out beats and glistening synth work giving it a real modern sheen.

Then its over to Detroit for Andres, who seems to be in quite the purple patch at present. Giving the groove that trademark MPC skip, and playing around with the arrangement to give it a totally different twist. So very Andres, so very good!

Finally, we get a handy instrumental version; which really lets the musicality of this modern house classic shine through. Silky smooth, with warming chords and spine-tingling strings; it's one of those mid-session burners that should unite everyone on the floor under wide-smiles and lashings of love. Another stonkingly good release from one of the label's of the year. Recommended! 


Matt says: Just when you think I was out done, they pull me back in. It's been one hell of a year for Toytonics and just when I thought they were done for the year, they go and drop this absolute beast of a remix EP on us! One of the strongest imprints of 2022 folks - get to know!


A1 Strangers (Coeo House Mix)
A2 Strangers (Coeo Garage Mix)
B1 Misbehave (Andres Remix Extended)
B2 Strangers (Instrumental)

This is a fat package of remixes. David Morales, Kai Alce, Atjazz, The Checkup. All reworked songs from the upcoming debut album by Kosmo Kint.

Discovered by Toytonics about 3 years ago whist looking for a singer to work, Kosmo Kint is a soul vocalist raised in New York. He now lives in Berlin, after studying Opera singing in Vienna and was looking for the right crew to hook up in Berlin.

After 4 collaborations on songs of different Toy Tonics artists (Kapote, Rhode & Brown, Mangabey, Sam Ruffilo) Kosmo is preparing to unleash his debut solo album later next year. In the meantime, the label have gifted him the remix talent of David Morales (they must think he's good!) as well as Kao Alce and Atjazz.

I don't know about you, but seeing David Morales on a record always gets me going. The NYC legend has put magic house touches onto pretty much everyone whose anyone over his decades long career. Madonna, CeCe Peniston, Kylie Minogue, Jamiroquai, Lisa Stansfield, Loose Joints; he's EVEN done an alright job on the bloody Spice Girls FFS! Here he deploys his driving deep house percussion, spiritual organs and expert filter use across two different mixes, using the vocal stems of "Invisible" in a quintessentially Morales fashion that's easily worth the entrance fee alone.

Meanwhile Matin Iveson aka Atjazz goes on a gliding neo-soul / broken beat tip, edging the catchy "Too Big" into club territory and Kai Alce gets to grips with "Fake Love" - chopping vital bits of the vocal and layering up fluttering leads, swirling pads and heavy atmos for a deep, late night house jaunt full of jazzy flavour and a post 3AM energy.

Massive TIP on this one folks - an artist to watch and a set of remixes that'll surely become highly sought after. Don't sleep! 


Matt says: I'm an absolute sucker for a David Morales remix. Deep spiritual house that bumps beautifully, with anthemic qualities rendering it deep into your psyche. So good!


A1) Invincible (David Morales Club Mix)
A2) Invincible (David Morales NYC Remix)
B1) Too Big (Atjazz Remix Extended)
B2) Fake Love (Kai Alce Remix)

Who is Magou? All we know is that, 2 years ago, Toy Tonics released a 12” EP that created a little buzz on this artist without a face and social media presence. The only clue is that Magou is allegedly a mysterious side-project by an otherwise well-known Italian music maker, producer and DJ. Now returning with a double album, Magou reinforces his modern disco credentials with eight highly enjoyable dancefloor offerings.

Delivered with sophistication and authenticity, there's certainly that Italian playfulness; effortlessly mixing fun and flair with a rich musicality that places it far in front of most of its contemporaries. There's some truly Cosmic club moments ("Eco", "Borges"), wrapped up in Magou's rubbery 303 lines; proto-house / disco-not-disco hybrids such as "Heather's Body" and some truly mesmerizing movements of Balearic-tinged sensibility such is as heard on "Dejarte".

Deliciously infectious throughout; there's a stylistic quality holding the whole album together; if you've enjoyed Beppe Loda and Danielle Baldelli’s DJ sets then Magou seems to touch on all the four corners of these esteemed DJ's musical tastes. A tour de force of Italian supremacy! Get involved! 


Matt says: This came outta nowhere! Ultra sexy new disco, modern boogie and cosmic styles delivered with panache and credibility and released via the impeccable Toytonics. You know what to do!


Round Round
Pas Jolie
Heather's Body 
Sample Dream

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