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Italian Ibiza favourite Tuccillo returns to legendary NYC label Nu Groove with another four-track EP, ‘Frames’, including a feature from Chicago native Ron Carroll. With previous Nu Groove releases like the ‘Sunshine City EP’ and ‘I Believe’ with TradeCraft earning the respect of esteemed selectors including Archie Hamilton, Chloe Caillet and Laurent Garnier, Tuccillo’s expertly crafted sound is revered for its analogue approach. Similarly, his passion and respect for vinyl has earned him respect from crate diggers and house music tastemakers globally ever since the 90s. Tuccillo’s ‘Frames EP’ opens with the eponymous lead, showcasing his malleable sound that comes alive in underground scenes for heads in the know. Chicago house authority Ron Carroll lends his vocals to ‘Don’t Walk Away’, supported by Tuccillo’s fresh club-defining production that also permeates ‘You Got Me’. ‘Everything’ closes out this collection of pure house excellence, with expressive yet softer synthwork creating a cooler feel perfect for the afterhours.


A1. Frames
A2. Tuccillo Featuring Ron Carroll ‘Don’t Walk Away’
B1. You Got Me
B2. Everything

Nu Groove spotlights the artists that made the legendary NYC label a firm favourite of crate diggers of the time with a series of its vital tracks revisited by leading selectors of today. The label, born in 1988 by Frank and Karen Mendez as an outlet for the experimental works of the Burrell Brothers, quickly became a home for up-and-coming genre pioneers. ‘Nu Groove Edits, Vol. 6’ begins with the late Soulphiction, one of Germany’s most prolific house producers, and their Tweakin Edit of Emjay’s ‘Come ‘N Get It’, originally produced by Rheji Burrell. Next up is another Burrell production, the eponymous single by Tech Trax Inc. receives a Dub Edit from enigmatic genre-bending duo Acid Jerks. Italian house and disco experts Dirty Channels return, unveiling their edit of ‘Better Than Sex’ by Dee Gorgeous, before the Grammy award-winning production duo of Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon close the package out with their edit of ‘Ravenswood House’ by Rheji Burrell’s N.Y. House’n Authority.


A1. Emjay - Come 'N Get It (Soulphiction’s Tweakin Edit)
A2. Tech Trax Inc. - Tech Trax Inc (Acid Jerks Dub Edit)
B1. Dee Gorgeous - Better Than Sex (Dirty Channels Edit)
B2. N.Y. House'n Authority - Ravenswood House' (Honey Dijon & Luke)

Parisian producer Franck Roger lands on Nu Groove with Cosmic Tree EP, a four-track outing of deep house perfectly at home on the legendary NYC label. An established DJ, crate digger and label boss of Real Tone Records, Franck is known for his loop-based approach to sound, with his focus on beats earning the respect of house heads and underground selectors worldwide. This latest offering demonstrates his distinct style flawlessly; ‘Part Of My Soul’ features Detroit tastemaker and radio stalwart Rimarkable, showing two trusted authorities at their best as Rimarkable’s vocals, combined with Franck’s production, add a cool downtown feel to the future classic. Franck goes solo for the next three, with ‘The Music’ carrying deep club weight, while ‘Radik’Hall’ brings with it a certain percussive groove as only Franck can. ‘Cosmic Funk’ is a love letter to the genre with synthy basslines, vocoder rhythms and spacey trebles combining in hypnotic bliss, completing this collection of modern deep house excellence with flair.


Matt says: I remember Franck Roger from his output on Carl Craig's Planet-E. This new quadruplet for Nu Groove sees him venture towards e-soaked house flavours in fine style.


A1. Part Of My Soul
A2. The Music
B1. Radik’Hall
B2. Cosmic Funk

Nu Groove continues to spotlight the artists that made the legendary NYC label a firm favourite of crate diggers then and now, with a series of their vital tracks re-edited by leading industry figures and choice selectors of today. ‘Nu Groove Edits, Vol. 5’ opens with ‘Fort Green House’ by Rheji Burrell under his N.Y. House’n Authority moniker, this Nu Groove classic edited by Berlin-based Arms & Legs label boss Daniel Steinberg. Italian duo Dirty Channels then step up to edit the Underground Kid’s 1989 release ‘Get Up’, before House of Peace’s Nu Groove outing ‘Such A Feeling’ is re-edited by Amsterdam favourite Dennis Quin. Closing out this eclectic release of gems, the legendary, GRAMMY award-winning production duo of Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon return, this time editing The Barnyard Orchestra’s 1991 favourite ‘Tasmanian Blues’.


