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Stamp is back with a special three tracker of disco edits from J1mi Beyonders!
A trio of unashamed hands-in-the-air pumpers to induce dancefloor euphoria...

Limited white label pressing - not available online, and no repress.

You know what to do! 


A. When The Lights Went Out
B1. Cryin' For Love
B2. Jenny

Ben Gomori

DM Slide

Limited new Stamp 12" with a special edit from Ben Gomori of an overlooked 80s electro-soul jam, complete with dub version on the flip!

Contextually titled "DM Slide" has all the fun and frollicks of a Big Night Out. A full frequency house jam with galavanized disco hooks, wild filter sweeps and a crisp perx. Using the old technique of finding an irresistable hook, looping it up with extra beats and sfx and extending the arrangement for maximum dancefloor pleasure! Really nice use of this boogie holy grail here, teasing out the verse for extra impact and shelling the chorus with extra instrumentation and tantalizing sounds. Perfect for bridging into the main session - this is gonna get the place bouncing come 2AM…


Matt says: Seeking some dazzling disco-boogie-house with bare flamboyancy and swagger? Look no further my friends. The highly collectable Stamp label deliver the goods courtesy of Ben Gomori and the on-trend-titled "DM Slide". Sourced from an obscure 80s jam, Ben gets busy with the filters and loopers; giving Shir Khan a run for his money as he sends some peak time summertime fun.


A. DM Slide
B. DM Slide Dub

Jacques Renault

Never / Don't Say Goodnight

Jacques Renault is back, and it's for no other than cult mash-up, refix house label Stamp!

Two more peak-time reworks for the esteemed label from this high energy modern disco master, Source material unknown to me, but it's a sparkly, full colour affair on both tracks with lots of orchestration and full throttle grooves looped up for our delight and garnished with extra production - filters and fx and such like.

If you liked the COMBI, NY Edits and EROS records - this'uns 4 U!!


Matt says: Hi-octane disco-house business from no other than Jacques Renault. COMBI and EROS lovers don't miss out on this one!


A. Never
B. Don't Say Goodnight

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