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Bárbara Boeing

Brasiliana EP - Inc. Esa Williams Remix

Bárbara Boeing joins the ever-expanding Toy Tonics roster. The Brazilian DJ and Dekmantel Selectors favourite has teamed up with Italian producer and keyboardist Sam Ruffillo to create three tracks inspired by people like DJ Raffa, Mr. Monday, Yello, MBG International, Penny Penny and such like.

The results are quite spectacular, existing in a timeless bubble of dreamy house music which take in the tropes of early Italian dance records, add some UK rave attitude and cover the whole thing in a modern polish which gives extra sparkle and shine. Its an addictive formula which has seen her invited to perform at Dekmantel Selectors, Time Warp, Nuits Sonores, Lente Kabinet, Cocktail D'Amore, Flow Festival and many - the future’s bright for this rising star! 


Matt says: Toytonics have one of the strongest roster's going. And if they keep adding talent like Bárbara Boeing then I can see them being at the top of the game for quite some time to come.


A1) Brigada (feat. Phil Mill)
A2) Brasiliana
B1) Brigada (Esa Williams Remix)
B2) Baile Do Silêncio

Dan Shake, Kaidi Tatham, Jamie 3:26 & Sam Ruffillo & Kapote take turns Toy Tonics! Cody Currie released his debut album on the Berlin label last year and now here are the remixes. Pure dancefloor joy is guaranteed on side A as Dan Shake and Sam Ruffillo & Kapote turn out killer house-flavoured tweaks of “Cash”. Both rich with party flavour and utilizing that smasher of a b-line wonderful.

On side B, Kaidi Tathum gets suitably smooth as the broken beats star emphasizes the skilled instrumentation, mellowing it out for a sweaty mid-afternoon jam with buckets of soul of a funk stitched through its stems. Jamie 326 then concludes, return to a housey flavour with organic instrumentation and deep, laid back vibe. Side B firmly aimed at that part of the day when you shake off your worries in a golden glow.


Matt says: As ever the Toy Tonic camp come correct. An all star squad of producers taking turns on new talent, Cody Currie and the result is a killer collection of party-centric house with a flaming hot broken beat number from Tatham thrown in to boot.


A1) Cash (Dan Shake Remix)
A2) Cash (Sam Ruffillo & Kapote Remix)
B1) Money (Kaidi Tatham Remix Extended Version)
B2) Money (Jamie 3:26 Remix)

Sound Support consists of two enthusiastic synth and house aficionados that most are aware of: Lars Dales from Dam Swindle and Lorenz Rhode (keyboard wizard and producer genius). Together they are doing extremely groovy, sun-blushed dance music that's got a bit of French Touch about it, whilst also nodding to DJ Koze and Soul Reducitons' two big festival anthems from the last decade (namely: "Got To Be Loved" and "Pick It Up"). It's that kinda vibe across side A tracks "Higher" and "Bump Into You" - nice filters, dreamy pads, twinkling keys and pumping bass. Daytime house music that kicks like a mule and will go down a storm by the lake at Gottwood.

B-side track, "Work 2 It", has more a 90s feel to it. Instantly getting the elbows out as lashing hats, diva vox and a classic B-line mingle with a nice organ chord progression which has mainroom written all over it. "The Rock" concludes, and lands somewhere between Metro Area, Romare and Dan Shake and should titivate even the most wooden of dancefloor loiterer. 

Lars Dales & Lorenz Rhode made most of the EP in 4 day coffee fueled studio session in Lorenz’ studio in Cologne, and apparently have plenty more stuff up their sleeve! We can't wait! 


Matt says: New Toytonic signing and it's a really strong house EP with diverse reach. From French Touch-esque filtered peaks, to Brooklyn-in-the-Summer deep jams and back via an M1-powered diva moment and a smooth festival daytime roller. There's something for every moment here and the quality is top drawer.


A1) Higher
A2) Bump Into You
B1) Work 2 It
B2) The Rock

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