A1. N.Y. House’n Authority ‘Fort Green House’ (Daniel Steinberg Edit)
A2. Underground Kids ‘Get Up’ (Dirty Channels Edit)
B1. House Of Peace ‘Such A Feeling’ (Dennis Quin Edit)
B2. The Barnyard Orchestra ‘Tasmanian Blues (C’mon Women)’ (Honey

Underground hero and label boss DJ Steaw makes his Nu Groove debut with ‘Seascape EP’, a four-track odyssey of deep, soulful house. With over 12 years of experience, the revered DJ and producer is known for his arresting sets appearing on famed stages including Berlin's Tresor, London's fabric, Amsterdam's Shelter and all over his home nation of France. As an electronic tastemaker spanning multiple genres and influences, DJ Steaw has launched House Puff Records, Steaward and Rutilance Records, the latter of which he co-founded with crate digger Gunnter. Having already received support from tastemaker Chris Stussy, this four-track package is a perfect fit for the cult NYC label. Opening with the powerful stabs of ‘Take It There’, ‘Seascape EP’ explores the producer’s signature, bass-heavy sound as well as the myriad of influences from further afield. The title track ‘Seascape’ contrasts breathy pads with bright, dynamic percussion, as ‘Close To You’ and ‘Exotica’ further demonstrate a recognisable, nostalgic aesthetic that is both club-ready and dreamlike in quality.


A1. Take It There
A2. Seascape
B1. Close To U
B2. Exotica

Two longstanding electronic legends, Steve Bug reunites with frequent collaborator Cle for the three-track ‘It Just Happened EP’ on Nu Groove. The German tastemaker and Poker Flat label boss has helped define a plethora of electronic sub genres through his modern releases and expansive DJ sets. From early LPs ‘Volksworld’ and ‘Da Minimal Funk’, to later works ‘Traffic Signs’ and ‘Never Ending Winding Roads’, Bug’s futuristic vision is apparent throughout his experimental releases. Joined once again by Cle, a fellow veteran of the German rave scene, the pair return to the cult NYC label with three striking originals following previous release ‘Let It Go / Suitcase In A Box’. The EP’s lead, ‘It Just Happened’ features breathy synths and acidic loops that harken back to an era of underground house, immediately nostalgic yet forward thinking in its technique. ‘Crew Thing’ and ‘House Music Transcends’ follow suit, both teeming with energy as the two producers show off their unique creative process through sound.


A1. It Just Happened
A2. Crew Thing
B1. House Music Transcends

Deetron / Bruise

Runnin' / AM_909 / Sway / Getup

The legendary NYC label Nu Groove commits another pair of releases to wax, this time featuring recent tracks from Swiss producer Deetron and underground house staple Bruise. Inspired by the soulful techno and house birthed in Detroit, Deetron relaunched Nu Groove alongside NYC house legend Jovonn in 2021 before returning with a two-track release in 2023. The lead, ‘Runnin’’, offers sharp house built from the creative use of loops and noise manipulation, while ‘AM_909’ is noted for its more dreamlike quality. Two tracks from Bruise’s Nu Groove debut ‘Transit EP’ follow, as the Birmingham born producer Christian Campbell delivers ‘Sway’, aptly named for its low-slung beats and ethereal builds, while ‘Getup’ is more reminiscent of gems from the original Nu Groove catalogue.


A1. Deetron - Runnin’
A2. Deetron - AM_909
B1. Bruise - Sway
B2. Bruise - Getup

Nu Groove spotlights the artists that made the legendary NYC label a firm favourite of crate diggers then and now with a series of their vital tracks re-edited by leading industry figures and choice selectors of today. ‘Nu Groove Edits, Vol. 3’ continues to celebrate Rheji Burrell’s output, who was instrumental in defining the sound of Nu Groove alongside his brother Rhano under a slew of monikers. Up first, Metro’s ‘Turnstyle Turbulance’ gets a fresh edit from respected remixers, the Italian duo NiCe7. What follows is another take on the celebrated house track ‘APT. 2B’ by Rheji’s N.Y. House’n Authority alias, this time by Mark Broom. Tracer’s ‘Love Fantasy’, the collaboration by Luie Rivera and one of the original Paradise Garage DJs, Joey Llanos, is given an edit by Dirty Channels, another established Italian duo and frequent collaborators of NiCe7. Completing the collection is another edit from the unstoppable production duo Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon as they take on ‘Guitarz’ by Rheji Burrell as Asylum.


