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Magic Overlooked

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DJ Agitated, the alias of a well known producer, first appeared on Steffi's "The Red Hunter Remix" LP and now joins the acclaimed Dolly TS series. The "Magic Overlooked" EP is music that lasts. Beautiful high quality, Detroit infused melodic techno for the soul. Much like Dolly's recent output, it joins the dots between early Motor City machine music, turn of the millennium tribalism and balls-out European clang. Absolutely storming techno music that's both feral and futuristic. Check!


Matt says: Dolly's gotta be the hottest vinyl techno label at the moment. With each release proceeding the last under a trail of fire and chest-beating tribalism. Setting thrusters to overdrive DJ Agitated careers through the cosmos at full pelt with four highly kinetic peak timers.


1. Phoenix
3. Wat Dan
4. Vallinote

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