A1. Metro ‘Turnstyle Turbulance’ (NiCe7 Edit)
A2. N.Y. House’n Authority ‘APT. 2B’ (Mark Broom's Vox Flanger Mixx)
B1. Tracer ‘Love Fantasy’ (Dirty Channels Edit)
B2. Asylum ‘Guitarz’ (Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon Edit)

Nu Groove spotlights the artists that made the legendary NYC label a firm favourite of crate diggers then and now with a series of their vital tracks re-edited by leading industry figures and choice selectors of today.

The label was born in 1988 by Frank and Karen Mendez as an outlet for some of Rheji and Ronald ‘Rhano’ Burrell’s more experimental music, and ‘Nu Groove Edits, Vol. 2’ continues to celebrate the Burrell twin’s genre defining output.

First up, Dutch duo Dam Swindle edit ‘I’ll Say A Prayer 4 U’ from Rhano’s Equation project, paying homage to the American house music that greatly inspired them. Next up, Rheji’s Houz’ Neegroz classic ‘Keep Dance’n’ gets reworked by house purist Phil Weeks. Another moniker from Rhano, K.A.T.O.’s five-track Disco-Tech EP harked back to the heady disco hustle of the 70s, with the lead single edited for this collection by one of Germany’s most influential house producers, the late Soulphiction.

Closing out this celebration of the Burrell brothers is the unstoppable production duo Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon as they take on Rhano’s ‘When Can I Call You’ featuring Lisa Lee.


A1. Equation - I’ll Say A Prayer 4 U (Dam Swindle’s Long Ass Intro Edit)
A2. Houz’ Neegroz - Keep Dance’n (Phil Weeks Rework)
B1. K.A.T.O. - Disco-Tech (Soulphiction’s Pause Tape Edit)
B2. Rhano Burrell Featuring Lisa Lee - When Can I Call You (Honey Dijon - Feat Lisa Lee)

Nu Groove spotlights the artists that made the legendary NYC label a firm favourite of crate diggers then and now with a series of their vital tracks re-edited by leading industry figures and choice selectors of today.

‘Nu Groove Edits, Vol. 1’ celebrates the champion of that quintessential New York house sound, Rheji Burrell. Together with his twin Rhano, the Burrell brothers were instrumental in defining the sound of Nu Groove, often releasing under a slew of monikers, four of which appear here.

First up, the underground pioneer Bruise aka Christian Campbell takes on Burrell’s ‘Secret Code’ released under his Jazz Documents moniker. Anonymous Berlin duo Acid Jerks edit the deep house classic ‘Tech Trax Inc.’ by the eponymous pseudonym.

What follows is house purist Phil Weeks’ rework of Houz’ Neegroz ‘All Night Long’ featuring vocals from Quiana. Rounding out this eclectic collection of edits, the unstoppable production duo Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon take on the legendary track ‘APT. 2A’ that Burrell released as N.Y. House’n Authority.


A1. Jazz Documents - Secret Code (Bruise String Edit)
A2. Tech Trax Inc. - Tech Trax Inc. (Acid Jerks Edit)
B1. Houz’ Neegroz Featuring Quiana - All Night Long (Phil Weeks Rework)
B2. N.Y. House’n Authority - APT. 2A (Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon Edit)

An artist who needs no introduction, Mike Dunn returns to the legendary NYC label Nu Groove with a four-track vinyl release that brings together disparate influences from the master’s encyclopaedic knowledge of genre and style.

What results are productions that are at once timeless, a quality that can only be achieved through the lived experiences of a four-decade career. Title track ‘Git’cha House On, Baby’ is a late 80s freestyle throwback, with hard synth lines running the show, while ‘Don’t Pay Me No Mind’ is a metropolitan anthem led by a solid piano groove.

Additionally, the vinyl features two tracks from Dunn’s ‘Rock Ya Body (Deepa)’; the lead, an effortlessly cool deliverance of pure, unadulterated house, and ‘Let’cha Love Fall Down On Me’ which swells and flows with addictive ease. Elevating all four compositions are the producer’s signature vocals, immediately arresting and suitable for all genres. Dunn’s status as an innovator was earned through creating and influencing the scenes we know and love today, and this new delivery of originals further cements his status as a 100% house master.


Matt says: Mike Dunn on Nu Groove! Yessiree! Loving this Nu Groove renaissance. The esteemed Chicagoan injecting the NYC label with some grit and bump in his own unique style - an of course featuring his own inimitable vocals. This is the dog bollox!


A1. Git'cha House On, Baby (MD Main MixX)
A2. Don't Pay Me No Mind
B1. Rock Ya Body (Deepa)
B2. Let'cha Love Fall Down (On Me)

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